True Nature Ch. 08


Fae’s Pov:

“I need you to be good.”

I need to be good.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

Cain’s coming back tonight.

“Be good for me.”

Be good.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

Cain’s coming back tonight.

“Be good.”

Be good. Be good. Be good.

And maybe Alpha will come back… for me.

The only thing my wolf allowed me to think about were Cain’s words. He was coming back and I had to be good. I had to obey Frank. I had to please Cain. I had to be good. I had to be perfect. If I was good, maybe Frank would allow me to spend a night with Cain again soon. If I was good, maybe Cain would save me. This was only a game, I was used to games. I just needed to behave and get everything right. Especially tonight. I had to be good. I had to obey. I needed to be-

“Get the fuck over here you little bitch!” Frank yelled and I hurried from my uncomfortable corner to kneel before his feet.

“Now,” he started with a twisted little grin before pushing my face up against his cock, forcing me to suck. “I know you’ve just had a vacation, only having to serve one alpha and all, but you better not fuck up tonight! Although I do miss punishing you.” He laughed, pulling back to slap my face with his hard member, leaving a string of pre cum across my cheek. “I need everyone in a good mood so I can get more money out of them. Don’t fuck this up for me.” He grinned evilly, pulling me up by my hair to show me his sleeve, where he’d hidden choice playing cards. “Cain won’t be winning tonight! I’m getting that other five grand he won back!”

“I’ll be good Master,” I answered numbly, vaguely hoping that Frank would lose, despite his intentions to cheat.

“Good boy,” Frank sneered, patting my head.

I stayed still, depite the fact that every part of me wanted to recoil at his touch and I couldn’t help but to compare how terrible it made me feel when my Master touched me, verses when Alpha would do the same.

I missed Alpha’s touch. It had only been hours but I was already craving him more than anyone and I hoped he’d let me service him in front of the others, despite his insecurities. I missed taking care of him and his needs. I missed bringing him pleasure and I missed being controlled by him and his cock.

A knock sounded at the door and I quickly rose to answer, hoping it would be Cain. Instead, I opened it to the face of a very tall, very beautiful, beta female. She had tattoos all over her exposed skin, of which there was much of, due to her her leather body suit and sharp, pointy, thigh high boots. She held a thick, black whip in her hand that I eyed warily. Whatever the pretty red head had planned for tonight, I feared.

The woman abruptly grabbed my face in her hands, roughly squeezing my cheeks as she studied me. “So pretty,” she sighed lustily as she wiped a bit of pre cum off my cheek, before feeding it to me. “I can see why he’d want to put you in a dress. You’re the most pathetic, girly, little, omega sissy that I’ve ever seen. How delicious. I can’t wait to step on your little cock.”

I flinched at her words.

Who was she? Who was the he she spoke of? Did she mean Cain? Had Cain told her about how we were intimate? She was so beautiful. Had Cain slept with her after I’d gone? Had she seen his pictures of me? Had they laughed at me together? She was such a pretty woman and a beta. She was higher ranking than me. She was better than me. She’d make Cain a perfect mate. It hurt to think about but I couldn’t stop the torrent of thoughts from crashing over me and I punished myself with them.

“Hmm, did I hit a nerve?” She asked me, a cruel smile cut across her face but it did not reach her dark eyes.

When I didn’t answer she slapped me hard across the face, causing me to whimper in pain. “I asked you a question, sissy!” She hissed, digging her long fingernails into my cheek as she dragged me across the room to the card table.

“No Beta,” I answered softly, hoping she would not take my answer as an offense.

“I think you’re lying. Maybe I should put that tongue to a better use.”

Then the woman forced me to my knees before pushing my head down to her leather shoe.

“Lick!” She commanded.

I obeyed immediately, sensing that if I did not, I would deeply regret it.

The moment my tongue touched the leather I counted myself grateful that her shoes were clean, possibly brand new. I’d had worse, much worse, and I was glad to not suffer through the taste of something disgusting. I licked up the heel of her shoe, taking care to watch for the spike on the bottom, so I would not cut my tongue. Then I licked down the side to her toe, closing my eyes to separate myself from the humiliating situation.

In my mind it was Cain that forced me to do this. Cain, with his rough grip in my hair, taunting me, mocking me, teasing me about my tiny cock. It was Cain who stepped on my face, forcing me to lick the ground beneath his feet, to show I was worthy of him. It was Cain who pulled me up by my hair to his crotch, istanbul travesti rubbing it viciously against my face, forcing me to keep me tongue out. It was Cain, who made me hard as he degraded me. My Cain, my Alpha, my mate, my love. It was Cain who used me.

