Welcome to the Double C Resort Ch. 02


The next morning the five of us awoke in the extra-large bed, sweaty, smelling of pee and orgasm juices, after lying in it all night.

We all had to shower.

Tony and Lisa’s shower was so big all of us were able to shower together.

We washed each others’ bodies, including all the intimate areas, so the shower took a little longer than normal.

Afterwards we put on shorts and t-shirts and went for a hearty breakfast.

I had a chat with Tony and suggested that he hold some competitions. He’d had a similar idea and agreed. “What did you have in mind?” He asked.

“How about biggest clitoris, biggest cock, best cunt lips, pissing contests and like that?” I replied.

He liked the idea and when we told the ladies, they agreed.

Naked, we went for a wander around the private compound, just to see other naked people and tell them about the upcoming competitions.

Everyone seemed quite keen and wanted details. We told them it would be anything to do with body parts , pissing, cumming, etc.

We had to work out how we would set it up.

Jessie went off to do some office work, leaving the four of us to organize the competitions.

We got some tables from the camp store, aided by some staff members and lined them up in a row.

Quite a few in fact as a lot of people turned up about 3:00 o’clock, all aware of what was going to happen.

Both sexes were to be involved in the competitions.

It was a good thing that everyone was an exhibitionist, ( well obviously at a nudist colony, I guess )

We started with a contest for the ladies and the men would be the judges.

The ladies lay on the tables, legs apart and raised. Some staff members and people not taking part, held their legs.

In this position everything was exposed for inspection.

The guys selected as judges walked along the line of fifteen tables looking at the mixed array of different cunts and asses.

The ladies varied in age and size.

One lady who was quite chubby had a really long slit maybe six or seven inches long…her cunt lips were small, more like smooth folds or skin, but she had a really long, fat clitoris which was aroused.

Two of the male judges touched it and squeezed it, then moved along to another lady, who was a bit older, maybe in her late forties.

She was not so well built as the previous lady and was beginning to show signs of her age, but the two guys looked at each other, mouths open.

The lady had enormous, long pussy lips that were wrinkled and floppy and hung down. The two guys opened them to look at her cunt, also wrinkly. Herr clitoris wasn’t as big as the previous lady, but she certainly got points for the lips.

They continued along the line of tables, touching and sqeezing various parts of the ladies’ sexual anatomy.

Further along they found a middle-aged lady with nothing special in the cunt department, but as she was trickling pee they examined her urethral opening and decided that it had to be the winner. The hole was maybe 1/4 an inch across and looked like it had had a lot of attention over the years.

Three ladies were awarded a certificate and then one of the guys suggested another certificate to see them pee.

Of course the lady with the large pee-hole won.

Her piss gushed out and spurted the furthest, so she got the award.

It was the turn of the men, with three or four female judges.

For them, it was the biggest cock, most semen, taste of cock and of course a piss contest.

There were an equal number of men taking part who sat on the edge of the tables.

The female judges made their way along the line..some cocks were circumcised, some weren’t.

They didn’t need much help being erect, but each female gave the cocks a good rub anyway.

One rus escort guy was so excited, he came, not a big cock, but one big load of semen from his large ball sack.

The lady judges all took a taste of it, agreeing it was quite nice.

Several of the men were masturbated and came, each of them were sucked and tasted.

Awards were handed out and then the pissing contest.

The piss challenge involved the men drinking lots of water and eventually seeing who could pee the furthest.

One guy’s went far further and got his award.

A couple tried, but failed and stood dribbling.

Lisa and Brenda went over and drank as much as they could from those guys that were still going, as the contest finished.

They were joined by several other females into pee and two or three men as well.

“I really enjoyed that.” Said Lisa. “I was quite thirsty.”…a broad grin on her face.

“Me too.” Said Brenda, pee dribbling from the corners of her mouth.

Lisa walked over to her and they kissed, wet saliva and a mixture of pee being exchanged.

As for Tony and me, we’d certain enjoyed watching the competition as much as those taking part.

We both had erections and for a couple of minutes, we had a mutual rub of each other.

Of course we both produced some pre-cum and we licked it from each others’ cocks.

Tony’s cock started dribbling, so I held it for him while he pissed.

Two females walking past seemed quite fascinated seeing a guy holding another guy’s cock while he had a pee.

They were even more so, when I leant down after he’d finished and sucked the last dribbles and drips.

