The Story of Rasheeda Pt. 01


Let me, Qamar, first tell you how I met this particular woman I am gonna talk about in this story and how I met her.

She had responded to my article asking for stories and I went to her home to meet her.

As I went in and knocked the door, she opened. I asked,

“Miss Rasheeda?”


“I am Qamaar, the story writer. Eh, you know what stories. So, I am here to take your story.”

“Oh, come on in”

She was still sticking to her early traditions of covering everything but her face and her hands. Lemme explain how she looks like.

She is around 5 feet 9 tall, slender body and her skin color was some very light brownish color, native to the people of Sri Lanka, but a lighter version of it. She showed me a picture of a man, who was apparently over 6 feet tall and with a beard, looking dangerous. She said,

“This is Hamid. I am gonna narrate to you how I met him. I still live with him in this house. He will come later.

First, lemme narrate to you my earliest interactions with Hamid.

He was a university student at the same batch as mine, the same faculty but a different clan. I was okay with the guys of my religion and since he was of a different religion and a different clan nonetheless, I was always upset with him. But I started having something for him and I guess he sensed it too, and he Kadıköy travesti also started having something for me.

Two days he followed me to my home and I started having fears about his stalking so I alerted my brother. After all, there was no way I could have married him since he was of a different religion. He looked tough and he behaved the same way. There was no way he would have converted because of me.

Later, once I was out with my degree, I was married off to a guy from the same university whom I had known for a long time, named Bashir. Hamid disappeared, and never came back.

At my first night, I was laying in bed, hoping to have a real good time with my husband. Was this not the night I was eagerly waiting for?

But I had to close my eyes without him around and I later woke up, feeling a heavy load over me.

It was Bashir on me and he, without no foreplay, pulled up my dress and deflowered me, and it was painful as hell, in spite of his small penis. That night, I screamed a lot and as he laid by me and closed his eyes, I also slept with tears in my eyes.

In the morning, we prayed together and there was not a single word about last night failed sex. That morning, his parents came and saw the blood on the mattress and they were happy that I was pure that night.

Since then, my life Kurtköy travesti with him was a sexual disaster. He never cared about my pleasure. Infinitely many times I wanted him to kiss me and please me before sex but he never cared for me during sex. He was a scary man, who used to beat me with his hand and green branches, saying it was his religious duty. There was not a single day that passed I did not shed a tear because of him.

Later, while I was pregnant with my first kid, mom came to see me in the hospital and I explained to her about this matter and she just said that not all men are the same and for the same of my Hereafter, I had to live with him in peace. But I told her his torture was too much and I really wanted a divorce. She threatened me, saying that I had no say in this matter and a good wife is the one who submits to her husband every possible way. You can imagine how helpless I was being a woman of this religion.

Bashir was bad even as a man of this religion. He got drunk alongside his friends and I had to struggle a lot to keel myself same and my kid, my son, safe from them.

Later his business hit rock bottom and I got pregnant with another kid. As my 2nd son was also delivered and I took him home, I saw that much of the furniture had disappeared. I guess he sold them to drink and live.

I Pendik travesti was sure I would not go to hell after death, because nobody goes to hell twice. I reached near to 27 years and happiness was all gone by now.

One day, Bashir said to me,

“Get ready. We are going somewhere”

It was suspicious since he never took me or my kids on a picnic so I hesitated. He threatened to smash my kids if I did not obey. I obeyed, with my eyes full of tears.

He took me to a hotel and he met with another man, who was in a luxurious room, turning back to us. He was over 6 feet tall and had broad shoulders.

“Bashir, what is this?”

“Shut up! Hamid, look at my wife I brought for you”

Hamid? I was brought for him? What was that supposed to mean?

He turned towards me. Oh God! It was the same Hamid I always feared for stalking me. He had a bigger beard and he was now looking much larger and scarier than when he was in the university. I started shivering already.

“Sit here, till we discuss your deal” he said to me showing me a seat nearby.

They were talking about Hamid taking me in exchange for some thousands of rupees. How could Bashir exchange me so seamlessly like this?

“But remember Bashir, 6 months! That is it. If my money is not returned, you will never see your wife again. Deal?”

“Okay buddy”

Bashir left me with this man, whom I always feared and hated for his religion and his person. He said,

“Well Rasheeda, I guess we have a lot to settle since…those times.”

This is not the end of the story. Stay tuned for the next part.

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