A Night Out – With A Sexy Twist- Part 1

All Fours

The pub was incredibly busy. The band playing was amazing and had drawn a capacity crowd. My husband and a few of our friends were enjoying some great music when I saw him. Well over 6 feet tall with piercing eyes and a physique that made my legs go a tiny bit weak. Broad shoulders and chiseled arms. My mind instantly pictured what was hiding under that shirt. This was going to be fun! I excused myself from hubby and friends to go to the bathroom. On my way back I went via the cloak room to borrow a pen and a piece of paper. On it I wrote, “Nat 0426………. (my number)  Message me” I wove my way through the crowd towards this very sexy man. He was with a few mates and as I got to him I grabbed his hand and placed the piece of paper in it. He flinched with a bit of shock and looked down at me. I gave him the most cheeky smile I could muster and directed him to the piece of paper with my eyes. I didn’t speak, just walked away making sure I brushed past him firmly as I made my way back through the masses of people to my husband and friends. My heart was racing. He was even better looking up close. My best guess was he was in his mid 20’s. He was standing much closer to the stage than our group and when I arrived back it was clear nobody had noticed my little detour. I told hubby that I received a message from Karen (one of my friends) and that she was thinking of Pendik Escort coming out. Clearly this was bullshit but it gave me a reason to have my phone out in case I got a message. I did. “Where did you go” I replied, “I’m towards the back with my husband and friends. Yes I’m married ;-)” I immediately saved his number in my phone as “Karen” so any glance down by prying eyes would see her name on my screen. His reply came almost immediately. “Does he know you’re texting me” “No he doesn’t. I figured this would be the best way to flirt with a hot guy and not ruin my good girl image. I’m not a good girl btw. Would you like to play?” Now my hubby enjoys watching me flirt and pick up guys or girls but our friends that were with us would be horrified if they knew what a complete slut I was. Plus it was an excuse to flirt without hubby knowing. I love the rush of being sneaky. My phone vibrated, “You’re hot. Of course I want to play” A sudden rush of blood to my ego. Always nice to know guys 10-15 years younger finds you hot. I spotted him looking back through the crowd searching for me. We locked eyes and he smiled. I tried keep a straight face but flashed him a smile back. He clearly wasn’t sharing my discretion as his friends were also trying to get a look at me. I got all the friends approvals as there was a series of nods and smiles Pendik Escort Bayan with a high five thrown in. I smiled to myself and hoped the excitement of these young guys wouldn’t ruin my fun. I replied, “We gotta be careful not to get caught. Deal?” “Deal” he answered. The band was amazing and as the drinks flowed my level of arousal for this young stud grew. I discovered his name was Cody and that he was not single. His girlfriend wasn’t into this band so passed on coming out. I was so relieved he had a girlfriend. Aside from the added arousal of playing with a man who’s off limits, it meant there was no chance of him wanting anything except my pussy. I text him, “I’m going to the bar. Follow me.” I told everyone it was my shout and got the requests before pushing my way through masses. I saw him making his way over towards me. It was about 5 people deep at the bar so it was going to be a fair wait for service. I felt a hand rest on waist from behind and without turning around I held his hand. A rush went through my whole body and I knew my pussy was wet. I turned to see how easily I could be seen by hubby and realised we were fairly well hidden with all the people. I reached back with my other hand and ran my fingers up his inner thigh till they reached a massive bulge. My heart nearly stopped. It felt enormous and oh how Escort Pendik I love a big cock. I knew right then I definitely had to have him. He pressed his body closer to mine making it less obvious what my hand was doing. I could feel his huge cock pressing into my lower back as I continued to rub and squeeze him. I still hadn’t turned around. No words had been spoken at all. His hand on my waist slid down over my hip to my thigh. My black skirt was fairly short so wasn’t long before he reached my bare skin. His touch was electric. He traced his fingers along the hem line of my skirt ever so slightly pushing it higher. I did a quick scan of people around us and nobody seemed to be aware of what was happening. Bodies were packed so tightly waiting for drinks. His fingers crept higher and forward. I rested my head back into his chest giving him the sign not to stop. I squeezed his cock even tighter. Then my knees almost buckled when his finger brushed my pussy. My tiny black g string was saturated. It was there for less than 10 seconds but I swear I nearly came as he lightly rubbed my clit. Sadly he removed his hand pulled my skirt back down. His hand moved to my ass and firmly grabbed a handful. We were edging closer to service but I wasn’t bullying my way through the line. Obviously. My hand never left his cock until I went searching for his zipper. There was no resistance as I opened his jeans. My hand was behind me in the small of my back like I was being arrested but nobody seemed to be staring….not that I would have cared. I moved my hand inside his jeans to find a thin layer of cotton between my fingers and what truly a thick piece of meat.

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