We’d been enjoying ourselves so much, we didn’t notice what the girls were up to.

Brenda had attracted the attention of a group of men.

She was laying on one of the tables with her legs being held by one of the guys at his side while he was thrusting his cock into her gaping cunt.

Lisa stood at the other end of the table kneeding Brenda’s tits, her own dangling in her face.

Of course Brenda took advantage and sucked on the swollen nipples, forcing milk out.

Two more men stood either side of her thighs, watching her being fucked.

They masturbated and both came together, shooting their semen onto the other guys cock as it went in and out of Brenda.

It slid in and out with a squelching sound as the extra semen lubricated her cunt.

He came as well adding to the amount already inside and when he slid out, her cunt oozed with white creamy cum.

A fourth man obviously turned on by seeing all the semen oozing out, went between Brenda’s legs and proceeded to give her another fuck.

When he’d finished, a fifth guy fucked her.

When he’d done, her whole crotch was a sticky, wet mess.

Lisa loves a lot of cum, so she came around and knelt on the grass between Brenda’s thighs and pressed her face into the gaping slit, licking and sucking all she could get.

Brenda was so weak down there that she dribbled pee and Lisa was only too pleased to lap that up as well.

After several minutes one guy and Lisa helped her off the table, as she had gone quite weak at the knees.

I went over to help and kissed her, while Tony couldn’t resist kissing Lisa and enjoying some of the semen still around and in her mouth.

Brenda and me sat down on a seat. She was still dribbling from her weak bladder. “Did you enjoy that fuck? I asked her. “Oh! Yes..how many men fucked me?” “Five.” “Nice, “She said,” my cunt’s tingling.”

We hadn’t seen Tony and Lisa’s daughter Jessie for some time. Tony reckoned she had deliveries that day, and some office work and was busy.

She finally turned up an hour later. You couldn’t miss her big sıhhiye escort tits jiggling from side to side and those nipples, she certainly took after her mother. Naked, she approached us.

“You fucking dirty slut,” Said Lisa,” you’ve been fucking again…all that man cream running down your legs.”

“Yes mom. I was doing some book work. I had a nice cushion on the seat, sitting on this guy’s cock.”

“We’ll, you know you’ve got to pay the price, bend over,” Said Lisa. Jessie bent forward, her hands resting on her knees. Lisa knelt down and buried her mouth into the folds of her daughter’s cunt.

Tony went around in front of her and put his erect cock in her mouth. “That’s it, suck on daddy’s lollipop,” He said.

Brenda and me watched…”Still keeping it in the family, I see.” “Nothing wrong with that, “Said Brenda.

Just then, Tony gasped out and shot his load into his daughter’s mouth. He pulled her head so tight, she nearly gagged as she swallowed his semen.

Lisa stood up having licked most of the semen from Jessie’s cunt and from her inner thighs. “Don’t swallow it all,” She said,” I’ll have some of that.”

She went over to Jessie and kissed her open mouth, pushing her tongue into her mouth.

Jessie had swallowed some, but Tony had cum quite a lot and his semen dribbled into Lisa’s mouth.

The man doing the documentary was still about, taking photos. Also a member of staff wasl taking photos and filming, for the evening show.

There was so much going on they weren’t lost for choices.

The guy doing the documentary approached us accompanied by a very old lady.

“I thought you might like to meet our oldest resident. I told you about yesterday. Her name is Lily and she’s 92 years old,” He said. She was, as the rest of us, naked. She looked frail, wrinkled all over, legs, bottom, thighs and empty sagging breasts with long limp nipples. But although she looked frail, she was to prove to be quite agile.

“What sex do you like?” Asked Tony.

Nothing like being direct. The answer we got surprised us. “Anything at all. At my age, I’m not particular. And she was direct with her reply, verbally. “I love being fucked. I like it up my ass, sucking cocks and cunts and being pissed on and drinking people’s piss, including my own,” She told us.

Mentioning that like a few other ladies, including Brenda, that she had a weak bladder, which wasn’t a problem as it added to her fun.

We welcomed her, each of us kissing her on the lips, even the girls. She willingly kissed Lisa, Jessie and Brenda, even though Lisa and Jessie’s

lips were coated with Tony’s semen.

Tony and myself got kisses as well, open mouthed and tongues as well as saliva.

Everyone knows my love for older ladies and for me Lily was a dream come true…that’s not to take away my total love of Brenda.

