Wife asks me to give her mom oral! Part 4

Wife asks me to give her mom oral! Part 4
Read other 3 parts first.

I sat in my driveway at home for a few minutes before going inside. Guilt had began to overcome me, even though I had stuck to the deal and not actually had sex with her mom. But I knew that was going to happen eventually the way things were progressing. And hell, if she knew any of what we had done to this point, I thought for sure she would be done with me. But then I thought more about it, and decided that this was in fact all my wife’s idea in the first place. And she had to know that things could get out of hand. As I sat there thinking about all this, I began thinking about her mom even more. And wondering what she was doing at home now that I left. I pulled her panties out of the glove box and gave them a big whiff before heading into the house. That got me semi hard and ready for anything my wife might want to do.

When I got inside my wife was laying naked on the bed again. This time, I just went right to work licking her pussy until she was cumming. I didn’t even strip, and just got right to work. When she was finished, I was still hard a bit from her mom’s panties, but I got up and went to take a shower. She looked puzzled and probably a little worried since I didn’t try to finish myself. When I came back out, she asked me what was up and why I didn’t want to cum myself. So I decided I had to tell her I had cum with her mom and see how she reacted. I wanted to play it off as a much smaller thing than what really went on just to gauge her response. I was shocked by how she reacted.

I sat on the bed next to her in my boxers, still wet from the shower. I said, “Well I have to confess something. And you might get upset, but remember this was your idea. Well, I have been licking her for a few weeks now, and she always gets really into it, and I always leave right after. And the first few times, I left all my clothes on. But I thought that might be making her more uncomfortable after all this time of me seeing her naked. So this time, I stripped.” As I said this, I looked at my wife, waiting for a horrible reaction. Instead she said, “Oh my god, what did she say when she saw your cock?” I couldn’t believe my ears, so I continued. “Well, she didn’t really say anything, but I could feel her really looking.” My wife interrupted, “where you hard?” I couldn’t believe the way she was acted, it seemed like she was kind of getting into this.

“Well, I wasn’t totally hard at first. But when I got on the bed, and she spread her legs, I guess it is kind of a natural reaction, ya know.” As I said this, my wife seemed to lick her lips a bit, and was shuffled around in her seat. “Well, then I laid down and started to lick her how I always do. And I guess involuntarily, maybe I was humping the bed a bit in rhythm with my licking. You never really asked me about any specifics before, but I guess I should tell you I usually lick her until she cums 2 or 3 times. And this time was no different. As I licked her to her first orgasm, she was really getting into this time. Maybe it was seeing me naked or something, but she was so into it. And after she came, and I was licking her the second time, I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I started cumming everywhere. I couldn’t control it. She wasn’t touching me or anything, it just sort of happened.” My wife’s eyes positively lit up. “Oh my god, what did she do?” “Well, after she came the second time, I told her I had just made a mess on her sheets. I showed her, and she smiled really big at me. She went to the bathroom and came back with a towel. She wiped the bed, and then she took my penis in her hands, and started to clean it. This got me hard again, and well, I have to be honest, she ended up jerking me off until I came again.” This was a total fabrication of what really happened, but I figured it was time to at least make her aware of things progressing, and she what she thought.

My wife looked me in the eyes, and said, “I don’t know why, but that is the hottest thing I have ever heard. You have to fuck me right now.” I ended up having incredible sex with my wife that night, and surprisingly was able to cum again after all I had done with my mother in law earlier. That next week was a bit of a blur. My wife was more interested in sex than ever before, and began asking me more and more details of things with her mom. For the most part, I made it out to be far less than what we really had done, but I could tell by how much it turned her on, that really nothing would be off limits. I remember that at least 3 or 4 times that week, I jerked off with her mom’s panties, just counting down the days until Thursday when I could taste her again.

My wife had lunch with her mom that Wednesday, and I wanted so badly to know what they talked about. I would find out the next day. When I arrived at my mother in law’s Thursday night, she greeted me at the door with a very peculiar smile on her face. She hurried me to her room, and walked me over to my chair. This time she took her robe off while standing right there in front of me. She let it fall to the floor, and then got on her knees in front of me and began to strip me. She sat me back in the chair, and started to rub my cock until it reached full hardness. Then she knelt between my knees and started to suck me. She played with my balls, and stuck a finger up to my asshole as she had before. She teased me mercilessly, and then stood up to get on the bed. She held me by the hand and pulled me onto her on the bed. As I tried to move my head down between her legs, she pulled me back up. She began kissing me passionately, and stroking my cock against her soaking wet pussy as we kissed. I thought she might be trying to get herself off this way, just as we had last time, but I was wrong. She rubbed my penis head across her clit for a few seconds, and then, without a word, I felt her body shift a bit closer, and she stuffed my full length into her pussy. She gasped out so loud, and I felt her whole body shudder. Her pussy was the tightest I have ever felt, which must be from the 4 years of inactivity. She started kissing me again, and grabbing my ass, pulling me further into her. I decided there was no reason to protest, and started to fuck her properly. In what must have been only 30 seconds, I was flooding her hairy old snatch with my cum. I felt her already tight pussy muscles contract even harder around my spurting cock, and I continued to pump her. To my surprise I didn’t soften up one bit, so I kept on fucking her.

I laid down onto my back and helped her up onto me. She lowered her gray pussy onto my cock, and I could see all of my cum dripping out of her open hole. When she sat down onto me, I thought I might instantly cum again. But as I felt the pressure of her body sitting on mine, I was able to recover and get into a slower rhythm. As she rode me, she lowered herself down so I could suck her breasts. I explored her ass cheeks with my hands as I pumped into her from below. The she sat herself back up. She scooted back a bit so the front of my hard shaft could make contact with her clit. She rubbed back and forth this way while on top of me until I realized she was about to get herself off. She had one hand on my stomach, and one on my leg to steady herself as she rode me to her first ever orgasm from sex. Seeing her body shake and her tits bouncing on top of me was just too much, and I unloaded again deep into her old cunt. When she was finished, she collapsed onto the bed next to me.

Before she could recover, I got my face between her legs, and began to clean her sopping pussy. I fingered her butthole a bit as I licked my cum from both of her holes. In no time, I had her ready to orgasm again on my tongue. As she started to buckle and shake, more and more of my cum was forced out of her pussy. I continued licking her until I finally shoved a finger into both her holes as I licked her clit. And for the second time in her life, she squirted. This time was much more than before, and it seemed to last forever. The first splash hit my face, and soaked me. And as I sat up and continued to finger her through the orgasm, she let out 3 or 4 more huge squirts that soaked the bed.

When things finally calmed down, I asked her what had just happened. “My daughter said it is okay to fuck. She actually said it is not a problem and she understands how the oral can lead to other things. She told me if I wanted to try it, just go for it. And in my life I have never cum from sex until today. So thank you again. I guess you can teach an old girl new tricks. So when she asks you tonight about what we did, you may want to leave out the exact details. But you are okay to let her know you fucked me, and fucked me good.”

I got dressed, and skipped the drink this time. I found myself in a hurry to get back to my loving wife. I couldn’t wait to tell her about what happened and see what she might have in store for me. My wildest fantasies had no come true. But with that comes the next fantasy. Was there any chance of getting them into bed together? My mind was racing at the possibilities. But for tonight, I knew I had at least one more good time to look forward to.

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