A Cheerleaders Mum nails Mya’s Mum


Most likely the final ‘Cheerleaders Mum’ chapter, inspired by a comment from Patsy_P some time ago about bringing in Mya’s mum to their tryst, thanks for the idea.

Ashleigh crawled up the bed beside her best friend and wrapped her arms around her.

“God, this is going to be fun,” she whispered. “A whole weekend sleepover and a party, but first!”

Mya melted into her best friend’s arms. “We gotta be quiet, don’t want my mum to hear us,” she replied.

“Never,” Ashleigh said, rubbing her body against Mya’s. “Fuck, I’m creaming for you!”

“Me, too!” Mya gasped, pressing her lips to her best friend’s mouth, her tongue flicking out into Ashleigh’s open mouth.

Ashleigh responded, sucking on Mya’s tongue. She squirmed, forcing her thigh between Mya’s legs feeling her warm pussy-cream coating her skin.

“Yeeesssss!” Mya purred. She jerked her hips, gliding her cunt along Ash’s smooth silky thigh.

“Christ, you’re really creaming my leg girl, your cunt is dripping wet.”

“I know, it’s running down my legs too,” Mya moaned, the inside of her pussy bubbling with

warm sticky cunt cream. She responded by shoving her thigh between Ashleigh’s legs, pressing it up against her bald and needy pussy. “Hmmmm, you’re creaming, too.”

They clung to each other, their tits, sensitive and ripe, mashed against each others’. Their hips jerked and their cunts pulsed, oozing girl goo all over the sheets.

Ash caught her breath. “If you had a cock, you could fuck me!”

Mya brought her mouth to Ash’s plump ripe tits and flashed her tongue over one swollen nipple. “I don’t have a prick, so my mouth will have to do.”

“Ahhhh!” Ashleigh gasped. She squirmed, waiting for Mya to devour her tits. “Suck ’em, Mya. Suck them and bite my nipples hard, you know i love that.”

“I will,” Mya whispered. “I’m gonna kiss, bite and suck on every part of your body, then you can do the same to me.”

“Yes,” Ashleigh moaned. She spread her legs wide and reached for Mya’s tits, squeezing them making her friend moan. “Make me crazy.”

Mya’s head was spinning. She got comfortable on the bed and her green eyes fixed hungrily on Ashleigh’s swollen pink nipples. In the next instant, she brought her mouth to one jiggling tit and sucked.

“Ahhhh!” Ashleigh panted. “Bite! Bite!”

Mya lost her mind, grabbing one of Ashleigh’s tits she bit down hard on her nipple.

“Fuuuccckkkk!!!” Ash screamed into her pillow. “Yesssss, oh yesss!”

Mya feasted on Ashleigh’s cherry-red nipples, alternating with kisses and bites, sometimes soft and sometimes sharp. She slobbered her spit over the girl’s soft creamy skin, her tongue working over every warm inch of Ashleigh’s 34B, young and perky tits.

Ashleigh writhed on her back, her bald cunt was creaming, soaking her ass-crack and thighs as she squeezed her legs together. “Hmmm yes, bite me, Mya. Bite my fuckin’ tits.”

Mya, her face smeared with her own drool, used her teeth on one nipple and pinched down hard on the other. She nipped, and bit, pinched and sucked Ash’s white silky skin, turning it red. In seconds she had Ashleigh wailing in ecstasy.

“Fuck, Mya! Mya!”

Ashleigh forgot about trying to maul Mya’s tits and just gave herself over to her friend. She dropped her hands down to claw at the sheet all the time the insides of her pussy were pulsing each time Mya took a deep suck or bite on her tits. “I’m creaming…unnnn!”

Mya, sensing her lover was almost there, dropped her right hand from Ashleigh’s tit and moved it under her pillow. She grabbed the hot pink dildo she had hidden there earlier, when Ash went to pee, and brought it between Ashleigh’s thighs. It was lubed up and ready so, taking no time to warn her she drove the toy straight into Ashleigh’s soaked cunt.

Ashleigh went off with a bang, the dildo connecting straight to her G spot and the orgasm that had been building within her for the past 15minutes smashed over her.

“Fuuuuccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee Mya!!!, fuck me!!” She screamed, only this time there was no pillow to deaden the noise.

Mya held the dildo deep inside her friend’s cunt, feeling her orgasm leak out of her, down across her hand, the toy and onto the sheet below. Looking up she watched the orgasm wash back and forth across Ashleigh’s face, slowly subsiding.

“That was a real good one, wasn’t it?” Mya asked.

Before Ash could answer, they both heard a call from downstairs.

“You two alright, everything ok up there?” Shouted Minnie, Mya’s 41 year old mum. She had heard Ashleigh’s cry out and was climbing the stairs to check on things.

