Mikes Crazy Exhibition


Let me start by saying this is a true story and I only changed the names of the characters, as in all of my stories.


Mike and Brian met on Grindr a few times and became casual fuck buddies. Mike is 5’6 and submissive. Brian is 5’10 and more dominant but verse sub depending on the guy. Brian knows that Mike gets off on public exposure and they started in the backyard and then one other time in the stall at the bathroom. This time was different. Brian wanted to push Mikes’ boundaries and watch him squirm.

As they were walking into the mall, Brian leans to Mike and says, “Wanna hook up in the movies?” Mike has a smile on his face while he replies, “I’ve never done that before, but I’m totally willing to.”

“We’re pushing boundaries today,” Brian smirks.

“Doesn’t seem like I have a choice does it?” Mike said.



Brian and Mike buy their movie tickets and start heading to the theater. Before they’re allowed in the employee has to check Brian’s empty bag. “You’re all good,” the employee says and he gives them directions to the theater.

Mikes eyes bulge when he walks in the theater to see only a few spots open, the front row and the lay 2 rows completely empty. Brian and Mike make their way up the stairs to the very last row. “We’re going to start to take off our clothes when the lights go down. You first, and then me.”

“Okay,” Mike says as he nervously looks around.

The lights start to dim and Mike lets put a very small sigh of relief to see that the two rows in front of him are empty and all of the seats in his row have no people. Brian turns to him and says, “the commercials are boring and no one pays attention so we can’t start off with your shoes.” Mike nods his head in agreement and scopes the area one last time before untying his shoes and placing them in front of him. Brian slides them over to his seat. “We’re going to hold on to each others clothes until they cum,” Brian whispered in Mikes ear.

Mike didn’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, this excited him to no end and gave him a quarter chub, but on the other hand, what did that mean. Were they just going to blow each other, or did Brian actually intend on fucking? How would that work if just Mike was naked?

As he went to go ask Brian, the movie began and Mike felt a finger on his lips, indicating to be quiet. “You never handed me your socks,” Brian said with his hand reached out. Mike slipped them both off and handed them him. He put one sock in each shoe and put them in his bag. Mike gulped and felt his quarter chub go to a semi hard istanbul travesti cock.

As the beginning credit we’re stopping and the plot was starting, Brian turns to Mike and says, “time to take those pants off boy-o.” Mike with a slight shake to his hand, began to put his hands by his pants button and took in a deep breath. Brian look at him and said, “Now.” Mike looked around to make sure no one was turning around and he carefully unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his zipper slowly and started to pull his pants down as Brian whispered, “Hurry up. The movie will be over by the time you’re done.” Mike then lifted off the seat a bit and pulled his pants down his legs as the seat smacked him on the ass trying to close.

He then began to fold them as Brian snatched them out of his hands. “You know I’m contemplating now. I was going to be nice and let you decide what comes off next, shirt or briefs but you took so fucking long I want them both now.” Mikes eyes grew wide and Brian noticed his bulge becoming very present now. “Take. Them. Off. Now.” Mike took his shirt off and watched Brian put the pants in and then the shirt following. Mike was so nervous to take off his underwear, Brian lifted his arm rest and very quickly started to pull down Mikes underwear. It made a slight ripping sound.

“Fuck,” Mike said. “I think you ripped my underwear.”

“Let me check,” Brian replied. As he rubbed his finger along the ripped seam, he pushed his finger through it and made the hole three times bigger. Now all that’s left holding the briefs in place on that side is a tiny strand. “What the fuck was that for?” Mike whispered sternly. “You were taking so long, I’d figure this helped. I don’t want to get caught naked during a blow job because you took too long to strip,” Brian replied. “Fair enough. But you didn’t have to rip them more,” Mike replied as he took off his underwear revealing a long strand of precum attached to his briefs as he hands them to Brian. Brian places now every last article of clothing Mike has in his bag.

“Wanna step it up a notch,” Brian asks Mike with a smile on his face. “How can we do that when I’m completely naked,” Mike replies.

“Simple. Now I’m going to get up and move to the open seat in the front row. You can follow me, I’ll hand you my bag, and you can walk to the bathrooms and change, or you can wait until the movie is over, the lights come up and every last person leaves, before I walk back up here and hand them to you. What do you say?” Brian stated

“Abso-fucking-lutley not!” Mike said.

