The Scholarship Pt. 04


Leila strode into the house like she owned the place. And for all intents and purpose, she did. The sense of fulfillment and pleasure she got from these bi-annual meetings gave her such a rush. It had been years since she lived in this house with her toy, but, much like toy’s outfit, nothing much had really changed. Sure, a few details here and there, but the overall presentation was the same.

Leila made a quick “click-click” noise bidding toy to follow her.

Dutifully remaining on his hands and knees, toy crawled closely along behind Leila, his nose just behind the heel of Leila’s boots as she walked. As she made her way to the living room, she elated at the clickety-clack of the lock on the small cage Cassandra must have allowed to him wear.

She made her way into the living room in which a coffered wooden ceiling imposed itself on the warm mahogany room. There was one large velvet, sapphire blue couch and four arm chairs. Leila proceeded to sit directly in the middle of the couch, claiming the whole space for herself.

Without a word, toy made his way directly in front of her and laid flat on his back. And without acknowledging him, Leila put her booted feet up on toy’s prone body – one foot on his chest, the other just above his groin. She quietly pulled out her phone and waited for the other women to join them.

She wasn’t alone for too long. Cassandra and Vanessa walked in a few minutes later laughing.

“Leilaaaaaa!!!!!” Cassandra sang. “Thanks for coming down so quickly. I was just finishing up a little tour of the house with Nessa here. She’s going to fit right in. I think she is one of the quickest to accept if memory serves.

Leila, not moving her feet from their places on toy, put her phone down and stood up. All of her weight now resting on toy’s chest and abdomen. Vanessa chuckled internally at the sight; even though Leila was standing on Wallet’s chest, she was only just the slightest bit taller than the two other women if at all. But despite that diminutive stature, she clearly held the most power in the room.

Exchanging kisses on their cheeks, Cassandra introduced Vanessa and Leila to one another and the ladies made small talk for several minutes ignoring the human stepstool beneath Leila’s feet. But before long, Leila decided it was time to get down to the business at hand.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Do you prefer Nessa or Vanessa?”

“Nessa, please”

“Absolutely. Nessa. We’re all really excited to have you join us in Anadolu Yakası Escort our little pact.” Leila took her seat back on the couch by herself. The other women followed suit, each in the one of the arm chairs. Leila placed one foot on her toy’s face while crossing one leg over the other. “I really must thank you for making such good use of my toy, Cassie. Now do be a dear and unlock that cage”

Cassandra took the necklace off of her neck and started removing the cage from Wallet’s cock while Leila and Vanessa continued.

“You are probably a bit confused by the whole toy/wallet thing. It’ll get less confusing over time. Besides, ever since we stripped him of everything including his name, it’s only toy here that really needs to remember what each of the women in this little group of ours call him. You see, we each have our own pet-name for him. You’ll find yours. But he will always be toy for me. And will always be required to respond to that for me. In fact, I am sure you have something in mind already. But that’s not important for us today.

“So… I just want to remind you that the NDA you signed is still in effect. Are you ready to change your life?”

“100%!” Vanessa nodded firmly.

Cassandra returned to her seat; the cage removed from wallet’s cock in her hand. Leila looked down and noticed the lines of the cage had made impressions up and down the shaft of the now rapidly hardening cock.

“Touch” Leila commanded. Laying on the floor in front of the three women, wallet started teasing his cock. Given the years of denial, he was quickly at the edge. Alas, he was completely aware that was as far as he would be allowed to go. And being there already, he knew it was going to be a loooooong afternoon. But finally being spoken to, albeit just the one word, toy felt filled with bliss.

Leila produced a document from her bag and held it out over toy’s face lifting her foot momentarily.

“Do you recognize this, toy?”

“yes, Goddess” toy whimpered. He recognized it immediately.

“Is this the contract you signed ten years ago that binds you to me?”

“yes, Goddess” toy managed to get out before Leila’s boot came back down on his face.

Now addressing Vanessa “this contract is what makes this all work, Nessa. And having two witnesses here, you can see toy has confirmed its existence and its nature. This actually all started about thirteen years ago when I was in college up here. I had worked my ass off through high-school. Avrupa Yakası Escort I worked two jobs during my freshman year at college and had loans piling up.

