Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 06


To recap this story so far: my wife Leah, a nurse at a major hospital in Detroit had struck up a friendship with a co-worker, a black nurse named, Octavia Brown. This friendship paved the way for a wife swap session which proved to be so enjoyable that everybody wanted to continue.

However Octavia had two boys and was reluctant to participate in an orgy in the same place as her kids especially considering the noises we all make during this exciting sex. Her mother who babysat while Octavia was at work was only willing to babysit once a month for social occasions.

Thus we decided to indulge in threesomes in-between the time when all four of us could do an orgy. The routine established was that we each would take turns in looking after Octavia’s kids while the other three would enjoy a fuck fest.

Four successful threesomes followed the initial wife swap get together, and a month had passed. Then Octavia’s mother was able to baby-sit the kids the Saturday night following the last threesome (details of that threesome is Part 5 in this series).

Also, Octavia’s mother was willing to take the kids overnight to her own place so we could have our foursome orgy at the Browns home. This was a very pleasant turn of events as the Brown’s residence was more spacious than our two bedroom apartment. Thus we all were looking forward to this event.

Having participated in threesomes, we had started to get comfortable with each other. What made the anticipation exciting was the fact that unlike the initial wife swap which was essentially a one-on-one sex encounter, this time the four of us would be engaging in a full blown orgy.

Readers of this series are familiar with the description of the four of us namely: me (Tom), my wife Leah, Octavia and her husband Clarence. Also you may have noticed some of the proclivities of each. For example since I discovered Ruben’s paintings of typically plump women at an early age, I was so enthralled that I was never attracted to thin or petite women.

Thus not surprisingly I married a plumper: Leah is 5’8″ and weighs 220 lbs. Undeniably Leah is overweight but she is gorgeous. Olivia is much taller but is a solid woman thus suiting my tastes. My other particular enjoyment in sex is the natural smell of a woman’s pudendum which is such a great turn on for me.

My wife Leah has an absolute genuine love of the taste of male sperm and she usually has an orgasm just from swallowing sperm. Also sometimes if the sex is especially torrid she will let out one loud fart after orgasm but the rest of us can take this idiosyncrasy in stride.

Octavia especially loves having her rectum tongued. Our wives also are more adventurous in sex than either Clarence or I. For example they were the ones to participate in water sports and although clearly straight they are not inhibited to try some girl-on-girl love.

As for Clarence he is game for everything and will try something kinky on his own initiative. For example he had no problem with licking Leah’s ass immediately after one of her farts. Clarence is a stud and his cock will always make any woman’s mouth water. Finally, since Leah and I are white whereas Octavia and Clarence are black the racial difference gives an extra edge and dimension to our swinging sex.

That fateful Saturday arrived and so Leah and I went to the Browns home arriving around the appointed time of 6:00 PM as Octavia’s mother was not available for baby sitting any earlier. Clarence, ever the affable host, offered us a drink to get us started. Once we all had our drinks the girls took over. You see since our wives work together, they had plenty of opportunity to discuss about the upcoming orgy and about what things they would like to try.

Thus Octavia said:

“Guys why don’t you get naked, and sit on the floor in the living room, and enjoy the show Leah and I will put on.”

Complying with the request and once naked, Clarence and I went into the living room, and sat down on the bed sheet that was placed before the sofa. Octavia turned on the CD player which was programmed to play soft very romantic music. Then Leah and Octavia fully clothed sat down on the sofa. They caressed and started a passionate kiss.

Now as I said before beşevler escort our wives are not lesbians but they do like sex and are not afraid to experiment. Actually our sex orgies came about as a result of the initiative of the girls. So when the girls started kissing it was meaningful on their part not just a show for us.

Soon the kiss deepened; mouths completely wide open to each other, and moaning sounds were heard from both girls as well as some heavy breathing. Both girls were caressing each other as the kissing continued without let up. As Leah was wearing a thin strap dress Octavia soon slipped the straps of the dress off Leah’s shoulders revealing a black sexy lacy bra. As Leah’s dress dropped to her waist Octavia reached into Leah’s bra so she could fondle one of Leah’s double D tits. As Soon as Octavia touched Leah’s breast Leah emitted a heavy gasp as she was getting more aroused. However despite Octavia’s continued hand work Leah still had the presence of mind to unbutton Octavia’s blouse.

Inevitably as Octavia kept touching Leah, her boobs then spilled out of the bra. As soon as this happened the kiss was over and Octavia took one of Leah’s newly freed nipple into her mouth. Octavia was obviously sucking the nipple with great intensity as Leah heaved a great sigh and a huge smile of enjoyment filled her face. Both Clarence and I were highly aroused by this show so far and thus could not help ourselves but we had to gently massage our members for relief of the sexual tension.

