Going to Live with Aunty and Uncle Pt. 03


I awoke to the sound of a bird chirping loudly outside the door of my granny flat.

Perched on the chair on my balcony was the most beautiful rainbow lorikeet, her plumage a kaleidoscope of colours, reds, blues, greens and oranges. She hoped from the chair onto the table and pecked at a slice of bread that was placed there.

I don’t recall putting any bread there, so maybe Tanya was responsible. I looked at my phone and checked the time. It was just after 8 am so I thought that I would get out of bed. It was Monday and I had a whole week before university started, and I had a few things to attend to in the interim.

Naked, I strolled across to the main house. Tanya was in the kitchen, naked, getting herself some breakfast.

“Good morning honey, she said cheerily. “would you like a coffee?”

“Mmmm, yes please,” I replied as I sat down at the table, my eyes firmly fixed on Tanya’s firm arse.

“There was this most beautiful bird on my balcony this morning, eating some bread. Did you leave it there? I asked.

“Yes, my mum used to feed them. I’m not really sure that I should be feeding them, but mum loved those birds, and it reminds me of her when they come visit. So, I will leave some bread out for them, if you don’t mind,” Tanya explained.

“Awww, that is so sweet Tanya,” I replied.

I was taken by Tanya’s thoughtfulness, and I got up and gave her a big hug. Her body was warm and soft as I pressed against her. A shiver of excitement raced through my body as I held her tight. Perhaps I held her just little longer than need be, but my feelings for my aunty were getting stronger by the day. I gave her a kiss on the lips, lingering only long enough to show her my affection for her.

We sat down and sipped on our coffees.

Dave had left for work earlier and Tanya told me that she has Mondays off from her job at the day care centre.

“It’s a lovely day Claire, would you like to try out one of our local beaches?” Tanya inquired.

“Sure, why not, I would like to find a beach to go to when I make new friends at uni,” I reasoned.

“Done!” said Tanya cheerily, “I just have a bit of washing to put on then we can head out.”

An hour later, we in the car heading to Tanya’s favourite beach. It was about fifteen minutes away and required a short walk through some bush before hitting the sand. Tanya said it was not a nudist beach, so we did put on our costumes.

When we arrived, I discovered that it was quite a small, but very pretty beach, with headlands at each end enclosed by bushland. Being a Monday and only mid morning, it was not surprising that there was only one other couple on the beach.

We walked past them, politely saying hello as we headed to a spot further up the beach. I noticed that the woman, lying on her stomach, had undone the strap of her bikini top, so as to get an even tan on her back.

We dropped our backpacks and laid our towels out. Straight away we headed to the surf for a swim. The water was a bit chilly to be honest and we jumped the small waves, giggling as we did so, reluctant to get our pussies wet. Soon we bit the bullet and dived in, ending our misery. We splashed around for a short while, but unanimously agreed to head back to our towels.

As we walked back, we noticed that the lady up from us had rolled onto her back and had removed her top and was enjoying the sun on her rather buxom bosom.

That was encouragement enough for us, so we decided to do likewise. The sun felt delicious on our bare skin. Not wanting to burn we applied sun lotion to our own boobies. There is a certain sensuousness to doing this and I was enjoying the process, as my hardening nipples could testify.

I had not seen Tanya’s bikini previously and while I thought that mine was on the skimpy side, hers was absolutely miniscule. If she paid for it by the square inch, she would have got change from a dollar. The bottom was a thong and it disappeared into the crack of her bum.

We lay on our backs, silently enjoying the peace and solitude of the near deserted beach.

“This is so uncomfortable,” declared Tanya as she lifted her bum and slipped her bikini bottom off.

“I hate this stupid thing,” she laughed affirming her stance as a true nudist.

I looked around and we were still the only ones on the beach beside the other couple.

Oh well, I though to myself, if it is good enough for Tanya, it is good enough for me, so I did likewise, divesting myself of my bikini bottom. I had to admit that it did feel so much better.

“Don’t worry babe, ” Tanya said, “although it’s not an official nudist beach, people often do nude up here. Dave and I do when we come here.”

I could understand that, as it was rather isolated and I doubt the other couple would complain.

As it turned out, about ten minutes later, I looked up the beach and that couple had followed our lead and were now themselves naked.