“This slut…” Leila, pressing her one boot harder onto toy’s face as if extinguishing a cigarette, kicked him in the side with her other foot. “Well… he was a rich townie. He inherited all of this. Didn’t work a day in his life. Never. Earned. A. Thing.

“But for some reason, we dated. Sex was great. But over time, his fetishes got stronger and stronger. Rather than fight him on them, I indulged them. I mean, he totally fetishized the BTGG thing; so, I definitely used that my advantage” Leila explained.

“And in indulging them, I eventually how to make this all work for ME. It all came to me one day when I was having him do just this… for hours on end. It puts him in a kind of trance like state. The longer he is in it, the more truth comes out. And not just that surface-level stuff, no. The deepest, kinkiest desires.

“He wanted to be kept naked. He wanted his orgasms controlled. He was a female-supremacist. He wanted to be humiliated. And he REALLY wanted to be used for his money. It really got him off. He had some serious guilt over just how much he had.

“But to keep the story short, it started with me moving in here. But that just got rid of one of my bills; it didn’t take any of his money. And THAT’S what he wanted. He begged me for it. So… I allowed him to pay for my tuition.

“Very quickly, I started combining all of his fetishes into one unifying set of rules. That was the precursor to the contract and the foundation to the basic five rules. You’re familiar?”

Vanessa, rapt in the story, took a second to respond “oh… yes. It’s no clothes…”

Leila raised her finger to hush Vanessa and removed her feet from toy. “He’ll say it” Leila said, standing up and looming over toy’s head.

Still teasing his cock “Toy isn’t allowed clothes. Toy doesn’t have a name. Toy isn’t allowed privacy. Toy isn’t allowed possessions; toy IS a possession. Toy isn’t allowed orgasms” toy recited. It was clear to Vanessa that he had had to deliver this many times over in the past.

“Again” demanded Leila, putting one foot on toy’s forehead.

“Toy isn’t allowed clothes. Toy doesn’t have a name. Toy isn’t allowed privacy. Toy isn’t allowed possessions; toy IS a possession. Toy isn’t allowed orgasms”

“None of those things are for you” teased Leila lording İstanbul Escort her power over him. She seemed ten feet tall. “But who ARE they for?”

“Those are all yours Goddess” whimpered toy breathing heavily through his edging.

“Such a good toy” smiled Leila.

“But back to us. So, I penned an agreement between us. If he really wanted those things, I would satisfy those fetishistic desires. And, in consideration, he would pay my tuition, room, board, buy me clothes, shoes, anything… you name it

“Then it hit me” Leila continued, pacing around the room. “There are a lot more women out there who have also worked their asses off. They deserve an opportunity like this, too. I shouldn’t be the only one to benefit from this. I wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from this. That’s when I thought of the scholarship.

“I would help in realize his vision. He would exist to serve women. One woman every two years would have their life totally transformed.

“So, I formalized things in our senior year. Made it a notarized contract based on that first agreement. He should have done a better job reading that one, though. Because in it, he signed over power of attorney to me. He also agreed that the agreement could only be terminated by me, that I could add, change, or remove clauses and rules at any time, AND he also agreed to the clause that I gave me the right to assign the rights and responsibilities – either wholly or severally to anyone I choose.

“Since then, the house, the bank accounts, the investments… they’ve all been signed over into a trust. With power of attorney, I manage the trust and make all decisions. Toy gets no say. But, having made some really great investments, we’re all basically able to keep this going just off of the interest and dividends of those investments alone.

“To be fair, there is a small amount set aside for toy to have if we ever stop this little program of ours. But, pending your acceptance, toy’s scholarship will be going for another two years.

“Vanessa,” Leila stopped pacing and faced Vanessa “I am offering to assign all of these rights to you save for the power of attorney. Do you accept the rights and responsibilities as described herein in consideration for your tuition, room, and board?”

Vanessa took a long, hard look down at wallet, still on the floor, teasing his tortured cock at the feet of these three women. Drawing a deep breath “I absolutely do, Leila. I absolutely do.”

Leila took a second document out her bag. Standing astride toy’s head, she slowly descended and sat her skirt-clad ass down on toy’s face. Putting the documents on abdomen, Leila signed. Dropping quickly down to the human table, Vanessa quickly took the pen and eagerly countersigned sealing the deal.

It was now official.

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