Therapy Pt. 03


That night, Stella couldn’t sleep. It had indeed been a long, shattering day, and it hadn’t left her unaffected. Her thoughts kept spinning, replaying today’s event in her head. A tad remorse, she should have resisted it, but she hadn’t been able to stop herself. It was unprofessional, it could put her in an immense amount of trouble, it was… making her horny.

The image of Philip sitting there, in front of her. His cock, all hard and erect, how he kept stroking it, the intimacy of the moment, his eyes on her, on her pussy as she was touching herself before him.

She imagined how it would have felt if he instead had been touching her, his hands on her body, caressing her with his lips, his tongue between her legs, his throbbing young cock pushed deep inside of her, her legs around him, pulling him close. She wasn’t usually attracted to younger men, but now she caught herself fantasizing about him.

Her pussy was aching, she was wet, again.

She reached down and touched herself. Her experienced fingers easily found their way under her panties, and swept over her tender lips, following the wet slit between them, circled around her clit, massaging it, pressing hard right above it. The soft fabric against the back of her fingers was wet. It had been a very long time since anything had turned her on like this.

No one knew her body better than herself, her technique had been practiced and refined over decades. She kept pleasuring herself, varying both tension and speed as she massaged and caressed her eager pussy. She slid a finger inside, she was warm, wet and her hole was gripping tightly around it. She squirmed, she thrusted against her finger, two.

She rolled over on her stomach and kept rubbing herself from underneath, arching herself, bushing her ass up, as to help whoever would have been behind her to reach deeper inside her. She moaned and reached with her other hand behind her, running her fingers deep in her butt cheek, spreading herself. If Philip would have been behind her now, she would have spread herself wide open for him with both hands.

Philip! She was indeed fantasizing about him, Imagining him behind her, panting, grabbing her, pushing himself in and out of her wet, eager hole, and how she would thrust herself back against him. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted his cock inside of her.

Her hand on her butt reached further back, and she started to massage her tender, tighter rear entrance. That forbidden passage where she hadn’t let anyone pass through. None but her own fingers, and she massaged herself there with two of them, circling, pressing, dangerously close to enter inside her. She liked that. And the feeling of mischief was really turning her on. If people only knew what she did to do to herself, alone, in secret.

She was getting close, but she kept resisting it, kept edging herself, she wanted to enjoy her fantasies forever. She knew it was going to hit her any time now, and it was just waiting for an unattended moment, waiting for her to let her guard down.

She kept thrusting and squirming. She was fucking herself with the two fingers in her pussy, pressing her thumb against her clit. The wet sound turned her on more and more, and with her two fingers pressing hard against her tight ass, she was inevitably pushed beyond the point where she could resist it anymore. She didn’t want to resist it.

Her body tensed hard and she folded herself twitching as the orgasm erupted, starting in her cramping pussy and rapidly spreading through her legs and stomach.

She clenched her legs hard around her hand. Her ass cheeks squeezed around her fingers. She moaned loudly with her face pushed deep in her pillow.

It felt like it went on for minutes, and when her body eventually relaxed, she could feel her crotch pulsate, and her holes kept clenching.

A feeling of warm calmness spread through her body.

She closed her eyes, and with a feeling of immense relief, she felt the tiredness taking over. Utterly satisfied and with a smile on her face, she fell asleep.

Was she in fact happy?

The two weeks until her next session with Philip felt like forever, but that gave her some time to process it all, even though part of that process still involved vivid fantasies, especially at nights, when she was alone and couldn’t resist her own thoughts.

* * *

On the day of Philips’ next session, Stella was nervous, and she was mentally preparing herself to meet him. Maybe she was just exaggerating it. Things had run out of hands in their last session, or rather “in their hands”, and it sure had made its mark on her, but maybe Philip wasn’t as affected by it as she was.

That would probably be for the best, then she could start to process her way out of it, to stop thinking about him, however painful that would be. They got away with it once, and if that was it, perhaps, over time, things would go back to normal.

Now, this wasn’t what kept Stella distracted for the rest of the day, instead she couldn’t stop thinking about him, Avrupa yakası escort the highly arousing sight of him in that chair, stroking himself. Various possible scenarios of today’s session kept flashing before her. Images of Philp thrusting inside of her, his panting breaths against her neck, their lips tasting each other.