“Quick, mum’s coming, cover up, act normal,” Mya breathlessly whispered to Ash.

“I, I……,” was all Ash could say before the knock on the door and then there stood Minnie.

She looked at them both for a few seconds, taking in all that she saw. “You girls ok here, I thought one of you screamed?”

“No, mum, it’s all ok. I was moving myself to get out of bed and caught Ash on the face, made her shout out. Sorry, şişli escort we’ll be quieter.”

Minnie regarded the two friends, sensing there was more but unwilling to push it. Her nose picking up an all too familiar scent, sex was in the air, someone’s cunt was sure leaking she thought to herself.

“Ok, you alright Ash?”

“She’s fine mum, just a bit shell-shocked I think,” Mya replied. Knowing full well Ash was in no state to have a conversation with her mum.

“Hmmmm, well be more careful of her, and breakfast is almost ready so come down.”

With that Minnie took one last sniff of the heady sex scent in her daughter’s bedroom and turned to head downstairs.

“Holy crap Ash, that was way too close,” Mya exclaimed. “Do you think she noticed anything?”

“Duh, yeah. Your mum might not have seen anything, but she can sure smell. It reeks of sex in here silly,” Ash replied with a giggle. “Your mum knows what wet and excited cunt smells like, I bet!”

“Don’t say that about mum, she’s divorced!”

“I don’t mean anything bad, just because she’s divorced and with no man around, I’m sure she will have a toy or two to keep her happy.”

The girls seemed about to start a whole conversation around sex and Mya’s mum when Minnie yelled up from the kitchen. “Breakfast!”

It was a fine breakfast and the conversation flowed about plans for the day and the upcoming lingerie party that evening. Minnie was a local party hostess and Mya had persuaded her to host one for her, Ash, and a few college friends, along with a few of Minnie’s regular attendees. Ash’s mum was coming, along with a few other mums. Minnie had agreed but, in her mind, it was going to be a ‘G’ rated affair, and not one of the ‘R’ rated parties that she occasionally hosted for her special girlfriends.

The girls disappeared upstairs to shower and get ready for shopping and Minnie, once everything was tidy, retired to her bedroom to get ready as well.

Minnie sat on her bed and replayed the mornings events in her head. She had long considered her daughter was more attracted to girls than boys, although she had dated boys in the past. She had thought her relationship with Ash was close, like sisters, but not sexual, but this morning’s events had changed all that. The girls had been having sex, she knew that for sure. Mya’s room stank of sex and the glow on Ash’s face was post orgasm for sure, Mya had gotten her friend off big time.

As her mind processed these thoughts her hand had drifted under her gown, and she was shocked to find her own panties were soaked right though. “Minnie, what the fuck?” She asked herself!

Realisation dawned on her, she had been excited by the smell, the smell of young cunt all hot and no doubt sticky and wet lying in the bed before her. Her daughter and her best friend had been fucking this morning and she was so turned on thinking about it.

She eased herself back onto her bed and stretching her hand out, found her Rabbit under her pillow from the previous night. It was still sticky with her own girl juices, and she brought it to her mouth and sucked it in. She moaned softly, enjoying the raw taste of herself.

With her Rabbit in her right hand, she pulled her panties to the side with her left and began rubbing its head over her swollen and heated pussy.

“Of fuck yes…!” She whispered to herself, feeling the vibrator pushing against her fuck hole.

She teased herself before flicking its button to on and pushing it inside her soaked cunt. Her thoughts drifted and, in her mind, she said, “Take me Ash!”

Minnie pressed the Rabbit deep into her cunt, in search of the orgasm she needed, feeling her cunt pulse and cream around it. She pictured Ashleigh lying between her spread thighs pushing the toy in and out of her wanton sex. The vibrations and her imagination were doing a fabulous job of bringing her off, so she closed her eyes, anticipating her climax when suddenly, a new face was in her mind, it wasn’t Ashleigh any more, she saw Mya with the Rabbit in hand, it was now Mya fucking her cunt.

Minnie’s hand flew from holding her toy to her face in shock, her mind whirling at this new scenario she had pictured, her climax eclipsed by the face of her daughter.

“What the fuck Minnie!! Mya!! Really!”

Minnie sat up, her own pleasure vanishing as she pulled the vibrator from her pussy. It was so wet with her own needs, leaking sex all over her that she stared at it for a moment trying to process what had just happened.

Ashleigh and Mya, the scent of sex in her daughter’s bedroom, her own needs, her toy, Ash’s face fucking her in her daydream and then Mya. Mya fucking her own mother in her daydream.

“Oh god!!” Minnie whispered to herself as she drew the soaked Rabbit to her lips. “I can’t!”

