The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 06


I took a bottle of wine with us to the hot tub. It was 3:30 AM and except one other couple in the tub no one was around. And they looked like they didn’t care who else was around. She was straddling him as she sat on his lap and we could hear the moans coming from both of them as we got closer. The clouds were moving over in front of the moon and it was dark. The security lights were on around the hotel and the pool but not the hot tub.

We stepped into the tub and I watched D’s sweet body walk in front of me down the steps. We sat there talking to each other and watched the other couple, we both knew they were fucking. We both laughed when D said, “They beat us to it. They’re making love to each other just like we wanted to do.”

I poured her another glass of wine and told her they didn’t have this end and we could still do it if she wanted too. She smiled at me and as I sat on one of the steps, D sat in front of me. We were in chest deep water and the bubbles were all around us.

I licked D’s neck and whispered very sexual and dirty things in her ear as I bit it. She lay back against my legs and I was looking down between her sweet young breasts. I could see the nipples of her breasts getting hard against the material of her suit. She tilted her had back and I kissed her. Then I took a drink of wine and covered her mouth and let it run into her mouth. She moaned softly as my hands came up under her arms and cupped her breasts. I squeezed and held then whispering, “Mumm I love your tits D. Take your top off for me and let me suck your nipples.”

She smiled up and said, ” If you want my top Bud off take it off.”

As I moved us down another step, her head was all that was out of the water now. I moved down to the same step and she sat on my lap. I slid my hands under her arms again and cupped her beautiful breasts. Moving the material of the straps on her shoulder of her suit down freeing those beautiful young full breasts. I began to play with them as she lay back on my chest. We kissed as I pulled and squeezed and rolled her nipples between my fingers. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it while I made love to her breasts. We had no idea what the other couple was doing but their moans were getting louder.

I squeeze her breasts and pulled gently on her nipples for a long time. She turned her head and sucked on my tongue as I slide my hand down over her flat stomach and into her suit bottom. She moaned and immediately opened her legs for me giving me the freedom I needed to finger her cunt. It was already open waiting for me.

As my finger went inside her she moaned, “Oh Bud!”

I smiled and said, ” Have I told you lately I love your body?”

She just sucked on my tongue while I made love to her body. We sat there for a long time with one of my hands on her right breast playing with it and the other one down in her panties fingering her slowly and gently! She just lay there enjoying the touch and feeling I was providing her.

When she moaned and began to hump on my hand, I knew she was getting off. I mean she was fucking my two fingers deep inside her pussy and moaning as she sucked on my tongue. Her body pumped against my fingers as I pumped them in and out of her snatch. It was so fucking sexual! I have to tell you, watching her humping like a puppet on my fingers made my cock rock hard!

She moaned and whimpered as her climax moved over her. And then she arched up off the step and hung there not moving as she reached the peek of her orgasm! My fingers never stopped moving until her hand held it with my fingers deep inside her. I moved my other hand down and now had both hands inside her bathing suit bottoms and they had been slid down now util the mound of her pussy was showing under the water. I started to work on her pussy again squeezing and stroking her cunt. D began to shuttering and shaking as she held me and climaxed hard moaning and moaning.

When she was done I pulled my hands out from between her legs and as she watched me, I sucked my fingers tasting her juices and cum! She kissed me hard and told me: “I want to suck your cock here in the pool.”

Just then the other couple who had finished fucking spoke to us as they sat on the other steps on the other side of the tub. We talked for a few minutes and then D whispered to me: “So are you ready babe?” I smiled and said, “They’ll be watching. Are you OK with that?”

She smiled and said, “Well you’ll be the one naked not me.”

I move up and lay back on the second step and pulled my suit leg to the side. MY cock stuck up out of the water. I looked over at the other couple and saw them watching us. D didn’t care and with her mouth over my hard cock head I sure didn’t either. As the other couple talked with Maltepe travesti themselves, D lowered her mouth over my cock and began to suck and pump my hard cock. I held her head gently with my hands giving her the direction and movement I wanted her mouth to move on my cock. She smiled up at me as I looked from her to the couple. They both smiled at me.

