The Trouble with Passion – Part One


The cold evening air blew through Lucy’s hair like needles. She shivered sending cold chills down her spine. As she made her way across the campus quad she hugged her sweater closer around her waist. It was Friday and Lucy couldn’t help but wish she was anywhere but where she was at this very moment. Her roommate Fiona had invited her to go to a party across campus just hours earlier. “Come with us, Lucy,” her roommate had said. “My boyfriend, Carl, has a sexy friend he’d like you meet!” Lucy didn’t doubt Carl’s rugby friends were all gorgeous sex gods but Lucy had other matters to attend to that day. One of her professors emailed her requesting a mandatory meeting to Maltepe Escort discuss her academics. Just the thought sent butterflies through her stomach. “I can’t, Fiona,” Lucy explained… “I have to meet with Dr. Thacker.” “Dr. Thacker?” Fiona interrupted with a puzzled look on her face. “Why would he want to see you?” “I’ve been struggling in my advanced media class and he wanted to see me. I think I may be in trouble.” Fiona looked at me for a moment and as she gathered her keys said matter-of-factly, “Oh you’re in trouble all right. Take care, Lucy!” As she shut the door to the studio apartment Lucy began to wonder what she Maltepe Escort Bayan meant by that statement. Brushing it out of my mind Lucy went to the restroom to wash up. Looking in the mirror she felt content with her appearance. Her long dark brown hair lay in waves upon her shoulders. Her tan olive colored skin was the envy of her pale roommate, Fiona. At 5’4” her petite frame held her size 34 C breasts perfectly and her daily yoga showed amazing results for her ass. As Lucy took a step back from the bathroom mirror she could hear Fiona’s saying, ”You’re so hot, Lucy! Why don’t you have a boyfriend? I would totally fuck Escort Maltepe you!” That last part made Lucy shiver to her special place. She smiled biting her lip. After some devilish thoughts, Lucy glanced at the clock and decided she better leave to go to her meeting. Heading out the door into the evening air Lucy started to wonder again about the meeting. And as she finished crossing the quad and ascended the stone steps she kept repeating Fiona’s ambiguous words, “Oh you’re in trouble all right.” She began to wonder if Fiona knew what this was about. After all Fiona was a couple of years older and in the same major of study she was. She surely had Dr. Thacker before. After two flights of stairs and down a dark corridor she paused at Dr. Thacker’s office. Looking around she didn’t see or hear any other professors or students in the building. “Maybe the professor went home,” Lucy thought to herself wishfully. Lucy rapped on the door twice hoping to hear no reply.

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