When 2 Becomes 3


Evelyn stood up in front of them both. She looked to the door; it was locked. She glanced back at the two boys and grinned seductively. Smyth stood up first.

He turned her to face him as they kissed delicately. Smyth could still remember how soft and sweet her kisses were. Evelyn ran her hands down his chest to his belt where she tugged, urging him on more. Their lips pressed firmly, the kissing becoming wild and feral. Smyth grasped her bum, grinding her groin against his own. Finally, Doni stood up. He’d been enjoying the view of his girlfriend getting worked up. He could only imagine how turned on she had become.

Behind her, Doni rubbed his own growing bulge against Evelyn’s bum. Smyth’s hands moved up to the top of her back, moving her close to him so her breasts were pressed to his chest. Doni took a step forward until she was sandwiched between the two boys. She let out a quiet groan of pleasure.

It sent shivers throughout the two boys’ bodies.

Soon, Evelyn’s hands were slipping up beneath Smyth’s t-shirt. Doni’s mouth nibbled and sucked her neck and shoulders, sending her forward into ecstasy. Smyth threw away his shirt and did the same to Evelyn’s. Their hot flustered bodies came together again. His attention couldn’t help but be drawn down to her ample breasts, sitting in a lase blue bra. He moved his lips from hers and buried his face into her cleavage. He breathed deeply, taking in her sweet feminine scent. Her breasts were soft against his cheeks and lips. From behind, Doni gently lifted them out of their cups allowing Smyth to take one nipple between his teeth and the other rolled between his fingers.

Evelyn leant back her head onto Doni’s shoulder. She tilted her face until their lips brushed and caressed. Their tongues rolled and danced within their mouths, hungry for more.

Soon, Smyth was straightening up and spinning Evelyn around so she was facing Doni. They kissed on. Hands rubbed their sides. She pulled off his t-shirt. His hands tangled in her mass of hair. All the while, Sam had got to his knees and was sliding down her skirt. She carefully stepped out and glanced back at Smyth was winked and grinned. She blushed and when she returned her eyes to Doni, he was grinning as hard.

He snapped open her bra with ease and lifted up her arms. With his teeth, hands still grasping his wrists above her head, he pulled the bra upwards from the middle and yanked it off. Her breasts hung high and perky, her nipples still rock hard from Smyth’s fondling. Doni wasted no time in cupping her breasts and using his tongue to massage all over.

Meanwhile, Smyth had kissed his way up the inside of her parted legs. When he reached her bum, he gave one of her cheeks a cheeky bite, making her squeal and giggle. He did it again and growled like an animal. His hands, like Doni’s, were large and warm. They cupped her bum cheeks as he tugged her knickers down over her toned round bottom and to her ankles. Once again, she stepped out of them and Smyth returned to his feet.

Evelyn stood completely naked between them. She could feel Smyth’s hard cock against her lower back and Doni’s pressed to her stomach. She felt exposed and all so naughty. Whilst they kissed and rubbed their hands all over her petite curvy body, she lost herself in the moment. She let go of any worries and insecurities and gave herself to the two men.

Slowly, Evelyn kissed and caressed down Doni’s hot toned body until she was on her knees. The two boys looked down upon her then up at each other. Smyth unbuttoned his jeans after their silent agreement and joined Evelyn on his knees.

She had already shifted Doni’s jeans off and moved his boxers below his bum. She took his hard-on tightly and took a long lick of the head, making him quiver and moan in her hold. He rested his hands on the back of head, lightly encouraging her to take it all into her mouth. She did as he asked, pushing his cock until the tip touched the back of mouth. She closed her lips and sucked slowly at first, her tongue bar tickling the underside of his shaft. Doni pulled at her hair, closing his eyes and groaning louder. All so naughty…

Smyth, on the other hand, was busy kissing tandoğan escort down Evelyn’s back. His hands slid up and down her hour glass figure until he was edging her into the position he wanted. One hand on the floor, the other rubbing and pushing Doni’s cock into her mouth, while her body was stretched out behind her. Still on her knees, she kept her legs spread so Smyth could kneel between them. She was completely open for him. However, instead of plunging straight in, he did something different.

He leant down further and parted her bum cheeks. Doni watched from her above, intrigued as to what Smyth would do next. He kept both hands on the back of Evelyn’s head; he didn’t want her to lose confidence now. She might enjoy it.

Smyth spread her pussy lips too and stretched his tongue forward until he was tickling her inner lips. He felt her body rock and shake under his touch. He came closer until he could lay his tongue flat against her pussy. It was soaking wet and hot against his mouth. Turned on by how naughty it all was, Smyth pushed his face deeper until he was able to slide his tongue inside her gaping wet hole. With one hand he kept her cheeks spread, with the other he slipped it around to her clit where he made her tremor with excitement.

Evelyn breathed through her nose, trying to keep herself balanced. She could feel Smyth’s tongue all over her backside and pussy, his hands wandering. Doni’s cock was thrust deep inside her mouth, making her choke every so often. She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving and giving. Doni’s moans were loud and low, making her even more turned on. Smyth’s muffled moans were the same; causing her to push back slightly until his face was buried deep in her pussy. He’d gotten good at that.