However we quickly stopped because Leah happened to look our way and immediately chastised us:

“Hey boys stop! Don’t you dare jerk off and waste that precious cum! You got to save it for us.”

Leah finally finished unbuttoning Octavia’s entire blouse. Then Leah freed Octavia’s blouse from the skirt and rolled the blouse up to the shoulders so she could unhook Octavia’s bra. Once Octavia’s bra was unhooked she stopped sucking on Leah’s tits and sat up to remove her blouse and bra to toss them aside. Leah took the opportunity to stand up and wriggle out of her dress.

Now it was Leah’s turn to feast on Octavia’s breasts and she quickly sat down again to attack Octavia’s nipples. This was quite a treat for Leah since Octavia’s nipples are unusually long nearly one inch as far as I can tell. The areola area of her tits were also extremely large easily covering more than one half of each of her breast area. The color of her areola was a striking deep dark brown that was still a pronounced contrast to the dark rich chocolate color of her skin.

As Leah was sucking Octavia’s nipples she was also making a slurping sound. In return Octavia was emitting a loud groan to emphasize her ecstasy. Octavia soon had one hand reach into Leah’s panties and obviously was stroking her now moist cunt. Soon the girls stopped momentarily and stood up again to shed their remaining clothes and toss them away. The girls now completely nude, sat down again and started a french kiss and embraced each other as tightly as possible.

Their hugging was something to see. It was simply electrifying as their respective enormous boobs touched and rubbed against each other. When the girls ceased hugging, they continued kissing but each reached into the other’s pussy and started mutually masturbating.

As the action was heating up, I can honestly say it was getting more difficult not to touch my penis as I was getting more excited by our wives’ exhibition. The girls stopped kissing and instead started taking turns in sucking on each other’s boobs. The girls managed to keep their fingers in each other’s cunt though continuously. Each girl had now three fingers stuck together in each other’s vagina.

Their hand jobs were driving each other wild. Each girl alternated from shoving her hand in & out of the cunt hole simulating intercourse to rubbing the clitoris. Each action was given equal time and the girls instinctively were alternating between themselves. Thus when Leah was penetrating Octvia’s cunt hole Octavia was massaging Leah’s clit and vice versa. The sighs, moans and groans were getting louder as the girls were slowly approaching the edge.

Suddenly the girls büyükesat escort stopped and Octavia got off the couch. Leah also got off the couch and layed down on her back on the bed sheet on the floor and settled fairly near us. Octavia then went down on her knees next to each of Leah’s shoulder and thus the girls were into the classic sixty-nine position. Octavia lowered her head so that she could start tonguing Leah’s cunt. Octavia moved her right hand overhead curled around to get to Leah’s bottom. Using three fingers she shoved then up Leah’s rectum and produced a sharp gasp from Leah. Leah meanwhile had her hands free to spread Octavia’s ass cheeks to do some ass licking or spread Octavia’s vagina lips to do some cunt lapping.

Again to repeat our wives are not lesbians, but nevertheless their sixty-nine performance certainly showed they instinctively knew how to enjoy girl-on-girl sex. Octavia was moving her right hand up & down Leah’s butt hole with measured pace. Because her right hand was occupied Octavia only had her left hand available to spread Leah’s pussy. Somehow Octavia was able to overcome such handicap and her tongue was able to reach all the interesting parts of Leah’s vagina to Leah’s satisfaction. Octavia’s actions caused Leah’s hips to voluntarily bump and grind against Octavia’s mouth.

Leah with both hands free made the most of them. She would first part Octavia’s ass cheeks causing her butt hole to open up allowing penetration by Leah’s tongue. Leah would also thoroughly lick the crack of Octavia’s ass as well as her perineum. Then she would part Octavia’s cunt lips to allow easy access to the clit. Alternatively, Leah would periodically stop tonguing and instead give a hand massage to Octavia’s delicious cunt.

By the lovemaking each girl’s cunt was becoming very moist. The smell of the damp cunts was getting stronger and became noticeable to me even as far away as I was.

The end was near and soon arrived. Octavia’s knees gave out as she collapsed on Leah. Octavia screamed wordlessly followed by rapid breathing and shouts of simply:

“Oh! Oh! Oh God! Oh…”

Leah freed her head from Octavia’s body and likewise screamed. After the scream Leah could not even articulate an “Oh” but simply groaned. And to cap it off before Octavia rolled off Leah’s body, Leah let off a loud fart, a sure sign of intense sexual satisfaction. Ah yes it was definitely an intense orgasm with a high decibel count.

Octavia rolled off Leah to an accompanying spread eagle position. The spectacle had been too much for us guys. Our pricks, too swollen, needed immediate relief and thus I went to Leah and Clarence went to Octavia. Unceremoniously I inserted my cock into the very wet Leah’s cunt and Clarence likewise entered Octavia.

For each thrust Leah grunted loudly followed by exclamations of:

“Yes! Yes fuck me! Fuck me good!”

