Trip with Brother Pt. 03


Trip with Brother Pt. 03

The Russell siblings got up early and prepared for their drive to Chancellorsville. Joe didn’t like the idea of going through Washington, D.C. traffic, so they meandered through the Maryland and Virginia countryside. They stopped to eat breakfast and, by the time they reached the visitor’s center, it was nearly noon. They downloaded an app that allowed them to listen to a running commentary on the battle as they drove around the battlefield. They got out of the car at several points of interest. Chancellorsville, during the Civil War, was nothing but a crossroads. A large home had given the crossroads its name, but the home caught fire during the battle, and burned to the ground. All that was left was an outline of where the home had once stood and had served as Union General Joe Hooker’s headquarters during the battle.

Hannah thought that Chancellorsville was the most interesting battle, strategically, of the entire Civil War. Confederate General Robert E. Lee had divided his forces (although he only had about half as many soldiers as did the Union forces) and sent General Thomas J (Stonewall) Jackson in a meandering course around the Union Army. Union General Joe Hooker had no idea that the “Rebs” were threatening his right flank. Late in the afternoon, Jackson’s men attacked, pushing the Union troops through dense woods and undergrowth. Jackson pushed his advantage, even though it was getting dark. He, himself, went deep into the woods – too far – despite warnings from his staff. Because it was dark and the situation was extremely confusing, his own soldiers, not knowing it was him, shot when they heard a noise, wounding Jackson several times. He had to have his left arm amputated, and several days later died of pneumonia. Jackson was Hannah’s favorite Civil War personage; she had read several books about him. Chancellorsville, because of Jackson’s daring maneuver, was a huge Confederate win.

When Hannah and Joe stopped for a meal in mid-afternoon, Hannah remarked that, if Jackson had not been killed, the Confederates would probably have won the Battle of Gettysburg, 2 months later. This would probably have led Lincoln to ask the South for terms of peace. The nation would then have been split into two nations – the Confederate States of America and the United States of America.

Joe listened to his sister rattle on. He was interested in the Civil War and history in general, but listening to Hannah talk about it was mesmerizing. She knew her stuff and she knew details. She was so enthusiastic, too. She was going to make an amazing history teacher, he thought. He couldn’t help but think about how that boys in her classes would adore her. Even if she was not his sister and even if he wasn’t totally, head over heels, in love with her – she was pretty. Very pretty. Maybe beautiful. Yes, she was beautiful. And her petite body was perfect. Her breasts were enhanced by her slim body. If she wore a push-up bra, which she did today, they looked huge and magnificent.

This was exactly the effect that Hannah wanted. She had never minded, nor sought, male attention, but she loved it when her brother noticed her body, especially now that they were having sex. She wanted and needed him to be ready for her. She would use any advantage she could to keep him interested in her body, but she knew that she needn’t have bothered – he was in love with her and he wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

Hannah wore denim shorts and a tight, sleeveless tee, with GETTYSBURG stretched across the chest. Joe almost drooled when he stared at her chest. He could see her black bra straps under the white tee and it made his cock hard. He had, of course, made arrangements for a motel and couldn’t wait to get her behind closed doors again. Hannah had put her black, push-up, bra on in the bathroom this morning and when she paraded out, Joe would have sworn that her chest was twice as big. She looked great and it made him want to fuck her right then and there. She probably would have allowed it, he thought, but there would be plenty of time for that later.

After touring the battlefield, they drove to the site of the Battle of Spotsylvania, which wasn’t far away. By the time they had looked around a bit, it was getting late in the afternoon, so they decided they would head to Fredericksburg to find the motel. They planned to visit the Fredericksburg Battlefield and several other historic sites the next day. Then they would spend another night in Fredericksburg before heading home. It was still undecided if they would drive straight home or spend a night on the road.

Joe had made sure that their motel room had both a microwave and a refrigerator. They checked in, put their luggage in the room, and ordered a pizza to pick up. They then got back in the car to go get the pizza and to pick up some beer – two six packs. They had, of course, discussed all this beforehand.

Hannah couldn’t keep her hands off of her brother as soon as they entered the motel room. kocaeli escort She pulled him down on the bed with her and they kissed – hungry, sensual, tongue kisses. She jumped up and announced that she was going to grab a shower. Joe turned the TV on and sipped a beer.