Soon, Smyth was retreating. He licked his lips with satisfaction and ran a single from her asshole to her clit, dipping into her pussy as he went. When he finally looked up at Doni, who was grinning from ear to ear, they made another silent agreement.

Smyth sat with his back to the wardrobe and opened his legs. He began to rub his throbbing cock watching as Doni lifted Evelyn’s mouth away from his cock and joined her on his knees. Gently, he tucked her hair behind her shoulders and kissed her sweetly. He turned her back around to face Smyth. When she spotted what he was doing, she fell to her hands and began to crawl seductively across to him. Smyth grinned harder as she approached.

Once she was face to face with him, he stroked her hot red cheeks and kissed her delicately on the lips. They promised to treat Evelyn with respect throughout it all and a small passionate kiss every now and then was to let her know they weren’t disrespecting her body. Evelyn wanted it as much as they did.

She glanced at his cock still clasped his hand and lowered her upper torso until her lips were brushing against the head of his cock. Smyth took his hand away and rested them both on her shoulders. She arched her back so her ass was pointing into the air. Both boys knew what she wanted. Smyth winked to Doni who was slipping off his boxers off the rest of the way and making his way over to Evelyn.

He took her hips in his hands and ran his cock down her slippery wet slit, teasing her until she was begging for him. Evelyn groaned and mumbled around Smyth’s cock. He lifted up her face so she could speak. Gently, he cleared away the saliva and pre-cum from around her chin and mouth.

“Make him fuck me, Smyth,” she pleaded, biting her bottom lip.

Smyth looked to Doni who shook his head and used his finger instead to tease her.

“Make him fuck me, Smyth!” she said again, her eyes begging him.

Doni continued to shake his head. He ran his cock between her wet ass cheeks, still fingering the outside of her pussy teasingly.

“Smyth! Please!” Evelyn almost screamed.

All of a sudden, Doni was slamming into her pussy without any restraint. He urged her head back down onto Smyth’s cock, who was shocked by the dominancy and force. Evelyn had hated this. Though, maybe Doni was the only man she could trust to take full tunalı escort control of her. Whatever it was, Smyth was loving every second of it. To be part of a very sexy dominating role play, with Evelyn and Doni, was a big turn on. Smyth rested his head back against the wardrobe and switched his gaze from Evelyn’s breasts rocking back and forth with every deep thrust from Doni, to her lips around his cock, sucking and gagging. He held her hair in a ponytail against her shoulders so he could have a good view of his cock sinking into her mouth.

Doni slammed his full force into every thrust, moving her further onto Smyth’s cock. He didn’t hold back. One hand firmly on her hip and the other laid gentle taps to her cheeks. The taps got harder and faster until she was screaming and choking around Smyth’s cock with pleasure. He rubbed the skin then slapped, rocking her body back and forth. His cock delving deep inside her hot wet hole, it was heaven. Every part of her pussy was crossing his veiny hard cock, his tip meeting the back of her vagina. He couldn’t go any further, but he could touch her g-spot. Arching her back further, he pushed upwards and felt it. Evelyn’s body trembled and quaked as he began to slow his pace and directed it onto her g-spot. He knew he’d found it from her soft whimpers and shaking limbs.

Smyth pushed his hips upwards to meet Evelyn’s gaping mouth. She was frozen in ecstasy and unable to speak or do anything. She was suspended in mid-orgasm. This only turned Smyth on even more. He moved Evelyn’s mouth away and watched as she released a loud, full of pleasure scream. Her upper torso drooped, her hands grasping Smyth’s thighs. He rubbed his cock slowly as Doni’s slowed right down until he stopped.

Gently, he pulled out of Evelyn. He lifted her up and into his hold, his hands grasping her breasts firmly. Smyth could see how fast her breathing was from the pace of her chest rising and falling. Her body was limp and radiating from her orgasm. Doni held her like a rag doll in his arms. One hand wandered down between her legs, where he pulled away quickly. His eyes looked to Smyth who was intrigued.

Doni sat closer and spread his legs too. Between them, he sat Evelyn with her legs equally spread. She smiled cheekily, still getting her breath back. Smyth’s eyes stayed on her face until he noticed that Doni was leaning her back and spreading her pussy lips for Smyth to see just how wet she was.

“You’re turn?” he winked across to Smyth who was speechless.

“Are you sure? We didn’t talk about that-,” Smyth was unsure. Everything else they’d discussed but not him having sex with Evelyn. But, the longer he looked at her dripping wet pussy and Doni’s middle finger probing her little hard clit, the more he wanted her, desperately.

Smyth nodded then looked to Evelyn who grinned with excitement.

The two boys got to their feet, helping Evelyn up too as she was still a little shaky. She then bent over the bed with her ass pointing towards Smyth. Doni hopped onto the bed and sat crossed legged in front of Evelyn’s face. He kissed her passionately, his hands cupping her breasts again. It was all up to Smyth now.