Octavia was heard to likewise exclaim:

“Oh yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me deep!”

You can easily imagination that it was not very long when I was filling up Leah’s pussy with my hot cum. At the same time Octavia was getting her cunt filled up with her husband’s cum. Our ejaculations triggered yet another orgasm from each of our wives. And for good measure Leah let off yet another loud fart which caused all of us to laugh. Our laughter had a calming effect to enable us to get back to a normal frame of mind.

We went into the kitchen to down a second drink and exchange some more light hearted banter. We congratulated the girls on their show as it was without a doubt in our minds more exciting then porn movies of lesbians. The sincere enthusiasm and passion displayed by our wives was what made their love scene so much more erotic. The girls giggled at our praises and admitted their girl-on-girl love making proved to have been more enjoyable then they had initially anticipated.

The sexy reminiscences soon had the effect of arousing us to further sex and so we went to the master bedroom to utilize the king size bed. I was later to learn this bed was completely prepared for unbridled sex as Octavia had inserted a plastic drop cloth underneath the sheets to protect the mattress.

Sensing çankaya escort that our wives had definite ideas at what they would like to now try we followed their directions. Wordlessly the girls indicated that Clarence was to lay flat on his back with his head towards the head of the bed. Likewise I was directed to also lay flat on my back on the other side of the bed from Clarence but with my head towards the foot of the bed.

It soon became evident what the girls had in mind as they got on the bed. Leah gingerly placed her right knee on my chest the other knee was above and to the right of my head. Thus she was able to lower her pussy to my mouth with her body be more or less perpendicular to mine. Leah then positioned herself so that as I started to lick her pussy she was able to take Clarence’s cock into her mouth. Simultaneously I felt Octavia’s mouth seize my cock, so I knew we were participating in a square form daisy chain.

I soon got in a comfortable and erotic sequence with Leah’s cunt in my face. With my right hand I was able to stick two fingers into Leah’s butt and finger her rectum rhythmically. My left hand was free to part her vagina lips to give my tongue full access to her meat. Her previous activity had enhanced her smells producing for me an exquisite sexy sensation as I was tonguing her.

Meanwhile Octavia was giving my cock quite a work out. She had stuck three fingers into my anus which for me heightened the sensation of her fellatio. With her other hand she was fondling my sac and balls. Her blow job consisted of measured bobbing up and down of her head. She would never release my cock but would slide her mouth from the tip to the base back and forwards. While the girls were sucking our cocks they each made guttural sounds from their throats indicating their pleasure and also increasing the lusty atmosphere.

They say the most important sexual organ is the brain. With our daisy chain my brain was fully engaged as my imagination soared. Thus when I finally exploded into Octavia’s mouth it was caused as a result of wave after wave of lustful thoughts rolling through my brain. As I was ejaculating my legs were actually trembling.

As near as I can tell Clarence erupted into Leah’s mouth almost simultaneously with my ejaculation. As the girls’ mouths were full of our sperm their orgasms were not discernable however Leah did emit another loud fart. This was a new record for Leah as it was the first time she had three consecutive farts to three consecutive orgasms.

Now as this orgy started in early evening we all had eaten before. However the Browns had arranged plates of cheese and grapes along with some wine on the dresser so that in between sex activities we could rest and eat. To give the cheese cubes and grapes some extra flavor Clarence and I would dip the cheese or grape into the nearest vagina before consuming them. As for the girls they would dip the food in the other girl’s vagina; it was acknowledged that it would be tacky to dip it into one’s own vagina.

The rest of the night consisted of four way united fucking and alternating positions. The first combination was Octavia on her back with me eating her out while on my knees to allow Leah flat on her back to suck my cock as Clarence was fucking her. The second combination was me fucking Octavia doggy style while she was sucking Clarence’s cock who was flat on his back while Leah was sitting on his face. We had grown accustomed to each other’s wants & desires such that we almost always achieved our orgasms in sync.

However Leah was able to avoid farting any more the rest of the night. We eventually fell asleep all four of us in the same bed. Basically I ended up cuddling Octavia while Leah and Clarence were entwined around each other. When we woke up we indulged in one final morning fuck with the most compact position possible.

Leah was flat on her back and I was on my knees over Leah’s head so she was sucking and handling my dangling cock. Clarence then was also on his knees but his cock was inside Leah’s cunt who had her legs wrapped around his torso. Octavia was standing in between us over Leah. Initially she had her ass to me so I was licking it as Clarence was leaning forward to eat her pussy out. After a while Octavia turned around so I got to eat her cunt and Clarence was licking her ass.

This position was most pleasurable for Leah as the orgy ended she had a mouthful of my spunk and her cunt was full of Clarence’s sperm. What more could a girl ask for?

She did though, let out a new loud fart bringing this orgy to a close.

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