A Night in L.A.


Alright, first of all, I wouldn’t technically call her a “Porn Star.” She was in a few adult films and had some background in the industry, but definitely not all over the place. That said, this was an experience not long ago, when I was traveling in L.A. with a few buddies.

We were having drinks pretty late at night in a popular club, when my friend grabbed my arm and blurted, “Dude, don’t look now, but we have a porn-star sighting… Right behind you…”

I slowly turned to see who he was talking about: lo and behold, three women, definitely in the business. Almost comically so – one of them was so artificially enhanced and made up, that I couldn’t even say if she was sexually appealing. Just an exaggerated idea of what a man’s fantasy girl would look like, I suppose, but it really did nothing for me.

“That’s fucked up.”

“What do you mean fucked up? They’re smoking hot!”

“Maybe, but you’d think with what they do all day, they’d get sick of the attention. I’m creeping myself out, peeking over my shoulder at them.”

“Whatever, dude. Lighten up.”

“Oh, I’m light, my friend.” To tell the truth, though, I was pretty cranky that night for some reason. Just being a dick, I suppose.

“Alright, Smiley. Go over there and talk to them, then.”

“Fuck you; you go.”

“No man, you’re the talker. I’d just come off as a creeper, anyway.”

“And I wouldn’t?”

“Haha.” Mark took another drink and smiled, clearly thinking I wasn’t going to rise up to the bait.

I looked at my other friend who was pretty tanked at this point, and he just smiled and shrugged. OK, I thought, I was getting a little bored anyways – might as well give us something to talk about. I got a moment of satisfaction in seeing the surprise on Mark’s face when I stood up, before the anxiety and adrenaline combination kicked in and I found myself moving.

I walked over to where they were sitting and I had no idea what I was going to say. This should be awkward.

I pointed at the one with the most obvious enhancemets: a Barbie-looking blond who saw me coming and leaned away from her friends to let them know there was a visitor. I thrust my finger at her, “I know you from somewhere…” I saw her roll her eyes at her friends. “Do you teach economics at UCLA?”

Her face was surprised as she broke out in drunk laughter, “What? I look like a professor?”

“Pretty sure he was joking, Crystal.” I just noticed her friend, who was gorgeous: straight brunette hair and blue eyes. Still had the appearance of an adult film actress, but much hotter than Crystal in my opinion.

I’m caught a little off guard. I look at her and extend my hand, “Hi – I’m Jack.”

She looks at me, unreadable. She finally meets my hand, “Jenna.”

I have nothing to work with. I flail around for some conversation, “So… what do you ladies do?”

Crystal pipes up; she’s obviously been drinking a bit and is already slurring, “We work in the adult film industry. That’s probably where you’ve seen me. Are you a pervert?” She doesn’t wait for a response, “I bet you are! Ha!” She backhands Jenna in the arm, obviously and drunkenly thinking that she just verbally destroyed me. Wow. Just like I thought it would go down. But, not one to cut my losses early, I stood there trying to think of something clever to say.

The third girl, another brunette, moved off with another guy, must be her boyfriend. Jenna is still looking at me, “So?”

“So what?” I was flustered, definitely out of my comfort zone, and feeling like just another douchebag trying to pick up a porn star.

“The Professor asked you a question…”

“Oh,” I laugh. Well, at least she’s engaging with me, this might be fun to banter. “Am I a pervert? I guess I am! Who isn’t in their own way.”

“I’m not,” Jenna is straight-faced.

“Didn’t she just say you were in the adult film industry?” I smile, hoping that it comes off as playful and not as mean as it might have sounded.

Jenna rolls her eyes, “That doesn’t mean I’m a pervert. There is something weird about perverts – you can tell by how they look at you.”

Phew, she was giving me a little conversational life-line, “Then you’re in a better position to tell me if I’m a pervert or not… What do you think?”

Jenna finally smiles, “No, you’re not. I wouldn’t be talking to you if you were.”

“Thank God!”

“Thank whoever you want, it’s just talking.” Now her face is definitely brightening up. I think she must have been a little bored before I came over, too.

Crystal is looking between us, “Am I missing something or are you buying us drinks?”

I laugh, relieved, “Of course. What are you having?”

Crystal, very tipsy, shouts, “Something strong! Whatever!”

Jenna smiles and shakes her head, “Nothing for me right now.”

“You the sober cab tonight?”

“Not exactly. I just like to keep my head until I see where the night is going.”