As we stood chatting she couldn’t stop herself leaking and we watched as trickles of urine ran down her legs.

“Oh! Dear, I’m pissing.” She said,” it’s nice just letting it go, without worrying about it.” “Come and sit on my lap,” I Said. She came and sat on my lap, still dribbling, my cock pressed against the back of her thighs. We kissed and she was a very wet kisser, as she dribbled saliva into my mouth. Itouched her saggy, wrinkled tits and squeezed her old droopy nipples. She got quite excited and forced her tongue as hard as she could into my mouth. My lap felt warm and wet.

“You’re a dirty little whore aren’t you,” I said, as she spurted a long gush of urine onto my legs.

Tony came over, his cock now soft having come in his daughter’s mouth. “We all love wet fun her.” He said and held his cock, aimed it at Lily and peed all over her.

Of course it all ran down sincan escort between her thighs and into my lap. She took hold of it and as he finished took the remainder in her mouth, then kissed me again. Itasted Tony’s pee as she dribbled. After about a quarter of an hour, she got up.

“I need a fuck,” She said. “Don’t worry,” said Tony, “Someone will soon be up your cunt.”

We turned round and there were mother and daughter, Lisa and Jessie, laying on the grass kissing passionately, both fingering each other’s cunts.

Traces of milk had settled on Lisa’s chest. Jessie had obviously been suckling her mother’s teats.

Tony turned to Lily and said , “So, you want a fuck.” Said Tony. He called a staff member over, a young guy with a fair-sized cock. He chatted with him for a minute and they approached me.

He’d got an idea in mind. He got myself and the staff member to lay on one of the benches and press our bottoms together, cocks hard and raised, pointing upwards.

“Straddle them.” Said Tony,” asshole and cunt at the same time.” “Oh Yes. “Said the old lady,” two cocks at once, Oooh! M’mmm.!!”

Lily stood astride the bench and Tony held our erections as she lowered herself.

Gradually they slid into her slack, sticky holes. I got her cunt and the staff member got her assehole. Eventually with our cocks all the way in, she moved up and down, a smile on her face. “Oh! My…Oh! Yes…yes, it’s lovely…Oh! Fuck.” Her words diminished into gasps of pleasure.

She dribbled saliva from her mouth, and despite have recently peed, lost control of her bladder and urine gushed all over us.

It was amazing how excited a lady of her age could get.

Needless to say, both me and the staff member shot our loads quite quickly, as she bounced up and down on us. She had quite a loud orgasm, yelling out. “Oh! Fuck that was so good.” She whimpered.

That was it for me and I guess Tony as well, having cum in Jessie’s mouth a few minutes ago.

It was up to the ladies to have a bit more fun now and they did.

I suggested that Lily could join us that night at their chalet.

Tony agreed and when I told her she was well interested..

We watched the movie show that evening, during which there was some cheering from a few of the audience, while others engaged in kissing and heavy petting.

But that night, now with six of us, in private was something else. After everyone was at the chalet, everyone was in the living room when Tony brought out an odd looking machine. He told us it was a ‘fucking machine’ and anyone can use it.

Tony asked who wanted to try it. Lisa was the first. Tony showed her the assorted dildo attachments and she picked the largest one. Tony got her on all fours with her cunt in line with the machine’s piston like arm. Tony started the machine and we all watched as the piston slowly pushed the dildo attachment into Lisa’s cunt until it was all the way in her. Once it was in, the machine started fucking Lisa. The dildo not only went in an out but it also rotated inside her.

Soon, Lisa was moaning and actually fucking the machine back. As it went faster, Lisa started screaming that she was cumming and almost passed out from multiple orgasms. Tony then stopped the machine and got Lisa off to the couch.

I volunteered next and lined up my ass to the smaller dildo. Soon, it was in me and fucking my ass. Tony then placed a device over my cock and pressed a switch and my cock was being jerked off. The feeling of being jerked off and my ass getting fucked made me shoot cum quickly.

The next person was Jessie. Tony mentioned that the machine could fuck them both at the same time and slipped on the attachment. Now, Jessie and Brenda were on all fours side by side and the machine started fucking them both at the same time until they both came.

The last person to try was Lilly. She was put on her back and the machine slowly inserted the dildo in her cunt and started fucking her. Lilly wasted no time in having an orgasm.

We used the machine a few times in addition to getting fucked by real cocks.

It sure was a great evening.

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