I was feeling positively relaxed. I reached out and touched Tanya’s hand and our eyes met as we smiled. ankara escort Tanya was lying with her legs spread wide, relishing the warm sun on her bald pussy. It was a glorious sight and I wanted more.

I rolled over and sat on my haunches between her spreadeagled legs gazing lustfully at her gaping vagina. I inserted my middle finger into her; she was moist and warm. I moved my finger back and forth grazing against her clit as I did so. Tanya quivered slightly to my touch.

I simply had to taste that gorgeous love tunnel. Bending forward, I locked my mouth around her swollen labia. I sucked gently, taking them deep into my mouth. My tongue forced its way into her, savouring her juices that were now flowing freely. They were as sweet as honey and I lapped them greedily, not wanting to waste a drop. I could feel an orgasm building deep in my cunt.

In a swift movement, Tanya pushed me onto my back and spread my legs wide.

In the sixty nine position, we greedily licked on each other’s cunt. My love juices were now flooding from me, and Tanya sucked ravenously.

Our passions rose to a crescendo and simultaneously, we orgasmed, drowning each other in a flood of cum. Tanya collapsed onto my stomach and we held each other tight as our bodies shuddered, our breaths laboured as we came down from that incredible high.

We lay naked, contented and enjoying the sun. We had one more swim then decided to head home.

We walked past our fellow beachgoers, still the only other ones on the beach and still naked. The husband gave us the thumbs up as we passed which gave us all a good laugh.

It was mid afternoon when we arrived home. We went to our respective bathrooms and showered and freshened up. It was decided that it was now “happy hour”, so we cracked a bottle of white and settled into the sunlounges in the shade of the patio.

My time in Wollongong had so far been outstanding. It had been a sexual smorgasbord, but there was still a delicacy that I was craving, Dave’s fantastic cock hard up my cunt.

Sitting having a drink, I mentioned this to Tanya.

“Tanya, the other day I sat on this sunlounge and watched as Dave fucked you. It was terribly exciting. I was fingering myself as you guys got into it,” I lamented.

“Mmmmmyes, I remember, that was the best sex I’ve had in a long time,” Tanya replied with a self satisfied smirk on her face.

This was not necessarily what I wanted to hear.

“When is my turn?” I asked blatantly.

“Patience dear,” Tanya laughed, “I’m sure Dave is as keen as you are. Let’s say we plan something for tonight. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

“It had better be!” I replied to Tanya’s unintended double entendre.

“Ha, ha ha,” chortled Tanya, “OK, Dave will be home from work soon. You can bet the first thing he will do is have a swim. With us sitting here naked I’m sure we can get him interested in some sex.”

I went and topped up our drinks.

“I have a plan,” Tanya piped up after a bit of thought. “Dave loves role play. He fantasised about fucking my sister, Erin. There was no way that that was ever going to happen, she is married and not into cheating on her husband. Anyway, a while back, she threw a party and she was wearing this super sexy dress, a little black number that barely covered her arse with a plunging neckline. When Dave saw it, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He was reduced to a gibbering mess when he spoke to her. Anyway, long story short, a few weeks later, I asked to borrow the dress. One night, Dave was watching TV, so I snuck to our bedroom and changed into it. I came down, he had one look at me, flung me on the couch and fucked the living daylights out of me. It was sooo hot.”

“Here is what we will do,” Tanya declared. “After dinner tonight, you go and change into the dress. Then go outside to the front door. Ring the bell. I will answer it. I will call out, “Dave, Erin is here for a visit.” You walk into where Dave is sitting in the lounge room and we will see what develops. I’m pretty sure you will get your wish.”

The plan seemed good to me and it would surely be a lot of fun.

Sure enough, Dave was home about an hour later and still being very hot he headed straight to the pool where we were still sitting naked drinking white wine. Gentleman that he is, he gave each of us a kiss, before stripping off and diving in.

Tanya and I watched for a while, before deciding that we needed to cool off too and we dived into the pool.

We swam around for a while until Dave stated that he was getting out for a beer. Tanya and I got out too and resumed our place on the sunlounges and sipped our wine. Dave returned with a beer and sat in the vacant sunlounge.

He and Tanya chatted about how their day went, with me all the while eyeing Dave’s magnificent flaccid cock.

Soon it was time for dinner, so I went with Tanya to the kitchen to help prepare it. Dave sat by the pool with his phone and another beer.

