Island of Inappropriate Compliments


This started out as something light and silly, and ended up in darkness. I just didn’t know where else to go with it. I mean, it’s still light in tone, but pretty god-awful if you took it seriously. I don’t even know… but I’m going to let this ride. Absolutely no idea which category to put this in, so fetish it is. Enjoy!


I was at the end of the pier taking selfies and pictures of the water when a middle-aged man approached. There was a young couple nearby, but they’d been talking amongst themselves on the other side of the deck. “Excuse me, ma’am. I just wanted to tell you, your breasts look divine in that top. I saw how you would perk them up while taking those photos of yourself. Just splendid.”

I looked around me, but there was no one else except for the couple who were just out of earshot. “Uh… thank you?” I said.

“It would make my day if you would show them to me and perhaps you could take a few more pictures, too,” said the stranger. “I might even like to take some.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Your breasts. They’re lovely. Would you mind showing them to me?”

“Oh, uh…” I began to stutter, still unsure how the rules worked on this island. I finally responded, “I really wasn’t intending to… uh… you know… get undressed.”

“I see. I guess you’re a bit shy, hmm? Or perhaps you think I’m just not good enough to have a look.”

“What? No, I don’t mean that. I mean… it’s just… well, I don’t normally…”

The man frowned and waved me off. “Don’t worry about it, ma’am. Perhaps I overstepped. Your ass also looks amazing, by the way, but you should dress sluttier. It would suit you better.”

Before I could even think of how to react to any of that, the man turned away and walked off. I scanned over the water, trying to surmise why I had agreed to this bizarre situation. It started with Jeff, my boyfriend. Jeff’s getting his masters in psychology and through one of his professor’s associates, he was offered to participate in a social experiment. The perks and the cons of the whole agreement are as follows: the experiment lasts for two weeks on a remote, semi-luxurious island. Once on the island, we cannot get off unless it’s a medical emergency. Jeff was allowed to bring a plus one, so long as they also agreed to the terms of the experiment (explains why I’m here now). Finally, to the core component of the social experiment, the participants must willingly put up with any inappropriate comments said to them. Not only are we to put up with these comments, but we are supposed to respond in a positive way, such as with gratitude.

For instance, when we first arrived and I was getting off the boat, one of the hostesses complimented me on the color of my lipstick and said, “I bet those lips would look amazing wrapped around a big, fat cock!” She was smiling enthusiastically. Jeff started laughing nervously and I blushed, but he nudged me, reminding me of the rules of this “experiment.”

He whispered, “C’mon, Becca. Play along.”

I responded, “Thank you. That’s very nice of you to say. My boyfriend says they do.”

To add a few extra details about this social experiment, we were told every inappropriate comment would be complimentary. In other words, there wouldn’t be any bullying or hate-filled bashing. I liked that rule. Also, we are not to talk about the experiment, only to engage in it. The rules seemed easy enough to follow when we agreed to them.

Surprisingly, the island really is fantastic. Located eight or nine miles off the coast of Florida, it features a small, but exotic resort with 32 huts. These huts aren’t really huts — more like detached suites with a native theme, but decked out with modern amenities. Staff are assigned just like at any other resort, with a concierge, bellhops, a pool boy, you name it. They also had two cabanas, a pub and two restaurants. A few shops, as well. From what we understand, every staff member and volunteer in this experiment can engage us with these “compliments.” Even guests such as myself and my boyfriend are allowed to say inappropriate comments to others, as long as we adhere to the rules. Because of this, you couldn’t always ascertain who was part of the experiment and who was specifically applying the testing of it. Jeff and I didn’t know what the point of the experiment was, but he was happy to help another scientist in their work. Even happier about getting a two-week, all-expense paid “vacation.” But now that we had been here two days — and with Jeff currently being under suspension — I’m thinking this wasn’t such a good idea, after all.

The suspension happened last night, just after dinner on our second day at the resort. Jeff and I were discussing the adventure so far, but trying to be careful to refrain from talking about the experiment itself, or what its goal might be. Again, we were told those discussions were forbidden for the time being. Jeff mentioned he only had received only one “compliment” so far, while it seemed like I got them often. I nodded and said, “Maybe it’s coincidence, but just so you know, I don’t exactly feel complimented when Bostancı Escort someone says I’d make a good porn star.” We heard that compliment (in so many words) said twice that day.

