A bi-guy going the next level


This is all true and happened over the last six months.I met John at the ‘men’s massage’ session that a guy held in his home one afternoon. John was about my age, a bit thinner maybe, a couple inches shy of 6ft with dark cropped hair. I watched him and the other guys as we all undressed in the massage room, set out with two portable massage benches and a fan on a stand. I guess it was going to get hot.As he undressed I saw John had a smooth slender body, silver rings pierced his nipples, but what really stood out was the huge silver horseshoe ring through the head of his big cock. As his jacks slid down slowly the ring appeared then dropped down, swinging like a pendulum at the end a slowly swelling cock, and very nice balls all shaved smooth.The ring through izmir rus escort bayan his knob had its own gravity, it was as thick as a pencil and curving around his knob in a loop that ended in two balls. You could attach a chain to his cock if you wanted. I later found out the ring was made of solid silver and weighed 3 ounces (100gm) so it was no wonder that his cock swung in front of his equally large pear shaped balls as he moved around.I was transfixed thinking about touching his cock and feeling the pierced knob in my hand and my tongue, and couldn’t think of much else as the nine of us stood there naked getting ready to massage each other. We weren’t supposed to be there to get all hard and cum, it was Escort izmir otele gelen a relaxation exercise, but my cock was already dripping precum in long strands. I asked for a tissue and wiped my cock and the drips I’d left on the guy I was undressing next to. Not that he cared too much, as we both ogled and drooled over John’s pierced cock so close by.Our masseuse Michael asked us to unfold another massage bench and I quickly went to help John and another guy set it up to get a closer look. He noticed my still dripping cock, smiled and gave me a ‘hmmmm’ when I peeled back my foreskin and wiped it dry again. Unfortunately we were split up into groups of three and I went with two other guys to the end table. Buca escort Manfred, a couple years older than me, had massive balls and a medium length very thick cock and Dean, probably in his late 60’s, had a nice cock and balls that hung down as far as his knob. We started with a lot of soft touching and rubbing everything from head to toe, adding oils, massaging with different styles, and swapping places on the bench as we went. After nearly an hour of this I was surprised none of us had really boned up let alone cum, but it was all very relaxing. Sure it was sensual to have four hands rubbing your balls and cock, but this was different. Anyway, down to business I thought as Fred was laying there in front of me, his cock looking quite hard as it lay against his stomach with what looked like a couple of smooth tennis balls laying between his legs. I took up a spot just behind Fred’s head and bent over him as I ran my hands from his shoulders down his abs. My own now hard and wet cock would gently graze past his face as I rubbed back and forth triggering the response I wanted.

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