Hannah emerged in her push up black bra and tiny black, bikini panties. She knew that Joe liked that bra and she knew how it made her breasts, which were already “more than a handful”, look very much larger. She thought it looked sexy and knew that her breasts drove her brother crazy. That was what she wanted. She wanted him out of his head, insane with lust for her.

Joe had put the beer in the refrigerator, but had kept one out for Hannah. She took it, screwed the top off, and turned it up. She drank at least a third of it with one swallow.

“Better slow down, Sis. I don’t want you passed out or puking,” he warned. “By the way, you look hot!”

Hannah smiled and sat on the bed. “Take your shower and I’ll let you take this off of me,” she teased.

Joe took another long swallow of his own beer and went to take his shower. His cock was at full mast already and stayed that way throughout his shower. He knew how much his sister adored his cock and how much it turned her on, so after drying off, he didn’t bother getting dressed. He walked out of the bathroom with his thick, tumescent cock leading the way.

Hannah had turned the bed down and was finishing her beer. “Looks like you’re ready,” she smiled as she took in the lust-inciting view of her sexy brother’s hard, virile, teen cock. She couldn’t wait to have it inside her!

They were soon rolling on the bed, kissing and fucking each other’s mouths with their tongues. Catching their breath, they kissed and licked at each other’s ears and throats.

“Joe, you turn me on so much, Baby. I just want you inside me now!” she moaned.

Joe kissed the tops of her breasts, admiring the way the bra pushed them up for him. They looked like they were being offered to him like some kind of carnal sacrifice. He reached behind her back, unclasped the bra, causing it to fall free of her, now unfettered, firm young breasts. Joe attacked them, slurping and kissing at her gorgeous nipples.

Hannah lay back, thrusting her breasts up at him, giving herself fully to the wonderful oral worship her brother was bestowing on her. It just felt so amazing! He seemed to know exactly what to do to send lewd thrills racing through her already aroused 18 year old body. The beer that she drank had given her just the slightest, pleasant, buzz. She was so relaxed and decided that she would love to live her life with her sexy brother sucking and licking at her needy tits. They were his, she reflected. If he was the only one who ever sucked and kissed them her entire life, that was okay with her. She intensely wished that her beautiful, wonderful, older sibling could be her lover – HER HUSBAND – for life!

She reached and smeared his pre-ejaculate around on his thick cock-head. Her mouth watered with desire to suck him, but she knew enough by now not to overly-stimulate him before he came the first time. She smiled, knowing that her brother was going to cum for her more than once this evening.

Joe looked up at his sister’s angelic face as he sucked and licked at her delicious nipples. He held her breasts in his hands, holding them in the way that her bra had done. He feasted on them, both visually and orally. Her face, though! Was there a prettier girl on earth? And the way she was looking at him – with pure love. Her mouth was slightly open as she breathed raggedly, obviously aroused. He moved up to kiss her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting her saliva. In the throes of his passion, even her saliva tasted like honey. He delved his tongue into her welcoming mouth as her tongue licked at his and then her tongue was fucking into his mouth. His cock was throbbing with desire.

Hannah put her hands on either side of his face to stop him. She looked into his deep brown eyes. “Joe, love me. Make love to me. Do it slow. I want it slow. I love you so much!” she exulted as she began to kiss him passionately again.

Joe pulled at the elastic on her panties and succeeded into getting them to her knees without breaking their kiss. She then managed to wrestle them down her legs and kick them off. She lay there, naked, ready, and eager, in her brother’s arms.

Joe moved between her legs and, holding himself above her by putting his hands flat on the bed on either side of her, he looked down at her lovely face. His eyes trailed down her perfect, young body and saw her spread her legs for him. He saw his cock jutting out from his body, and saw a drop of his viscous pre-cum drip, leaving a thick rivulet hanging from the end of his cock all the way to his sister’s yearning body. Her pussy gleamed with moisture. He could see that the insides of her thighs were wet with her juices. Her clit was obviously swollen and distended. He ached to kocaeli escort bayan lick and suck it. He could see that she was open and ready for him as he lowered his body until only the head of his cock rested gently in her cuntal crease.

