The Stranger – Short Story


The Stranger – Short StorySuzie Yong, 25, an erotic dancer in a night club, had encounters with men more than enough. She maybe experienced a lot of rude and humiliating behaviour, so she pulls herself back into her snail house for her fantasies: She wants to stay in control, and she doesn’t want to be screwed – her Asian peach flower is is not for grabs and not for sale:I’m always horny and I never wear a slip. I enjoy the unrestricted freedom of movement and the fresh air fanning my peach. Especially on Saturday nights I dress very lightly to entice my prey. I stand at the back window of the crowded bus from the suburbs. My extremely short and skimpy white skirt is as tight as a condom and stretches nearly as translucent over my taut nether cheeks. It hugs my little bottom as And as I brace myself for the corners my legs stand wide apart. I never have to wait long for the accidental, quite unintentional first brushing of fingers over the ripe swells, and then I push my bottom just further out to let the clingy skirt ride high on my narrow hips! That move is always taken as an free invitation for a good feel of the hidden buttocks, and my full compliance as a welcome encouragement to explore the looming shade underneath. I love to be fondled like that, as long it happens anonymously. I breath onto the glass to mist it up, Escort not to see any facial features of my victim at all! Immense joy floods me when a stranger fumbles the tiny muscular rosette of my bottom, sticks a finger in or two, but I would never let them see the bliss on my face.On the dark street I always bend over, pretending to adjust the straps of my high-heels, only to show off my clean shaven peach and to make sure that the stranger follows right behind me. I actually never choose them, and because of my boyish hair cut and my trim posterior I attract a lot of gays. But what the heck? I just want to be satisfied!I enter the venue where the heavy bands play every weekend and steal myself into the darkest corner, just leaving enough space behind me and the wall for him. I welcome his first touch on my naked hips always with a step back to feel his hard-on with my pouting bottom. I have hardly any tits but like a contradiction huge cherries on top, and I wear only a loose jumper to leave them accessible. His hands sneak already up over my belly to squeeze my big berries and to rub them hard as hazel nuts. I like the treatment rough, and if there is not enough action happening I help on with wiggling my bottom, teasing and squeezing the hard machine in his pants. Then his hands fall down and try to enter Escort Bayan the tight skirt from above. But that is nearly imp[ossible, and when they come from underneath I just push them back: My peach is strictly private, I don’t appreciate dirty fingers on or in it – but everything else they may use for their own pleasure as I use them for mine!I have a younger girlfriend to suck my clit. She is a vegetarian and owns the sweetest cunt of all! And for more: A clean vibrator can take care of that! I detest condoms completely and I would hate it to get pregnant by one of my unique nightly adventures. Now he pulls my skirt up and kneeds my buttocks like pizza dow. I lean back onto his broad chest and spread my legs further. And again my bottom rose gets his ful attention. A wet finger probes deep through the tight muscle, then two together widen the narrow passage, and there a third helps to stretch the elastic chanel to its limits!I know exactly, when a man opens his fly and unpacks his dangerous weapon – mostly it slaps against my naked buttocks anyway. And I know, when he spits into his fingers to gently lubricate its soft tender tip. And then, of course, I feel it coming! I always lean a bit forward to improve the angle, and with my both hands I pull my buttocks hard apart to ease the penetration. I Bayan Escort bite my lip because I never know, how big it really is – and some of them are huge – for such a petite woman like me!But then: I’m an exotic sex doll, and who ever has the luck and shows the initiative can play with me for a while. It’s the thrill that kills me! I feel like a whore, just without pay, responsibility and all the stupid small talk that puts me off any good fuck!My anonymous lover behind me has my hips in an iron grip as he pushes his piston further and further up my back entrance, filling my to the burst. And then he starts to rock to the rhythm of the deafening music from the brightly illuminated stage. I really like that part – it’s like dancing but times more enjoyable!I don’t experience the most exciting anal orgasms, so: Just before I come I let his dick flop out, and clamp it hard between my upper thighs. Then I start to rock, imagine the blood-red glossy plum peeping out in my groin. I pull it up and press it desperately onto my swollen clitoris until I come. I have to bite my knuckles hard to avoid the shrill shrieks of bliss as the orgasm grabs my hole body and shakes it like a tambourin. My lovers always feel the bliss rattling through my hips, and proud to have satisfied me they release their mental tension. And when I reach between our connected bodies to squeeze his hairy balls, I have them in a firm grip. And after a couple more powerful strokes they shoot their thousands of fertile sperms onto the pants of the stranger in the darkness in front of me . . .

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