Minnie parted her lips and sucked in her vibrator still wet and dripping from her own cunt. The taste of herself went straight to her sex so she plunged the toy back inside her pussy, all sense of gentleness gone in that instant. She mecidiyeköy escort needed to cum, and she needed to cum NOW!

She ploughed herself, deeper and harder she fucked herself in search of her climax. Her mind focused on Mya, Mya was the one fucking her cunt, her own daughter was making her cum, and she wanted it, she needed it.

She grabbed her pillow and forced it down onto her face as her efforts erupted within her and a massive orgasm smashed her body with a huge tidal wave of pleasure. It washed out from her cunt to every fibre and nerve ending in her body, once, twice, three times in quick succession she climaxed.

“Myyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!” She screamed into her pillow as she came, her cunt squirting hot cream over her fingers and Rabbit as her orgasm enveloped her.


Just over an hour later the three girls were in the car heading for the shopping mall downtown. Minnie had promised the girls some shopping and a lunch with Ashleigh’s mum, Hazel, as a prequel to the party evening to come.

They arrived at Allegros and searched the faces for Hazel as she had texted earlier to say she had arrived and would be waiting for them.

“Hey Hazel,” Minnie called out, spotting her friend in a corner booth of the diner.

“Hello, you three, don’t you all look beautiful today,” Hazel replied, standing up to greet them.

Hugs and kisses followed before the four girls took their seats and picked up menus to order.

Ash was on one end, with Hazel between her and Mya, and Minnie was on the other end. Hazel had deliberately engineered the seating this way so she might be able to cop a feel of her daughter and best friend if the chance presented itself.

“How was your morning?” Hazel enquired from everyone.

“We slept in late mum,” Ash told her. “A very lazy morning, wasn’t it Mya?”

“Very lazy, mum made breakfast for us.”

“You spoilt them then Min?” Hazel enquired of Minnie.

“Well, maybe a bit, ” Minnie replied.

After lunch the two girls headed off to do some shopping and Minnie and Hazel were left sitting in the diner, supping coffees.

“You seem a little distracted today, Min, what’s on your mind, not the party I hope?”

“No not the party, I’m excited for that. It’s just….. well, this morning…..I…um!”

“You’re blathering Min, what about this morning?”

Minnie took a second to contemplate her words, drew a breath and then told her friend what had happened that morning with Mya and Ash.

Seeing Hazel not really reacting Minnie asked.”You already knew, didn’t you?”

“I do know that Ash and Mya are lovers, yes. They’ve been close for a while now and so you know why their sleepovers have been at our home, so Mya can keep her secret. I know she wants to tell you but she’s unsure how you would react.”

“You don’t mind, I mean they’re in a lesbian relationship, how long have you known?”

“I’ve known Ash prefers girls for a long time and she and Mya maybe got together a year ago, sexually. I found them in bed one day and it all came to light.”

Hazel knew that was a convoluted lie, but Minnie wasn’t ready for the truth just yet, that Mya had caught her and Ash fucking in their hallway at home after a shopping trip got all hot and steamy. Then afterwards Ash and her had seduced and then fucked Mya in her marital bed and were still fucking a year later.

“Do you think they know that I know, or at least suspect?”

“I’m sure they do. If you walked in and could smell their sex, then they must realise you now know their secret. You need to ask Mya about it, Min.”

“I’m not sure I can right now, there’s more, and I feel so confused about it,” Minnie went on.

“More, what more is there? Our girls were fucking this morning and you almost caught them, secrets out Minnie!”

“It’s not that, it’s afterwards, what I did, what I felt. Oh god, what I saw in my head!!”

Hazel scooted right up next to her friend and whispered in her ear. “What more Min, what did you do? Tell me, I swear judgement free, ok!”

Minnie stared into her best friend’s eyes and saw nothing but love and concern in them, no judgement, she knew she could tell her the truth.

“It was after breakfast had finished, I went up to my room to shower and get ready and I was sitting on my bed and my thoughts drifted to what I thought I now knew about my daughter. Before I knew it, I had my hands in my pants and I was so shocked to feel I was so wet Hazel.” Minnie began.

Hazel reached over and took her friends hand and squeezed it to encourage Minnie to continue, no words were needed.

“I had my vibrator right by me and, oh god Hazel, I started to fuck myself thinking about Ashleigh. I was imaging your daughter was fucking me!”

“You were turned on from smelling the girl’s sex from earlier, why is that so bad Min?”

“It wasn’t just that, as I was getting close to cumming Ashleigh’s face disappeared and…..oh god please don’t judge me, but it was Mya! I saw istanbul escort Mya in my mind, she was fucking me, my own daughter!!”

“Did you cum?”