D pushed down on the base of my cock and inhaled as much of my dick in her mouth as she could. I arched my back and she took at least 6 inches in her mouth and down her throat. She sucked so had her cheeks caved in and her hand was pumping and pumping the shaft of my cock as fast as she could make it go. She licked the fat cock head and made sure she licked and rubbed that sensitive area on the underside of the head and just below it. I moaned again and my hips began to pump steadily now. I was trying to look around to see if anyone was there but now I didn’t give a fuck if they were. I just wanted to cum in D’s mouth! I held D’s head and she sucked and sucked and sucked as much of my cock as she could without going under water. Finally I couldn’t take any more. I whispered, “I’m going to cum baby!”

She took my cock in her hands and we both watched her pump the hard shaft! Then she smiled like a devil and covered the swollen purple head of my cock with her lips. Her mouth worked on just the head as her hand pumped up and down on my hard shaft! Moans and groans came from my mouth as D sucked my cock to the very edge of orgasm three or four times. But each time I arched up she pulled her mouth off of the head and told me: “No! No!! Bud! Not yet baby! You’re not going to cum yet babe!

She popped her mouth off my cock and told me move down in the water. I did and she straddled my body as she knelt on the steps. I knew immediately what she was going to do. As she pulled her suit to the side, she moved over my very swollen cock head. I felt her pussy against the head of my cock and the to my surprise it went in.

She moved down and more of my cock went up into her. As I filled her pussy with my super hard cock, the other couple walked pass us and the woman said: “Good luck!”

As they walked away D began to fuck me moving up and down on my cock as I held her hips and sucked on her tongue. We both waved goodbye with our hands but didn’t break our embrace. She was so soft and smooth and so wet yet she was very tight, and so dam hot! I could feel her cunt walls squeezing against my cock shaft now as I began to pull out as she rode up on the shaft. I started to pump into her cunt with all I had. She slammed down on me as she began to ride my cock hard and fast. I wanted this to be the most sensational fuck she had ever had!! I wanted this to make her scream as she reached orgasm!! Immediately she began to fuck me back just as fast. Pumping her body up and down on me, I pumped my cock up into hole with everything I had. She held on to me tight as she rode up and down. We went at it like two animals in heat! The water splashed all around us as we humped and humped into each out. The hot tube stop working and now we were in the tub and fucking out brains out with no other sounds anywhere. Then the other couple walked past us again and the man pressed the start button for us. Bubbles and foam began to cover our lower bodies again and I moaned, “Thanks!”

He waved over his shoulder and they walked away towards the elevator.

My nuts were huge now, full of cum! I needed to cum1 I wanted to fill her body with cum. I wanted us to swim in a hot tube full of cum. I wanted her to lift up and them slam down receiving me as her cunt squeezed my cock choking it tighter and tighter as it went all the way up into her wonderful young body! I moaned out: “Oh god baby! I want to cum!! I’m going to cum. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! OH god D!! I love you pussy so much. I love fucking you so much. So much! Oh god I want to cum so bad!!”

I kept ramming into her with every ounce of energy I had in my body! I was totally committed! She moaned out to me as she humped up and down on me again and again! She cried out saying: “Yes!! Oh yes baby! Cum for me! Cum in my pussy! Fuck me Bud! Fuck me and cum inside me! I want to feel your load shooting deep inside me baby! Oh god Bud it’s so good!! So good!!”

I held her hips now and slammed my cock into her hot cunt again an again as she wrapped her arms around me and held on to me tight. As we fucked, I felt the release coming, it was close, oh fuck it was so close. And then the first shot of cum pumped into D’s body and she pushed down on my cock taking every inch of it inside her. The cum pumped and pumped into D’s body as she held my tight. Load after load of my love filled her pussy. Her legs were around my body and she squeezed Ümraniye travesti as she said, “Oh god Bud it’s so good. I love to feel it pumping into me.”