He was so strong to be able to hold himself that way, she reflected. She gazed at his biceps and the strong, prominent muscles in his well-developed chest. She leaned forward to kiss his nipples, licking them, wishing that his own nipples felt the pleasure that hers did when sucked and licked. She wetly washed the area around both of his nipples with her hot, wet, tongue. Still, he held himself right above her, his throbbing, steel shaft resting on her sopping wet pussy. She moved her hips in order to rub her clit against his hardness. Oh it was good! She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, moaning with pleasure.

Joe moved his hips up a bit, then, taking a different angle, slowly lowered himself until the very end of his bursting cock inserted itself into her wanton, open vagina. He could feel his sister’s hungry pussy grasp at the tip of his cock, as if to pull him into her. It was almost more than he could bear. He wanted to slam into her body with the ferocity of an animal, but he wasn’t going to do that. She had told him what she wanted and that was what she would get. Without moving anything else, he moved his hips almost imperceptibly, caused the tip of his cock to push itself against her.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned. “Put it in, Baby. I love what you’re doing!” Her emerald green eyes flashed with passion as she gazed at the face of the man she loved.

Joe pushed and felt resistance. He knew that her wonderfully tight cunt would squeeze him when he entered her, and he hoped it would not make him cum. He felt like he was about to lose the battle he was fighting against his own body. He needed to cum and he needed it soon.

He pushed again and Hannah groaned with pleasure as his cock head entered her. ‘Don’t cum! Don’t cum! Don’t cum! Don’t you fucking dare cum!’ he told himself, trying to imagine being with Miss Bryant, a fat, pig-faced, mean teacher he had had in high school. He managed to fight against his reflex and pushed into her again.

Hannah reached for his ass and pulled him into her all the way. She was deliciously wet and slick. “Oh Joe, it feels better than ever!” she murmured.

‘Fuck! Fuck! Don’t cum! Don’t cum! Don’t cum!’ he thought. He stayed as still as he could, kept his eyes tightly shut, and thought of the time when, in Quiz Bowl Practice, he was answering the question, “What is another name for rhinoplasty?” and he had, quite accidentally, answered, instead of “Nose job”, saying instead, “Blow job”. How they had laughed at him! How embarrassing! This thought eased him, somewhat.

Hannah’s legs wrapped around him, her feet settling behind his thighs. She was enraptured. Her eyes were closed and she felt that she might reach her own climax sooner than she intended. She really didn’t care though. When aroused, she could cum several times.

“Hannah, I’m so close…” he gasped. “I think if I move, or you move…”

She looked in his face and kissed his lips. “Let it go. Do it, Honey. I love you. I want your stuff inside me,” she smiled sweetly.

Joe lay his full weight on his sister, and kissed her mouth. Then he withdrew about halfway, feeling how Hannah’s pussy clung to him, as if begging his cock to never leave. He saw that his sister was looking at him expectantly, knowing that he was about to cum inside her. He knew that she really did want it. She wanted his seed inside her body. She loved him that much. She loved him!

As he gazed into her eyes, his own began to sting with tears. He felt like weeping, not because of sadness, or regret – but from pure passion – intense love for this incomparably beautiful and kind and sweet and FUCKING SEXY girl – his little sister.

He felt as if the base of his cock was swelling, to twice its size. Then the delicious feeling of his orgasm, the warm, wet, overwhelming release of his cum as it rushed down the length of his cock and began to gush into his sister, flooding her hungry, grasping pussy.

Joe was almost always silent when he came, but suddenly, reflexively, he moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Baby! Yessssssssss, oh Hannah, it’s so good!”

His eyes blinked rapidly, as if he were seizing and when he managed to open them, his sister’s face was a mask of passion. Her forehead was furrowed with a fierce intensity. She reflexively arched herself into him, gathering her feet under her and pushing her grasping pussy upward frantically.

She gasped, then, “I am cummmmmmmmmmmmming! Oh it’s… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Joe! Cumming so good, Baby! Cumming! Cumming! CUMMING!! Oh it’s so beautiful!”

Hannah had wanted to watch her brother’s face as he came. As his orgasm overtook him, she realized that her own body was shaking all over and that her own glorious cum was sweeping over her. Her pussy felt like izmit escort it was clenching, cramping, pulling at her brother’s thick manhood. She cramped in pleasure-pain, feeling as though she surely was mashing his cock into uselessness. She had had intense orgasms before, but this was the best – she was, incredibly, cognizant of this fact even before the waves of her luscious orgasm subsided.

