I met her through my wife’s work. She was a sexy little firecracker. She wore things I wanted my wife to wear. She had a zest for life which she exuded.She was short, thick in all the right places, cute and busty. She would wear things that made you want to see more.Everytime I saw her, I loved looking at her cleavage, pale, deep, and sexy. I don’t know if she noticed, but I couldn’t help it.My wife’s office did public holiday events. Halloween was one of the most entertaining. They would come up with a theme, and dress up as characters.One year they did the Addams family. She was dressed in this sexy little black dress which showed her cleavage off. Unfortunately she put a small piece of lace over herself since it was a family event. I would sneak a peek every chance I could.Over time we would communicate about different things, sometimes work related, sometimes things about my wife and the things she did, and sometimes just odd shit.A couple of times we would delve into more personal issues. She was direct and open about sex and everything associated with it. Most of our interaction was subtle and innuendo.I usually go eat lunch with my wife on Fridays, as I am off. On this day, I was parked out front waiting, reading lush and playing games on my phone. I have to go back and forth or I get too worked up, you know, that horny thing.I looked up and she was passing my truck talking on the phone. I didn’t notice if she looked and Ankara escort waved initially. I wish I did. She was wearing a red/white sundress above her knees which was flowing. She looked so fucking sexy as she walked. She walked with attitude and confidence. She drove away with her window down as we waved at each other.–(0)(0)–Until.One night we were texting and it got a little heavier. We started discussing our sex lives with our significant others. Hers was disappointing because she was always horny and he wasn’t interested. Mine was okay, but sometimes left me wanting because i was always horny and wanted to experience more. It seemed we both had similar ideas about sex and everything that goes along with it. Two peas.–(0)(0)–As I got older and more experienced, and after I started reading stories, I began realizing more what I wanted my wife to be like. Unfortunately, due to her upbringing, she had a few hang-ups in some things. She wasn’t one to be sexy, wear revealing clothes, or be more adventurous. And as we got older, we did expand some of our activities, but it was still frustrating for me because i was perpetually horny. Everything about sex turns me on.So it began. We’d text more often discussing what we wanted, making innuendos and subtle comments.I started feeling guilty. We weren’t really doing anything, but it was pushing that boundary. I enjoyed it though. It was two like Ankara escort bayan minded people sharing their likes and fantasies. She was the first person that knew I put a story on lush. A story about my wife and I, she seemed to like it.–(0)(0)–We continued texting. We kept it subtle, but it heated up. The thoughts and hidden desires run a libido rampant. I enjoyed our conversations. There was no easy way to make our desires known. I wasn’t really sure how interested she was. I was quite a bit older than her, and I really had no intentions of cheating on my wife. But the new and unknown was exciting again.We saw each other from time to time, trading looks, and knowing what the other was probably thinking. She knew a little more about me than she probably should, the only other person knowing how big I actually was besides my wife. I felt a kinship with her, I guess you could say. Knowing, and her revealing some of her history, I felt like I wanted to make her feel special.–(0)(0)–We began to try and plan to meet. It was difficult because she worked with my wife, and I worked days. I did have one day off a week, but I usually met my wife for lunch. She said she liked public sex, so I thought that would be the sexiest way to indulge, but coming up with a place we wouldn’t get caught and arrested was the hard part since it had to be during the day.She had the smarts and came up with Escort Ankara a plan. She would make an excuse, go into work late on my day off. We met at a park when I said I was running errands. She pulled up in her Camaro, she loves driving fast. I opened the back drivers door of my truck for her and she climbed in wearing that same sundress I saw her in that day. I knew she liked going commando, and I was hoping as such. She scooted over as I climbed in after her and closed the door. I sat down as we looked at each other, knowing we shouldn’t be doing this.I knew it had been a long time for her to have the real thing. It had been a long time since I’d had an adventure. I knew she didn’t want to get pregnant because of her history, but I’d been fixed long ago and each of us with one person so long there was no chance of evidence of infidelity.I grabbed her neck with my left hand, pulling her to me, the taboo of the moment exploding in both of us. We kissed hard and long. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as we each fought for control of the other’s mouth. I moved my right hand to her neck as my left drifted down her neck towards her right breast. I ran my hand along her her dress line and slid it in thinking I would have to slide inside her bra. She wasn’t wearing one. She usually had to because she was so voluptuous. Surprised, I slid my hand down until I felt her nipple under my palm. I began sliding my palm in circles and then back and forth across her nipple, eliciting a moan. With her nipple getting harder, I had to taste it. I broke our kiss and moved my head down. Sticking my tongue out, I began flicking her nipple. This caused a deep moan. I felt her left hand in my hair, and her right sliding down towards my crotch.

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