The Train


I’m a mechanic in the military. When I graduated from basic training, I attended a school to become a mechanic. The school was in sunny San Diego California. While I was there, I met some really good people. My buddy Doug was one of them. Now Doug was a great guy. A total drunk, but a great guy. Doug stands about 5′ 6″, and weighs close to 180lbs of pure muscle. He had been a competitive weight lifter in High School. He was absolutely ripped, bulging muscles and the six pack. Doug was always getting laid. When most of us in the class were coming back to the barracks with stories of striking out, Doug would come back with stories of all the girls he picked up at the club.

Now I was never good with the girls. In fact, the last date I had, was my freshman year of High School. I was a Virgin, and was as sexually inexperienced as they come. I had fantasized a lot about my first time. Never did I think it would happen like this.

Our class was close to graduation. Like all mechanics, we had some tools walk off. We had to replace them before we could graduate. So Doug and I were headed out to Sears to replace the tools we were missing. We jumped on the bus, and headed out to the mall. Now if you have never been to southern California, the Freaks and Geeks are out in force, Especially on the public transportation systems. If you spend any time at all on the public busses, you will see some of the freakiest people on the face of the planet. Every thing from spiky haired and pierced punks, to died black Goths, and the dirtiest drunks you have ever seen.

Doug and I got on the bus, and stuck up a conversation with another serviceman, and a slut. The Serviceman and the slut weren’t together, but they just joined our conversation. Apparently the serviceman was stationed away from his family and was making the rounds of the local bars. The slut informed us that she was on her way home to her girlfriend, and was really horny. Doug was eating this up, and I being the inexperienced virgin was mortified to hear a woman talk like that. The entire conversation was based on sex! I was at the same time turned on and embarrassed! The slut kept talking to me, and was trying to get in my pants. I didn’t know it, I was an inexperienced idiot. Eventually Doug and I had to get off at the mall. We said our farewells to the serviceman and the slut.

Doug and I went to the tool department, and got the tools we needed. We spent some time walking the mall girl watching. I çekmeköy escort felt that all those hot California girls were way out of my league. Boy, was I right. They knew we were servicemen, and wanted nothing to do with us. Doug and I made our way to the bus stop, and waited for our ride back to base. We sat at one of the blue bus shelters and talked about mostly nothing. We were just looking forward to graduating and going to North Carolina.

All of a sudden the serviceman from the bus ride comes up to us. We were a little surprised to see him. We asked what was going on.

“Dude, that slut has been hanging on me all night!”

“Really, you guys do it?” asked Doug.

” Not yet, she’s a real freak. She’s over by that other stand. Dude’s you gotta come see this.”

We went with him, and he sat down in the kiosk, and unzipped his fly. The slut got down on her knee’s and started to blow him right then and there!

” Guys, she is such a fuckin slut! She has been suckin on my cock any chance she gets!”


” She wants to be fucked real bad. She wants to know if you guys want to join us?”

” Hell yea” “Fuck yea!”

” Good, Lets catch the bus.”

We jumped on the bus, and headed to a Motel close to the gate. Doug and I started talking with the slut while the Serviceman went and got a room.

” I thought you were a Lesbian?”

“nah, I just like to eat pussy, and my Girlfriend is a sugar momma. She takes care of me, and doesn’t mind too much when I go out and get me some cock.”

“Cool. So your pretty kinky huh?”

Doug was doing all the talking. I was fidgeting nervously, expecting something bad to happen any minuet.

“Fuck yea I’m kinky! I take it every way but up the ass.. I love to suck cock, and I love to have my pussy stuffed by thick hard military meat. I just love to be taken by two guys. One in my mouth and one in my pussy. I love to eat pussy and have my box stuffed from behind, driving my mouth into my girls twat. I love to taste girl cum. Boy cum isn’t too bad either.”

Jesus! I was ready to blow my load just listening to this slut. Doug and I followed her up to the room where the serviceman was waiting for us. We got in the room, and the slut dropped her purse, and got naked. She wasn’t too bad looking either. A little chubby, but it worked for her. I just stood there looking at her. I noticed that Doug and the serviceman were cevizli escort both naked. Jesus! Doug was HUGE! His cock must have been at least 9 inches long! No wonder he was so good with the ladies.

The slut just looked at me and smiled.

” Come on sugar, get naked for me.”