I’m not sure how long the beta made me lick her boots but all at once, the scent of my alpha broke through my daydreams. My heart quickened and I looked up, desperately wanting to see him, completely forgetting my place and that the beta had not released me, for she did not matter. Instantly, I caught sight of Cain and I felt my face crack into a smile. I wanted to go to him and I started to rise but then… then I saw him place his hand on the lower back of a very handsome omega and my body exploded with rejection, sending bolts of torment throughout. I felt myself go soft, my fantasy broken by real life.

“Aww, poor little sissy. He’s already replaced you,” the woman hissed in my ear, causing me to jump.

I whimpered at her words, unable to control myself and the sound caused Cain to finally look our way. The alpha refused to meet my eye so mine went back to his hands, one of which now lay across the male omega’s thigh, close to his crotch.

My body ached painfully, my stomach spasming. I wanted to run to Cain. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, right then and there, in front of everyone! In front of that omega! I wanted him to dominate me and show everyone who I belonged to. I wanted everyone to watch.

I wanted to scratch the omega’s eyes right out of his skull, knowing I would try if I were allowed, despite having been declawed. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with jealousy. I hated him! He was too pretty. He was prettier than me.

Of course Cain would want him. Cain was an alpha and alpha’s could have anyone. Alpha would never pick me. I was only ever practice, for the future.

I blinked furiously, refusing to allow myself any tears. I would not look weak before Alpha. He had said to be good. Maybe he was testing me. Masters did like to do that sort of thing to what was theirs and in my heart, I was Cain’s. I would behave, no matter how badly I wanted to cry.

“Cain! How nice to run into you,” the woman said, a light laugh in her voice. “Oh, and what a lovely date! I’ll admit, I did not expect him to be real! Or so yummy.”

Cain blushed and I felt my wolf howl in anguish. Cain was blushing over another omega. He’d already moved on. I was nothing compared to him. The woman was right.

“Jenny,” he coughed, “Nice seeing you again.”

He did know the woman, I thought sadly. Worrying again about how explicit their relationship might be.

“Well darling I-“

“Um… not to be rude but, what’s a naked omega doing here?” The other omega suddenly interrupted, looking at me with uncertainty.

Ashamed by his question, I felt the need to cover myself, though I did not, knowing it would only lead to punishment if I did.

“Oh, isn’t he a pretty one? Although, not as pretty as you of course!” Jenny laughed. “He’s a pet. Nothing but a little plaything. You should count yourself lucky to not be in his shoes.”

“A pet?” The omega asked, looking worried and slightly offended.

“Exactly!” Jenny replied enthusiastically. “Boy,” she addressed me, “Come say hello to our guests! And do it properly! Have you ever sucked an omega’s cock before?”

I blushed deeply, humiliated, wanting to run away. “No Ma’m,” I answered quietly, staring at the floor as I made my way forward.

Once I got to the omega, I slowly sank down to my knees and placed my hands on his thighs to undo his pants, as my heart beat wildly in my chest. I did not want to do this. I looked up for a moment, at Cain, begging him with my eyes to do something, to stop me. I was too jealous. I didn’t want to make Cain’s lover feel good.

“I’d rather he didn’t.”

It was the omega who spoke and I looked up at him in surprise, suddenly registering how his hands had settled on top of mine, gently stilling my movements.

I tensed, unsure of how to proceed.

Omega’s did not have power… but he was a guest. Should I listen to him or should I listen to the beta? I looked at Cain again, praying he’d tell me what to do. Who should I obey? Which one would make Cain see me as good?

“Look kid, you’re an omega. So if you want to stay, you have to play!” Frank ordered gruffly.

I took my Master’s word as law and I tried, once more, to open the omega’s pants, all the while trying desperately to control my emotions. Frank couldn’t know how much this would hurt me. He couldn’t know I was in love with Cain… not that the alpha in question even cared about my heart.

“You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my pack! You’re not my Luna! You’re not my King!” The omega growled, shoving my hands away.

“Sorry, sorry,” I muttered pathetically, hoping to avoid punishment and the omega shot me a sympathetic look, mouthing sorry back. I still hated him but… he was nice. It was so confusing.

“Cain istanbul travestileri control your pup!” Frank growled.

“What do you expect from me?” My alpha answered. “Ben doesn’t want some slut to touch him and he’s not your pack. I’m not making him do anything.”