She had scheduled him at the end of the day, and all day she had this tingling sensation between her legs, and she was wet, really wet.

Philip was waiting in the reception. For the last two weeks, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Stella, and today he was struggling with mixed emotions, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, but above all that, he was immensely aroused.

He almost had a feeling of being outside of himself when Stella finally called for him, and he could almost see himself walking into her office.

“How are you feeling today?” Stella started, just as she used to start any other session.

“I am fine I guess.” He made a short pause. “I’m a bit nervous to be honest.”

“Honesty is always the best way to go.” Stella replied, but even as she said it, she knew she couldn’t entirely say she believed those words anymore. Honesty would in fact ruin her life, or at least the scattered remains of it.

Philip had noticed the obvious paradox of what she had said and he smiled.

“How are you feeling Stella?” He asked.

Stella thought hard about how to reply. She couldn’t exactly tell him that she was horny, and that she had been looking forward to seeing him.

“I am ok.” She summed it up. She was struggling with how to proceed with the session.

“I have missed you.” Philip confessed.

Stella’s “herself” part of her, was really relieved and happy to hear that, but her professional side was starting to wave the biggest red flag it could find.

“That is, of course, very flattering.” She replied.

She had been missing him too, but she obviously couldn’t tell him that.

“How have you been since…” Stella’s own reference to the last session made her pause.

“… since the last time we met?”

“Fine I guess. I have been thinking about you.” Philip continued. And of course this was something they had to talk about. Last session had been totally out of the ordinary, and she realized the inevitable about the subject. Her memories of that episode kept replaying themselves before her.

“Have you told anyone about what happened?” She asked him.

“No, of course not.” Philip responded quickly. “That’s what we agreed on, right?”

“Yes, we did.” Stella nodded.

“Did you tell–” he started.

“No, I didn’t tell anyone.” Stella answered before he had finished the question.

“Is this what you want to talk about today?” She asked him.

Philip thought for a moment before he answered.

“Yes. Don’t you want to talk about it?” He asked her back.

“I guess it’s inevitable.” She replied and she felt a growing lump in her stomach.

Her aching pussy sure wanted to penetrate the subject, in vivid detail, going all the way to the bottom of it, but she could let “her” speak her mind now.

“Haven’t you been thinking about it?” Philip asked, and Stelly couldn’t lie, it wouldn’t be fair.

“Yes, of course I have.” She admitted.

“But maybe we should talk about you, and your thoughts.” She didn’t want any questions.

“Yeah, sure.” He replied.

“Can you describe how your last weeks have been?” She kept the subject about him.

“Well,” he had to think.

“I have been thinking about you a lot.”

“Fantasies?” She asked.

“Not only that,” He continued.

“Would you be embarrassed if I told you I’ve been fantasizing about you?” He asked.

“No, I wouldn’t. I already knew you had fantasies about me.” She reminded him and smiled.

In fact she was flattered by it, and relieved that she wasn’t the only one having them.

“What else besides that have you been thinking about?” She continued.

“Well, you know, what if it was you instead of Lynn?”

“What do you mean?” Stella realized this was the first time he had referred to his girlfriend by her name. This was a change, but she didn’t yet know what it meant.

“I mean, if it was you and me, instead of me and her.”

This caught Stella off guard, and she didn’t know what to say.

“You know,” Philip continued, “Waking up together, eating breakfast, dinner, movies… sex.”

“Uhm, Philip,” Stella still didn’t know what to say, this was obviously a new level to it, but she couldn’t help thinking about how that would have worked out.

“The other night, we had sex, and I could stop thinking about you.” Philip confessed.

The sting in Stellas stomach worried her. She wasn’t supposed to have feeling like this when a client talked about having sex with his partner, jealousy, that was problematic. Yet, she couldn’t help thinking about him, having sex, his hands grabbing her naked buttcheeks, pushing his cock in and out of her, Ataköy escort bayan and in what way he pictured herself being the one he was fucking.

