A Saudi Lesbian Finds Love


Time after time, I have prayed to Allah and asked Him to banish these evil lesbian thoughts from my head. They plague me daily, and make life difficult for me. Word cannot get out about this, otherwise I’d be finished. My name is Adilah Muhammad, and I’m a young woman of Saudi Arabian descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I’m an International Student, majoring in Computer Science at Carleton University. I am a citizen of Saudi Arabia, a God-fearing woman and a practicing Muslim. I am also a lesbian, and proud to be.

I moved to Canada’s Capital region from my hometown of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2009. Four years later, although I’ve gotten used to life in the Confederation of Canada, I still feel torn between East and West, between my responsibilities and my desires, between being true to myself and following the expectations of my faith, my family and my strict, conservative culture. Yeah, life hasn’t been a bed of roses for me, not by a long shot. Nothing worth having in this life is easy, I know, but must I get trounced by troubles both within and without on a daily basis?

Anyone looking at me would see a five-foot-nine, slim young Arab woman with dark bronze skin and light brown eyes. My hair, which I always keep covered under a modest hijab, is curly and black. I usually step out of my apartment wearing a loose, long-sleeved shirt and either a long skirt or jeans. Lately I’ve taken to wearing short skirts with leggings and boots underneath. I haven’t worn the burka since I left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and honestly, I don’t miss it. When most people see me, they assume so many things. I’m a Muslim woman so I must be conservative and religious. Also, I’m allergic to anything fun, I’m shy and repressed, and I am submissive to men. The list of stereotypes Westerners hold about women like myself goes on and on.

If they bothered getting to know me, they’d discover that I’m the daughter of one of Jeddah’s wealthiest clerics. My father Amir Muhammad is one of King Abdullah’s closest political and religious advisors. My mother Amina is originally from Yemen and she comes from a prominent family as well. My family is wealthy and powerful. I grew up in a palace, I rubbed elbows with princes and princesses, and I’m used to having my way. Do I sound like a hapless, submissive twit to you? My parents decided to send me to study in Canada because we live in a changing world and even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia isn’t immune to the forces of change.

Pretty much everyone nowadays realizes that technology is the way of the future, and I’ve always shown an aptitude for working Göztepe Escort with computers. That’s why when I asked my father to allow me to study abroad, he was more than happy about it. My father has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. He is a decent and supportive man. Not at all like the stereotypes the media holds about Muslim fathers. I’ve always been the studious one in the family. My older brother Ishmail went to Boston University in Massachusetts to study business administration. After partying hard, chasing Western women and boozing for six years, Ishmail didn’t even come home with a university degree. He flunked out of Boston University and returned to the Kingdom, broke and without a degree.

When he came home empty-handed, Ishmail was in for a world of pain. Our father isn’t patient with fools, especially those who waste his time and money. I still remember Ishmail’s screams as dad beat him with his belt. Even if you’re a grown man or woman in Saudi Arabia, if you are unmarried and still live with your parents, you cannot escape their wrath. My father has never laid a hand on me because I’m the good one in the family. I honor my family, my faith and my God through my actions. I understand that actions have consequences and that it’s prudent to always think ahead. My brother has never learned that. That’s why dad sent him to the south, where he’s got a midlevel job working the oil fields. Maybe the fool will do less damage there, since he’s got to fend for himself for the first time in his twenty five years.

By sharp contrast, I’ve made the most of my time in the Confederation of Canada. I recently graduated from Carleton University with my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, then decided to stay for my Master’s degree in business administration. Since I graduated with high honors in my program, my father was pleased and felt confident that should I pursue my MBA, I’ll succeed where my brother has failed. That’s why I’m still in Canada. In a couple of years, I’ll have my MBA then I’ll return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a high-level businesswoman. Now, you may wonder what opportunities await a woman with such a level of education in Saudi Arabia. I’ll get to that soon.

Thanks to a Royal Edict supported by the Islamic High Court, there are new opportunities for highly educated women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because we’re outpacing the guys at universities both at home and abroad, and we’re an economic force. Luckily our present King is a wise man who has stood up to the most conservative clerics on behalf of women’s rights. If the Kingdom Göztepe Escort Bayan is to move into the future, and thrive, its educated women will be prime contributors to that effort. Allah made woman and man equal, so it’s possible for woman to succeed where man has not.

