Wild Cherries Ch. 03


Chloe might have blushed considerably more if she’d heard what Charles and the principal had agreed as well as seen what Charles had done to her. Nevertheless, when Charles arrived at the hotel the following Monday, he was pleased to see a demurely-dressed Chloe sitting quietly in the hotel bar, waiting for him. She rose and walked towards him: her neat figure emphasised by her mid-length pencil skirt and tight blouse. Charles smiled, and she responded to his admiring gaze with a confident smile in return.

Half an hour later Charles let his attention wander briefly from the mole on Chloe’s left breast, which was jiggling nicely in time with the thrusts of his thick cock. He hadn’t had sex all weekend, and the tight, moist pussy of a warm and willing 24-year-old PA was just what his cock needed.

He slowed his rhythm and enjoyed the feel of her pussy against his cock. Chloe lay on her back beneath him; her legs raised nicely and gripping his; her long blond hair spread across the pillow and her eyes half-closed. She was loud. Charles’ thrusts became harder and faster, and her gasps started to turn into shouts. He pushed harder still, and moved one hand to cover her mouth and the other to grip her bouncing tit firmly. Her whole body shuddered against him and he pushed roughly and deeply into her: her teeth tightened on his finger and it was Charles’ turn to cry out — the pain merging into extasy as he ejaculated deep inside her.

‘God, almanbahis that was good!’ she spoke first, once the two of them had recovered their breath and lay side by side on the wide bead. Charles nodded.

‘I enjoyed it too,’ he said finally. ‘I think you and I are going to get along very well indeed.’

‘Now how about a bath together before dinner — I don’t think I want to take my eyes off your lovely body just yet.’


The following morning Charles woke up flat on his back, with a warm feeling spreading up his body. His cock was erect, he noticed, which was nice, but not so unusual, especially as he was dreaming of Chloe closing her lips around it; running her moist tongue over the tip, beneath the fresh cotton duvet — except he wasn’t dreaming; he was awake, and there was a woman’s tongue running slowly up the shaft of his cock, a woman’s shape under the sheets, and a shapely young female foot sticking out from under the duvet to his right.

Charles closed his eyes again and let his head fall back on the pillow, smiling. He reached over and tapped the outside of Chloe’s exposed foot gently. She got the message instantly: the foot vanished and the shape under the duvet twisted towards him. A leg passed over Charles’ head and suddenly Chloe’s bum and pussy were right above his face. He felt her mouth close around his cock and her head push down so he was pushing up into her throat, and he opened his own almanbahis giriş mouth and pulled her bum down towards it, stretching his tongue forward to touch the tip of her clit. Sounds of pleasure and surprise came from both throats. Charles reached up and used his thumbs to pull Chloe’s labia aside, pushing his tongue as deeply as he could into her pussy. She squirmed and he followed her body with his mouth, savouring her flavours and pushing his cock into her mouth at the same time.

‘What a pleasant way to wake up,’ he pulled back after a while, licking his lips to catch a little more of her juices and then throwing the duvet off the bed altogether to reveal Chloe’s naked body; her mouth still wrapped around his balls.

‘Move forward and stay on your knees,’ he gripped her arse with both hands and pushed her forward, but she knew exactly what he wanted. Charles drew himself out from under her and knelt behind her inviting backside, then in virtually the same movement he parted her bum cheeks and pushed his wet cock straight into her open cunt.

‘Fuck me!’ she whispered, and Charles did, grasping her waist firmly with both hands and putting his whole weight behind each thrust into her welcoming body.

‘You are a delicious little devil,’ he let the image of her naked back and buttocks imprint itself on his mind and reached around her waist to feel for her clit, playing with it briefly before she came in a scream almanbahis yeni giriş of pleasure which he didn’t even try to muffle. He came in turn, and both lay back satisfied on the pillows.

Charles was briefly tempted by the idea of staying in bed all day, before he reminded himself that delicious as Chloe was, there were bigger prizes and opportunities for him here, and he shouldn’t let himself be distracted quite so easily.

‘That was fantastic,’ he said at last, ‘and I’d very much like to stay here all day and enjoy lots more fun with you’ — he leaned over and pecked her nipple — ‘but we’ve both got things to do.’

‘The first thing on my list, though, is to offer you a new job.’ She looked at him brightly, which he liked — he made a mental note to spend at least a whole day in bed with her as soon as he could — ‘I need a PA of my own here — someone I can trust completely and who can be my eyes and ears when I’m not around — ‘

‘- and your cock?’ she interrupted and he laughed.

‘And my cock too, if you’re into that sort of thing, although I’m not quite sure what you’d do.’ (He added a few ideas to his plans all the same.)

‘Anyway, I’d propose to double your pay as a starter, and we’ll see how we get on. I might well want a few extra services and a bit of overtime from time to time, but based on the interview we’ve just had, I suspect that won’t be a problem?’

‘I accept,’ she said immediately, looking hopefully at his cock as she did so, and Charles knew this whole project was going to be just as much fun as he’d hoped.

‘I’ll fuck you again at lunchtime,’ he promised, rather rashly, ‘but let’s go and have some breakfast now: I need to replenish my reserves.’

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