A Genny Story…. Cry Wolf


  I am GennyThe first winter that Melly and I lived together was a real getting toknow you period. We were setting boundaries and then seeing how far wecould go until new boundaries had to be set. I think I was morecomfortable with my submissive side than Melly was with being a domn. But her evil mind was catching up fast. Once I decide that I love someone there is almost nothing I wouldn’t dofor that person. I can’t think of a sexual demand she could put on me thatI would not gladly try. It is probably good that she has some restraintbecause I have always left mine at the bedroom door. It was going to be a quiet Saturday night curled up on the couch together. I went out to thevideo store to find something to watch. I love Jack Nicholson movies, Ithink Jack is the definition of cool. Especially his early movies, andwhile I was looking threw some of the older flix I seen “Wolf”. It is notone of his best but I hadn’t seen it so I picked it up. It also starsMichel Pfeiffer as his love interest. If you haven’t seen İstanbul Escort it, Jackgets bitten by a wolf in the woods and slowly he turns into a werewolf.In one early scene he is standing in the rest room and his rival comes inand gives him a bad time. Jack coolly turns towards the guy and peesright across his feet. The guy jumps back and asks, “What the hell areyou doing?” Jack just gives him that look and says, “Marking myterritory.”We were cuddled up watching and when he did it I said, “Very cool.” Mellyjust laughed and said, “Ya think?”When we went to bed Melly went in to her drawer and pulled something out.Then she went into the guest bathroom. This is unusual so I knewsomething was up. I was in a mood also so I was up for anything. Istripped down, peed and washed up real good with a warm washcloth. I wasnaked under the covers when she came out. The room was fairly dark but Icould see she had put on black lace panties and a black lace bra that wasjust a tad to small so it pushed İstanbul Escort Bayan her tits together making them look veryhot. “Close your eyes. And don’t talk.”I could feel the goose bumps jump up on my skin already. I closed my eyesand lay there waiting. She slowly pulled the cover and sheet down off mybody. I could feel the cool air everywhere. She moved to the side of thebed and took my right hand and pulled it up above my head. I feltsomething being tied to my wrist (I found out later it was her robe belt).She laced it threw the head board then asked for my other hand. When shehad that one tied she went to the foot of the bed and took my right legand pulled it out to the corner of the bed. I felt something loop aroundthat ankle (my robe belt) and then felt it pulled tight. The left one wastied the same (with panty hose) and I was at her mercy. There I lay,naked, aroused, and tied to the bed.This was just the first year we were together so the absolute trust Ihave now Escort İstanbul was not all there then. This was out on the edge for us both,and I was getting very excited.I felt her weight on the bed, but she didn’t touch me. I felt her kneespress down on either side of my right leg and her hands push down oneither side of my body. I knew she was right over me but I didn’t moveand she didn’t touch me. I felt her face very close to my chest. I couldfeel her breath on my breasts. Then very faint I heard a noise. It sounded like amoan at first but it started to get louder. It was a growl. A deepthroaty animal growl. Her nose touched between my breasts and I heard hersniff in deep like an animal sniffing for prey. Her nose came up the sideof my breast and touched my nipple. She sniffed again and again growled.She started to move up and I could feel her hair sliding across my face.I could smell her shampoo.  I peaked threw one eye. Her thick black hairhad enveloped us both in a fragrant dark tent. She sniffed at my face andthen opened her mouth and put her teeth on my jaw. She let out anothergrowl and pressed down just enough so I could feel the sharp teeth on myskin. That’s when I moaned for the first (but not the last) time. Aftershe bit me she licked the spot. Her mouth went to my neck and she bit methere too.

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