confessions part 4 taken 2

confessions part 4 taken 2
Hi, next day at office during morning tea break, usually tea is served to where we are working. We usually take this as a chance to talk with each other. Assar came near me and placed his mobile phone beside me, sheeba had gone to the rest room, and he told me to go through the picture files. I at once knew what was in store. pictures of me right from muthus’s hand holding from behind, to me being nude, my boobs, pussy, ass, I haven’t seen me nude in front of a mirror, I only have a small mirror that’s enough to comb my hair and apply power to my face. I was looking at my nude body whitish brown in color, there was mixed feeling within me. Fear and joy in total. Fear of others seeing these. Joy that I looked good in them. I am small built, with proportionate breast. They are sagging a bit, with dark color round teats size of 2 rupee coin. They become hard and jut out by half an inch, when fondled. My husband has never touched it. I used to fondle them while masturbating thinking about my husband. My pussy close up photos showed my dark brown pussy outer lips and the close up photos showed my pink inner lips. Small clit protruding from it hood since my pussy was stretched. Semen oozing out of my cunt, assars cock in my mouth, him Cumming in my mouth, cum covered face, my ass hole wide open, when taking photos they told me to bend down and spread my ass cheeks apart, I have done that perfectly. I regained my senses and tried to delete them, assar told me he has a copy. I gave the phone back. sheeba might walk in at any moment. Assar told me to finish work slowly in the evening, so that sheeba leaves without waiting for me. He told me that I should’t leave and when he tells me to go inside the store room I should go there, be naked and wait for him to come. I knew I couldn’t do anything about this even so I protested that I won’t do it, he just replied to do as told or face consequences. I couldn’t carry on with my work, thinking what to do, what’s going to happen and my life taking a twist. Time was passing by. As usual by 5.30 pm one by one started to leave and by 6.00 sheeba asked me if we can go. I told her to go ahead since I had lot of work to do. Now I could only see assar, muthu present in the office. Auditor didn’t come to office in the afternoon, I think the office boy muthu knew about this and they have made their plan to work. Assar told me to go and be ready for him. I slowly got up took my bag and rushed to leave. He snatched the bag from me and smacked my bottom and told me not to make a fuss and go in. I struggled to free myself. Like yesterday the sound of office shutter being closed made my worst fear come true. I had to obey assars orders. I slowly made my way out and started walking towards the store room, I couldn’t see muthu inside the office, and he must be outside guarding I presumed. Once inside the room I went to the last section of the rack and went and stood at the end of it. I didn’t undress myself as told. I stood there anticipating what would happen next. Then I heard some enter the room thought its assar. It was the other office boy. Seeing him I thought, assar and muthu didn’t know he was inside the office, innocently not knowing they are all together in this plot. Made an excuse, I have to a file. He laughed loudly and told me remove my clothes. I was taken back and asked what he said. He told me to undress in a harsh tone. At once I tried to leave from there, pushed him away, but he barely budged. With both hands tried to push him and leave. He on the other hand he pushed me to the corner. I called out assar, the office boy with his right hand slapped me, before I could recover again another one, this had more force than the first, my head started to reel. I felt dizzy. He came near grabbed my salwar top and lifted and removed the top along with my thali chain, rolled it and threw it above the rack. I had no time to recover he grabbed my bra between the two cups in the center and pulled, it didn’t give away, instead pulled me along with it, making me fall on him. He again not letting go of the bra pushed me away and pulley back at the same time. This action made my bra hooks to explode, the bra became free and he pulled it away from my body.