My face burned with shame and I hated myself as my heart sank. I wished I could be better; a better person, a better omega. I wanted to be the one Cain defended… not the one he called “some slut”.

Frank gave Cain a twisted smile, “Omega, shift!”

I obeyed instantly, turning into my wolf form, unsure as to what was about to happen as my matted tail curled protectively around my hind legs.

“Good job pet, now, lick the pretty omega’s cock. Show him he’s better than you.”

I froze. I didn’t want to do this, my wolf didn’t want this. I’d never been made to service anyone like this, like an animal. It felt wrong.

“What?” Cain growled angrily. “You must be mad Frank! You cannot defile an omega from Lotus Pack like that! You forget yourself! You know how protected they are!”

Frank smiled wickedly, “You said the omega didn’t want a slut. Now he has a beast. He can choose which he likes better.”

When nobody responded, Frank kicked at my hindquarters and stepped on my tail, causing me to yelp in pain. “Get to work, bitch!” He ordered.

I nervously put my paw up on the omega’s thighs with a whine of unease, unsure as to how I was meant to get the other boy’s cock out of his pants without causing him injury. I did not want him to punish me for causing him pain. My wolf shook nervously as I nosed near his zipper. Suddenly, the omega gently pet my head and I looked up, surprised by tender contact.

“You don’t have to do that and none of this is your fault,” he whispered to me.

He was so strange.

Out loud he said, “I guess we’re leaving. I don’t know what kind of Alpha King allows their omega’s to be treated like this but I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next Lotus Council.” He growled, pure vitriol in his voice.

“Is that a threat!?” Frank bellowed, lunging at the omega as I anxiously scurried out of the way.

“Don’t touch him!” Cain snarled as he stepped in to block the boy from Frank. “Jesus Christ Frank! Do you want a war?! Just let him go and he won’t say a word. Okay?”

My wolf quietly whimpered as we watched the display before us. Alpha was so strong, so protective. His pheromones had to be filling the entire room, for I could scent them from across the space. Watching him protect the other omega hurt deeply and I felt sick to my stomach once more. I whimpered again, wanting to submit to him, needing his attention. My wolf was so stressed, we needed to be told that we were good.

I bit my paw in an effort to maintain some sort of self control but my mind raced. Why wouldn’t Alpha protect me? What was so special about the other omega? Was it because he was a part of that other pack, where omega’s were special? Was I not special because I did not have a pack? How had I messed up so badly that I’d ended up a pet?

Why wouldn’t Cain defend me?

What had I done wrong? I’d thought he liked me. I’d thought I’d made him happy. Why didn’t he want me? Why couldn’t he love me when it was so easy for me to love him? I needed him. I needed Alpha!!

The sight of Cain and the omega grabbing their coats wrenched me out of my spiral. Then I realized they were headed for the door. They were leaving. He was leaving me and he hadn’t even touched me. He hadn’t even come near me. I purely acted on instinct, loosing all self control, self respect and my fucking mind right along with it, making my biggest mistake yet. I shifted back without being told I could.

“Please!” I shrieked as I ran towards Cain, grabbing at his coattails as I kneeled before him. “Please Alpha, take me with you! I’ll be so good, I promise! I won’t touch anything that I shouldn’t, ever again! I’ll make you happy, I promise!” I glanced at the omega, who looked completely stunned, and he turned pale, his mouth hanging slightly open. “If… if you want him, I’ll make both of you happy!” I continued to beg. “I’ll serve you! You can share me, anything you want! I’ll do anything, I’ll give you everything. Just please, please, please don’t leave me!”

“My my Cain. Look what you’ve done to Frank’s pet,” Jenny laughed, watching my display with amusement in her cold eyes. “Can you smell that? The bitch is completely besotted with you! Is your cock really that big?”

The alpha blushed and my wolf snarled, wanting to defend his honor.

“I fucked him during his heat. It’s nothing. He’s just not used to that,” Cain answered coldly.

I winced at his words, looking up at him with a hurt expression as tears finally rolled down my cheeks. Did I really mean nothing to Alpha? I’d thought I’d, at least, been a good fuck. What was wrong with me?

“Oh my, yes he’s quite affected by you,” Jenny continued smugly, humiliating me further.

“Let go of me Omega,” Cain hissed, meeting travesti istanbul my eyes in an icy gaze.

“But I-“

“Now!” Cain ordered, cutting me off before I was able to tell him I loved him.

