The Allure


A consistent theme in life is being uncomfortable. With the hole I’ve dug, let’s call it luck that the dirt isn’t being dusted on top of me.

The local ‘Mob’ recruited me as the unfortunate sap that needed debts paid. I barely had enough for the bus to my shit job, being hounded by two hospitals for medical stays from identity theft, and having everything but a mattress and mini fridge taken by ‘repo’ men. When they’d found me, I said I’d do whatever they asked. Wished I hadn’t said that.

After selling some shoddy products, I caught the eye of one of the head bosses, one that loved boys young and eager to please a sugar daddy. If it had less of a chance of me getting shot, I took it. Then I met him, and he was essentially a toad. Not much taller than me, stress wrinkles, sores, yellow teeth… and he was so round in the belly that he looked six months pregnant. I was only allowed to call him Mr. Gable.

I had to parade around in whatever he asked, wherever he needed me to be. That meant from his apartment, office, bathhouse, club, and meetings. He at least had the courtesy of clothing me in front of bosses at meetings, but anywhere else meant silk undies in pinks, purples, reds, and blues. Sometimes a thong, sometimes a chastity or apron, but more often than not, naked with a full face of make up.

I won’t lie… the make up made my knees weak…

Until this point, I hadn’t let myself feel good about who called out to me inside. Dressing up was something I wanted to do privately… Before my life went downhill and I was sold to a toad that made me push the thoughts of being pretty away… Though with the money Mr. Gable had given me, the people and places I owed were less things to worry about. That was unless I refuse something he wanted to do.

Mr. Gable promised he’d listen to what I liked or didn’t, promising that my body was still mine. Six months went by and he crept over the line of what he wanted, way past what we’d talked about. He held my balls in a vice, threatening to cut my throat and keep my limp body as a sex toy. One thing I hated was voyeurism, something that crept out from him day one. When I refused at his bathhouse, he stood up, looked back at his associates as he held up a finger, then smacked the fuck out of me with his ham of a fist.

Not a second later, he tore off the apron I’d had on, took a handful of my hair, and asked me to repeat myself. I did, my answer not changing. I heard the air of his arm reeling back but not for the swing at me. Only a voice that addressed him sternly.

“Hit him again and I’ll show you what happens.”

“You stay out of this.” Mr. Gable grumbled at the mystery man. “This territory is mine, as is this bitch. I own her and do as I please.”

“Your business is just that. In my presence, we do things in a civil manner. Not like animals. Because upstairs would have a lot to say.”

When mystery man said that, Mr. Gable let go of my hair and sent me home for the night. I was used to what he’d do by that point… but someone stopping it was a shock to me. Who was the guy that stopped him? And would I feel the backlash of it when I was called to him again?


I found out later that night when Mr. Gable messaged me to come to his apartment. Entering, there were three men in the lobby, carefully directing me to a private elevator. On the way up, I was escorted by an armed guard to Mr. Gable’s door, then let in by one of the higher ups I’d seen before. He smiled warmly, and it was… weird. These guys never smiled. Ever. Rounding the corner, more ranked members stood posted, another man in front of a draped chair.

He was in a red suit, black shirt, and white tie, trimmed grey beard and hair. When he started talking, a knot tied itself in my stomach when I realized it was the mystery man. Though it was the wrong time to acknowledge this, he was hot as fuck…

“Hi there dear. We haven’t officially met but I wanted to do this in person. The man you were charged to has been relieved of that task. Consider it a gift…” He said with a gentle grin.

“But… why?” I finally said, mouth dry and body shaking.

Keeping his subtle smile, the man stepped forward. “Mr. Gable’s been a problem for some time under our operations. He let some of the details on how you can into his ownership slip. Being the man I am, you seem better suited for myself and not a ‘toad’, I think his subordinates called him.”

I bit my lip to not laugh. Even Mr. Gable’s loyal crew thought he was a slimy toad. And that was an insult to toads. The sheet covering the chair wriggled around, making one of the posted higher ups smack what was moving, saying to shut the fuck up. Lifting a hand, mystery man took the sheet and pulled to reveal Mr. Gable, dressed in a little of everything he forced me to wear. Even the make up didn’t make him look better.

Ripping the tape off of his mouth, mystery man addressed him.

“Got something to say Mr. Gable?”

“Fuck you and that pixie whore. He’ll istanbul travesti bend the knee to escape how good I was to him. With you, he’ll be worse than dead.”