“Great.” Brian said, with a thumbs up as he stood istanbul travestileri up and started to walk away. “What the fuck,” Mike muttered to himself. He immediately got up and started to follow Brian but then he snapped into reality when his feet stopped hitting the cold concrete floor and he felt a rug on his feet. He looked up and he was standing at the top of the stairs, looking at the full theater watching the move. He then looked back to Brian as he was finally at the bottom of the stairs, now on the concrete floor in the very front row sitting down. Mike jumped three steps to his left and sat down immediately. He notices a girl turns around and then looks back at the screen. Mike thinks to himself, maybe she is wondering why I didn’t go with him. Mike now feels his fully hard cock throbbing up and down very slightly, but tapping the chair as he does it.

Mike is now having thoughts race in his head about which option is the safest bet. He then notices an employee walk in with a flashlight want and he starts to panic. He starts to shuffle is way over to the seat in the farthest corner possible. His 6 inch cock was now flopping up and down as he tried to move quickly.

Mike watched the employee walk about halfway up the stairs and then turn around and walk down and back out of the theater. As Mike was gazing the theater to see if any other surprises were about to happen, he saw Brian with his head turned around and he winked. Mike was furious and had no way to do anything. His phone, wallet, and keys were all in his pants pocket that are now in Brian’s bag.

Just as Mike is coming to a decision, he sees Brian stand up and walk to the door. “No, no, no, no” Mike says very quickly as he stands up to have a better view. He sees Brian make direct eye contact with him, give him a shrug, and walk out of the theater.

Mikes blood was now boiling that Brian would do that to him. Mike now knew he had no other option but to go down in front of everyone to get his things from Brian. Mike takes a huge gulp as he stands up and starts his walk of shame to the stairs.

He then walks down two steps and stops. Will people record this? Will people call the cops? What if someone tries to get security? All these thoughts passed through his head. Mike took a deep breath, “the most anyone will see me for is 3 minutes tops,” he thought. Mike took one last look down and saw a huge line of precum drop off the tip of his cock and hit the top of his foot. Mike was so confused. He was furious but also so turned on. Mike snapped back and said, “it’s now or never,” very quietly.

Mike travesti istanbul starts sprinting down the stairs as quickly as he can. His hard cock smacking his body and it flips up and down so fast. Mikes heart is pounding as he reaches the landing to take a left and race through the isle to the doors or continue to the front seat. Mike does a sharp right turn and now runs directly in front of the whole top half of the theater. Now everyone hooping and hollering at the fully naked twink run though the theater. He then bursts through the doors and sees Brian smirk very evilly and went into the bathroom. Mike charged into the bathroom pissed.

“Why the FUCK would you take my clothes out of the theater?” Mike yelled. “Careful, people will hear you, Brian’s responded with a smile on his face and a giggle in his voice. Your clothes are safe and you can get them back when you cum like I said.”

“You’re fucking serious?” Mike replied.

“If I were you, I’d hurry because now the whole theater watched you run through it naked and is wondering what happened and where you went. It’s only a matter of time before they look here.” Brian said to Mike. “You better make your choice fast.”

“What the fucking fuck. Son of a fucking bitch.” Mike said pacing in circles with his hands on his head.

“Can’t be too bad, you’re hard as a rock. Drop to your knees and get your clothes back. Then no one has proof.” Brian said.

“I can’t believe this.” Mike said as he was walking to the wall, turning around to face the door, dropping to his knees. Brian pulled out his phone and started to record Mike jerking off. “Look me in the eyes while you stroke that little cock.” Mike looked up and directly into the camera. “Tell me what happened.” Mike starts to explain the story of what just happened over the past hour while ferociously jerking his cock. “Tell me how it makes you feel,” Brian said.

Mike looks into the camera and says, “like a pathetic fucking slut.” His breathing starts to race, his face turns red. The door swings open to three guys running into the bathroom and Mike lets out a one of the loudest moans he’s ever made while letting out several huge cumshots. Mike stops thrusting his hips, opened his eyes to realize all the noise he was hearing was from people standing outside recording him cum all over the floor. He looks around the bathroom as the three guys are laughing and pointing at him. Brian smiles and says, your clothes never left the theater. They’re in the front row, still in the seat I was in. His smile is ear to ear as he walks through the crowd of 20 people with their phones flashing all over Mike. Mike is on his knees, a pool of cum in front of him on the floor, in front of this huge crowd of people.

Mike thought to himself, I should have just stayed put.

What happens to Mike now that he just caused a huge scene?

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