Two Ugly Ducklings


When you watch one person transform, you don’t notice that you’ve transformed yourself. You don’t realise that you’re just as attractive to the opposite sex as you are to them. Well that’s me, Brianna Fitzroy. Ugly duckling extraordinaire.

Almost overnight, I transformed from this super skinny schoolgirl, into this brown skinned, long limbed goddess and I didn’t even notice it.

I should start from the beginning.

His name was Peter. Peter Anderson. He was the most awkward kid you would ever meet. He was chubby, socially awkward and fantastically clumsy. When my mother moved me from that horrid council estate to this semi-detached house in the suburbs I was basically the female version of Peter. Except that I was as thin as a reed and just as awkward and clumsy. We became instant friends. Peter had a wild mop of dark hair, with buck teeth, and a body odour so strong I swear it’s the secret ingredient to horse tranquilisers. I, on the other hand, had a mane of uncontrollable afro hair and legs a chicken would laugh at. So you can see that we bonded almost immediately. We were both a pair of ugly ducklings

We attended the same school and while I was fierce and tough enough to defend myself, Peter was woefully lacking. I cannot tell you how many times I defended his honour in the school yard, or how many times he helped me with my homework. We were two kids who learned from each other and our bond was a strong one. I can’t tell you how many days we spent with each other, or how many jokes we cracked with each other, or how many school lunches he would buy me with his pocket money.

But that was where the similarities ended. At eighteen Peter suddenly shed himself of his teen spots, his stout legs, and his round belly and gradually became this…man. His pectoral muscles became toned, his arms thick and his wild mop was tamed with a comb and some hair gel. His round face was suddenly devoid of puppy fat, and in its place was a chiselled chin and a smile that could melt a girl in seconds. I hated him so much, but still loved him for it.

I on the other hand retained my laughable legs, my thin frame and my long face. I still retained my spider like fingers, my mane of afro hair (which I learned to tame with so many hair products that I can’t list them all). My body clung on to every speck of my teenage self (or so I thought).

Not only did Peter and I attend the same school but we had the interests. Video games, a love for chemistry, an unhealthy interest in medieval warfare, and an undying attraction to the ancient roman empire. So yes, we spent a fair amount of time together. We grew up in each other’s eyes and our parents heard wedding bells in the near future.

There were bells yes, but it wasn’t from the church.

I had turned twenty-five, and summer was glorious. One fine Saturday, I decided to sunbathe in the garden. I chose a perfect spot where the sun blazed until dusk and with my book, I settled into the lush cool grass. I was wearing a bikini top, and a pair of daisy dukes. I slipped off my sandals and sighed that contented sigh when one finds their nirvana. I had an iced tea by my side, and a packet of cigarettes with an ashtray on the other.

Once I was settled I started to read my book, but I hadn’t gotten past the first paragraph when Peter came striding out of his own back door with a book under his arm, a packet of cigarettes in his pocket, and a glass of coke in his hand. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and his bare chest was out on display and I inadvertently licked my lips at the sight. Peter smiled, revealing a set of pearly whites and clambered over the fence.

‘I thought you had work today,’ he greeted me.

I shook my head grinning. ‘Day off, so I thought I’d work on my tan. And start on the life of Kubla Khan.’ I held up my book and Peter snatched it out of my hand.

‘Is this the new one from that Dyer guy?’

‘Richard Dyer,’ I reminded him. ‘And yes it is. And yes you can borrow it when I’m done.’

Peter grinned shyly and his eyes roamed all over my barely concealed body. When his dark gaze met mine he averted his gaze. ‘Thank Bre.’ He gave his book back and I rested it next to my ashtray.

We spoke for some time about many things. His new job as an electrical engineer was going well, he spoke escort bayan esenyurt of his boss with a mixture of admiration and pure hatred. His co-workers with a mixture of nonchalance and fondness. We both finished our drinks and we both refilled with my iced tea and retreated back to the garden. I led the way.

As I sat down, Peter brought up the subject. The one I dread. ‘Have you been going to the gym?’

I smiled and shook my head. ‘No. Unless running for the bus is now an Olympic sport, I doubt it.’

Peter laughed. ‘You look good, one day I’ll figure out your secret Bre.’

I snorted. ‘There isn’t one. I smoke like a chimney, eat more Mcdonald’s than I should and I still have the world’s skinniest body.’

‘I wouldn’t call it skinny,’ Peter mumbled.

I pretended I hadn’t heard. ‘So what book are you reading,’ I demanded grabbing the book from his hands. Our fingers brushed and Peter’s eyes were fixed quite securely to my almost bare chest. Peter’s book was a fantasy novel by an author I had never heard. ‘Is it any good?’ I enquired, noticing the slight bulge in his shorts. My eyes were fixed there for a while as Peter spoke, and I did not hear a word, nor notice when I handed the book back.

All of a sudden my over active imagination could picture his naked sweaty body before me, I could see that his shaft was a long one and his long arms wrapped around me while his glorious body is pressed against me, and his long shaft rubs my bud and teases my hole.