Raising an eyebrow, mystery man reached a thumb under Mr. Gable’s tongue, hooking the jaw and yanking forward. “Tsk tsk. And I thought you’d keep your mouth shut.”

The mystery man started snapping his fingers, someone pulling out a gun and walking over to me. I flinched, thinking I would get shot. But I turned to see mystery man holding out a pair of silk gloves, pink and stitched with revenge on the palms. Frozen, he slipped them on my hands, his eyes seemed to glitter, showing hints of green though they were solid brown. Feeling the perfect fit of the gloves, I also could tell they were lined… As the gun was put in my hand, mystery man’s smile made me shiver.

“Show him what he’s worth.”

“But Mister…” I said shyly.

“Shh. No more of that.” He spoke reassuringly. “We’ll sort things as you clean your past.”

As he said that, it hit me. I was being given a chance to fuck with the pig that hurt me for almost eight months… And be taken in by a handsome stranger… But was there any truth to what Mr. Gable said about this guy? If he was dangerous. No matter how clouded my mind ended up, I was given a choice for the first time in what turned out to be forever. Killing meant I would be bound to whoever mystery man was… Yet even for a while, it was better than a lifetime with Mr. Gable.

Taking firm hold of the gun, mystery man stepped aside, letting me see Mr. Gable in his full toad pig glory. He went to say something but I didn’t hear it over the sound of my first shot at his wrinkly pig dick. Following it up, his stomach bled and leaked, then it was the last to the head. Had I ever killed before? No. But this was a dream come true.

Lowering the gun, one of the men nearby took it from my hand and sealed it in a case, mystery man saying to melt the metal down. Another associate took the gloves off of me and mystery man put his jacket over my shoulders. Looking up at him, he kissed my forehead, making my trick knee tremble a bit.

“Ready to go home?” He whispered.

“Yes…” I whispered back while leaning into him.

Cradling my head, we walked out of the apartment and down the hall to another elevator. Leading me out the back way, we sat in a car, having him get me in first then himself. Being held in his arms during the ride, it felt natural to cuddle up to him. Partially due to how comforting I found him and how excited I was from what happened. Traumatic, slightly. But overall, my heart was running laps. Listening to his heart, my body relaxed and his hand petting my head set the calm in deeper.

Hearing the dividing window close between us and the driver, mystery man spoke freely.

“Now that you’ve had a bit to cool off, ready to introduce yourself?”

Clearing my throat, I stared up at him. “My name’s Yuris… Yuris Kirkland.”

“Beautiful name.” He expressed in a low voice.

“Can… I know your name?” I dared to ask.

Smiling, he laughed, kind of a deep bubbling laugh. Dragging his fingertips along my cheek, his head nodded. “I don’t usually. But to earn your trust, I’ll tell you. It’s Unik. Unik Terrence.”

Reaching carefully, I brushed his beard with my fingers. How soft it was… “I can get used to that over Mr. Gable.”

His arms wrapped around me, petting my head as he held me. “Good… Because you’re home now Yuris.”

Lulled by the warmth of freedom, I kept quiet and didn’t deny his touch. Half asleep, we reached where we needed to be. Not wanting me to wake up, Unik carried me from the car and inside, the driver opening the door for him and leaving the keys. In the welcoming dark, he ascended the stairs and took me to his room. Blushing, I felt somewhat like a mob bride, my groom killing for me to be sure no one could have me but him.

Laying me down, I squirmed, smiling sleepily up at him and biting my lip. Horniness and sleepiness fought in my head when anyone else might have screamed at the chaos or dropped into a PTSD fit after killing someone. This was bliss… and I wanted an eternal night with Unik. Sitting beside me, his large hand rested on my stomach, rubbing like I was a kitten.

“Comfortable dear?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied simply.

“Heh glad to hear. It’s rather late now. I have some work that still needs doing. So you get acquainted with the house, freshen up, fill that belly of yours.”



“You gonna take me everywhere?”

Shaking his head, his free hand traced my face. “No no. You’ll be free to do as you like. Whether finding work, being entertained, maybe enjoying a lavish taste of what’s available.”

“Are… there rules?” I asked nervously.

Tilting his head a bit, he leaned down, lips hovering close to mine. “Only a few. Will you be a good pet and listen?”

Nodding automatically, he spoke low against my lips but enough istanbul travestileri for me to hear.