I continued to fuck her until we both finished our orgasm. I was drained. We just held each other as the cum began to float to the surface. It floated all around us as we sat in the water. It stuck on our bodies as it floated against us. We just held each other. When we finally broke and looked at each other. D whispered, “Take me back to the room Bud. Tale me back and make love to me again, hold me baby.”

We got up and dried off and then walked to the pool elevator. When we got on the elevator, she faced me and cupped my cock and balls as she kissed me. I moaned now as she squeezed my cock and kissed me as she continued to rub my cock. The bell rang and the door opened on our floor! We walked to the room opened the door and laughed as she pulled my wet suit down with one quick motion.

D dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth! I pilled her up and told her let’s stain the new bed covers with our cum! She smiled and we walked o the bed as she held on to my hardening cock! I got up on the bed and she knelt between my legs.

D’s body was so warm and her mouth so willing as she slide her tongue and lips all the way around my semi-hard cock head and sucked hard on it! Her breasts stood almost straight up with nipples hard, red and long. Her nipples, so red and so hard and long you could cum just looking at them were making me harder and harder as D fucked my cock with her mouth. She looked into my eyes and told me to lay back. I did and she sat between my legs this time and worked on my cock.

She smiled as she popped my cock out of her mouth just long enough to say, “I’m going to work you up so bad Bud you’ll cum a gallon for me. I want to see your cum hit the ceiling!”

We both laughed but she lowered her mouth back over the swollen cock head. She kept me going for god knows how long before she turned around and straddled my head with her knees. I reached up and watch my fingers play with her pussy. I held it’s lips open with one hand and moved my fingers in and out of her pink insides. My fingers became very wet! She was wet and from her moans, I knew she was really enjoying this finger fucking. Finally when I cried out and arched my ass up off the bed she felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off my cock quickly and pumped the shaft with both hands. She watched as string after string of my warm thick white juice flew out of my cock and up in the air over the bed. She had her hand out trying to catch it all. She told me she loved to watch cum shoot out of a cock especially my cock! Finally when I had no more cum shooting from the dick head hole, she put her mouth back over the head and sucked me dry!

When she finished she turned around and sat on my chest. I had my fingers working her pussy good now and you could hear the slurping sounds they made as they moved in and out of her dripping cunt. I watched as my fingers fucking her pussy and she rocked on them. She was moving with the feeling now and I could see her juices actually running down my hand. She was close!

With one quick move she sat up further and now was on my face with her ass resting on my chin. She held my head with both hands and as I came up and licked her pussy shoving your tongue deep inside her hole and eat me.”

I began to fuck her with my tongue. As I was working on her cunt with my mouth and tongue she said, “Eat me Bud! Lick me babe! Suck my pussy and make me cum! Oh god I love your tongue Bud!”

I inhaled her musk and licked her cunt like a starving man! I used my fingers and pulled her pussy open moving her cunt lips out to both sides. I played with her insides touching and licking it with my tongue. She held my head and pumped my face s she rocked on my face. I used all of my fingers on both hands to separate her lips wider and to rub her. I took my tongue and licked directly up and down the full pink inside of her snatch. Then I blew warm air on it and as I did, D shuttered with excitement! She held my head with both hands as I licked around in that tight little circles inside her pussy. She was rocking faster with me now and I quickened the pace even more. She whispered: “Oh Bud! That feels like heaven babe! Mummm baby! I love that! Oh yes!! There!! Fuck!! Right there! OH! Fuck yes!! Bud! Mummm Baby! YES!! YES!!YES!!

Deep inside my tongue moved in and out and around fucking her. I knew she was really in heat and I would have to make her cum many times to give her compete satisfaction. As she sat there humping against my tongue and fingers, she watched my face buried in-between her thighs and she felt Tuzla travesti my mouth sucking and licking on her burning cunt!! She told me in a very deep horse voice: “You’re going to get such a great reward for this Bud! I’m going to repay you double baby! I’m going to make love to your cock and take all your cum in my pussy baby! I want to fuck you again and again until I can’t do it any more Bud!”