Shit! I’m wet now, what do I do?

I could see that Peter was distracted as well, and all other thoughts of conversation suddenly halts for an uncomfortably long time until I pick up from where we left off. ‘Did you buy that book in Waterstone’s? There’s one not far from where I work they have the most epic collection of fantasy novels, they’ve even got the new book from Robin Hobb, it’s only in hardback but I’m seriously considering buying one…’

Peter nodded, barely recognising the words spilling from my mouth.

‘Another Iced tea?’ I suggested.

If Peter heard me, or just my voice is a matter up for debate, but he followed me back into the cool of the kitchen. I opened the fridge and noticed how his eyes watched my butt from the kitchen table.

I reached for the iced tea, which I kept at the back of the fridge.

And Peter at that moment decided to help me, with the half finished jug.

His hand rested on the small of my back and drifted slowly to the curve of my ass.

‘What are you doing?’ I giggled, offering the jug.

There was no joke in Peter’s eyes as his hand remained where it was and when I faced him fully his gaze had turned predatory. I’d seen that look in many men, just not normally in my general direction.

His hand traced the length of my long arms, while another copied the curve of my small breasts. His eyes drank in my body, and he suddenly let out a long exasperated sigh.

He stepped closer to me and suddenly I wasn’t interested in another iced tea either.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he murmured.

‘I um…’ he stopped me.

‘C’mon Bre, have you looked in the mirror lately?’

‘This morning,’

‘That smart mouth is going to get you into trouble.’

I placed the jug of iced tea in the kitchen counter and I marvelled in Peter’s body. My hands ran up and down his pectoral muscles, and suddenly he stepped closer to me. His hands ran through my hair, and suddenly he leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. Any last words of protest died in that kiss, and I simply…melted. Peter felt me melt and his arms instinctively held me tight.

For about three minutes our lips didn’t want to separate, and we seemed to enjoy our lips locking and our tongues darting and tasting each other.

After a while I dared to press my body closer to his and his groin pressed hard against mine.

When we finally separated, the combined warmth of the summer sun, the cool of my kitchen and the heat between us exploded. Peter’s hands drifted down to my shorts and he fumbled with the zip and pulled down my daisy dukes. I wasn’t wearing any knickers and my shaved pussy was on display. Peter marvelled at it, his fingers investigated the swelling bud within, and his fingers glided easily Escort Bayan Avcılar in and out of my dripping wet orifice. We kissed again, this time there was no mistaking the intent from either of us. I stepped out of my daisy’s and Peter was all too glad to let me simply pull down his shorts and free his hard on.

Now don’t get me wrong, Peter and I weren’t virgins. We’d both had our fair share of lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends and one-night fucks, so we both knew what we were doing. The problem was, we were standing in my cool kitchen wanking each other, kissing each other, and aching to fuck each other.

My hands naturally played with his balls, and my warm hand wrapped around his long dick. Peter moaned into my mouth.

Our kissing became more frenzied, and Peter was flicking at my clitoris and sliding his fingers into my cunt like there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. Finally I broke away from him and sank down to my knees. If there’s one thing I’m ridiculously good at is blow jobs, and blow jobs had become my speciality. I gave Peter one of my speciality blow jobs. A light licking of the head, a little tickle of the balls, and then the entire length of it fits nicely into my mouth. I have no gag reflex so I can keep a dick in my mouth for as long as I like, and Peter was a very special customer to me, he got the whole treatment.

‘Jesus!’ He exclaimed as I took his entire shaft into my mouth and sucked and slurped noisily. ‘Fuck!’ He shrieked as I played with his balls, and tickled that small flap of skin between his balls and his butt. ‘Yes!’ He moaned as I slipped a finger between his butt cheeks and played with his back hole.

When I came up for air, I slipped a finger between my legs and started playing with myself, then I sank back down and treated his long dick to my mouth again. ‘You’re so fucking good Bre. Shit you’re good!’ He moaned softly as I pumped his aching dick with my mouth.

His hand held onto my hair and he encouraged an increasing faster pace. He face fucked me, and I enjoyed every moment of it. ‘Yeah, play with yourself. Fuck, Jesus let me cum in your beautiful mouth.’

It was kind of difficult for me to speak when I have a mouthful of dick and precum, so I simply slipped a finger between his butt cheeks and listened to him moan, and grunt and utter beautiful curses. I knew Peter was close when his thighs shook suddenly, and his hand let go of my head and held on tightly to the kitchen counter.

‘Fuck me!’ Peter moaned. ‘I’m coming Brianna. Shit I’m coming!’ Indeed he did. A hot rush of his hot salty cum filled the back of my mouth, and Peter’s face was a vision of exquisite ecstasy, and surprise.

When I had finished his dick went flaccid within moments. ‘Where in the world did you learn that?’ He demanded as I stood and swallowed the last of his cum.

I grinned, and shrugged. ‘I had a good teacher, and I was a very willing pupil.’

Peter gathered me up in his arms and kissed me fervently. ‘You can do that to me whenever you want.’ He said.

