A Get-Away Weekend – Part 2

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The evening was delightful. Our friends had been waiting for our arrival and had everything prepared in advance. Although you offered to help in the kitchen you were instructed to sit down and relax. We were served cocktails as the conversations began. Dinner was served in their dining room with soft lights and wine. After dinner we moved into the family room for coffee and dessert. Around 10:00 our host saw you yawning and jumped up demanding that we get straight to bed because we were certainly tired after working most of the day and then the long drive here. I was thinking that if he knew about the two “sex breaks” we had taken prior to dinner he would have been amazed that we were still awake. With hugs around the room we were sent off to our bedroom with instructions to stay in bed as long as we pleased in the morning. We were told that if we chose not to get out of bed before noon it would be fine with them as they just wanted us to relax and enjoy their home. They assured us that we would have plenty of time to visit and that they had made no specific plans for things we needed to do or see. We held hands as we walked up the stairs to our bedroom and I was wondering if you would be awake long enough to get undressed for bed. As we reached our doorway I opened the door for you and followed you inside, then turned to close the door. As I turned back around you were standing directly in front of me, looking wide awake and perhaps a little angry. “Is something the matter, baby?” I asked. You pushed me back against the door and pressed your body against me. “I have been smelling you on my skin for the past two and half hours and I am so horny right now we may not make it to the bed.” With that said you wrapped yourself around me and kissed me hard. Your tongue was inside my mouth within a nanosecond and I could certainly tell that you were already worked up. You pulled back from me and began unbuttoning my shirt. “I want you right now and you had better not be tired.” You tossed my shirt aside and began to unbuckle my belt. I reached for you but you pushed my hands away saying, “Let me do this.” Within a minute you had me down to nothing but socks and instructed me to pull back the covers and lie on the bed while you undressed. You were so firm about what you wanted done I did not disagree or suggest anything else, but simply did as you had instructed. When I reached the large bed I turned back the covers, pulling the spread all the way to the foot of the bed, pulled back the top sheet and sat on the bed. I pulled off my socks, tossed them across the room toward my suitcase and rolled over on my back, lying on my side of the bed. You were still standing near the door and undressing, but very slowly. “You are already hard,” you said in a very soft and dreamy voice. “Of course I am, baby. You’ve just undressed me and I know what is going to happen. How could I not be hard?” I answered. You put your hands to the button on your jeans as if you were going to unbutton them and in that same soft voice said, “You know what I want you to do now?” I did know and watched as your eyes got wide as I reached down and took my cock in my hand and began to slowly stoke it. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I said. “Yes, baby,” you answered very softly. “That does turn me Göztepe escort bayan on so.” And as you watched me you continued to shed your sweater and jeans until you were naked, because I hadn’t allowed you to wear your panties or bra. You stood five feet away from me with your eyes fixed on my hand and cock. I could see that your nipples were hard and I knew exactly what I would feel if I put my hand between your legs. But you stood motionless, just watching. “I thought you wanted me,” I said. “I do, baby,” you answered quickly. “I just love watching you and I don’t know what I want to do first.” “Come here,” I said. “Come stand here by me.” I held my arm and hand out over the edge of the bed and motioned for you to move. You took three steps and were standing an inch from my hand. “Come here and open your legs for me,” I commanded. You moved so that my hand was touching the side of your leg and moved your feet slightly apart. “More,” I told you, “Open them wide enough for me to see you and touch you.” And you did. I placed my open palm between your legs and was excited to feel how hot and wet you were. While I continued to slowly move my right hand over my cock I moved my left hand so that I had my thumb at the opening of your pussy. It was so hot and so wet that I didn’t need to wet my thumb before pushing it into you. I simply found your opening and plunged my thumb into you as hard as fast as I could. Instantly your eyes closed and you sucked in air and I felt you move a bit as if to take me deeper. “You are dripping wet, my love,” I said in a loud whisper. “I know. God I know,” you gushed. I pulled my thumb out of you and placed it on your clit while I pushed two fingers into you, hearing you suck in air once again. I moved my fingers in and out of your pussy while letting my thumb rub over your clit. After about a minute I said, “Now tell me what you want.” “I want you inside me,” you told me as for the first time in several minutes you made eye contact with me. “I want that too,” I said. “Do you want to get on top of me?” “Yes, I do,” you said and immediately moved onto the bed and positioned yourself on top of me with your pussy just inches away from my cock. You looked up at me and without looking away moved yourself down slowly until the head of my cock was perhaps half way into you. Then you simply dropped yourself down, driving my cock into you as deeply as it could possibly go. We both gasped. I could not believe how hot and wet you were. Your juices came flowing out of you and all over me. You dropped down on my chest as you have done before after you’ve had an orgasm and kissed frantically. When you finally took your lips from mine you said, “Oh God, baby, but you feel so unbelievably good inside me.” “Now tell me what you want,” I whispered into your ear. “Are we going to lay still and enjoy the feeling or are we going to move?” You seemed a little puzzled by that and said, “What do you mean?” “I want to know if we are going to make love for the next hour or are we going to fuck for the next ten minutes,” I said, still whispering into your ear. You hesitated just a moment and then moved your mouth next to my ear. “I really want to fuck, baby. I feel like I’m about to explode right now. I’ve been smelling Escort Caddebostan you on me for hours and I want to let it all go.” You started to move against me and I