“Yeah, the last guy said ‘of the girl next door’ variety. I think he was trying to make it sound nicer or something.”

I rolled my eyes and giggled when the waiter came up. “How is everything? Refills?”

“I’m good. You?” Jeff asked, looking to me.

“I think I could use some more wine,” I smiled.

“Of course,” said the waiter. “Hopefully, we can get you drunk enough where you’ll allow your boyfriend to fuck you in the ass. I wouldn’t mind piledriving you there, either.”

Before I could respond, Jeff jumped out of his chair, swinging and barely missed the waiter. Two seconds later, three large men came out of nowhere and jumped on Jeff, holding him down. I tried to reason with the men, but they called in someone over the radio. Jeff protested, but couldn’t do much considering the men holding him were the size of refrigerators. Shortly after, a small woman came fast-walking in.

“Jeff Parsons?” she asked. He grunted, acknowledging his name. “I am sorry, but violence in any form is not allowed. We will be taking you to the other side of the island to an off-site room where you will be given a two-day suspension. When you come back, should you attempt any violence again, the rest of your stay will be at the off-site shelter.”

Jeff’s continued protests went unheard while they dragged him out. The small woman stepped up to me. “I am so sorry this happened, but I am sure you understand our reasoning. We cannot allow violence to be a part of our study. Your boyfriend is safe. Perfectly fine. It will give him time to cool off and think on how he will adapt when he comes back. Please, enjoy your meal. Goodbye.”

She stormed off before I could say much, not that it would have mattered. The waiter came back with my wine. “I am sorry about that happening. You really do have a lovely ass. I can’t see why your boyfriend would get so upset about it.”

“Um, it was probably just the way you said it,” a slight touch of bitterness flicking off my tongue.

“Well, I hope it doesn’t spoil your dinner. I just can’t see why he wouldn’t want to tap that ass, like I suggested.” The waiter quickly left, leaving me feeling a bit strange. Was this an elaborate game? What was this experiment really about?

The waiter stopped by once more as I was finishing my meal. I asked, “Do I owe you anything for this? A tip? We were told everything is supposed to be taken care of.”

“Of course, ma’am. You are on our VIP list. You don’t owe a thing, though you could tell me if your tits are as amazing as I think they are. It’s hard to say under that shirt and all.”

I coughed and giggled at the same time. “Um, I never had complaints.”

“I’m sure,” he said. “Hey, you should go to the pier tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day and the beach is incredible. So much clear, blue water. And I’m sure anyone there would be pleased to see you in a bikini.” I laughed awkwardly while he continued. “Unless, of course, you’re more adventurous. You don’t look the type, but nude sunbathing is allowed. I can only imagine how many erections you would create with those tits bronzed in oil.”

I tried to ignore the filthy compliments, but I was curious. “The pier is where?”

“Just a quarter mile south of the resort. There’s a path if you want to walk it. Just ask anyone.”

“Thank you,” I said. “You’re right. I think I’ll wear a suit.”


It was just after ten when I had arrived and the pier looked so incredibly serene, I had to walk it first. I took my selfies and a few other pictures when that stranger interrupted and asked me to show him my tits. Now, as I was walking back from the edge of the pier towards the sand, I wondered what it might be like. Maybe not fully naked, but topless? It sounded kind of fun and as I got closer to the sand, I saw two other women dressed that way. Another woman was nearby and she was completely naked, along with a man just to the right of her. I couldn’t tell if they were all together or not, but their presence made me feel more confident about the idea of showing some skin. There were a couple stragglers walking near the water, but they were wearing bathing suits.

The beach was large enough for me to find a remote spot. The naked people were at least fifty yards away and I wasn’t that close to the water, so I laid out my towel and removed my flip flops, along with my shorts. Once I settled on the ground, I looked around. “Alright, Becca. Why not?” I said aloud, unsnapping my top, leaving me only in a G-string. I had goose bumps even though it was hot. I nervously scanned the area every few minutes until I finally relaxed, rubbing myself down with lotion before laying on my back. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard a voice behind me.

“WHOLE. LEE. SHIT!” he shouted. I jumped up, turning to the voice, covering my chest with my arms. “My God, lady. If your pussy is as tight as the rest of Ümraniye Escort your body, you would be perfection from heaven.”

“What?” I cried, frazzled. I had no idea someone had approached, and it felt much different being naked when so close to someone. I was very awkwardly embarrassed. Vulnerable.