I giggled. Peter studied me for long while, then when he felt ready, he let out a mischievous grin. ‘I think it’s my turn to wow you now.’

Peter knelt down and teased apart my legs, then he realised it would not work and he encouraged me to lay down on the cool kitchen floor.

From there, Peter’s dark hair tickled my flat belly and his tongue played a mean trick on my already wet pussy. First it circled my swollen bud, then he bit at my lips and licked at the entrance there. It teased my asshole, and lapped up the juices that trickled out. His tongue warmed my clitoris and his teeth teased and bit at my swollen bud, his fingers worked some kind of magic on my butthole because for the first time, I felt the first waves of pleasure that is a truly awesome orgasm.

I moaned and writhed as his head remained firmly stuck between my legs. My thighs shook, my legs twitched, my back arched. ‘Oh my god!’ I moaned.

Peter’s hands groped at my legs, and when he came up for some air it took all of my strength to force his head back down. He shook his head, and crawled up to kiss me roughly on the lips. His tongue curled with mine and rather than give my pussy some time off, he tickled it with the tips of his fingers, pounded Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü it with two fingers, teased it with a fingernail. His hand gently teased my bikini top away and he discarded it to the pile of clothes on the kitchen floor, then his head drifted down to my chest and his tongue and teeth teased, bit and sucked at my already hard nipples. When I gave a moan of utter delight Peter encouraged me. ‘That’s right, I want to hear your sexy moans.’

He kissed my hard nipples and moved on, his left a cooling rail down the length of my flat belly and encircled my belly button. Then he finally sank back down between my legs.

‘God you taste and smell so good. I could eat this pussy all night.’ Peter blew on my swelling clitoris and produced a cry of delight from me. ‘Good girl,’ he murmured. Then he went back to eating me out. Peter has an extraordinary tongue and he knows how to use it. He flicked my clitoris, darted it between my lips, encircled my butthole.

My back arched and a stream of incomprehensible words escaped my lips. I was delirious, I could feel my juices streaming out of me and straight into Peter’s waiting mouth. He lapped up my orgasm like it was the best ice cream he had ever tasted. My legs shook on either side of Peter’s head, my pussy opened and closed without rhythm. I cried out.

‘Fuck I can’t hold on. I have to fuck you.’

‘Do it.’ I demanded.

Peter didn’t need any more encouragement from me. He scrambled up me, and I stopped him.

I turned over, and presented my round ass to his. Peter however, had other ideas. He slapped my wet cheeks. ‘Next time,’ he promised.

He turned me back over. ‘I want to see your cumface.’ He whispered before he slid his long dick into my pussy.

There was a look of momentary surprise, then utter pleasure as he started slowly.

‘Am I tight enough for you?’ I purred.

Peter’s face scrunched into an expression of pure pleasure. ‘You feel perfect.’

Peter felt divine, his cock fit me perfectly. His urgent thrusting was making me delirious, it was obvious that his dick couldn’t take anymore. He was going to explode again.

I pushed him off of me and Peter’s expression was almost unbearable. He lay down on the cool kitchen floor and I rested my pussy on the tip of his cock. He bucked beneath me as I slid down his shaft and began to pound him relentlessly.

His hands gripped my ass, and forced me into a steady rhythm. He grabbed at my bouncing tits and held them in his hands, he moaned when I slowed the pace, and cried out when I increased it.

My twitching pussy started it all. In a sudden spring of emotions, I arched my back, threw my head back and squirted all over Peter’s dick. Peter took the moment to take back the control he had gained earlier, and eased me onto my back and eased his dick back in. He kissed my nipples, my neck, my earlobes. Within moments Peter pounded my little pussy with his rock hard dick about three or four times then he let out a little cry of his own and I felt his hot cum fill me up.

We lay in post-coital bliss for a long time breathing hard. Peter refused to withdraw until he was softer than a feather pillow. His hand tracked the contours of my belly, and the curve of my breasts. Then I stood and pulled my daisy’s back on.

Peter watched, before we silently agreed that our parents would be home any minute.

We dressed in silence and for five minutes I had the god awful vision that we would never speak to each other again. Then as we were about to retreat to the garden Peter pulled me back. He kissed me again and said. ‘All the boys at school called you ugly, and I told them all to wait and watch. I am so pleased I watched you grow into this beautiful, smart sexy woman. And god am I glad I waited!’ He stopped my protests with a gentle finger on my lips. ‘You transformed Brianna. I watched you change from this awkward, skinny girl into this dangerously beautiful, sexy woman.’ His fingertip ran a lap around my small breasts. ‘Jesus I could fuck you again.’

I giggled at that, but I couldn’t deny that if I didn’t hear my mum’s car pulling into the driveway I would have pulled his shorts down and given him a Brianna blow job special. Instead I gave him a peck on the cheek and said. ‘All the girls said the same thing about you, but I beat the shit out of them.’

Peter tipped his head back and laughed.

We are still firm friends, we call each other every day (or when we can). We talk about everything and nothing but Peter will still remind me of that wonderful summer day when we both realised that we are no longer a pair of ugly ducklings.

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