We sat down to a meal of pork chops, with çankaya escort potatoes and a crisp apple salad. Tanya was an excellent cook and if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then Dave will never leave her.

After dinner, we retired to the loungeroom where Dave picked up the book that he had been reading for the last week.

Tanya, cast me a glance as a signal to put our plan into place.

The little black dress was waiting in the office, just off the front entrance. I slipped it on, without underwear of course and snuck out the front door.

Ringgggg went the door buzzer.

“I’ll get it,” said Tanya, who, Dave knew, would put on the housecoat that was hanging on the back of the door before answering it.

Without saying a word, Tanya ushered me in and together we strolled to the loungeroom.

“Dave, look who is here, Erin has come for a visit,” Tanya announced triumphantly.

Dave, still naked, looked up in shock. Immediately, he knew that it was me in the little black dress and he let out an audible sigh of relief.

He jumped to his feet and raced to greet me.

Aware of the charade he gave me a big hug and a lingering kiss on the lips.

“Erin, dear, how lovely to see you. This is unexpected, if I knew you were coming, I would have got dressed.”

“Oh Dave, my darling brother in law,” I replied completely hamming it up, “I’m so glad that you didn’t. Then I would not have seen your magnificent cock.”

With that. I reached down and took a firm grip on his thick long dick, which instantly began to thicken in my grasp. I stroked it lovingly as Dave tightened his hug on me.

“Oh Erin,” he spluttered, “I see that you are wearing that gorgeous black cocktail dress. How did you know that it is my favourite.

“Oh, my darling sister Tanya told me so,” she said you would love to see it again,” I answered playing my part to the hilt.

“She is right,” said Dave as he rubbed his hand up and down sensuously touching the fabric of the dress. “It is the sexiest dress that I have ever seen, the perfect dress for such a sexy lady.”

For a moment, I hoped Dave wasn’t overdoing it, singing the praises of his sister in law in front of Tanya, but I glanced in her direction and she was smiling broadly.

Dave grabbed the hem of the dress and in one swift movement, lifted it over my head and flung it onto the floor at my feet.

I stood in front of him totally naked.

He took my left breast into his mouth and sucked gently on my hardening nipple. My hand returned to his now fully erect cock. Slowly I pumped it as he continued to suck my nipple. With a spare hand he reached down and rubbed my steaming pussy. He parted my pussy lips and inserted one, then two fingers into me.

He found my clit and with the palm of his hand he massaged it, while his fingers worked their magic, sending waves of sexual energy pulsing through my lower regions.

Dave moved me slowly towards the couch and laid me down parting my legs


Next, his tongue was lashing my cunt. I was in Heaven. I could feel my pussy juices flowing freely and flooding Dave’s face. He licked expertly, determined not to waste a drop.

All I wanted was Dave’s majestic cock deep inside me.

“Fuck me Dave, stick that cock up me,” I cried desperately.

Dave was more than willing to oblige.

With my legs spread widely, Dave had easy access and he worked the tip of his member to my waiting vagina.

Easily, it slipped in, my sodden cunt was primed to receive his long thick dick.

He slowly filled me to his balls, then pulled all the way back before plunging in again. Back and forth he worked his magnificent cock, bringing me to the cusp of a shuddering orgasm.

“I’m cumming Erin,” he cried breathlessly, “Oh God, I’m cumming.”

“Yes Dave, I’m cumming, don’t stop,” I hissed.

With a low, deep grunt, Dave erupted within me, filling me with wave after wave of his thick salty cum.

My legs were wrapped around him and I gripped him tightly, not wanting that fabulous cock to fall out of my hungry cunt.

My own orgasm gripped me, my body throbbing as my brain went close to exploding with the sheer sexual pleasure.

Dave collapsed on me his strong muscular body squashing me in the most pleasant of ways.

Locked together, we laid as one, our bodies heaving as we came down from the high of our orgasms.

“That was very, very nice,” said Tanya as she slow clapped our effort.

“You sure have a slutty sister,” Dave offered, which brought a round of laughter from the three of us.

“Thank you, Dave, that was absolutely special, I have never had sex like it,” I babbled.

“You are very welcome, I’m sure the three of us can have a lot of fun while you are with us,” Dave replied.

I was very hopeful that Dave was right.

The next weeks went in a blur.

My first week at university was as stressful as I imagined.