“Pretty good policy. When do you decide where the night is Demetevler Escort going?”

“I can usually tell pretty quickly.” Jenna is smiling sort of warmly at me at this point, so I’m feeling good about myself.

“I see. Well, let me get that drink for your friend, Crystal is it?”

“Forget that. She can get her own drink.”

“Fuck you, Jenna! Let the man buy me one!”

Jenna ignores her, “So are you here alone?”

I point behind me, “No, that’s me over there. A couple buddies hanging out tonight.”

She raises her eyebrows, “Just drinking with the boys tonight, then?”

I laugh quickly, “Oh no. No, no, no. Definitely open to other possibilities…” Oops. Kind of a douchey response.

Jenna smirks, “So that’s why you came over to our table? Other possibilities?”

I shake my head, “No, it was more of a dare. Those guys noticed you beautiful ladies and wanted me to talk to you…”

“Ah. So you’re trying to get us to hook-up with your boys.”

“No, no. Just trying to talk. They said they recognized you so I…”

“Recognized us? From where?” At this point, I notice Crystal not-very-gracefully getting up and start walking towards someone she obviously knew in the club.

“Uh… I think they might have recognized your friend.” I stammered uncomfortably. I don’t even know if my friends actually recognized them, or just suspected, but Jenna had me totally on the defensive so I wasn’t thinking straight.

Jenna laughed, “Don’t worry, Jack. It happens all the time.”

“So… you are?”

“I am what?”

“You know. Recognizable?”

“Damn, Jack. For a guy that just barges into a conversation with a bunch of girls he doesn’t know, it’s kind of cute how shy you are. Yes, your friends might have seen us somewhere, obviously Crystal told you we were in the industry. I’m barely in anything, though, so you guys must watch A LOT of porn if they recognize ME.”

I laugh, “Yeah, that sounds like them.” I move on, trying not to be awkward, “So I’m sure you must get asked this all the time, but how did you get into it?”

“Pretty simple. Good money, and I like having sex.”

“Fuck. I wish that was the one-sentence description of my job!”

“Well believe me, it’s not always good. You have to be careful, and know who you’re working with. But if you keep your head, it can be alright for awhile.”

I was starting to really like this girl: she was obviously gorgeous, but she was sharp, too. Definitely made me rethink my conception of the “Airhead Porn Starlet”. And she was down-to-earth; I’m sure guys approach her every day and bullshit, but she didn’t make me feel like a dick. And hey, at least we were still talking!

“So what about you? What do you do?”

“Oh, you know. Part-time lover, part-time fighter, full-time dreamer.” Pretty canned response, I admit, but that’s all the wit I could come up with at the time being as excited and anxious as I was.

In any case, Jenna laughed good-naturedly, and didn’t press further “Part-time lover? That’s it?”


“I guess I’m what you’d call a full-time lover, then.”

“That must make you a better lover than me.”

“Maybe.” Her lips curled up in a smirk.

I decide to press my luck. “Well, Jenna, what are you doing a little later? Want to get a drink with me somewhere else?”

Her eyes are bright with amusement, “Hmmm. I don’t know. Can you keep me entertained?”

“I will fucking juggle some flaming swords for you if you’ll hang out some more.”

“Maybe. I’m gonna catch up with my friends a little more, but I’ll look for you later.”

“OK. I’m right over here whenever you want to talk.” She smiled at me as I turned around and headed back to my friends. Well, that was fun while it lasted, but I can take a hint.

I sit back down with my friends, and they jump on me, “What the fuck are you doing back over here? She was into you!”

“Nah, she wasn’t. Just having some fun fucking around with me.” We talk for a bit, but my mind is elsewhere – thinking of things I should have said and playing my conversation with Jenna over in my head. I’m a little down and pissed at myself for coming off like a mumbling dick, but soon move on to engage with my friends again. A few more minutes pass before I notice my buddies’ eyes open wide and look past me. I turn to see what they’re looking at: to my amazement, Jenna is standing right behind me.

“So, I don’t see any flaming swords – got anything else to keep me entertained?” She arches an eyebrow and bores a hole into my head with her stare.

I take a second to gather my composure. “Heeeey… well… Jenna, this is Mark and Brian; guys, this is Jenna.”

“Hey guys. So. Do you want to step out with me? I know a dive we could go to.”

“Uh, yeah. I’d love to.”

“Why don’t you ride with me. I AM the sober cab, after all…” Jenna winked.

