Unreal Ch. 01


I met him the same way all people meet their boyfriends or girlfriends. Through others and a mutual attraction. The only difference was that it happened within a dream. We talked to each other, touched each other and made passionate love. Each morning after I had the dreams at night, I woke up flaming with desire. I would be panting, moaning and sweating everywhere. It were as if I really was making love to someone. I always expected to find someone in my bed with me, but there was absolutely noone there. Then I’d slam my head back onto the pillow, roll over and scream at the top of my lungs.

The first one I had was pretty monotonous. We met at the airport, just talking to each other because there was nobody else there. When Kitty finally got off the plane, we both stood up. Just figuring that he was getting up for the person he was waiting for. In fact, that was what he did, but we were waiting for Kitty. I was a little disappointed because it was obvious that he was her new boyfriend. I found out that they met on one of her trips and they agreed to meet again here.

I just woke up suddenly. Thought it was strange how real it had felt when I was sleeping. Then I would forget about it and go about my business. They always seemed like they were a DVD on pause, because they just continued where the last one left off.

“Kitty, I cannot believe you are finally seeing someone worthwhile!” I explained to her as we left. He went ahead to get the car.

“I’m sorry, though, you came here for nothing. I should have called you but I just forgot.”

“I suppose that’s ok, you can make it up to me.”

“Yeah, I will. I want you to come over for dinner sometime this week. I’ll cook. Esenyurt Escort Then I have some crazy but really wonderful news for you!”

“Really? I want to know now!”

“I’ll tell you then. We don’t have time to discuss it now.”

I made a pouty face, “I guess.”

She just laughed at me. We waved goodbye and I watched them drive away. I noticed he was looking at me though, very strangely. That was the end of that one.

The next night I dreamt about what I thought of him. From what I knew of him he was wonderful, we sat there and talked straight for three hours waiting for the delayed plane. He was incredibly good looking, I could tell that he worked out. He had dark hair, was fairly tall and dressed nicely. I forgot to ask what he did for work though.

I was going over to Kitty’s house for that dinner. It had been a couple of days since I had seen him at the airport with her. I was highly jealous of her. I sighed, checked myself in the mirror. It was unbelievably bitchy of me, but I hoped that I looked a lot better than her. I grabbed my purse and keys, then walked out the door. I woke up again.

I never found out what happened at the dinner because the dreams became kind of fuzzy for a few nights. Then suddenly they were back just as vividly. Only they were extremely erotic then. I couldn’t see his face, but I could feel what he was doing to me.. He was kissing me so deeply and passionately on my neck and lips in just the right way. His hands were very roughly grabbing my nipples through my shirt. Then he pulled it off and literally ripped my bra off, I knew I wasn’t going to use that one again. I threw my head back and the guy Beylikdüzü Escort picked me up and my legs wrapped around a strong waist. He slammed me against the nearest wall and like a camera rotating on a movie, I saw the back of his head. I was expecting dark hair but I saw light hair.

He grabbed my tits as he held me against the wall with his waist. He bent down and put my left nipple in his mouth and bit it hard. I moaned loudly. Then in one more swift move, he grabbed my ass and laid me on the nearby bed. I tried kissing him but he pushed me back and had started unbuttoning my jeans and pulled them down. He laid on top of me and kissed my face, not allowing me to kiss him back. He planted sweet soft ones along my cheek and jaw line and sucked on my neck a little. His kisses trailed along my collar-bone, over my breasts and bit my nipples again as he scooted himself down. I just put my head back and closed my eyes. I knew what he was going to do, but I was a little anxious because I hadn’t had it done to me too many times. So I just laid there and waited to see what he would do.

Slowly, he kissed me downward and then suddenly he took his fingers and stuck them into my very hot and very wet slit. The effect it had on me was impossible to describe. He drove them into me like he was straight-out fucking me as hard as he possibly could. It was better than any toy you could buy. My orgasm was instantaneous. I closed my eyes and then opened them again.

I was in my room, awake, alone…again. I still felt the effects the orgasm had on me, it made me completely ravenous for another. I noticed that all of my clothes were on the floor and that Avcılar Escort I was naked. I was so confused and frustrated about the situation I kept finding myself in every time I woke up. Not being able to do anything about it I just sighed and reached over and into my bedside table and grabbed my two favorite vibrators. They were both small ones. Six inches or so, one was pink and the other was purple. The purple one was broken. That one was used for inserting. I laughed at myself for using that word in my head. I laid down though, my cunt was dripping wet.

Taking my fingers and rubbing my hard clit, I came very close to orgasm. I like teasing myself so I stopped. The more times I stopped just before, the harder I would come. Slowly I would rub my clit, sticking my fingers into my pussy a little bit to spread my wetness all over it. I liked to feel how turned on I was. I even put some of it around my ass and carefully put the tip of my finger into it for a second. I rub all over my clit again with my other hand and come close to cumming, so I stopped. Taking the purple vibrator I put it into my pussy to cover it with the juices and move it in and out a few times, shivering slightly. I pull it out and rubbed it agains my asshole. I start to push it in a little and sit up for easier access. Just holding it a little bit inside my ass, I turn the pink one on and put it against my hard clit. The power was on the lowest, but it sent a very delectable feeling through-out my body. I turned it up a little higher and another wave of delectation shot through me. The purple one was in all the way now. Finally, I turned the other on full blast. With my left hand I pulled the purple vibe in and out of my tight hole and start grinding voraciously against them both. I screamed as a torrid of delight subdued me. It seemed to last for hours. For a slight second I was hurried that my very close neighbors heard me. Still convulsing, and the purple one left where it was I collapsed onto my bed and the pillow.

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