A Lesson In Lust


Outside the car window Sarah watched as society continued functioning normally, society functioning like a well oiled machine as it went about on its daily business, normality, routine, fitting in. Sarah sighed inwardly to herself as she turned away from the car window, the site of it depressing her deeply. But I guess it would be normal to feel like this in a new town, an outcast not even fitting into the classification of third class citizen. But she was determined that day, determined to make an impression on this crappy little town or at least to make some waves here. Standing at 5’6 Sarah wasn’t particularly significant for females her age, not that she let that be her disadvantage, instead she had used it on many the occasion to get exactly what she wanted. When she wanted. Shoulder length brown hair framed her slim shoulders and slim physique. Her breasts weren’t large but they were full sized and certainly above average sized, she was one of the lucky few who had a natural cleavage. An added bonus, which helped persuade her point across to anyone she so desired. Her face was one of pure innocence, large doe-brown eyes with an almost genuine warmth to it, hid her almost always ulterior dark motives. Her parents often moved around the place a lot, her dad was selling an insurance scam, which always kept the family on their toes. So as a result she was often moved from one education facility to another, staying for a few weeks or sometimes for more prolonged periods, until the debt collectors or authorities caught wind of where they were situated of course. For any body her age this would sound like a pretty disjointed kind of life, but at 19 years of age Sarah was a very disjointed person. Sarah had long ago given up on making friends, not that she considered herself to be a friendly person though, she thought to herself bemused. Rather, one to use people for whatever sole purpose that she wanted out of them before moving onwards to the next victim. Her social life revolved around the Internet where she had a few permanent friends whom she always talked to every night on end, swapping stories of whatever mischievous things that they got up to.

Her mum slowing down the car broke her train of thought as she realised unfortunately that her mum had arrived at the point of destination. College. You briefly exchange pleasantries to her before waving goodbye to her as she drove off down the street. Poor sod Sarah thinks to herself, she has no idea whatsoever exactly what her daughter is like.


The bell goes off, signifying to everybody that their perceived ‘freedom’ was now officially over as everybody filed through the giant double doors of the entrance to the college. Another lesson in how to function ‘normally’ as discerned by society Sarah thought to herself, picking up her bag and walking in. God I hate school.

First class, hmmm… English… now where do I find English? Stupid bridging units. The last thing I want to do is make a fool of myself and walk into the wrong classroom Sarah thought to herself, I’m never doing THAT again…

Thankfully she found a little map which seemed to point in every which direction, after decrypting this disconcerting piece of map she managed to find the room after following its encrypted directions. By the time that she reached the class, there were no available seats there except at the very front. Oh great, now I have to look like some kind of geek, I don’t need this on my first day. Sarah notices the sudden hush from all the male voices in the room as their voices suddenly turn into a whisper. No doubt it would be related to me, Sarah thought to herself smiling inwardly. She sat down, not even bothering to look around. Already she felt the all too familiar feeling of all the females in the room glaring in her direction. The room instantly turned to silence as the teacher walked into the room.

Sarah stared at the teacher dumbstruck. She was perhaps the sexiest looking female that she had ever seen before in her life. What stood out straight away was the teacher’s height, standing at 5’8 she towered above all the other females, like some kind of supermodel. Especially with those long lithe legs. Sarah got a brief image in her head of those legs wrapped around her head, she quickly snapped out of it. I have never had lesbian tendencies before, how strange Sarah thought to herself. Sure she has had many females lusting after her, but never before has the tables been turned on her, never before has she found a female as sexually alluring as this female. Black leather knee high boots cover her leg up to her kneecap revealing her upper thigh, which is barely covered by the shortest of black skirts. A tight white button up shirt displays her ample breasts, straining against the thin cotton, stretching it. Sarah can faintly see her bra underneath her shirt; it is black and lacy. She got another brief image of her taking it off with her teeth her hands playing up and do-

“Hello class, welcome back to English 5.4 Üsküdar Escort For those new here my name is Mrs Adams. I believe we have a new student here, her name is Sarah, Sarah say hello to everybody.”

*Poof* Sarah’s image disappears out of her mind in an instant as she felt 30 expectant eyes on her. Sarah turned around in her chair, suddenly embarrassed. Her once exuberant confidence shattered by the sudden appearance of this teacher.

