my fantasy…037


my fantasy…037u smile & pull me in2 the bathroom& then pull me in2 the shower with u…as we soap & wash each others bodiesi can feel my excitement growing & i can FEEL that yours is growingas u throb & expand in my hand…then your hands move 2 my shoulders& gently press my body downwardmaking me drop 2 my knees in front of uas my hand slides 2 the thick base of your cock…as i slowly look upward & in2 your eyesi open my mouth & let your cock slide insideslithering my tongue around & around the tipgroaning as u grip my head in your hands& force the entire length in2 my oral opening…as u press in deeper & deeper & deeperi can feel the girthy head of your cockas it enters the taut opening of my throat& i can feel the broad underside of your shaftas it throbs & pulsates on my tongue…my upper lip presses tightly 2 your rootas my lower lip caresses your smooth ballsas u face-fuck me like a prison bitch…u groan” suck that big cock !! suck it all the way down !! “as u grip my head even tighter& start plowing in & out of my aching mouthgoing faster & faster with each savage strokemaking my eyes water as i fight not 2 gag& saliva pours endlessly out around your cocksliding slowly down your shaved ball-sack& then dripping down in2 the bath-tub…then finally u decide 2 have mercy on mereleasing my head & pulling your cock freethen turning around 2 shut off the wateras u quickly pull me out of the shower & push me ahead of u in2 the bed-room…i crawl on2 the bed on my hands Escort & kneeswith my feet & ass hanging off the edgeas u stand directly behind me on the floor& i gasp as i feel your big thick cock-headpress against the entrance of my fuck-hole…i whisper breathlessly” fuck me !! give it all 2 me !! FUCK ME !!! “as i feel your hands grab my hips tightly& then the sweet feeling of your cock entering me…i press my ass back against your thick prickas u forcefully rock your hips all the way 4ward& i moan as i feel your thickness slide in2 mestretching my taut ass-hole as far as it will go& stuffing my insides with your delicious girth…when i finally feel your hips press against my assi start 2 rock my whole body back & 4wardfucking your throbbing cock with my entire body& making my own cock throb & pulsate in response…without missing a single deep-thrusting strokeu slide your hands 2 grip my upper armsthen pull my arms backward & behind my backpulling my upper body up & back 2ward uas u continue 2 pump your hot cock in2 my ass& i scream” oh god !! fuck me !!! fuck your cock deep in2 me !!! “as u keep pulling me backward with each deep strokeu thrust your hips savagely 4ward 2 meet medriving the full length of your pulsing erection so deepthat it takes my breath away with every stroke…u groan” damn !! i love fucking your tight fucking ass !! “as u continue 2 jack-hammer your girthy toolin2 the depths of my wide-stretched aching hole…i can barely reach my own ass Escort Bayan with my handsbut when i finally manage 2 get a tight gripi pull my ass-cheeks apart as far as i canhoping that it will help u drive in2 me even deeperas i moan” deeper !! harder !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! “u start hammering in2 my ass even harder & fastermaking my whole body rock backward & 4wardas your cock pummels my hyper-sensitive prostate& i can feel myself heading 2ward sweet orgasm…then suddenly & without any kind of warningu let go of my arms & i flop 4ward on2 the bedthe momentum throwing me all the way downpulling your fat cock all the way out of my assas i crash face-down on2 the tangled sheets…as i slowly roll over on2 my backwith a questioning look in my eyesu climb up on2 the bed & flop on2 your back next 2 me…u moan” it’s your turn 2 do the work !! ride my cock !!! “i slide downward until my mouth is next 2 your cockthen give your delicious dick a quick lick & a suckjust 2 make sure that u are still fully hard & readythen i move my body over yours & straddle uwith my knees on the outside of your hips& my cock-hungry ass hovering over your crotch…i place one hand on your chest 2 balance myselfthen reach behind my ass with the other hand& grab the thick & throbbing shaft of your cockguiding the swollen tip 2 the opening of my ass…as soon as i feel the tip of your cock against mei let my ass fall all the way down on2 your lapburying the entire length Bayan Escort of your erection inside me…i groan” oh god !! i love fucking your big cock !!! “then i raise my upper body upright above u& reach back & grab my ass-cheeks with both handspulling them as wide apart as they will stretchas i start 2 bounce rapidly up & down on your cock…your hands cum up 2 grip my hips very tightlyas u start 2 pound your cock upward hard & fast2 meet my equally energetic downward thrusts…u moan” fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck my cock with your ass !!! “as u slowly slide both hands over on2 my crotchone hand caressing my sweaty & swollen balls& the other hand wrapping around my hot erectionletting my shaft slide in & out of your gripping palmwith every deliciously deep downward thrust…i groan” you’re gonna make me cum !! oh god !! make me cum !!! “as i start moving faster & faster on your thick cockgrinding my ass in circles at the bottom of each strokebringing u closer & closer 2 exploding with me…suddenly i feel your cock swell even bigger inside me& i realize that u are gonna shoot me full of cum so i press my ass down against u as hard as i canas i rock my hips 4ward & back faster & harderpulling u as deep inside my ass as u can possibly goas u groan” oh shit !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming in your ass !!! “& just as i feel the first hot spurt splatter in2 my gutsi scream” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming on your fucking cock !!! “& my cock erupts like a lava-drooling volcanooozing & pouring my juices out & on2 your handthen further down on2 your furry bellyas i grind my ass down even tighter against utaking every drop of your seed deep in2 my assas i groan” deep in me !!! cum deep in me !!! deep in me !!! “( do u wanna ??? )

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