“One, your loyalty is to me. No stepping out on me. Unless you want a ticket to hell, along with whoever. Two, matters of my business stay in this house. What I share with you is no one else’s. Three, we’re partners. No secrets.”

“And four?”

With a soft peck to my lips, his hand wandered from my stomach down to between the legs. Rubbing lightly, I felt drippy and wet. “Just be my sweet sissy… And I’ll be your older stud. Got me?”

“I got you.” I managed weakly.

Moving my arms, they wrapped around his neck and shoulders, begging for another kiss. Obliging, his lips parted with mine, tongue swirling slightly as we gripped and kissed more. If my panties weren’t wet before, they were drenched at how tender Unik had been to me. I wanted more, craved it even. Feeling him pull away, I whimpered for him to come in for another kiss.

“Now now Yuris. Let’s not overexcite you.”

“I want everything… right now… give it to me… please.”

“Shh shh. I told you there’s business I need to attend to. I’ll be back soon.”

“Such a tease daddy…”

Smirking, he gave me one more kiss, rubbing my belly again. “Just a touch. Now, do as I ordered.”

“Yes daddy.”

Releasing my grip, I gently cupped his cheek and chin, his soft grey feeling a bit scruffy despite being neat. A kiss to my hand and he stood up, winking as he slipped his jacket away from me and fit it onto his body and left out the front door. As my body stopped tingling long enough, I pulled my clothes off bit by bit, leaving just the black lace panties. Moving from my back, I leaned beside the bed, imagining Unik behind me, and moved the string covering my asshole aside.

Slipping one finger in, I easily came, leaving a splatter of cum on the rosewood floor. Not stopping, I paced faster until I came again, more so than the first time. The thought of him… pulling me in so quickly… I wondered what was up in my head. Then again, whether it was lust, love, or survival, I wondered what else Unik could do to me.


Not wanting to start off on the wrong foot, I cleaned up the mess I made first, wiped off any excess mess that was left from my overeager cock, and put the towels in the hamper. Washing my hands in the huge bathroom, which was black marble with gold and green adornments, I dressed again and snooped around. I wished there was a drawer for me picked out already… then I could get prim and ready for Unik when he gets back.

Leaving that for the moment, I browsed the house. The living room was bigger than my old apartment, dining room looked like a restaurant, and the kitchen was a restaurant… with a cook in it? Waving at her, she waved back, saying that Unik requested I was given a little bit of everything. There was a vegetarian quiche, a steak salad, and a chicken entree with a dessert… Christ, if I wasn’t gonna die from gunshots, I’d die of high blood pressure. Pulling up a chair for me, she said everything was taken care of and to enjoy the meal.

Remembering my phone, I popped it out, screen cracked, but watched YouTube as I tried to dig into the mountain of food. The first bite… my body smacked me with dopamine. Since he liked me readily available for his needs, I hadn’t done much eating with the toad or in general for the last seven months now. Real food I was obligated to try and eat… I was starting to question if I died and this was a twisted heaven.

Having my fill of food and wine, given courtesy of the meal, I started boxing everything up and put it in the fridge. That’s when I noticed not much was in there. Guess having a small stomach meant my new beau had a lot to eat. Strolling through some of the halls, everything was decorated with the best, making this sissy feel like they were in a castle. Rounding back toward the stairs, I saw a box tied in a bow. Nosy me pulled it open, and I almost dropped it realizing what was inside. An outfit for me.

Before digging through, I rushed back upstairs, placing the open box on the bed and started to run a bath. Trying to be patient, I said I’d only take out one thing. Feeling a bottle, I took it out to examine: rose oil for a bath. Magic… Pouring enough in, the scent tickled me a shade of pink and gave me butterflies. Say what you want, but I was a happy captive.

Taking off my shirt and pants, my hands ran over the lace panties I was wearing. It made excited again, the material stretching and making my cock almost too big for it. I had to calm down if I wanted to be a good boy for Unik’s arrival. Shimmying out of my panties, my hardness sprung loose, burning a bit just in the steamy air while waiting for the tub. Getting the temperature right, I dipped my toes in and eased into the sweet rose oil water.

Laying there, the bath pink and milky, I bit my lip and washed myself slowly, all the while trying not to get too excited. Being diligent, I got travesti istanbul every crease, line, fold, and private place, content that I’d be rewarded for my femininity. And for once, I embraced that soft, frilly side without stopping. Feeling I cleaned off everywhere, I took a towel and pat myself dry. The tiles were heated… but not too much. Going to the sink, I flossed, brushed my teeth, rinsed, then flossed again. A good sissy has a clean mouth after all.