“Umm… errr… He- hello” Sarah stuttered before turning back, her face flushed from embarrassment. Her embarrassment didn’t just stem from the fact that she just looked like a complete idiot in front of 30 odd people, more so by how horny she felt just at the thought of the teacher and her. In her own little fantasy.

Mrs Adams smiled at Sarah, her perfectly aligned white teeth, flashing like pearls in the dim light, brightening up the dull atmosphere of the classroom, infusing it with a strange kind of sexual energy as she welcomed Sarah to the class. Sarah gulped, squeezing her legs together, another bombardment of images, as she fantasised how those full lips would taste. She was so wet at the thought of it, moving around uncomfortably in her seat as her thong stuck to herself. Wet and saturated, she started to feel it dribble down her thigh before gravity took over, causing it to change route to soak into the skirt which she was sitting on. Mrs Adam’s face was one of an exquisite masterpiece, a finely sculptured nose, those sensual full lips, those ambient green eyes, tanned olive skin and light blonde hair, making her look like some kind of Nordic sex god.

“Okay class, lets have an open discussion about issues that may/may not clash with our values/attitudes. Let’s start on the subject of sexuality and in particular same sex relationships.”

Oh God, Sarah thought to herself clamping her thighs together with a vice like force, maybe if I don’t look at her then gradually the images will disappear. Maybe I should preoccupy myself Sarah thought to herself as she sucked at her pencil with earnest. As usual the guys in the room voice typical irrelevant comments concerning lesbians and homosexuality mainly sexually deprived masculine comments before voicing their opinions against male homosexuality.

‘Yuck, I mean that’s not right god made Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve, I would never go up vegemite valley, that shit is just gross.’ A jock piped up from the back.

The teacher calmed down the group looking around the classroom for some form of intelligence, before settling on Sarah, such a pretty girl, very innocent looking, such nicely sized breasts, oh how I would like to suck on them she thought to herself. Taste her. I wonder if she is as innocent as she looks? There she is sucking on her pencil with vigour, like it were a cock or somebodies finger, coated with juices, I would like to test her innocence, and I wonder what she is thinking? So deeply in thought.

“Sarah, how about you? What is your views on this matter?”

Oh god, there is no god Sarah thought to herself, cursing the almighty and whatever descendants involving religious gods that may reside up there with god. Okay Sarah, deep breaths, collect your thoughts, I don’t know what I am so worried about this is after all my favourite subject. Although this is an awkward situation. Okay, look at her forehead, or a spot behind her head.

“Same sex relationships? Umm well uh.. well we live in a society that excepts these things, when it comes to sexuality there is limitless boundaries, I mean people study degrees on sex on its own right? But in relation to same sex relationships I believe that it is perfectly normal. Maybe not ‘normal’ as seen from a societal perspective but normal as in natural, basically we should be in touch with our own sexuality by exploring it and being comfortable with it. And if you’re comfortable being in a same sex relationship then that should be accepted.”

Wow, where did that pile of crap come from? I shouldn’t of focused on a point on her face though, even though it was her hair, Sarah thought to herself trying to digest the bombardment of images that just flowed through her mind in that very moment. The deathly silence that follows is broken by a smart arsed college jock from the back row.

“So does that mean you would try a same sex relationship? Would you try a same sex relationship Sarah? In order to become comfortable with exactly who you are and all.” A college jock replies from the back of the class. The whole class giggled.

“Sure, I would try a same sex relationship, I mean you don’t know if your gay unless you’ve tried it? Does this mean that you will be visiting vegemite valley then?”

Sarah replied, but instead of looking at the person she was replying too, her stare was fixed directly on Mrs Adams, that smooth supple neck. So slender, so perfectly formed. I wonder how she tastes. From behind the room came a splutter, no doubt from the college jock, Üsküdar Escort Bayan you could just hear him audibly grumble ‘fucking lesbian, fucking I’m not going to any god damned vegemite valley that’s for sure…’

Mrs Adam stared directly at Sarah.

‘So…’ she thought to herself, ‘maybe you’re not quite as innocent as you look.’

“Excellent point Sarah, well that concludes today’s lesson class, I want you to read pages 102-122 of your reader and give me a 500 word essay on this topic tomorrow.”