“God no, I was shocked, I don’t know was I horrified, maybe. I stopped and sat up and then I had my Rabbit in my hand and god it was so wet; I was dripping myself everywhere. Before I knew it, I was back fucking myself with Mya’s face right there and the climax was like nothing I have ever felt before, I was wrecked!”

The two friends looked into one another’s eyes for a minute without a word, just absorbing the intimate sharing that had been exchanged.

“I’m sick aren’t I Hazel. My own daughter and me having sex, it’s…… I don’t even have words.”

“Min, you just imagined it, it wasn’t real. You are not sick, just a frustrated and horny woman who got to thinking about two other girls getting busy. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of darling.” Hazel told her friend.

She was about to continue when their daughters reappeared from the store.

“Hey mum, what you guys talking about, looked kinda heavy as we were walking over?” Mya asked.

“Your mum and I were just discussing this morning’s event,” Hazel replied for her friend. “Discussing you two!”

“Oh!” Both girls said in tandem.

“Oh indeed. I think some honesty is needed here Mya, don’t you? Why don’t you sit, and we can all talk?”

The girls sat back down and looked over at Minnie.

“You know don’t you mum?” Mya asked.

Minnie looked her daughter straight in the eye and said. “Well not actually know anything but I suspect everything. When I came upstairs this morning the two of you had been having sex hadn’t you, I could smell it in your room?”

Mya looked at Ash and then turned back to her mum.

“Ash said you would know from the smell, so yes mum, Ash and I are lovers. We were having sex in my bed this morning and the sound you heard was me making Ash cum!”

Ashleigh blushed at her lover’s words but was rewarded with Mya’s hand taking hers and drawing it to her lips; Mya kissed her fingers. “I love Ashleigh mum, and she loves me!”

“Why could you not tell me Mya, we share everything since dad’s been gone?”

“It all happened so suddenly, and I wasn’t sure of anything and then it was a whirlwind of emotions, and I didn’t want you to think bad of me,” Mya replied.

“Think bad of you, for being in love with someone as beautiful as Ashleigh, oh Mya really!”

The four girls seemed to exchange unsaid words for a moment or two, just taking in the new dynamic before Hazel spoke.

“Well, I think a drink is called for, don’t you, a small celebration of truth, love, and affection. Let me go order some bubbly.”

With Hazel ordering at the bar, Minnie turned to the two girls.

“Well, you two, lovers! Hazel told me she’s known for some time and that’s why you always sleepover at Ash’s home. I am late to the party, but I hope I get a full invite now?”

“We’re sorry mum.”

“Yes, we’re very sorry Min,” Ash added. “We’re so glad it’s out, aren’t we Mya?”

“Oh god yes, I feel a weight lifted.” Then, without even thinking she added, “Now we can fuck at my house too!”

“Mya!!!” Exclaimed her mum. “Really!!!”

The two girls went bright red, so embarrassed at Mya’s outburst.

Minnie looked at the two and smiled, warmly. “But yes, you can fuck at our house too!” She added with a laugh.

Hazel came back with the waiter and the three girls were laughing their heads off at Minnie’s last comment.

With the bubbly poured, Hazel toasted her girls.

“Here’s to Mya and Ashleigh, and their new found freedom.”

“Yes,” replied Minnie. “New found freedom to apparently fuck their way around my home!!”

Hazel exploded into her drink at her friend’s words and was about to reply when the other three just burst into laughter again. Soon all four were laughing and giggling and that was all that was needed, everything was now ok.


Back at home Ash and her mum were supposedly getting ready for the party later that evening.

“My pussy, Ash. Eat my pussy!” Hazel was shaking, the inside of her cunt on fire. “Eat my pussy. Make me cum!”

Drunk with desire, Ash stared down between her mum’s parted thighs, gazing greedily at the red gash of her cunt. “Then you eat me… right?” The words came from her mouth in gasping pants.

“Yes… yes,” Hazel moaned. “Oh, god, get the hell off my leg and eat my cunt child!”

“Shit,” Ash moaned. “I’m shaking all over.”

“Eat me,” her mum begged. “Christ. Make me cum.”

Ashleigh enjoyed the temporary power she held over her mum right now. “I’ll eat your

pussy,” she said, dragging her finger up through her mum’s wet seeping cunt. “When I’m fucking ready!”

Hot spasms shot through Hazel’s twisting body. “You little bitch,” she moaned. “Eat my cunt and stop teasing.”

Ash had no intention of stopping her erotic game. She pinched her mum’s clit, making her writhe and scream. “You better stop moaning, or I will tell Minnie you seduced and then fucked her daughter.”

“You bitch!” Hazel gasped.

“I’m a bitch,” Ash tormented. “I’m the bitch who’s gonna suck your cunt and make you cum all over my face and tongue. You better be nice to me.”

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