I obeyed and barred my neck in submission. I understood now. I had been bad. I’d failed. I wasn’t good. I’d never be good. I’d be with Frank forever. I’d die with Frank. No one else wanted me, not even the other omega. I was nothing but a pet. A very bad pet. I deserved punishment. I was a toy. I was a plaything. I was a slave. I was nothing, but bad.

“Cain, all things considered, how about you don’t come back for future game nights,” Frank announced, in a friendly sort of way, undercut with a threat. “I need my property to be more compliant than all this and clearly you’ve worked him up. However, I do expect my money for his time before you leave.”

Cain took a large wad of cash out of his coat pocket. “Take it you fucking bastard,” he growled, before putting a protective arm over the other omega, ushering him out the door, without so much as a backward glance to me.

Once the door slammed shut, Frank turned to me. “Jenny,” he called out softly, causing my wolf to tense up in fear. “Would you like to help me punish the little bitch?”

“Oh darling, I thought you’d never ask,” the beta laughed lightly, a sadistic smile painted across her pretty face as she grabbed her whip.


Cain’s Pov:

“What the fuck was that?!” Ben yelled, as soon as we were safely in my car.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I gently placed my hand on his arm, trying to sooth him, while inside my mind was loud, yelling at me in hundreds of voices. Although, I hadn’t heard from my wolf in hours.

“Don’t you fucking touch me!” He spat and I pulled back, confused.

I’d honestly thought the omega and I might fuck tonight. He really liked me and I thought that I needed it. Instead of going back to normal, everything felt wrong and I wanted the stress relief a good fuck could bring, like it had with Fae. So I stayed quiet, unsure as to what had set the omega off so badly that he was angry with me.

We sat in silence for a few moments, meanwhile my body began to heat up, making me dizzy.

“I thought this was a date!” He finally exploded, looking hurt and angry all at once.

“It was-“

“Are you fucking serious!?” He yelled, sending speckles of spit flying onto my face.

“Ok, I’m sorry it didn’t go well-“

“Didn’t… didn’t go well?!” He yelled, sounding beyond furious. “This was supposed to be a game night! Not some weird ass sex dungeon where your fucked up friends torture some poor, little omega! Who, might I add, think’s he’s fucking mated to you!! It was so sad to watch!”

“Wait what?” I asked, feeling dull and confused from all the pills I’d taken before coming.

“Fuck Cain! Couldn’t you smell him?! If I could tell, everyone in that room could!”

I hadn’t been able to smell the little omega, I could barely scent myself, that much I knew.

“Let’s not talk about him,” I answered, feeling as though I were underwater. I reached out carefully to touch Ben’s shoulder, wanting to make sure he wasn’t some kind of illusion but he flinched away immediately.

“Why do you keep touching me? How fucking dare you Cain! That poor omega loves you and you broke his heart and left him to be tortured but all you care about is touching me!!”

I didn’t want to talk about Fae. Something deep inside hurt to talk about him. The same something that had been furious by Frank’s treatment to the boy but I couldn’t quite capture the full emotions and turn them into action. I felt slow, dull. I’d taken too many pills.

“He’s just a pros-” I muttered, trying to minimize Fae’s effect on me.

“No!” Ben interrupted. “He’s an omega that’s in trouble and needs a fucking mate to rescue him. What kind of an alpha are you anyways?! He loves you so intensely! He didn’t want to be near me, he was so jealous! I’m a stranger and I could feel it but you just walked away! How? How could you not go feral to protect him? I always knew you were a rogue but I could never figure out why a pack didn’t claim you… until now!” He hissed angrily. “You’re a fucking disgrace. You don’t deserve to be an alpha.”

“I feel sick,” I mumbled, barely registering his words but storing them to mull over later.

Ben glared at me but softly touched his hand to my forehead. “You are warm and sweaty,” he confirmed, giving me a steely look.

I blinked at him, unsure how to proceed. I felt so out of it and confused and my stomach churned. I clung to my car door, ready to open it the moment I had to vomit, as I tried to breath slowly.

Ben sniffed at the air, his eyes widening when he scented my medication.

“What did you take?” he asked carefully, studying me closely.

“Mate blockers,” I groaned, my vision blurring around the edges.

“How many?”

I didn’t want to answer.

“Cain this is important! How many?”

“Thirty,” I finally muttered, feeling lightheaded.

“You must be joking,” Ben whispered, eyes wide in disbelief. “What possessed you to do that to yourself?! Do you want your wolf to die? You need a doctor! Fuck! Get in the back, now. I’m driving!” The omega ordered, immediately opening his car door.

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