Sarah sighed to herself, ah well, can’t have everything. Just as she picked up her bag from the floor Mrs Adams stopped her, lightly touching her arm. Small electric shocks travel up Sarah’s arm, as her breathing quickened. She looked up at Mrs Adams, almost momentarily losing grip of reality once again.

“An excellent point in class today Sarah, how are you adapting to being new here?”

Sarah’s head is pounding as she swallowed hard, carefully choosing her words in order not to make herself look like a fool again.

“Umm its very hard at the moment. I’m finding it hard because English is not one of my strongest subjects.”

In fact English was Sarah’s best subject, perhaps this was just one big fantasy and she just wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole she can go.

“Really? Well then I can tutor you, if you want. What have you got next class?”

Sarah felt her hear skip a beat; her legs were quivering in anticipation, also because they were squeezed tightly together.

“Umm I have a free period til 12.” This was almost surreal.

“Really? Well how about we start working on it now? I know that this room is free til 1 and I don’t have any more classes for today at all.”

Sarah managed a meek “O..ooo..oooook”

Mrs Adams smiled to herself, “Excellent, well then lets get started.”

Mrs Adams walked over to the door and locked it, going up to the windows and shutting them all, nobody can get in. Nobody can get out.

“Right now, what problems do we have?” Mrs Adams said, sitting ontop of the teacher’s desk, with her legs crossed. This caused her short skirt to ride up even further; Sarah could just make out the end of her stockings where the suspender belts took over. Another pleasurable wave swept through her.

“Well uhmm… I have problems with the structure of an essay…”

Sarah’s mind was racing, desperate not to make herself look like a fool.

“Well… the structure of an essay is a very RIGID structure, in that each essay must have the basic elements that make up an essay these are the introduction, main paragraphs and conclusion. Look at it this way..” Mrs Adams said standing up from the desk to stand in front of Sarah

“Whenever you get dressed in the morning, you almost always wear a shirt, skirt and shoes, bra’s and underpants is of course always optional so I will leave it out of my point.” Mrs Adams said with a wink, pointing to various parts of her body to illustrate her point. Sarah stared, transfixed as Mrs Adams pointed to various parts of her body, her eyes following the movement of her hand as it pointed out various parts. The smooth suppleness of her hand as it glided gracefully to each part of her body.

“Now the introduction…” Mrs Adams continued “Has many different elements in it, but each essay essentially has a different introduction in relation to its problem which it is addressing. Take my top for example…” Mrs Adams continued her chest moving slightly forward to accentuate her point.

“My top is like the problem which you address in your introduction, it can change, tomorrow I could wear a light pink top, the next day I could decide to wear no top at all…” Mrs Adams said with a grin.

“But each introduction has also a RIGID structure, it must address what the problem in the essay is and the main problems. We can compare this to the simple routine of putting on my shirt.” Mrs Adams hand moved to the top of her shirt and began to slowly unbutton it, one button at a time. “In order to put on a shirt properly you must Co-ordinate the right button with the corresponding button hole, otherwise it will look wrong. The same came be illustrated with my pants…” Mrs Adams started to unbutton her pants, her shirt now fully unbuttoned revealing her black lace bra. Sarah stared at Mrs Adams breasts, full and ripe, the light olive coloured complexion could be seen visibly through the black lace. Mrs Adams nipples stand erect, straining against the lace bra. Mrs Adams then began to unbuckle her belt, undoing her pants top button.

” I mean you can’t put both legs into one pants hole can you? And you cant put it on back to front either can you? Do you kind of understand what I am getting at?” Mrs Adams stepped out of her pants. She was only wearing her bra, black lace panties and stockings; attached to her panties by a suspender belt. Sarah stared transfixed, those long lithe legs, evenly tanned Escort Üsküdar from the bottom of her foot to the top, not one blemish. Sarah stared at Mrs Adams body, it was perfectly proportioned from head to toe, drinking her in as much as possible with her eyes. Trying to look everywhere at once.

“Ye- Yess pe-perfectly m-miss, tha-thankyou f-for illustrating y-your point so uh ummm effectively” Sarah babbled. Her voice incoherent as she was reduced to babbling and stuttering like a psychiatric patient with a voice impediment.

