Viva Las Vegas


We finally meet Diane, after a year and a half of chatting on the Internet and on the phone. We have planned and thought of this for months. Spent hours on the Internet looking for hotels and flights. We have scheduled our flights to arrive about the same time at the airport. We will meet in baggage claim we have decided. I am scanning the crowds looking for you. Finally I see the most beautiful woman in the world and walk over to you. The first thing I do is give you a big hug and tell you that I love you.

Then I do what I have dreamed about for so long, I give you a great kiss. Tasting your mouth and your tongue that I have thought of for so long. I can’t believe how beautiful you are in person, even more so than your pictures. We gather our luggage and then go find a taxi to take us to our hotel. As we walk out of the taxi I reach down and hold your hand. I have dreamt of us walking hand in hand for a long time and now it finally comes true. We get into the taxi and are hugging and kissing each other in the back seat ignoring the taxi driver. The only thing we say to him is to tell him the name of our hotel.

As we drive to the motel we are both looking at our first view of Las Vegas, amazed at Gaziosmanpaşa Escort how many hotels there are here. We finally get to the hotel and go check in and go up to our room. While we check out the room we do more kissing and hugging. Just think Diane for the next 3 nights and 4 days this will be our temporary home. Thought we both would love to get naked right now and make mad passionate love we want to wait a little longer so we decide to go explore Las Vegas a little. We take a walk down the strip holding hands. If people see us together they would think we are a couple that has been together for a while, not two people that just met for the first time in person.

We explore the stores and sights of Las Vegas together while we talk to each other, enjoying each other’s company so much. Both of us are thinking about what will happen once we get back up to the hotel room in our minds. All these months of waiting and finally we will be able to make love like we have talked about so many times.

We decide to eat before we go back to the room and we find a nice place to eat. Of course you order chicken, I have a burger and fries. As we leave Gölbaşı Escort the restaurant I take you hand in mine. We walk back to the hotel both anticipating what will happen once we get there. Once we walk into the room I cant hold myself back any longer, I lead you to the bed. We lay down on the bed together and start kissing. Kissing like we have both been dreaming of for so long. Wild passionate kisses that we both need.

I slowly start to undress you. As I remove each piece of clothing I kiss and lick you. I have wanted to see your naked body for so long but I am enjoying taking it slow. Slowly I remove your shirt. I kiss and lick your stomach and your belly button. I see your lacy bra and cant wait to remove it but I take my time. I go back to kissing you and kissing your neck. Then slowly I remove your bra and see your perfect breasts for the first time and love them so much. I kiss and suck on each breast as you moan. I love sucking your great breasts and love the reaction I get from you as I do it. Next I remove your pants. I lick your things and all around your panties. I know that you want me to remove your panties but I want to tease you a Grup Escort little longer.

I lick up and down your legs then back to your panties. I lick just the outside of your panties and finally I start lick your panties right where your pussy is. Your panties are wet and I am glad know that I made you wet. I remove your panties slowly. Even though I knew you keep it shaved I am still amazed by the look of it. It is more beautiful than I imagined.

You want my tongue in your pussy but not yet. I lick all around you pussy but not just yet. I slowly make my way to your clit…slowly… slowly… licking all around it but not just there yet. Finally when I know you are really hot I take your clit in my mouth and suck on it. You moan with pleasure as I am pleasuring it as well. I have wanted to do this for so long and the wait was worth the wait. I keep licking and sucking on it and finally you come.

The first orgasm I have given you in person though there has been many on the phone. You come loudly and of course you say the thing I loved to hear so much over the phone “Oh Shit”. Then the next thing I hear you say is “Make love to me David”. Of course I happily oblige. I have wanted to do this for so long. I slowly put my penis in you and make love to you. We will never do this with anyone other than each other and the sex is even better than we imagined.

You come again just as I do and it is so wonderful as we look to doing this again together for the rest of our lives. I love you Diane. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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