“Are you really thinking of leaving her?” Stella didn’t know how he would read that question, she had to be careful not to encourage him, however flattered she was, and no matter how much she didn’t want to totally reject the thought of that.

“Yeah, no, I don’t know, some times.” Part of him wanted to, but he didn’t know how.

“I don’t think Lynn loves me.”

“And since last time… I haven’t been as reliant on her.”

“Do you think I should break up with her?” He very well knew that it was up to him alone, but he asked her anyway.

“I can’t answer that for you Philip.” She said, but what she really wanted to say was “Yes!”

After all her sessions with Philip, she knew that he and Lynn obviously weren’t good for each other, but she wouldn’t tell him what to do.

Yet, Stella couldn’t shake the fact that she was actually feeling jealous of her.

“Yeah I know,” Philip lowered his eyes.

“But, if I was one of your friends, what advice would you give to a friend?” He pleaded.

Stella found herself in a bit of a corner here. He was a client, but she couldn’t really say he wasn’t a friend, in fact, he had become more than to her. But that fact aside, she wasn’t sure what she would tell a friend in a situation like this.

Would she be able to live with herself, knowing that she helped ending a friend’s relationship, with all the heartbreak and sorrow that would cause.

Yet, she did have her own interest in him. Maybe, she should at least be honest with him about that, maybe she owed him that much, and maybe, if she didn’t, she would miss out on the greatest opportunity in her life to be happy, again.

She thought both long and hard about what to say.

“Would you be embarrassed if I told you…”

She wasn’t sure this was a very good idea, but she kept going.

“If I told you that I have had fantasies about you too?”

Philip looked up at her, was she being serious? Was this a strictly hypothetical question?

“What do you mean?” Philip asked stupidly. “Did you?” His heart started to beat faster.

“Why? You didn’t think I had them? Fantasies?” She looked back at him.

“Well, yeah, of course, I mean, but…” Philip stuttered, now he was the one caught off guard.

“You mean like, fantasies about… me?” He was intrigued, but it was totally unexpected.

“Yes.” Stella replied, with confidence.

She could tell she had surprised him quite a bit. Inside of her she was shaking, she was afraid she had made a mistake by confessing to him. But the truth was that she wanted him.

“What have you been fantasizing about?” Philip was curious.

“Oh no, I am not telling you that.” She quickly responded, trying to keep from laughing, but she felt her face was heating, and she wondered if he could see her blush.

In a way, it was a relief telling him, but she couldn’t make it unsaid and that made her feel vulnerable and the lump in her stomach grew, but that was not the only thing she felt. Her pussy had woken up for real now, she had taken a first dangerous step out in the forbidden, and she didn’t know how to go back. She didn’t even know if she wanted to.

“Would you leave her for another woman?” She asked him.

Philip had to think for a while before answering.

“Yes, I probably would.” His heart kept pounding, even his face was heating.

Where was this leading? Stella was really nervous now. She wanted him so badly, she felt her pussy aching. What was it about Philip that turned her on like this?

What she decided to say next, almost caused Philip’s heart to stop.

“Do you want me to help you with that?”

She got up. Philip couldn’t move a muscle. He watched how she was getting closer, and when she was right next to him, she leaned over him, and whispered;

“I can help you with that, if that is what you want.”

“But, there are not many roads leading back from that path.” She was standing really close now.

He remembered her wonderful scent, her breath against his ear and neck sent shivers down his spine. He knew that what he did or said next could change everything, the rest of his life.

“Do you trust me enough to help you?”

Her whispering words turned him on, and he felt the movements in his pants, his cock started to grow, getting ready, consuming the remainder of his already poor judgment.

“Yes.” He heard himself answer.

Stella took his hand, and just as she had done before she placed it under her skirt, letting him touch her, letting him feel how wet she was, all through her panties.

Philip gasped and started to caress her with his fingers. She was in fact very wet and he enjoyed exploring her soft pussy through the thin fabric.

Stella moaned, she was so turned on now that she could easily let him make her cum just with his fingers, and it wouldn’t take him long to Escort Şirinevler do it. But, she wanted more, she wanted him inside of her, his cock, the cock he had been stroking before her, the cock she had been fantasizing and masturbated about for two weeks now.