University is so different to high school, kızılay escort but I felt that I adapted well. I was prepared for the challenge. I started to make some new friendships. There were Friday night drinks and there were two pubs quite near the campus that we made our watering holes.

It was the end of the second week when I got a phone call.

“Claire, darling,” my mum was on the line,” I just wanted to call and see how you are going. We miss you, you know,”

“Miss you too mum. But things are going just great down here. I’m loving uni and I have made some new friends. And of course, Tanya and Dave are looking after my every wish.” I thought that I would leave it at that, not wanting to divulge the sexual fun that I had been having.

“I thought that your dad and I would pop down this weekend to visit, if you aren’t doing anything special,” mum said.

“That would be great mum, I was planning a quiet weekend at home. I’d love to see you both,” I replied


“Oh that’s fantastic, Claire, I will tee it up with Tanya, We will come down after lunch Saturday,” said mum as we ended the call.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and after breakfast, Tanya and I went to the supermarket to get in some food. We bought some meat to have a bbq dinner. A trip to the bottle shop was mandatory to stock up on some alcohol.

A quick tidy up of the house and my granny flat and we were ready to receive our guests.

It was just after one o’clock that we heard my dad’s car pull up in the driveway.

It was decided that we would be naked, as we were all of a similar mindset that we would enjoy a clothesfree weekend. Naked hugs all round welcomed mum and dad to my new temporary residence.

“Come inside and make yourself comfortable. I’ll get some drinks. We have bubbles, Claudie if you like and Greg, a beer?” said Dave the perfect host.

Mum and dad headed to the guest bedroom and soon appeared minus the hot clothes they wore travelling down.

Again, I looked admiringly at my naked, confident parents, so proud that they could be comfortable with family nudism.

We chatted about my new university life. Mum and dad were keen to know how it was all going, how I was coping, whether I needed money.

When I was at high school, I had a job at Burger King. I wanted to have a certain level of independence, I wanted to have my own money to buy clothes and to go out on the weekends. I did not expect my parents to pay for everything for me.

I expected to easily pick up work here. My old boss said that she would contact the manager of one of the Wollongong outlets and recommend me for a job. In fact, I had an interview on Monday.

The afternoon was going very pleasantly. We had cracked a second bottle of bubbly and Dave and dad were still on the beers although I hadn’t been counting.

The afternoon was still hot, so it was time for a swim in the refreshing pool.

The brothers, being the big boys that they are did a bomb to get in the pool. I dived in but Tanya and mum made a more genteel entry via the ladder.

The water was absolutely beautiful, pleasantly cool.

We all floated around, savouring the atmosphere.

I looked across and saw dad slowly moving across to where mum and Tanya were standing and talking. Dad then wrapped his arms around Tanya’s shoulders and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Mum stood watching, certainly not the least bit concerned by the action before her. Tanya’s hands slipped below the water, and it was obvious that she had a hold of dad’s cock.

Next Dave swum over to join them. Likewise, he gave mum a lingering kiss on her lips.

A moment later, mum broke away from Dave and swum over to me.

“Honey, you have to know, that your father and I have developed a very loving relationship with Dave and Tanya,” mum tried to explain.

Although I was shocked, I wasn’t completely surprised. Dave and Tanya are extremely sexually liberated. I had found since living with them that sex was an integral part of their lifestyle and of course, they had been openly sexual in front of me and indeed I has joined them in their pursuits.

“Ohhh, I see mum, well I guess I am not surprised. I have seen how open Dave and Tanya are with their sexual behaviour. I have to tell you that I have even joined them. It has been quite a revelation for me. Would you be shocked to hear that I have no problem with such intimacy with my close, loving aunty and uncle?” I asked, somewhat nervously.

“Claire, darling, it would make your father and I so happy to hear you say that. We love you and Dave and Tanya so much. We want to be able to express that love as we do, without judgement,” mum said with a sense of relief.

Mum gave me a big hug. I held her tightly to ensure her that I was on board with the choices she and dad had made.

Dave swam over to join us.

“Claire, we just love hanging with your mum and dad. They are fun and they are on the same wavelength as we are where sex is concerned. You obviously know that we love sex and I know that you are very open too. I hope that we can all be adult and enjoy some fun when we all get together,” Dave explained.

“Dave, it’s all good. I love you all, I want to be a part of this loving family,” I honestly replied.

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