The Sperm That Made It


The sperm that made it.

“You are simply amazing darling” Josie said warmly to her new boy friend Mark, laying comfortably on the blanket the put down on the grass near a country lane, where Mark had parked up.

“I used to play here as a kid with my mates, we used to go exploring and pick blackberries and everything” Mark reminisced.

“And now you are exploring me” Josie grinned mischievously.

“You ought to pull your panties up in case someone comes unawares” Mark advised

“I see you soon zipped up, had your oats huh? and now you don’t want to know”

Mark looked sheepish; “It’s not that, it is just there are lots of flies around this time of year and they are incensed by the smell of sex.”

“You tell it as it is, don’t you darling. But you ought to know every girl comes prepared and I just happen to have some TCP in my handbag. That’ll keep the flies away, so you see there is now excuse, now unzip again or I will!”

Mark looked down at her from his sitting position and was somewhat surprised she still wanted more. She looked gratified and well flushed and had certainly made their first bonding top notch.

He got himself worked up- up again which was easy looking down at her nakedness. She was beautiful crafted with all the curves in the right places and making it with her had been sheer delight.

His former girl friend was always happy afterwards but Josie was different.

He relaxed again beside her and felt her teasing fingers unzip him.

She winkled him out Ataköy travesti with some sighing and verbal appreciation as he hardened straight way and he watched her go down to him and very slowly take him into her mouth, her lips closing tightly around him. He felt the verbosity of her deep and thrilling jaw movements, saw the swell in her cheeks as she varied her sucking. Then coming uo for air she again said how amazing he was.

“You are not so bad yourself Josie, I have never know a girl like you.”

She smiled so sweetly, she was young and full of zest just like Mark.

“Is that good or bad?” she asked, her deep blue eyes focussed proximately into his, still stroking him to maintain the pulse.

Absolutely good, but I like you bad as well.”

“Very bad?” she teased. “As bad as this?” and next she clambered over his chest, one knee each side and showed him how she could move and reveal all.

Then she leaned down until her lips found his and kissed him deeply, those lips that had just been around his erection, sharing the delight and thrill of his taste with hers.

“Like me to move upwards a little? she asked after the kiss. He could see that she was still very ripe for it. He nodded and immediately his lips were duly planted on hers, but lips of a different kind now, lips that were moist and spongy, now the lips that had so wonderfully comforted him and surrounded him with that first bonding, that first so wonderful and beautiful gratifying fuck.

He easily let Bahçelievler travesti his mouth and tongue enjoy her sweet quinny caress, moving slowly and gently around and around as he showed her he cared and wanted her.

After that beautiful episode she resumed her earlier position and took him into her mouth again, this time paying more attention to peeling him back and sucking up the splendour of his ripe bulbous glans, teasing his p-hole with the tip pf her tongue and enjoying it so.

This girl certainly had the know how of how top please her guy. He imagined she had been with several guys before but she insisted she hadn’t, only one and he was a bit of a wimp anyway, he could not compare with Mark and insisted size matters, at least for her, and added that he certainly had the quality.

“Now where were we?” and there she was sucking him again like there was no tomorrow but now, enjoying the feel and touch of his balls as well..

He chilled and enjoyed her various excursions of his body, her fingers tips constantly lightly scratching his chest and everywhere and he was in his own little heaven on earth, enjoying her every touch and kiss, tasting the both of them in their deep French wet kisses which was as intimate as it could get.

Licking his balls freely she prompted him to tease he nipples and enjoyed that as she continued to suck.

“They are so wonderfully firm and full, all those busy little sperm swimming around inside, who are so many needed to fertilize a Bahçeşehir travesti girl when just one will do?”

She knew Mark was reading human biology at University and was taking a keen interest herself, especially now when she had a wonderful virile male torso to study and enjoy all that meant.

She cupped his balls, lightly squeezing, watching the movement inside. “I can feel them all swimming inside” she said and went down again to kiss them

“That is how nature works Josie, the strongest survive. When sperm ejaculates inside a woman it is a long way for such a tiny thing to reach its objective, so as to reach the female egg. Many die on the way but the strongest will make it and so each and every one of us is the result of the best nature can provide.

“Wow! I do love the way you explain things. I guess we all ought to be grateful to think we were the result of the sperm that survived.”

“Then you can add to that and add that, Josie the very fact we are here at all is because of a happy accident that resulting in our planet being in just the right position to the sun to create life on earth.”

Simply continuing to spoil each other – both finding a comfortable position so they could both easily indulge in oral pleasure he heard Josie mutter that she would love for some of his sperm to fertilize her egg and immediately he felt the same way, it seemed the right thing to do, they were truly chemically, physically and emotionally attached and he wanted to father her child.

“let’s do it then , I would like that.”

“You are on,” Josie declared and for the rest of the afternoon, they intended to make it quite sure that conception would take place.

In a field on a beautiful August afternoon happened Louise who was to concrete the ties between Mark and Josie.

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