Unconventional Awakening Ch. 06

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I was game. He turned around and straddled my face. His cock grazed my lips while he was still on his knees. I wondered what would happen if he pushed downward? How much of his cock could I swallow? I was game to see. And I was game to feel his lips and tongue get my pussy ready to be fucked. His lips kissed my clit before sliding down and thrusting in and out of my pussy.

My pussy was more than ready for a fucking! I gave his cock an idea of what my pussy wanted as I sucked him fully into my mouth, making sure he could feel the friction of my tightly pursed lips around his shaft. His cock was thinner than Paul’s, but longer. It could fill my mouth in ways that Paul’s couldn’t and vice versa. I was glad for the differences between my new lovers.

I noted the differences between Paul’s and Peter’s cocks. I was obsessed. I enjoyed feeling Peter’s cock fill my mouth, feeling the heat of his meat. It was exciting to wrap my hand around the base of his shaft, and feel the hardness of his desire, as my lips brushed my fingers. I had 8 inches of his manhood in my hand and in my mouth, and slowly I slid my hand backward so that more of his cock was available to be swallowed. I enjoyed his slow, gentle thrusting, his cock feeling so good in my hand, and in my mouth, his cock glistening from my saliva as he pushed back and forth. I slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, all the while my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir much as I anticipated my rosebud would be doing shortly.

Peter alternated between flicking my pleasure hardened clit with his tongue, and sinking his tongue deep into my pussy, lapping up my juices. And just to keep me on edge, he slid his slick tongue down between my slippery wet cheeks to tongue fuck my rosebud. It felt delicious to have his tongue thrust against my shiny glistening ass. I could feel the tip of his tongue slip past my rosebud, and just tease the warm satiny folds of my waiting hole. He sure did know how to get a woman ready to be willingly violated in her tightest of holes. My buns were thrusting up to meet his wonderful slippery tongue. My rosebud was ready to blossom!

I pulled Peter’s cock out of my mouth with a load wet pop and asked if he was ready to fuck me. I needed a good hard fuck. Was he ready?

He pulled off me and turned around. He grasped my ankles once again and put the head of his hard cock just at my pussy lips. My pussy was wet and open and ready to devour him. I wanted his cock buried in me. He slowly teased his cock into me, and my head rolled to one side as I thought I was going to pass out. Peter’s cock filled me in a way my husband wasn’t able to, no fault of his as he had encouraged me to think about making love to another man. Peter’s cock slid İstanbul Escort in and my pussy which was twitching, gripping him. He kept his cock buried in me for a while before beginning to fuck me. I felt as if I was going to lose consciousness. Peter continued to fuck me, filling my pussy with his marvelous cock. My pussy was oozing, and I could feel my juices teasing my ass.

Peter looked down and saw that my rosebud was glistening. He smiled at me as he pulled out his rock hard cock, and winked as he teased me by sliding his pussy soaked cockhead down.

Until it was pressing at my ass. My smile back was all he needed. I was open to having him fuck me in my ass. In fact, secretly I was hoping to feel his cock fill my ass. He continued to press, and slowly my rosebud opened. My rosebud offered little resistance, but just before his cock struck home, he pulled out.

Peter locked eye contact with me, as he slowly slid downward. He held my gaze as I saw his lips sink below the valley of my new found joy. His lips brushed my skin just below my sopping wet pussy, and his tongue licked downward.

Jab. His tongue thrust against my rosebud. His lips pressed against me there as he blow softly on my now twittering rosebud. He then thrust in rapid succession against me, each thrust meeting with less and less resistance. With one last longer thrust, I felt his tongue split my rosebud, Escort İstanbul and the tip of his tongue make contact with the warm soft inner folds of my tingling ass. And all of a sudden my rosebud was left bare, as he crawled back up me, kissing and licking as he went, giving my insie a quick peck, before sucking one and then my other nipple into his mouth. I nearly bucked him when he stretched my nipple taunt, pulling it until it nearly hurt. But hurt soo good. His lips were a good inch plus from my boob, with my nipple stretched to the max. I was shaking with desire. What was coming over me.

He released my nipple from his mouth with a big smile, knowing that he was turning this 50 plus lady on with a vengeance.

I could feel the head of his cock pressing at my now very wet hole. His tonguelashing had made my hole ready to be invaded. He pressed his cock harder and with a pop, my rosebud parted and his cock entered my waiting ass. He hesitated a moment, until I pushed upward, encouraging him to sink his cock deeper into me. His cock began to slowly fill me, and as his cock slid deeper and deeper into me, he kissed me.

I gasped as his lips, wet with my juices, and tasting like my pussy and other willing orifice, coated my lips with me. I opened my lips and received his tongue into my warm mouth, savoring the new found taste of who I am. What would have seemed repulsive in time gone by, now was exciting and seemed natural. We continued to enjoy the dance between our two tongues, until I felt his balls slap at my buns. I realized then that I had his cock buried to the hilt in me. I savored the moment, trying to encapsulate the feelings and sensations coursing through me. To preserve this moment.

To be continued…

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