I am doing well in the Sprott MBA program at Carleton University, and I have grown fond of many aspects of my life in Canada. I recently fulfilled my lifelong dream ( and that of many Saudi women ) when I obtained an Ontario driver’s licence. At long last, I can drive instead of using the U-Pass furnished by the school to students who utilize OC Transpo, Ottawa’s dreadful bus company. I bought myself a car, nothing fancy, but it gets me from point A to point B. Yeah, I’m doing big things here in Canada and I thank our Almighty God, whom us Muslims call Allah, for His many Blessings. To quote some of my Christian friends, God truly does work in mysterious ways for it’s at the driver’s education company that I met a woman who changed my life.

Becky Wilkinson and I came from different worlds, that’s for sure. This six-foot-tall, red-haired and green-eyed, athletic young Irishwoman was born in the City of Galway, Ireland, and moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, when she was younger. Her father Sean Patrick Wilkinson owns the Wilkinson Driving School, where she’s an instructor. When I first walked into the driving school, I wasn’t sure what to do. Where I’m from, women aren’t even allowed to drive. Also, even when I got driven around by my father, brother and male cousins back in Saudi Arabia, I always sat in the back because fear of impropriety is a big concern among us pious Muslims in the Kingdom. Yeah, deciding to get my driver’s licence was a major step for me. I didn’t know much about cars, and I was nervous about the whole thing. One person helped me every step of the way. Becky Wilkinson, the gorgeous young White female instructor. Becky and I became close friends while I was learning to drive. I just didn’t count on falling in love with her.

When I finally got my driver’s licence, Becky and I went to the Blair Cineplex to celebrate. We ended up seeing The Hobbit, because I’ve loved The Lord of the Rings series ever since the early 2000s. I am a nerd in a hijab, you may laugh out loud if you want. Well, to my immense surprise, my tall and athletic friend Becky was into those movies too. We had a blast at the movies, then went to grab a bite at the Saint Laurent Mall. We ate some delicious food from Bourbon Street, an oddly named Chinese restaurant. I love Chinese food, I just don’t eat pork Escort Göztepe for religious reasons, that’s all. So there we were, just sitting down, eating and talking. One minute I was looking at her and smiling, though my heart thundered in my chest, and the next she was holding my hand…and then we kissed. Yeah, I kissed a woman and I liked it. And yes, it felt good, and wonderful, so much that I wanted to break out into song.

Becky Wilkinson and I left the Saint Laurent Mall together, arm in arm, and we went back to my apartment on Bronson Avenue, not too far from Carleton University. I took her to bed, or was it the other way around? I barely remember how it all got started. We kissed and caressed each other as we embraced, then I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous naked body. Becky is so lovely and tall, with her smooth, athletic form, her big and firm breasts, her muscular arms and legs, and her nice, round buttocks. I suckled on her breasts and she grinned, caressing me all over. Her hands found their way between my thighs and her fingers slipped into my pussy. I gasped as she began exploring my insides, teasing my clitoris with her digits.

Becky laid me on the bed, and made sweet love to me. As she licked my pussy and probed me with her fingers and tongue, I cried out in ecstasy. Later, she let me taste her. I kissed her all over, and finally brought my face close to her pussy. I inhaled the scent of her womanhood, and finally placed my lips against her pale pussy, which was covered with tiny red hairs. Tentatively I stuck my tongue into her pussy, and began fingering her. I had never done this before, and several times I stopped, wondering if I was doing it right. Becky moaned and gently caressed my hair, encouraging me to continue. I did just that, and found myself enjoying the experience as well. Bringing pleasure to my sweet, gorgeous Becky was very rewarding for me, especially since I beheld the effects of my lips and fingers on her. My sexy athletic Irishwoman shuddered and cried out in pleasure. She called my name, and I embraced her tightly.

I fell asleep in Becky’s arms. When I woke up, with her usual boldness, my favorite Irishwoman had made herself at home. She was wearing one of my favorite bathrobes, but looked better in it than I ever would. She’d gone down to the nearby Tim Horton’s and gotten us steamy coffee, sandwiches and hash browns. I smiled at her and told her she’d make a great wife one of these days. Becky grinned and pulled me out of bed and into her arms, and then we kissed again. I am falling in love with this woman. You could understand how a gal like me can feel conflicted, right? I am a proud Muslim and I cherish my Saudi Arabian heritage but in spite of what Islam teaches about homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism, I’m in love with Becky and I don’t feel it’s wrong. For the first time in my life, I’m happy, and I thank our Almighty God for His blessings.

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