I covered my boobs with both hands and shouted assar for help. I was crying and my eyes became blurred and I was shouting to somebody for help. He then slapped me for the third time, which was too much for me to bear and I stumbled down near him. By this time assar and muthu walked in. I felt cheated. When entering the store room I didn’t see muthu inside the office. Now both of them were standing in front and I didn’t hear the shutter opening, so muthu closed the shutter and was hiding along with the other office boy inside the office. The office boy told assar and muthu to leave and close the door while leaving. They told him to see that I don’t make any noise. He assured them he will see to that. They left closing the door behind. He grabbed my feet and pulled and made me lay on the floor. He undid my salwar pant and pulled it down along with my panties. Rolled my panties, with one hand squeezed my cheeks and opened my mouth placing my panties inside. Tears rolled down my cheeks. As you all know there isn’t much room between the racks, I was lying on the dirt covered floor. Sand lying on the floor, pierced in to my back. He started to remove his clothes and became totally nude. I thought of again fighting back but the slaps I received, made me to be still. He was standing on top of me running his hand over his cock. It was placid and facing down at first. As he moved his fingers over it, began to grow thick and now in 90 degrees from his torso. I was looking at it with my eyes wide open, he on seeing this removed his hands from his cock giving me a clear view of it. It was at least 9 inches in length and around 3 inches wide. He pulled back the skin covering the tip and began to mount me. He showed no mercy, there wasn’t any room to spread my legs, or for him to support himself. He lay on me took his prick aimed the tip on the entrance and with one push entered me, making me scream. My pussy wasn’t ready for this and not wet like yesterday. I was in pain. He kept his cock buried inside me and started sucking my left teat. I turned my head to the other side not wanting to see him and just waiting for him to finish. He was biting my teat and neck. My cries were muffled by the panties in my mouth. He was applying his whole weight over me making me gasp for breath. I thought if I cooperated with him he might be gentle on me. He will any way fuck and do anything he wishes. So why not start to enjoy like assar told me in the morning. I turned my face and gave him a pleading look. He looked at me and asked will I shout if he removes the gag in my mouth. To which I shook my head to say no. he smiled at me and removed the panties from my mouth. I took heavy breaths; he started to lick my neck and ears. It was giving me a tingling sensation all over my body. Next he moved to my breasts. He was sucking one teat and squeezing and massaging the other, this time tenderly and making sure his teeth didn’t bit my teat. He was repeating on either breast for some time. I started to lose myself. Moaned, hissed, and started to Wiggled my body. This in turn made the sand lying on the floor to pierce my back like pins poking in to me. The pain caused by the sand and pleasure given by him at the same time was too much for me to bear. He started kissing me on the lips. I kissed back, brought my hands around his back hugged him digging my nails on to his back. He knew I was ready to get fucked and started to hump. Slowly increasing the pace he started to give fully hard strokes making me gasp again in pleasure. He took me to new heights which my husband didn’t before. I came in no time; still he was fucking me hardly. After a while he withdrew and splashed his cum on my belly. He told me to wipe his cum and eat. I whole heartedly swiped every drop and sucked my fingers clean. He got dressed and told me to clean myself. I left the room and went to the toilet, cleaned myself.

When I came out all three of them were there. I felt ashamed to stand before them naked. Assar was holding my dress. Assar told sorry. He had to offer me to him, so that they won’t get in to trouble. Muthu told me that when they felt it was safe they will tell me stay back in the evening and I should comply with this. I said yes. They were all happy to hear this and started to kiss me. They made me pose for more photos which I was not feeling good about but had to go through. Assar gave my dress and I got dressed. My nipples were poking out and clearly visible through the dress since my bra got torn and assar has taken them as his souvenir. He then placed my thali chain around my neck. Muthu and assar had bought food and we all had. They were feeding me and made me feel special. Before making a move for the day, they started to fondle and kiss me. Muthu and assar took either of my hands and placed it above their pants. I started to rub and feel their cocks. They were all happy that I was doing what they wished for. I told them it’s getting late and had to leave. Each one of them hugged me took me in their arms and kissed good bye. Once in my house the reality came back. I panicked what would happen if others came to know. What my husband will tell even though he is living with another girl and not taking care of us properly. What will happen to the Future of my k**s? These were going on in my mind while taking bath. Yet the desire to have sex was over whelming. I have been changed in to a sex carving whore in a couple of days. More encounters to be continued …

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