stopped you by holding your ass with both of my hands. “I have one more question before we start. Do you want to fuck me or am I going to fuck you?” I felt you shiver from the idea and then you leaned back and sat up on me with my cock still buried inside you. “I want to fuck you, baby. I want to fuck you until I am too tired to move. I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop,” you said almost breathlessly. You rose up allowing me to feel the cool air in the room on my very wet and very hot cock, then dropped back down again and began to rock back and forth. You quickly built up speed and moved to what I would call “orgasm speed” within seconds. Your mouth was open and you were making moaning noises. I could tell that your entire being had been moved to a six square inch area between your legs. Your mind had turned off and your pussy was now in charge. Suddenly you stopped rocking and lowered your chest down so that you could now move yourself up and down on my shaft. Each thrust was hard and deep and we could both hear the sounds of our bodily fluids as our bodies came together and parted. The sounds and the feelings were more than erotic. We had both been transported into a mental place close to madness. We had no idea if we were quiet or screaming. We were only aware of our bodies and the building passion that was very near a volcanic eruption. Your eyes were closed and your pussy was slamming into me as hard as I had ever pushed into you. My only conscious thought was that you said that you wanted to fuck me, and I did my best to remain as still as possible and let you do the work. It was almost impossible for me to not push back and respond to your movements. I pulled your face down to mine and talked into your ear, “Fuck me, baby. My God how I love you and I want you to take all of me. Take all of me, now!” You slammed against me even harder and said to me, “Cum for me, baby. Please. I am about to explode.” And it all ended as it started with both of us having that eruption at the same time. I locked my arms around you and your arms were locked around me. For the first time I moved and rolled you over on your back with me still buried deep inside you. We were both breathing like we had just run a mile but as happy as if we had just won the lottery. I pressed my lips to yours and said, “Was that what you wanted, darlin’?” “Don’t stop,” you whispered in my ear, “Please, baby. Keep moving. Please. I want more of you.” And now it was my turn to move against you. Even through we had reached our orgasms together, I continued to thrust into you as if we had just started. My cock was still hard and I thrust into you over and over and over. You wrapped your legs around me and pulled me into you and with each thrust you said, “Yes, baby, yes, baby.” Finally, I ran out of energy and collapsed over you. I was still inside you, but there was nothing left in me to make love to you. I wrapped my arms around you and held you close to me. “Do you know how much I love you?” I asked. “Yes, baby,” you smiled. “About as much as I love you.” And I pulled you to Bağdat Caddesi escort me, kissed you once … twice … and we passed into sleep with our lips touching. Saturday morning came and we slept like logs. Our room was dark and the house very quiet, our friends obviously being careful to let us sleep until right around 10:00 AM when some loud music from the family room woke us. I quickly pulled on a shirt and yesterday’s jeans. Opening the door I was greeted with, “You might want to sleep all day, but I’d like to eat breakfast. My wife says we can’t eat until you guys are down here, so move your asses!” Laughing, we quickly freshened up enough to be reasonably presentable and hurried downstairs. We took lots of ribbing about how long we had slept and what we must have been doing. The breakfast was sensational. There was so much to eat that we knew we would never be interested in lunch. In fact, we sat and ate, and talked and ate, and drank coffee and ate until almost noon. When we finally got up it was determined that we would go back to our room and do an “official” clean up (probably meaning that I would shave) and reconvene around 1:00. Just as we were walking into the door of our bedroom I heard a male voice from downstairs saying, “If I know him we shouldn’t expect to see them again until 2:00.” “What did he say?” you asked me. I closed the door and replied, “Oh, I think he said something about taking a nap.” When the door was closed I took your arm and turned you around. “Am I going to get my good morning kiss now?” I asked. “Don’t you think that should wait until you shaved?” was your reply. I pulled you over and pushed you back on to the bed, landing halfway on top of you saying, “I don’t plan on waiting one more second before I kiss your wonderful lips,” and with that said touched my lips lightly to yours. My intention was to not rub my bristly face over yours, but those good intentions lasted about twenty seconds. When our tongues touched we moved back in time to the previous night when we had been so out of control with lust for one another. In less than a minute both of us were breathing heavily and pulling at the others clothes. Since I had not allowed you to wear a bra, my mouth was on your nipples and I would have eaten them right off of you had I not heard you make a noise that I didn’t recognize as one you make when you are feeling pleasured. I backed off and asked, “What’s wrong, sweetie?” “Your whiskers hurt,” you replied none too gently, giving me the ‘pouty face’. I moved a little farther away and said, “I’m sorry, my love. That was pretty thoughtless of me. We should just get cleaned up and resume this later in the day.” You unbuttoned the snap on your jeans and gave me a serious look saying, “Are you kidding? Not a chance. You’ve done your usual thing and got me all worked up in less than two minutes and I’m not stopping now.” By the time you had finished saying that you had kicked off your jeans and tossed your shirt across the room. You turned around, pulled back the still unmake covers on the bed and put your head on a pillow. You took my pillow and pitched it down to the far end of the bed. I love looking at you when you are lying naked on a bed, but I was puzzled at what you were doing. “You want to tell me what you have in mind?” I asked seriously. You sat up, leaned over and kissed me, then said softy, “Take off your clothes and come back to bed when you are naked. Then put your head on that pillow.” I still had no idea what you were doing, but followed instructions and peeled off my clothes and laid back on the bed with my head on the pillow.

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