The siblings lay in each other’s arms, their juices mingling and seeping onto the sheets. Their breathing was shallow and occasionally one of them would grunt with satisfaction. After a while, Hannah pushed her brother off of her, sweetly telling him that he was heavy. Then they lay, spooning.

Hannah finally whispered, “Was that the best ever or what?”

Joe turned to face her. “I’ve never cum that hard. Ever.”

She reached for his face and brought her own face close enough to kiss him. “It’s because we love each other, isn’t it?”

Joe smiled and laughed. “It’s because of that, and the fact that you are the sexiest girl on the face of the earth!”

Hannah smiled. “I believe you really think that. I love you. I don’t ever want to stop doing this. I don’t care what happens. Nobody will ever make me feel like this, but you.” She kissed him again.

Joe lay on his back, put his hands under his head, and stared at the ceiling. “So, when you get married, I can just come over and fuck you?” he asked, teasingly.

“Something like that. I mean, we can meet somewhere, like once a year – or once a month!” she laughed.

“I’m getting hungry. Want me to warm the pizza?” he asked as he scrambled out of bed.

“Yes. And I want some more beer. And another shower. You can shower with me, if you want.”

“Well let’s eat first, okay?” His sister was insatiable. That much was obvious and that was great, but he needed recovery time – more than she did, apparently. There was certainly nothing about this situation to complain about!

They ate and drank another beer. Joe just felt mellow, not really feeling a buzz, but Hannah, who was not used to alcohol and was a petite girl, definitely felt a slight buzz. She started the shower, then led Joe into the bathroom with her. They soaped each other up, kissed and fondled each other until they were both ready for another round of delicious, incestuous sex.

Hannah got them both another cold beer from the fridge, took a huge gulp of hers, belched, giggled, and lay on the bed with her legs spread in welcome. She started playing with her clit, totally unashamed before her brother.

Joe got on his knees and began to lick her sweet, freshly washed, pussy. Hannah was flowing with juices again and he lapped them up and swallowed her succulent nectar. She grasped his head with both hands, guiding him gently as he continued his wonderful oral ministrations.

“Big Brother, you are taking care of your little sister so good on this trip! I’m going to brag on you to Mom and Dad,” she said as she closed her eyes, smiled, and thrust herself into his mouth.

Joe looked up at her. “Shit, we haven’t called them all day. We need to do that later – or would you rather me do it right now?”

“You’re not going anywhere right now!” she moaned.

Joe took her bottom in his hands and feasted on her delectable female liquor. He licked her sopping cuntal crease, flicked his tongue rapidly against her throbbing clit, then took it into his mouth and gently sucked it. This brought exclamations of delight from his shapely young sister.

As he held her ass, a finger grazed against her asshole, causing her flashing green eyes to openly widely. She emitted a gasp as Joe purposely placed a finger against her nether ring. He heard her gasp as he did this so, experimentally, shoved his digit into her asshole about an inch.

“Fuck, Joe! What are you doing?” she moaned.

Joe removed his finger from his sister’s ass quickly, continuing to lick and suck her sweet pussy.

“No, it’s okay. Just…you know…don’t get carried away,” she said as she arched her back at his face again.

Joe again placed his finger at her anal opening and pressed, his finger popping inside about an inch, again.

Hannah stopped moving. Joe saw her eyes close and her mouth, already gasping, opened wide as she exhaled violently. Her body shook; his finger was forced out of her squeezing asshole; she pulled his hair; her hips arched upward violently as she fucked his face.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!” she screamed, then was silent as her body continued to shake and her hips continued to fuck at his face in an orgasmic frenzy. Joe did his best to continue to lick her, but she was bucking herself so savagely at his face that he was in danger of being injured. Instead he shoved a finger into her pussy and managed to ride out her orgasm. When her orgasm finally diminished, she rolled over on her side, her body heaving and gasping for breath. Joe noticed how sexy her breasts looked, her nipples still swollen. Their shape was exquisite. His little sister was a work of art!

Joe lay down beside his sister, draping his arm around her, spooning her. After a minute, she reached back and grasped his fully engorged cock. She squeezed it. “Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I have plans for him.”

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