“I said, you are fucking hot! Damn, lady. Those are a handful, aren’t they? Maybe two! Just incredible. So firm, too.” He wouldn’t take his eyes off my tits while I tried to hide them. He pointed out how stupid that was. “Why are you topless if you’re going to use your arms to cover yourself? Stop being such a prude. Those tits are amazing! Show them!”

“You’re the second guy who’s asked me to do that,” I said, slowly releasing my arms. I guess he could see everything now. I was trembling, having never felt so exposed in my life.

“I don’t understand. Why haven’t more people asked you to get naked? You say only two have asked? Including me?”

“Well… I mean, two people asked me today.”

“I know I’d love to see the rest of you.” He scoped down to my bottoms.

I gently tugged at my G-string and shrugged. “These leave little to the imagination. Isn’t that enough?”

“I have a terrible imagination.” That actually made me laugh, causing my breasts to jiggle. And then, the man did the most surprising thing, dropping his shorts to his ankles. He kicked them away. He was wearing nothing underneath. I whipped my head around, not daring to look. “You okay?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Uh… wasn’t expecting that.”

“I’m sorry. Did I offend you? My cock would usually be hard being near someone like you, but I’m trying to behave.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, but suddenly an idea sparked in my head. Why not dish it out, too? Maybe he’d stop picking on me if he thought I wasn’t affected by the crass behavior. I slowly turned to him, smiling. “I love the way your balls hang,” I said. “That left one is like a couple inches lower than the other one, too. Kinda cool.”

He coughed, perhaps shocked by my change in tone, but then replied, “It would be lovely seeing them smack your chin.”

“My chin?”

“Oh yeah, like if I was fucking you in the face. Has anyone ever told you what wonderful lips you have? Very sexy. Yeah, those lips make one wonder…”

“Oh, uh. Thank you,” I said, remembering to adhere to the rules. I noticed his cock thickening up as we talked so lewdly. I briefly touched my lips. Were they really that sexy? It’s the third time I had heard people say they liked them, but in an extremely crass way. It may all be super inappropriate, but I had to admit, it was fun being complimented every time I interacted with someone… in its own, bizarre way.

The naked stranger never told me his name, but he did tell me I would be perfect for a train if I was ever up for it. He said he was confident my body could please many men. I told him of course, I could do that, but I’m not like that. Regardless, I played by the rules and thanked him for saying so. Compliments like those went on for a couple hours until I decided it was time to head back to the resort. I didn’t want to risk getting sunburned. I was, however, feeling ever more confident, and I put my tube top back on without the bikini top underneath. My breasts jiggled easily through the thin fabric. I suppose I was enjoying some of the attention. Perhaps a little too much.

The next day, I wore the same kind of attire, but with an even skimpier tube top. When I came back up from breakfast (where I had been told by a few of the patrons that they would love to eat their food off my naked body), I was surprised to see Jeff back. He raced over, hugging me. “I am so sorry,” he said. “I really let things get to me and it won’t happen again!” He hesitated, stepping back. His hands were on my shoulders. “Wow, look at you. I’ve never seen you dressed like this in public. You went to breakfast like that?”

“Uh, yeah. Is that okay?”

“Sure, I just wish I had been invited.”

I laughed, saying, “You can take me to lunch. I was dressing to enjoy the resort, you know? And there’s a beach nearby!”

“Yeah, I’d like to see it. I heard they allow you to go naked there. Would you ever consider doing that?”

I had a hard time looking Jeff in the eye while he asked me that. “I might,” I said, meekly.

“That would be cool,” Jeff said. “Maybe not here, though. I’m not so sure about some of the people here.”

I let the conversation pass and convinced Jeff to peruse the shops with me. There were two or three around the resort and a beach shop up the road. We were just leaving, but stopped by the lobby of the welcome “hut” to get a few supplies, when a man stopped us. “Excuse me. Are you a model?” he asked.

“Me?” I asked. “Uh, no, sir.” Jeff was beaming, as if proud someone thought his girlfriend might be a model.

The man pulled out a card and handed it to me. “I run a unique online enterprise and we’re always looking for models for our equipment. I bet one of our T-RX-300 vibrators would look amazing in that fabulous ass Kartal Escort of yours. So please, give me a call or email-“

The man didn’t have a chance to finish because Jeff punched him. Once again, security guys (more like a SWAT team) came storming in, pinning Jeff down. The short, spunky woman followed not far behind. I looked around for cameras, spotting a few. That explained how they were able to react so quickly.