I kept on licking and sucking as she talked to me. She lifted her lower body up again covering my face completely. I had trouble getting air. She pushed hard against my mouth and cried out: Oh god baby! SUCK IT!! OH YES! OH FUCK OH GOD! Y E S!! I’M CUMMING!!”

I began to vibrate my lips and tongue against her open wet pussy. My fingers located and worked her clit now. As she was climaxing I could feel the hardness and length of her blood filled clit. It was huge! I used 3 fingers on it making them fly across her bud as fast as I could make them go. She took only a few seconds before she was pushing and pumping into my mouth again having another climax! Again and again and again she pumped that beautiful body against my fingers and mouth! Again and again she covered my face and rubbed her cunt all over it as she reached god knows how many orgasms.

Her head was thrown back and moans of desire were coming from deep in her throat. She cried out as I sucked her cunt into my mouth and sucked hard. I worked on that cunt for over 45 minutes sucking and licking and fingering and vibrating my lips on and in her hole getting her off many times. She was crying when I finally stopped! She was moaning with her eyes closed and tears running down her face. Her mouth open, and she said very softly, “Oh Bud!! I never felt this way before! I never cum that much in my life! Oh god! Oh my god Bud! I have cum more this morning than the entire time I have been married. Oh god you make me feel so good baby!”

Before I knew what was happening she mounted me and began to hump her pussy on my cock going faster and faster up and down squeezing my shaft as she rode me. The friction inside her pussy was tremendous and the feeling was so wonderful, for both of us! How long could I hold out! She bit my ear and then licked it. She said, “Oh Bud this is so nice. I want to cum! Are you ready?”

I was so ready! With her tits in my face I held her hips and thrust my cock up into hard each time she came down on my cock. It was brutal but it felt fantastic. She rammed down on me again and again. She was huffing and grunting as she worked her body fucking me like a talented whore. But I was only the second man she had ever had. But by far she was the best fuck I ever had.

And D’s cunt never stretched! If anything when she got closer to an orgasm she felt like her hole actually tighten. I wasn’t sure if it was her body doing it automatically or if she could control her pussy that well. As she rode up and down on my cock her pussy tunnel squeezed my cock shaft tight. As it moved in and out of her hole she looked down at me and said: “I fucking love your cock Bud it makes me feel so good. It fills me completely. OH fuck! I love fuck you!”

She was making my balls so tight they hurt because they were so swollen and full of cum. I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to shoot all of my cum into her cunt again and again. I wanted to pump load after load of cum deep into her body! As she sat down on top of my cock now she started to rock back and forth instead of up and down. I could feel my cock begin to thicken almost immediately. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off as she rocked back and forth with my cock all the way up inside her hole.

My cock was huge, I never felt bigger in my life. D’s body and words made me lust to fuck her all the time. Never had I felt this worked up over a woman. Evens when we finished fucking for a long time, my lust and desire for her was still the same! As I held her hips I could feel my cum begin to move. It flew up the shaft and pumped like a fire hose into her beautiful young body. I kept filling her cunt with my white thick ropes of cum giving her everything I had in my body. Every ounce of cum I had been hold in my nuts was now shooting deep into her pussy.

She moaned and I ramming her so hard if I could, I would have rammed my cock out her ass. As my load continued I felt her pussy tighten and I heard her moaned from deep down inside her body. She hissed at me, “”Fuck me! OH GOD! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!”

She was climaxing too! We were fucking each other so hard and fast now that I knew we would both be drained when we were finished. As my orgasm ended I thrust one last time as hard as I could up into D’s body. I heard her grunt as her body was shaking and vibrating and pumping on my cock. She was climaxing hard. Her body rocked on my cock as she body took her higher and higher and higher. She screamed and then fell forward on top of me. She didn’t move. Her breath was short and rapid. Her heart was beating as fast as she and mine just lay there. I looked at the clock radio and it read 5AM.

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