I threw my rental car keys to Mark. He just shook his head with a tight lipped Dikmen Escort smirk, then mouthed “fuck you” as I moved to follow Jenna out of the bar. Brian, who has never been known for his social grace, actually groaned, “Seriously? What the fuck, Jack? Can’t she get some friends together?”

Jenna was waiting a few feet away from the table, and she pursed her lips while shaking her head, sadly, “Sorry guys. My friends have other plans.”

Mark just shooed us off, “Go on, have fun kids. We’ll take care of the tab, Jack.” Brian waved us off and turned back to his drink. I nodded to Mark and followed Jenna back to her car.

“So where is this dive you’re taking me?”

Jenna smirked, “Oh. Yeah, we can stop there if you want…”

My brain was definitely not running full speed that night, “I thought you mentioned…”

Jenna was smiling, “What, Jack, have you never picked up a girl before? I thought you just wanted an excuse to leave the bar.”

“Haha. Wait, did you say I picked you up? Excuse me while I give myself a thousand hi-fives.”

Jenna laughs, “I didn’t actually say that, but you keep talking if you think that’s helping your cause.”

“Uh, nevermind, I’m embarassed. Whatever the opposite of smooth is in this situation, that’s what I am. Still… I’m curious about what kind of dive a girl like you would go to. Seems like you could get a lot of bad attention…”

Jenna cut me off sarcastically with a laugh, “Yeah. Totally unlike every other club a girl like me goes to.”

“Wow. I’m kind of striking out at this point.” I quickly added with a smile, “How the hell did you decide to leave with me?”

“The night is young. I expect you to keep up,” she ducked into her car and I got in the passenger side. This was going to be interesting, whether I made an ass of myself or not.

I know, I know – too much setup, not enough action, so I’ll get to it. After talking a bit more in the car (I was much more at ease and comfortable with her here for some reason so we actually hit it off, probably because we could actually hear each other) Jenna ended up half-jokingly making a stop at her neighborhood bar for a quick drink before she invited me back to her place. Still not knowing exactly where this was going, I happily accepted the invitation…

As we step into her apartment, she locks the door, sets her purse down and turns quickly to me. “Make yourself at home – I’ll be right back.” She moves to her bedroom, and I am left to myself, finally letting what was happening sink in for a second. I hope I’m not misreading the situation – I feel like we ended up hitting it off but I don’t want to make any assumptions, so I move over to her couch and have a seat.

After a few minutes, Jenna comes back into the room energetically. She looks refreshed. “So, what are you into?” Her eyes are wide and sparkling, excited.

“What am I into? What do you mean?”

Jenna smiles, and walks to stand directly in front of me, hands on her hips, playfully challenging, “You know what I mean. Unless you came back to my place for coffee?” She arches her eyebrows, mocking me.

“You move fast!” I smile back at her.

“Whatever, I just get tired of fucking around at a certain point. So you didn’t answer my question: what are you into?” It’s a demand this time.


“Yeah. No big deal, just tell me. This is your chance…”

“Alright, I guess I’m into the ass.”

She laughs and, it seems like subconsciously, runs her hands over her posterior, “”Into the ass.” What do you mean “into the ass?””

I was incredibly turned on, but embarrassed – she’s obviously much more comfortable talking about this than I am. “Well, I like doing ass worship…”

“Okay.” She paused and looked at me.

“Okay? That’s it?”

“Yeah. I was just wondering. We can do that – I’m fine with it.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I was happy to grab onto that thread. “You mean, you and me? Like, right now?”

“What the fuck, Jack? It’s definitely not the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been in the business for a little while now, I’ve picked up a few things.”

“No, I know, but it’s just… I guess you don’t really sound too into it.”

“Really? What does “into it” sound like? You tell a girl that you like to worship asses, and she says let’s do it, then, and you think she doesn’t sound like she’s “into it”? Fuck, do you want me to hold your hand the whole time or are you going to be a man and take me?” Her eyes are like fire burning a hole through me. All of her cool, laid-back manner from earlier in the night is gone, and I’m suddenly aware of this intense, hyper sexual woman standing right in front of me, daring me. She’s right – it’s time to man-up. I shake my head and snap into character. I stand and move quickly up against her, she squares her shoulders to me and looks up at my face. I lean down to kiss her, and just like that, it is on.