“I am sorry, Mr. Parsons. You will have to report back to the secluded shelter for the remainder of your time here,” said the woman. She sounded very intimidating for someone so small.

I tried to argue. I even pled that we should go home, but nothing worked. Jeff broke the agreements and he was being punished, so I had to do the next ten days on my own. They dragged him off, ignoring his protests, as much as mine. I didn’t know whether to go back to my room or to the cabana to drink myself into a tizzy. I needed something to fill my time, but I felt guilty (and worried) with Jeff no longer being with me. The man who he struck came back to me before I’d made any decision and said, “Your boyfriend seems like a violent man.”

I sneered. “Jeff is a teddy bear. With me, anyway. Perhaps if you hadn’t told me I should shove a vibrator up my bum.”

“I’m sorry if it came across mean-spirited, ma’am!” The man sounded shocked. He held his hands out, saying, “Look, my intentions are innocent. You have an amazing derriere. It caught my attention from all the way over there.” He pointed to the other end of the lobby. “It is easy to see how firm and tight it is. I happen to sell a unique product that pleases many ‘bums.’ Admittedly, not many that look as nice as yours. So, of course I had to ask. To miss out on this opportunity-“


“Yes. Opportunity. If you would consider modeling, we pay very well. Perhaps we started on the wrong foot, but I am going to send a package to your room — I’ll have the concierge handle it — and you can see the value of our products for yourself. I hope to change your mind.”

I could barely believe how forward this man was, but everything he was doing seemed to be within the realm of what was allowed in this experiment. I sniped back, “Even if I LOVED your products, why would you think I would be okay having pictures taken of them in my ass?”

The man stepped forward. “Because, like I said, all I am interested in is that amazing ass, ma’am. That utterly, stupendous ass! We wouldn’t have to show your face at all. I’ll leave my offer with the package and a number you can call, should you change your mind.”


He walked off. It seemed that happened fairly frequently, where someone lays some “compliment” on me and then jets off, barely allowing my mind to process things. I was just about to walk back to my room when I was interrupted again. It was the man from the beach who saw me up close. The one who also got naked and “complimented” me for two hours straight. He waved and ran toward me, bellowing, “Wow. You look almost as amazing with clothes on as you do without.”

“Uh, thank you?” I said.

“Charlie Pickett?” a different voice yelled out.

The man who had just approached me turned to the voice. It appeared to be a guest who was checking into the resort. “Charlie!” the man yelled, coming toward us. “How long has it been? It’s great to see you here!”

“Bob, what a pleasure! I got your Christmas gift and it’s my go-to driver now. I think it added twenty yards to my swing. Thank you!”

“Yeah, you owe me dinner, buddy. That was expensive. Hey, who is this lovely creature? Your girlfriend?” Bob was eyeing me up and down. “What a fantastic rack!”

I rolled my eyes. Of course, he went straight to something about my body. I replied, “Thank you. As your friend was just saying, they look better without clothes on them.”

“I bet they do!”

Charlie interrupted. “Don’t get the wrong idea, Bob. This girl isn’t mine. I just met her at the beach earlier.”

“And she was naked? Lucky you!” Bob said. He pointed at me, “Please let me know when you’re going to the beach again. I’d like to see what’s underneath, too.”

I flicked my hair, playing along. “I dunno. I was thinking about going out there to watch the sunset, but I don’t know if I’ll be naked. I might just relax on the pier.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you changed your mind. So, Charlie. How about dinner tomorrow?”

The two men engaged in a long-needed conversation and I squeezed my way out. I decided to go shopping and then maybe get some snacks for that sunset view at the pier. I couldn’t think of much else to do. There was supposedly a hiking trail, but I would have to start that early on another day. I was told parts of it are thick with brush, so if you circle the whole island, it can take more than six hours to make it around.

The last shop I stopped at before heading to the pier was the beach shop. Ironically, it was actually located further from the beach than the resort, about halfway between the huts and the boat dock. The actual boat dock is on the other side of the island, not near the beach for tourists. As I walked in, a store associate quickly approached. He looked like he belonged in a fraternity. “Excuse me, ma’am. We’re closing in five minutes. We don’t mind you shopping, but we have to ask you to be quick.”

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