The Sleeping Bag

Big Tits

They had left the lodge that morning and walked through the spruce forest climbing gradually along the higher ground of Seal Bay toward the top of the ridge.

The day was warm and sunny and they had enjoyed the long walk along the floor of the forest and along the beach. As they reached the top of the ridge they walked with their arms around each other fully enjoying each others’ company and the day, and remembering the sensual lovemaking of the night before. It was as if they could just not get enough of each other, and over the few days they had been at the lodge – they had taken every opportunity they could to be alone and together, and spend time making love.

He had loved the complete and uninhibited but natural sensuality of her, the way she delighted in him, and how she wanted to please him any way she could. The adventurous way she explored him, and took him to new highs in sexual pleasure. The completely understated sexuality of her often surprised him, as once aroused, she often took his breath away, but – he didn’t mind a bit!

He had been just as adventurous in his loving of her – and believed he had found a match in sexual appetite and physical sensuality to be completely relished, and which he knew she did of him as well. He looked forward to each day with her and had used imagination in the way he made love to her – always pleasing her beyond question – and thinking of ways to make love to her the next time which would again bring her to the brink of complete ecstasy and absolute delight – finally tipping her over into sheer unadulterated passion for him.

Now, they reached the top of the ridge and sat down to take in the beautiful view of the other islands in the group further out to sea, and continued to marvel at the beauty of the Erenköy travesti pristine wilderness in this gorgeous ‘land of the midnight sun’. His arms around her waist as she leaned back into him – enjoying his warmth. His mouth on her neck, just kissing her lightly but so languidly, and she reveled in his touch.

He laid her back on the warm rocky ground – smooth rock, worn down by so many years of winters harshness to an almost smooth layer and now simply warmed by the sun. He stepped over her and kneeled between her legs so that he was able to be almost on top of her – they were fully clothed, and enjoyed just the closeness of each other, and the sweetness of the kissing – which was deep and loving – her fingers reaching up into his hair, as she pulled his mouth down to hers.

After a while he stood up, and stepped toward the edge of the outcrop – just barely noticing a building down in the gully – he strained his eyes to see more – but it was almost overgrown and hard to make out any real shape or outline as to size and state. He pulled her to her feet and they made their way down from the peak, following an old trail which led them down gradually to the floor of the forest.

As they came up to the old hut, they realized it had once been a building that had been built specifically for privacy and seclusion – the interior was now quite ramshackle and had obviously been overrun with wildlife from time to time, no doubt taking shelter in the Winter. But it had been built well and was still sturdy, and would stand the test of a few more Alaskan winters.

Now it was empty, the windows had swung open and the sweet Summer Alaskan air blew through gently. The old stove was cold and they went and gathered some kindling and larger logs Beşiktaş travesti and got a fire going quickly – they had brought some food and water and coffee along, as well as a sleeping bag.

The evening came quickly and they spent some time just enjoying the rustic cabin and it’s surrounds – almost on the beach, the sound of the small rippling waves which was soothing, along with the wonderful salty smell.

As darkness fell – they heard the sounds of wildlife making their way to their places of refuge, and they settled down for the night themselves.

He laid out the sleeping bag – stoked the fire – laying plenty of logs into the fireplace and stove – and then turned to her and took her into his arms. He kissed her deeply and very passionately and began to undress her – firstly undoing her light jacket and shirt, reaching for her bra, releasing her breasts so that he was able to reach them with his mouth, loving the feel of them, and the hardness of her nipples. He reached to her jeans and undid the clasp, his fingers already inside and against her stomach, so soft and smooth with his fingers reaching further down into her jeans.

Her arms reached around him and pulled his shirt out of his pants and his jacket off, then her hands were across his back and shoulders, loving the feel of him – and her fingers found their way into his pants undoing the button and zipper, feeling the hardness of him, the sheer beautiful fabulous feel of him – and wanting to have him immediately.

She waited for him to undress her completely, and he finally slipped her panties off and found her with his mouth – she shivered in delight at the feel and touch of him. He had turned her so that while she was alongside him, so was he alongside her, and they Avcılar travesti each were able to enjoy each other without any problem. Her arms were around his ass, and she drew him closer to her, taking him fully into her mouth – loving the length and hardness of him, with her fingers around him, under him and completely taking control of him. As she loved him this way, she slipped her tongue under him, between his ass and his cock, a small sweet spot, but one so sensitive – and which she loved to kiss and lick, and he so loved the sensation of it as he always did!

He had his mouth and tongue on her, and in her so deeply- his arms also drawing her ass closer to him so he had complete control of her – she shivered in anticipation of his loving, so loving his touch and the feel of his kiss. His tongue was in her, his fingers were in her, and she was completely ragged with desire for him – but she held back as much as she could, loving the taste of him, and knowing he was loving the taste of her, and the touch of her.

As usual, the sense of absolute desire took control of them, and they moved so that he could enter her, her fingers around him, guiding him into her – loving the feel of him, and the length of him. He was deep, and pulled her hips down so he could get deeper, her legs open to him, and wanting every part of him. He leaned down to kiss her breasts and she reached up to kiss his neck, and her fingers reached into his hair, and around his neck – loving the feel and smell of him.

Within a few minutes, with the heat of the fireplace, they had a fine sheen of perspiration across their bodies, and as they made love to each other they soon found they could wait no longer, and coming to a spectacular earth shattering climax – again pleasing each other and exceeding each others’ expectations of each other.

They lay in each others’ arms, talking and laughing as they did, so enjoying each other, looking forward to being together the next day in the wilderness, in the forest of spruce, and within reach of the sea ….

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