A New Beginning


I have always been a bit of a tomboy. I like to wear my hair short because it is easier, and I think it flatters my round face and brings out my bright blue eyes. I am rather short at 5’1”, and weigh 140 pounds. Some people would say I am a little stocky but I am not fat just muscular. I have a rather large 38c chest, which on my short frame appears even larger. Growing up I was always involved in sports and I still play softball every summer. My ex-husband used to think it was great that we had so many similar interests since he was an athlete too. Over the years however we grew apart.

My marriage was not a bad one in the sense that it was abusive or painful, it just lacked the passion both my ex-husband and I needed. As time went by we drifted apart and our sex life became less active until we were just going through the motions once a month. I rarely masturbated when we were first married, but as our sex life dwindled it became necessary to maintain my sanity, so after Tom would fall asleep I would go down into the den and take care of my needs. Sometimes reading erotica on the computer or even watching a soft-core porno movie on Cinemax.

Last spring something happened that changed my life. I was the captain of our coed softball team and I was in charge of getting people together for some practices before the season began. I had reserved the field for a Sunday afternoon and I called everyone myself to make sure we would all be there.

When I arrived at the field there were only six other people there, all women. Apparently all of the guys on the team had decided to go out drinking instead of coming to the practice. That left just the seven women on the team to practice. Luckily we had our pitcher a short stocky woman named Jen and our catcher a tall thin very pretty Irish red head named Patty. I got all of the girls together and we decided that Ümraniye Escort we would field a team of infielders and practice without the guys.

We hit the balls around the infield for an hour and a half before we decided to take a break. Jen went to her truck and brought out a cooler of beer, and hard lemonade, at which point it became obvious that we would do no more practicing. Two of the newly married women said they had to go home after having just one drink each. That left the veterans of the team to finish up. We continued to drink as the sun settled behind the distant mountains and a cool April chill surrounded us. Two more of the women had to go home leaving just Jen, Patty and me. The two of them began talking about how cute one of the new women was. I had to agree that she was quite attractive but not nearly as pretty as Patty. I have always thought that the red hair and light blue-eyed look of a classic Irish woman is stunning. I sat quietly as my two friends continued to talk appraisingly about many of our teammates. After a few minutes Patty turned to me and commented that I had gotten very quiet. I am sure I turned a bright crimson as I stammered that I was just listening to them.

“Well do you have any favorites,” Patty asked me with a knowing smile on her pretty lips.

I stared into her light blue eyes for a moment before I answered, “yes I do.”

“Well who is it,” she prodded.

With a coy smile I looked at Patty and slowly said, “You Patty, you are the prettiest woman on this team, and that is coming from a happily married woman”

“Well how happy can you be if you are checking out the women on your softball team,” she teased.

“Well I am as happy as a woman can be when she only has sex once a month, “ I blurted out.

“Oh my god, once a month. I guess you must go through a lot Ümraniye Escort Bayan of batteries, “ she joked.

“Well I do what a woman has to do to keep her sanity,” I replied matter-of-factly. Jen looked at us and then she proceeded to move to my other side. She placed her hand on my other thigh and leaned close to me. I could feel her breath on my neck as she whispered that maybe she and Patty could help me out with my problem. Her lips touched my earlobe and her tongue slide down to the nape of my neck. Patty’s fingers had moved up my leg and were now lightly touching my very wet pussy through my shorts.

I let out a soft moan as her fingers slipped inside the leg of my shorts and panties and touched the slick lips of my pussy. Patty sensed my need for more and brought her lips to mine. We kissed softly at first. Our lips touching gently before I felt her tongue pressing passed my lips. A rush of emotions flooded my body and I felt tears leak from my eyes as I realized what had been missing from my life. I kissed Patty with a surprising passion as Jen slid my shorts and panties past my full hips and down my legs. My arms wrapped around Patty, pulling her tightly against me as we kissed like a couple of teenagers.

I felt Jen’s fingers parting my labia as her tongue slowly licked from my puckered ass hole to my hard clit. I moaned hard into Patty’s mouth while our tongues did a forbidden dance. I ran my hands over Patty’s small firm body and I loved the feel of her soft warm skin against my fingertips. I tentatively pushed my hand inside her shorts and touched another woman’s wet pussy for the first time. My fingers quickly found her clit, which was long and hard like a miniature cock. I used my thumb and forefinger to slowly stroke her clit as Jen’s tongue continued to do wonderful things to my now soaking wet pussy. Escort Ümraniye Patty’s hips began to move in time with my fingers and soon we were clutching each other tightly as the first waves of our orgasm overtook our bodies.

Jen slid up next to us and joined our kisses, sharing my juices with Patty and I. We continued to kiss as we shed the rest of our clothes. We lay naked touching and exploring each others bodies as the warm passion in our loins built to an overwhelming peak. We clutched and rubbed our naked bodies together. Leg to pussy, mouth to pussy, mouth to mouth and breast to breast. Our orgasms seemed to follow one after another until we lay on the grass in an exhausted heap of naked flesh.

The moon was high in the sky as we tried to make ourselves presentable so we could head home. Jen and I kissed and said our goodbyes, and I thanked her for an incredible experience. As Jen pulled away Patty and I waived and then we turned to face each other. I took her hands in mine and pulled her close to me. Her firm breasts pressed against mine. My right hand held her head as I kissed her eyes, then her nose, and finally her warm sweet mouth. We kissed passionately for a long time before I reluctantly broke the kiss and told her sadly that I had to get home.

“Yea, I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” I replied, “I don’t want to go. I want to spend the night with you. I want to make love to you until we fall asleep and then I want to wake up in your arms. You have awakened a passion in me that I though that died. I need to see you again, to touch you and feel you in my arms. Is that wrong?”

“No, it’s not wrong,” she replied, “You are coming to terms with who you are. I went through it too. You have to tell him you know. If you love him, or if you care about him in any way you have to be honest with him.”

“I know,” I said, “our marriage was over a long time ago, this will just make it official. So can I see you again?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I want that very much.” We kissed one more time and I drove home slowly trying to find the right words to end my marriage and begin my new life.

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