My hands run up and down her body as we Elvankent Escort coil together and slowly and subtly move back toward the bedroom. She grips my head and pulls it into her neck, then into her full, perky tits. I reach down to lift her shirt off as she works my belt and unbuttons my pants. Within seconds, her hand is reaching into my boxers as I engulf her left breast, then her right, with my mouth. She gives my dick a few teasing pumps as she pulls me into the bedroom before releasing, with a sigh, “There we go. See, I’m not that scary, am I?”

I laugh, as much from her joke as from how absurdly fast this is all happening, and I kiss my way from her tits, down her stomach to her tight-silver pants, where the upper band of her orange panties are peeking over. I’m now kneeling in front of Jenna, and in one quick motion, her hands flash down, unbutton and unzip her pants, and she grabs the top of my hair to pull back my head and look down at me. “Now, I was under the impression you wanted something else.”

“I do. I want your ass.”

“You want my ass?”

“Yeah. Give me that ass.” And with that, I gripped her hips and spun her around. Jenna bent over against the base of the bed and braced herself on the mattress. Her beautiful butt was popping back at my face, the silver semi-shiny material of her pants making it even more enticing. Her orange thong poked over the top in “whale-tail” fashion, and she had a hot tattoo of roses in her “tramp stamp” region. What a fucking sexy sight! She locked her legs while bending over with her hands resting on the mattress and watched me over her shoulder. To see what I would do, I guess…

I grabbed her hips and pushed my face into her butt. Inhaling deeply, I rubbed my face hard up and down her ass, as I felt her push her butt slightly harder back against my grinding. I stuck my tongue out: I didn’t care that she had two layers of clothing between me and her asshole. Her pants were tight and thin enough that I could feel where her little rosebud was through the clothes, and I pressed my tongue hard in that region. She gasped, reached her hand around to grab my head, and rode my face and tongue for a few seconds. I stopped to catch my breath and looked at the whole picture again: gorgeous woman bending over this bed in her shiny skin-tight silver pants, and now a little wet spot where her asshole is… I smiled to myself.

Jenna looked back at my grinning face and laughed. “Good, now I can get these off!” She peeled her pants and thong down in one smooth, fluid, sexy motion and kicked them over to the side along with her heels. Her perfect butt was now perched and waiting for me to pounce, while she teased me by swaying very slightly side to side, until she finally positioned her ass directly in front of my face and waited. Damn! My mouth was watering, and I couldn’t stop myself from what I did next.

I grabbed both asscheeks and roughly pulled them wide. Very wide. I saw her perfect, smooth and pink anus open up, just a bit with the stretch. Jenna yelped in surprise for a split second before gasping in delight at what must have been the smooth and filling sensation of my tongue entering her butthole. Fuck yes, her ass smelled and tasted soooooo good, fresh and sweet, just like I knew it would! Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to go deeeeeep with this chick, and judging by how wet she already was, I knew she would be into it, too. I kept her butt spread wide while I slowly slid my tongue deep up her asshole. When I was as deep as I could go with the first push, I slowly pulled back out, stopping at her anus for a long, circular lick around her rim. Keeping my tongue extended, I pushed back into the darkness of her rectum. Jenna had found her voice again by this time.

“Ooooohhhhh. Whoaaaa. Mmmmmm. Fuck that’s good. Fuck, that’s reeeeaaaaaally good, ha. Keep doing this. OK, goddamn, I can tell you’re good at this. You must love my ass. Mmmmm, fuck.” At this point, I had my tongue fully extended in her anus, and was wiggling it around as much as I could (not very much, but she still must have liked the sensation). I then pulled it slowly out again, then slowly inserted again, then out, then in, slow, but increasing the speed very slightly. Now I’m starting to fuck her ass with my tongue, deep, shallow, deep, shallow. Jenna immediately gets this, and bounces her butt back against my face: a nice, clean slapping sound now accompanies every thrust.

“Ooo. Ooo. Yeah! Fuck! Fuck my ass! Yeah! ” It goes on like this for an amazing few minutes as I vary my speed and angle. She is starting to go a little crazy, and I know from experience that if I play with her clit for a few seconds, with my mouth or my fingers, she’s going to cum like a hydrant. Not yet, though.

As my tongue is sliding easily in and out of her asshole, I realize that this chick knows what she’s doing – her anus is swallowing my tongue then pinching it when I’m deep inside, over and over. She has definitely used these muscles before. Despite this obvious expertise, Jenna is doing a great job at seemingly enjoying this like she’s never been rimmed before. All this is going through my mind, but before I get too lost in thought, I refocus on making this girl feel amazing, and prolong her orgasm for a little bit. Just for a little bit…

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