Taking a robe off the wall, I inhaled, smelling Unik’s musk left behind. Holding it tighter, I finally dug through the box to see what else would be there waiting for me. Feeling like a cloud, I pulled out a red nightgown. Running my hand over, it was satin with silk. Curious of what else was there, I pulled out a bra of the same material, accented with black, with panties that were red and black. A smile tried not to surface but did anyhow.

Digging more, there was also a jockstrap, silk boxers, perfume, cologne, a razor and shaving cream. Shaking my head slightly, I thought of what was in the box. Unik wasn’t sure what I liked but left anything he could think of for me. It was oddly sweet, especially for just meeting me in passing for so long. I wasn’t sure what he liked, but decided to go full girly.

Thankfully, it was an electric razor and safe to put everywhere. Going back to the tub, I stood inside, and flipped the switch on. First went the stubble, then went the legs, armpits, around the cock and balls, ass, and other spots. With a happy rinse, I was entirely smooth… The feeling of my own skin gave me goosebumps, between feeling sexy and looking presentable as the lady I let come out. Slipping on the silk satin undies and bra, the feeling of them without body hair made me excited, the robe hoping to hide that.

I peeked in the box one more time, finding the perfume and… holy goddamn there’s make up in here. Here’s hoping I don’t cut my eye or mess up my lip. The only thing I couldn’t fix was my hair… I hope it doesn’t frizz up. I couldn’t linger on that thought for too long before looking at the mirror and seeing Unik staring back at me.

Either it was his smile, or that I was all pretty at the right time. But I clenched my legs together nervously, wondering what was on his mind.


“You look amazing…” He said warmly as he walked up behind me.

Blushing, I looked down, still clenching my thighs. “I… wasn’t sure if this is what you like… Or a cute boy in a jockstrap.”

His energy radiated behind me, making my stomach squeeze. Looking over, his strong hand was beside mine, while the other tilted my chin up to make me look at myself in the mirror.

“This… is you. Who you want to be is what I’ll like.”

“Daddy?” I asked with an inflection, my hand slipping over his.

“Yes dear?”

“I want… another name.”

“A girl name.”

“Not just a girl. Your girl.”

Turning my head, Unik stared me down, making my panties stretch to hold the burning erection I had in place. Leaning down, he kissed my lips, saying a name without another thought. “Natalia.”

“Someone you lost?”

Shaking his head, he kissed me again then answered. “The woman of my dreams.”

Letting go, I turned and jumped onto Unik, being caught and walked to the room. As much as I wanted words, neither of us had any to say. His hands laid me against the mattress, opening my robe and showing what he picked out. Our lips parted as hands explored, mine unzipping his belt and fishing for his cock, and mine easily popping from under stretched panties. Though I couldn’t see, Unik’s cock pulsed as I wrapped my fingers round, a decent length and even better thickness…

A mix of sweat and precum made the skin of his shaft slippery, making him growl with my light touches. In return, his hands were firm while grabbing at me, hand and fingers stroking quickly. I couldn’t help moaning into his mouth, not being able to take this long tease. I got bold and pulled his tie hard, our bodies shifting closer. So much that the head of him teased my shaved asshole.

“Does my girl want to be fucked?” He panted, hand wrapped gently around my throat.

“Until I scream to stop.” I blurted out.

Getting my wish, I was put on my stomach, ass toward Unik, panties being yanked off my legs and robe covering around me. Laying with his belly on my back not on his full weight, his arm gripped my waist, the other holding my torso. Secure in his hold, his cock head pushed in, legs twitching as felt him inching balls deep. With half of his length inside, he slammed the rest in to fill me, making me grip his tie again. Squeezed tight to him, mind blanking as Unik was pounding inside me, asshole tensing and relaxing as he took me, bodies clapping, rubbing and gushing wet sounds.

Our hips were aligned just right, letting him thrust hard and fast as I bounced to keep his pace. Unik grunted and growled, being possessive as I tried to lay on my back to look at him yet he gripped tighter. When he did ease up, I held his legs where they were, sure that he wouldn’t stop ruining me. With a sort of sucking noise, his cock left me, turning me to the position I wanted, shoving himself in again, arms cradling me as I ground and bumped on him.

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