He stood behind her, her bum cheeks pressed against his lower stomach. He ran his finger across her clit and her pussy, her juice spilling onto his palm. He planted both hands onto her hips and moved his cock forward until it touched her pussy.

“Can I pound her?” Smyth asked tentatively.

“Go for it,” Doni winked back. Evelyn was moving her head down to his cock to begin sucking again. Doni closed his eyes and leant back on his heads enjoying it all. So naughty…

Smyth dipped his cock in once, loving the tender feeling of her soft hot wet pussy around his throbbing rock hard cock. He looked down to see how wet he’d come out, glistening and gagging for more. He squeezed her hips and thrust in deeper. This time, he didn’t stop. He carried on pounding until she was screaming and squealing. Doni chuckled lightly holding onto her breasts and pushing her head down further. Smyth hadn’t sex in at least a week and was glad to be finally releasing himself. türbanlı escort Evelyn was as tight as when they used to have sex. It was heavenly and sexy, her body at complete mercy to him. He didn’t slap her bum like Doni had, but certainly used his strong athletic body to throw some power behind each thrust. He could hear the slapping of skin against skin. His balls knocking into her clit with each pump of his hips. He could feel himself getting closer so he slowed down and pulled out. He didn’t want it to end yet.

Doni lifted Evelyn’s head away from his cock and smiled down at her.

“Are you having fun?” he asked softly.

“Yeah, but I wanna do more,” she replied, biting her lip. She reached around and touched her gaping wet pussy hole.

“I think Smyth might’ve stretched you a bit,” Doni laughed with Smyth.

Evelyn pouted and crawled onto the bed.

“I don’t mind,” she giggled then looked to Doni “I want you to fuck me, anal,” she said confidently.

“Are you sure?” he got onto his knees too.

“Yeah, as long as Smyth gets to fuck my pussy again too. At the same time,” she grinned.

“Of course,” Doni kissed her long and hard, and then reached across to his drawer to receive the lube.

Smyth kneeled on the bed in front of Evelyn and slipped his hands around and underneath her thighs. He lifted her up ever so slightly so he could slip back inside. She breathed a sigh of relief and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Doni returned with a bottle of lube and positioned himself behind Evelyn.

“Spread her cheeks, Smyth,” he ordered sexily, whispering into her ear.

Smyth did as he asked and moved his hips in circles to keep Evelyn suspended. She rolled her head back, feeling only the tip of his cock circling the inside of her pussy. She squealed and pleaded for more. He shook his head and watched Doni over her shoulder.

He was smothering his cock in lube first then covering his hand to begin doing Evelyn’s asshole.

“Does it hurt,” Evelyn whispered to Smyth who was closest.

“Only if you tense. Relax onto his cock and it’ll feel like heaven. You’ll have us both inside of you. Would you like that, Evelyn?” Smyth kissed her delicately, tugging at her bottom lip. She smirked and nodded excitedly.

She felt Doni’s lubed hand cross her asshole and covering her in lube. He dipped slightly inside with his silky fingers, beginning to prepare her for something bigger. He pushed his finger in deeper, joined by a second and then a third. She relaxed onto his fingers, moving her hips up and down. Smyth helped, raising her body too. Soon, Doni thought she was ready.

He took his fingers out and straightened up so his cock was prodding her asshole. She kissed Smyth’s lips harder, grasping his shoulders, preparing herself for Doni’s cock.

He gently pushed, sliding his cock deeper and deeper until he thought she would be no longer comfortable. Tentatively, he started probing back and forth, lifting her up and down. Evelyn let out a small groan of relief and pleasure and soon Doni was speeding up and moaning himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d given anal but he knew he liked it as much as normal sex. Tighter. Hotter. Naughtier.

Evelyn had both of their cocks sunk inside of her. They found rhythm and pumped their hips at the same time. She didn’t even have to hold her own body up as they did all the work for her. She kneeled in euphoria, feeling the orgasm creeping up on her. The closer she got, the more she pushed down on both boy’s cocks. She wanted more! More! More!

Smyth was the first to come. He couldn’t hold it any longer and released it deep inside Evelyn’s hot already wet pussy. He fell back, allowing Doni to take full control of Evelyn’s trembling. He rubbed off, wiping hers and his cum all over his cock as he watched Doni slam his hips into Evelyn’s backside, making her scream aloud. She screamed both of their names until finally Doni was coming too, all inside her asshole. However, he didn’t collapse like Smyth. Instead, as quickly as he could so Evelyn didn’t lose her intense approaching orgasm, he laid down and positioned her to sit on his face. With her pussy against his lips, his tongue did all the work, catching Smyth’s, Evelyn’s and his own juices and swallowing. Smyth watched with shock and odd pleasure as Doni slurped up his cum from Evelyn’s pussy. She rode his face, screaming and holding onto his hands until finally she came. Doni didn’t stop until he’d drunk every single drop of it.

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