“Do you feel threatened by my looks Sarah? Do I make you feel… uncomfortable? I mean you yourself said in class that we should all be comfortable with our sexuality, are you comfortable with your own? Do you practice what you say? Or was that just to impress me?” Mrs Adams eyes fixed onto Sarah, the ambient green now looking almost reptilian, wild, uncontrolled. Threatening.

“N-no I d-don’t feel threatened by you, n-not a-at all. I d-do generally practice w-what I say, b-but I h-have n-never been w-with a female before, well not my teacher t-that is.” Sarah manages to babble, what am I doing? She thought to herself. God I must look stupid. Mrs Adam looked at Sarah, her lips curling back to a smirk.

“Excellent, then you wouldn’t mind illustrating to me what I have just taught you.” Mrs Adam said looking at her with a smile.

“Uhh ummm Ok…” Sarah replies with a large gulp, she unsteadily gets up out of her chair, her legs still trembling from being clasped together for the past hour. Standing before the teacher she begins to repeat what the teacher said earlier. Mrs Adams sits on the edge of the desk, watching Sarah from a distance.

“uhmm.. each introduction has a RIGID structure, it must address what the problem in the essay is and the main problems. We can compare this to the simple routine of putting on my shirt or putting on a pair of pants…” Sarah said slowly stripping for the teacher in front of her. Dancing slowly and sexily as she removed each item of clothing, watching Mrs Adam for any reaction. Mrs Adams remained motionless except for a thoughtful nod every now and then as if she agreed with what she saw. Like she was grading some kind of speech in front of a class.

“It could even be said… that the simple routine of putting on a bra and underpants can be related to this. Do you agree Mrs Adams?” Sarah said, slipping out of her bra and thong. Sarah stood in front of the teacher fully naked. Her nipples already hard as she stood there with her hands on her hips. Her shaven pussy glistening in the light from the world of her deepest fantasy’s involving Mrs Adams.

“I concur Sarah, very good, you learn rather quickly” Mrs Adams eyes flickered briefly to Sarah’s naked form, then quickly back to her face

“Now I want you to illustrate what you have just taught you on…me. But without the use of your hands, only your mouth and your tongue.” Mrs Adams said stepping off the edge of the table lightly to stand in front of Sarah with one hand on her hip, her head cocked slightly to look at Sarah with interest.

“Wha- how can I remove your br-” Sarah rebuked.

“English is all about adaptability, if you are given a text in an exam which you must analyse and write an essay about, you have to know how to adapt. Obviously this is a situation that you have never had to deal with before. I am teaching you how to deal with these situations. You do want to learn don’t you?” Mrs Adams looked at her again, those green reptilian eyes flashing dangerously.

“Ye-yes miss.” Sarah said taking a step towards Mrs Adams, her hands behind her back. She stood behind Mrs Adams to analyse the situation. She motioned Mrs Adams to sit down on a stool and began. Using just her tongue and lips, Sarah traced a line down Mrs Adams neck, following the contour of her shoulder as she nibbled and licked. She noticed Mrs Adams breathing deepen as she continued. Nibbling. Absorbing her sweet scent of perfume as she enjoyed the taste of her skin. She reached the edge of her bra strap on her shoulder and extracted it from her shoulder with her teeth, making sure her teeth didn’t bring a chunk of her shoulder with it. She did the same to the other bra strap, licking and sucking along the way, enjoying the smooth contours of her skin, its smoothness running along her tongue like baileys on ice. Mrs Adams let out a groan, barely audible as she felt Sarah’s teeth graze along her upper shoulders, taking in large bites of her back, trying to taste her as much as possible. Mrs Adams enjoyment only fired Sarah up more, her pussy still wet as a trail dribbled out from between her lips and down her leg. Mrs Adams saw the little trail, meandering its way down Sarah’s thigh out of the corner of her eye. Her hand reaching out behind her, stopping the little trail in its tracks with her finger before bringing it back to her lips, sucking on it in ecstasy. A louder groan escaping her lips. Sarah’s thighs tremble in anticipation. Her mind bombarding her with images combined with the external stimuli making her giddy and light-headed. She removed Mrs Adams bra-strap with difficulty, freeing her breasts from its restraints as it flew forwards, to end up clinging precariously onto her breasts. Like a climber to a rock face.

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