Who Needs Popcorn?


It’s a wet afternoon, clouds rolling across the sky, dropping sheets of rain. There’s nothing to do, so you’ve decided to go to a movie. The cinema is almost empty, and the only people near you are a young couple, about your age, cuddling about halfway down your row of seats. You settle back to watch the movie.

By about halfway through the movie, you’ve realised how bad a movie it really is, and you’re just waiting for it to finish. You look around the cinema, and realise that you can’t see the young man from the couple next to you. Peering through the darkness, you realise that he hasn’t disappeared at all, but is kneeling between the woman’s thighs.

Cautiously, you shift a seat closer, trying not to alarm them. You can see now that her jeans are around her ankles, and she is holding his head against her crotch. Her head is back, and one of his hands is under her shirt, squeezing her small, pointed breast.

Your pussy starts to tingle. What you’re watching is so arousing, you slip a hand between ankara olgun escort your legs and rub yourself through your pants.

His head is bobbing up and down now, faster than before, and the woman is obviously close to coming. Her legs spasm around his head, flailing, and she clenches her teeth, trying not to scream. She moans anyway, still thrusting against his face.

You can feel how wet you are now, and you put your hand inside your pants, feeling yourself and rubbing your moist pussy. It feels so good to be playing with yourself.

The girl has finished coming, and looks around. She’s looking right at you!! You freeze, hand still in your panties, trying to be invisible. She looks down, then rubs her pussy, lifting up her fingers and licking them clean.

You can’t look away. It’s an erotic show just for you. She keeps rubbing herself, leaning down to talk to her man. He looks over at you, nods and begins to crawl ankara ucuz escort over. He stops about a foot away, his hard cock evident through his pants, and leans toward you.

“If you’d like to join us, you’re welcome to.” he whispers.

You’re shocked, yet aroused. Not three feet away is a couple you don’t know who want to fuck you! You hesitate, looking from the straining cock in his pants to his girlfriend, who is still fucking herself, and nod slightly.

He smiles, a gentle smile, and takes your hand, leading you over to her. He motions for you to kneel where he was kneeling, and you do. Right before your eyes is his woman, finger plunging deep into her pussy.

You watch, so horny you can hardly breathe. She fingers herself until she has nearly cum, then slows right down again.

You’re spellbound, until you feel your pants being undone and slid down your hips. Your panties follow, and a finger glides gently across ankara yabancı escort the outer lips of your pussy. It feels wonderful!!

Suddenly, you’re thrust forward by a huge cock that slides into you, filling you instantly and completely. Off balance, your face touches the pussy in front of you. Your mouth closes over her clitoris, and she moans, lifting her hips against your face. Her pussy is soaking, and feels incredible against your tongue.

The big cock in you slides out slowly, beginning a steady rhythm into you. Each thrust pushes you harder against her cunt, and you can feel your orgasm building. The taste of her pussy adds to your pleasure, and as she starts cumming in your mouth, you lose control.

Your body tenses, pussy squeezing the cock in you, your body flooded with white ecstasy as her juices run down your chin. You’ve never cum this hard before!

As you come back from your orgasm, pussy tingling, you feel his cock slip out of your body. Just then the house lights come up, and all three of you hurriedly adjust your clothing. The girl, still trembling, leans down to kiss you, moaning softly as she presses her lips to yours.

She whispers in your ear, “Room 118, The Mercure, 8:30 tonight.”

They both get up, glancing back at you as they walk away. Pussy throbbing with anticipation, you make your way home again, to change for tonight…

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