Varsity Room Mates


Replying to an ad I had placed in the varsity paper, we had hired a small bachelor apartment together and Karen had been the perfect room mate, she was tidy, quiet, friendly and helpful. We had been room mates for the last four years and were now nearing the end of our days of learning and the beginning of our days of taking our knowledge into the real world.

Since we had both been studying medicine, we had daily study sessions together. I was returning from lunch for one of these when I opened the door and walked into our room. I hadn’t noticed Karen when I walked in, so I was surprised when after putting my jacket on my bed, I turned, sat down and looked across. There in front of me was Karen’s pussy staring up from under her skirt. Her beautiful shaved pussy.

She was lying crosswise on her bed with her feet on the edge and her knees up and together, her head and shoulders resting against the wall. She had no panties on under her skirt. The least I had ever seen her wearing was a towel wrapped around her when she came out to get something to wear after her shower. Seeing her pussy made my cock hard and uncomfortable because it was trapped in an uncomfortable position in my jocks.

Karen was reading a book that was propped up against her thighs, so I thought that she was unaware of the situation.

“Like what you see?” she asked without looking over at me.

I had lost all use of my bottom jaw.

She opened her legs slightly so she could look at me over the book. “Looks like a cat’s got your tongue.” She giggled. She put the book aside, her legs down and stood up. She walked over to me, lowered herself to her haunches and placed her hands on my thighs.

“You haven’t really shown any interest in me these past four years.” She said “So I decided to come up Dikmen Escort with a new way to get your attention.”

Finally I located my jaw muscles and kicked them into gear. “I… I… I…” I stammered. I kicked a little harder to try get them working properly and tried again. “To be honest with you, I have always thought of you as being out of my league.” I finally managed. “Plus I, no, we have been concentrating on our studies.” I finished.

“Well our studies are almost over: besides I think we are smart enough to ace this.” She replied. She was right, during our study sessions, we had been helping each other and were now both pretty frigging intelligent.

She slid her hand up to where my cock was straining against my jocks and trousers.

“I think he wants to come out and play.” She said as her hand started searching for the top of my trouser zip.

She found it after what seemed to me like an eternity and started pulling it down. Once it was down she reached in and located the top of my jocks, her hand found it’s way under until it reached my cock and freed it from it’s cotton prison. As she pulled it out between the zipper teeth, she looked down from my eyes to my cock.

“I have been waiting quite a while to meet you.” She said as she bent down to kiss the head.

Karen was a tall brunette, about 5’10”. Her hair, when not tied up for lessons or studying, flowed down to the base of her shoulder blades. I had seen her dressed in clothing that hugged her figure which had turned many heads. I had been more than proud to be seen with her, even though we weren’t dating, but they never knew that. Her eyes were green, her lips full.

When those lips touched the tip of my cock, I shivered. I placed my hands under Elmadağ Escort her arms and lifted her to her feet as I stood up. At 6’2″ I bent my head, she tilted hers back and I kissed her. Those lips of hers parted slightly, inviting my tongue over to bathe in the warmth of her mouth, My tongue met hers and they became like two lovers in a hot tub.

As I pushed my tongue into her mouth, my hands came up to feel her breasts which were soft with hard little peaks. She removed one of my hands from her breast to guide it up to the top button of her blouse. I took the hint.

Once she felt me release the first button and move on to the second, her hands moved down and went to work undoing my trousers. Once the belt was off and the button undone, they slipped half way down my legs.

She pulled her mouth away from mine, pulled my hands away from her breast and buttons and finished the job of undoing her blouse herself which she then dropped to the floor behind her. She made quick work of getting her skirt off, by which time I had gotten rid of my trousers and jocks.

She gently pushed me down onto my bed and straddled me. I quickly saw that wasting time was not her thing as she grabbed my cock and directed it to the entrance of her pussy. She rubbed it’s head a couple of times round the entrance, getting it lubricated enough to lead the way into the depths of her womanhood.

As she lowered herself onto my cock, she leaned forward to continue the kiss that she had interrupted previously in order to dispose of obstacles. She raised her rear, then lowered it, repeatedly impaling herself, burying me in the very depths of heaven.

I sat up, lifting her with me. She was now grinding her groin against mine. My hands rubbing Elvankent Escort up and down her back, hers, up and down mine. Finally I managed to tear my mouth from hers and immediately felt my head being pushed down while she arched her back, bringing her tits to the level of my face. Her nipples were small, as was the (slightly darker than skin) area around them. I immediately bit down on one of her nipples, not hard, just enough to send a shiver up her spine. Then I took it into my mouth and began sucking gently on it as my tongue flicked across the tip.

The more I did this, the more she ground herself on my cock, until she finally threw her head back and growled from deep down in her abdomen. I could feel the vibrations of that growl on my cock, as well as the contractions of her orgasm. When she was done, she straightened out her back and her head almost flopped down onto my shoulder. She wrapped her arms around me and drew me in towards her, till it felt like our bodies were one.

Having not had my orgasm yet, I started moving my pelvis. She immediately climbed off me and went to lay on her bed.

“I couldn’t possibly manage two in a row.” She said, following that up with “Give me a few minutes and I will be ready for the next.”

I lay back, my cock still as hard as rock. I was surprised that I hadn’t cum quickly, it was usually the case when I hadn’t had sex for a while, and in this case, it had been just over four years. I think that had been the case with Karen too, since the only times she went out was when we did something together, never dating, just as room mates. So unless she was having sex in the varsity toilets, I was sure I was right.

After about ten minutes, she called to me.

“David, I am ready, but I’m in no state to do the work myself. Sex is like gym, it takes a while to get back into it.”

I got off my bed, walked over to hers and slowly lowered myself on top of her. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her. We made love on and off for the rest of the afternoon, and when I took her out for dinner that evening, she really surprised me by proposing.

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