I striped, and just stood there like an idiot. I looked nervously at Doug and the service man.

” Go ahead dude, your first. No better way to pop your cherry then to take the lead of a train!”

” Come here sugar. You know where to stick it?”

“Yeah, I think.”

” Let me take care of everything, Just climb on for the ride of your life.”

The slut grabbed my 6 ½” cock, and started rubbing it along her slit.

” You sure are hard. Your not gonna last long are you?”

” I’ll do my best” I said with a stupid half smile. Jesus, this is how it feels? All I could think about, was how embarrassing it would be to blow my load before I actually got my dick wet. Then all of a sudden, she pulled me into her! Oh sweet heaven! IT was like nothing I had ever felt before. The slut was so warm and wet. She felt like a glove, wrapped around my hard cock. Then it happened. She started to flex her muscles. I could feel her pussy milking my cock. It was surreal. The most intense sensation I had ever felt!

“Come on sugar, fuck me.”

So I did. I started to slowly move back and forth. Sliding my cock in and out of her slick pussy. I was more than awkward. I was so out of rhythm, that I must have looked like a drunken monkey! I didn’t care, it felt so good! The slut was trying to get me into a rhythm, but it was to no avail. She flipped me over, and started riding me like a slut cow girl. I looked up, and saw her tities swaying above me. I wanted to grab them and suckle, but what if she didn’t like that? Would she quit riding my cock? I never wanted this to end.

“Play with my titties. Suck on them. Bite my nipples.”

I lifted my head to her glorious breasts, and started to suckle. Her pussy was sliding on my cock, up and down. I could feel the lining of her magnificent snatch, rubbing my dick like a velvet hand. This was great! We had been going at it for almost 5 minuets, and I wasn’t close to Cumming at all! I chewed on her mummeries, and played with her fleshy ass. God I was in heaven. I wanted to take another crack at fucking her, so I rolled us over, and proceeded to slowly start pistioning in and out erenköy escort of her wet snatch. I started going faster, and the slut closed her eyes, and started to shudder.

“Ohhh my GOD! I’m Cumminggggggggg!!!!!!!.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and choked me. God the pain was good. I couldn’t believe it. I made her CUM! That just re-enforced my desire to do this right. I started going faster. Not too fast, but fast enough. She started to scream! She was Cumming again! I was good at this shit!

“Damn dude! Way to go! Dude, you’ve been going for 45 minuets! You wanna give us a chance to hit that?”

“Yeah man, get off already!”

I leaned down and gave her stiff nipples one last bite, and crawled off.

“That was great sugar. I haven’t cum like that in a while. You sure this is your first time?”

“Yeah, fist time. That was great.’

“Let me suck on that cock of yours. I’m gonna make you cum in my mouth.”

I let the slut start to suck on my cock. She hooverd it like it was the last one she was ever going to get. The serviceman got in between her legs and started to stick his cock in her ass.

“NO! Anywhere but my ass!.”

The serviceman looked dejected, and stuck his cock in her pussy.

” I hate it when guys try to take my ass. It just damn hurts.”

The slut then returned her attention to my rock hard dick. She suckled at my dick, like it was going to give her sweet nectar. Hell I wanted to give her my nectar. About five minuets later, the serviceman shoved me out of the way, and shoved his dick down the sluts throat. He busted his load and thanked her for the fuck. I backed out of the way and sat back on a chair to watch Doug have his way with the Slut. God was this hot. My dick was aching to blow its load. I sat on that chair, and stroked my cock like I had never stroked before. I was close, really close. I stood up, and moved over to the sluts face. I was going to blow my load just like they did in the porno’s. There it was, I was Cumming.

Then it happened. Doug, who had been pounding away between the sluts legs, came. He blew his load and jerked forward. The bad thing was, I came too! As Doug lunged forward, the cum came spurting out of my cock in a stream like I had never seen before. The Jizz flew out of my pud, and landed square on Doug! Holy shit, Doug was gonna kill me! I turned tail and ran to the bathroom. I had to let Doug calm down.

“YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! You came on me! Mother fucker! Damn it! Aww come on out, I’m not gona kill you.”

I couldn’t believe it. In one night, I lead a train, got my first blow job, popped my cherry, and busted my nut on my friend! Doug and I cleaned up and made our way back to the barracks. Wow, talk about an experience!

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