The Shower


I guess I’m okay to look at. I’m about 5’3, have short brown hair, and I’m only 108 pounds. I’ve always been rather self-conscious about my sexuality because I only wear an A-cup, and even those are a little big. However, the summer I turned 18, Kevin changed my mind completely. We decided to take a road trip to Valley Fair in Minnesota the summer after our senior year since we both loved roller coasters. We had spent the entire day getting ourselves silly dizzy and had gone back to our hotel room to clean up before going out for a late dinner. It was less expensive to get one room for the two of us and besides, we’d been best friends for the past four years and had seen just about every side of each other, both physically and emotionally. I went into the bathroom to take a shower but I didn’t swing the door hard enough and it swung partially open without me knowing it. Kevin was sitting on the bed, supposedly reading a book as I turned on the water and began to get undressed. I pulled off my shirt and shorts and checked the water temperature before taking off my bra and underwear. Then I stepped in the shower and closed the curtain. I guess Kevin had been watching all of this because he came into the bathroom and undressed without me knowing it.

I heard the curtain open and before I could turn around, I felt his arms slide around my waist and heard his harsh breathing in my ear. I had always aydınlı escort been attracted to Kevin, but we had never jeopardized our friendship by dating, having seen many of our friends lose good relationships that way. But that day, everything was different. As I felt Kevin’s hands on my stomach and his cock pushing up against my ass, I knew I had to have him, and I had to have him right then and there. Before I could do anything, however, he began to run his hands up and down my stomach, circling my breasts before lowering them to gently rub over my pussy. I moaned as his hands worked magic and he lowered his lips to my neck, instinctively finding the sensitive spot there and flicking it with his tongue. Kevin’s hands began to wander again, one traveling back up my stomach to cup one of my breasts, kneading and squeezing it, while the other one parted my lips and found the nub it searched for.

I was so wet, and not just from the shower. I moaned again as he slid one finger into me as far as he could before slowly pulling it out and inserting two. Then he removed his hands from my body and turned me around, looking into my eyes. I smiled in my bliss and he slid me to the floor of the shower and backed me up against the wall. Smiling at me, he then slid three fingers into my wet pussy and began to kiss my neck again. I felt his lips bağdat caddesi escort move past my collarbone and fasten on one of my nipples. I arched my back as the waves of pleasure rippled over me as the combination of his lips on my nipple, his fingers inside me, and his thumb on my clit began to work their magic. I felt his tongue and his lips move down my stomach and nearly shrieked with pleasure when his lips fastened over my clit and began sucking. It felt so good I couldn’t stand it, so I wriggled away from him and pushed him back against the wall.

His thick cock was staring me in the face and I swallowed before lowering my head to gently lick the head. I had never sucked a cock before, so I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at it, but when he moaned, I slowly took the head into my mouth and began to suck. Then I licked the shaft up and down the whole eight inch length of it before taking the whole thing in my mouth. He shuddered as I began to suck the length of him and his hands in my hair guided my head to where he wanted it to go. I alternated between full out sucking and a gentle pressure. Kevin looked down at me and I looked up at him before he told me to relax and open my throat. I did as he said and he shifted his hips so his cock began to slide down my throat. I had an initial sense of panic as I began to bostancı escort choke, but as I relaxed my throat, I felt it slide down until he had his entire cock in my mouth. I. As he pushed forward, I could feel myself opening to him and when I gulped inadvertently and that sent him over the edge. He began pumping in and out of my mouth as I tried to keep up, but, being my first time and all, I was overcome and had to back away from him. He apologized immediately and said he’d make up for it.

He slowly crawled toward me as I lay on my back and spread my legs for him. I gasped as I felt his head pushing against my tight hole. He felt so hot, so heavy, and I had a brief flash of terror that I wouldn’t be able to take him in. Kevin saw the look in my eyes and told me he’d be gentle and take it slow. It was so slow though! Excruciatingly so. The pressure was so incredible that I gasped out loud again and clawed at his back, trying to get him in me faster, but he only laughed and kept up that slow and steady advancement until I gave up rushing and left myself at his mercy.

It was wonderful! I didn’t cum right away, but Kevin held himself in me for a moment before pulling out. He pulled his cock out of me just as slow as he had pushed it in and I pleaded with him to stop the torture. He increased his pace, pushing into my pussy and then pulling out, making sure I felt every inch. He kept pumping, faster and faster as I arched my hips to meet his every thrust. He came first, clutching me to him and shuddering as he filled me up with his cum. The feeling of him shuddering around me and the hot cum dripping out of my pussy pushed me over and I came, my pussy milking every last drop of cum from his cock. We never got to dinner that night, but neither of us minded.

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