She went down on her knees in front of him, keeping her eyes in his. She let her hands slide down his stomach, further down his thighs, up between his legs, and over his growing bulge.

Slowly she unbuttoned his pants, folded them to the side and ran her gentle hand over his cock through his underwear.

The feeling of how warm it was, and how it almost pulsated behind the soft fabric aroused her. She pulled them down, revealing his cock.

Philip was paralyzed, he could just sit there and watch, as she studied his hardening manhood, her fingers caressing along the shaft, her lips close enough to touch it.

Her warm breath against it.

She had been longing for this, she couldn’t hardly even remember the last time she had a growing dick this close. The scent, the pure masculinity, the essence of man, there was no perfume able to replace the sensation of a real man, the arousing smell of his genitals.

The taste.

She closed her lips around it, engulfed it, she wanted to feel it grow inside her mouth, the transformation from penis to cock under the caresses of her wet tongue around it. Philip gasped for air, her mouth was so warm, and so far she fitted him entirely in her mouth.

He ran his fingers through her hair. She was moaning, clearly aroused by what she was doing. He watched her head slowly moving up and down and couldn’t help moaning. Her saliva was wettening him, and was running down his shaft.

She had missed the growing sensation in her mouth, and she really loved his hard cock, it turned her on more and more. She wanted him inside of her aching, hot pussy.

She fought her way out of her panties, and climbed on top of him. With her legs spread on either side of him, knowing there was nothing between her and his hard cock.

She had her eyes locked in his as she started to lower herself, teasing him, letting the tip of his cock finally touch her naked pussy.

His cock was pressing against her entrance. She started to slowly descend, letting his cock stretch her open and make its way deep inside of her. She moaned. She let him enter her deeper and deeper, she had been craving this since he sat foot in her office.

Philip held his breath. She held his hands. She didn’t let him do anything but sit there, letting her devour his entire shaft in her tight, clenching pussy. She was really tight, wet, and warm.

He loved the sensation of her around him like this.

She started to ride him, slowly, deep, letting her pussy adapt to having a hard cock inside her after all this time. She wanted to swallow all of him. She increased the pace.

Philip wanted to touch her. He freed his hands from her grip, and let them caress their way up along her sides, up over her chest. She leaned her head back and moaned as he squeezed her breasts through her clothes.

He thrusted against her as she moved up and down over his cock.

He moved his hands down, along her back, all the way down. He lifted her skirt and grabbed her bare buttocks firmly, squeezed them, much harder than he had squeezed her breasts. He followed her motion with his grip around her buttcheeks.

She leaned forward, pressing her lips against his, a deep, passionate, eager kiss.

He felt her panting breaths against his mouth.

Stella was getting close, she wanted to cum on his cock, but she really wanted him to fuck her. She wanted to experience her entire fantasy with him.

She rose up, feeling his cock sliding out of her. She dragged him with her down onto the floor, on top of her with her belly down, she always loved being fucked from behind, loved to feel the weight of a man like that, and his cock thrusting inside of her.

Philip entered her wet pussy, he felt her naked ass pressing against him as he pushed his cock deep in and out of her. She arched her back, pushing her ass up against him, grabbing her buttcheeks and spreading herself open for him, she liked opening herself to the man fucking her, making him reach deeper inside.

She moaned loudly as he started to fuck her hard, deep. Pushing his cock all the way inside of her. He grabbed her hair and kissed her neck and reached around her with his other hand, reaching for her pussy.

With his fingers rubbing her clit and his firm grip around her hair, she kept pushing herself hard against his eager thrusts in her clenching pussy.

She was getting close, fast, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist. Philip knew she was cumming, he could feel it. Her entire body was starting to tense hard, and she was panting and moaning all louder.

Her squeezing, tight pussy made it impossible for him to resist.

He pumped his cock furiously inside her. Her pussy was really cramping around him. He couldn’t hold it back, his cum was pushing its way through his shaft. He moaned loudly as he let himself burst inside of her. She kept thrusting against him with her orgasm erupting from deep inside her pussy and sweeping across her entire body. She twitched and squirmed with his cum pumping out of him, filling her cramping pussy around his pulsating cock.

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