The Sapphic Islands Pt. 02


I’m sorry readers I will not do this again with the multiple stories. It gets confusing when I go directly from one to another. Sorry again. Last story on Tabitha coming soon. I’ve bogged down my editor. Congratulations on your tests by the way! So please be patient. Everyone is above the age of eighteen.

For my Muse

The Sapphic Island’s pt.2

Thank God the phone didn’t ring early. I needed to sleep, waking up in a strange bed was a little unsettling. On my left was April, her beautiful ass turned towards me. On my right was Blair, laying on her back, her tits currently defying gravity. Never realizing that I apparently had a fondness for women and that I am a bit submissive. I also appreciate big chested women. What can I say I guess I liked being told to do something so forbidden. Here on the island, I don’t know if it’s the food or water or what. Something here, so compelling, draws you in. You notice yourself, looking, the curve of the hips up to the swells of the breasts. Women are beautiful, I understand what men see now. When a woman wants to get laid at a party, she usually does. A guy is more unlikely to accomplish the same goal. Blair was very hot and uninhibited, she had no problem directing the hot threesome we had last night.

I managed to slither by the two women, dress and leave without waking either one. Found my way back to the hut, glad to be back. I opened the door to see Pam stretched out on the bed wearing nothing. The girl she left with last night was also naked and wrapped around her. The light shining on their bodies was inviting, I started to undress myself, not taking an eye off the bed. I couldn’t help myself, they looked delicious. Something elusive was moving my body. My mind, filled with ideas, plans of attack. I walked to my side of the bed while I finished disrobing. The girl’s position gave me room to slowly spoon up to her cute ass. My heart pounding out of my chest as my hand traced both their bodies. Something took over and I started in with the mystery girl. Maybe it was the taboo of it? There was something driving my desire and I gave into it easily. The girl started to giggle and moan as my hands and lips explored her curvy backside. She managed to untangle herself from Pam, giving me full frontal access. I jumped at my advantage, my hands playing with her full tits while my mouth worked on her sex.

“That looks like it feels really good.” Pam said, pushing my face deeper into her sex. After she let me breathe, she guided my face between her own open legs. I soon enjoyed both of them when they hugged. As they collided clits my tongue danced between them, triggering orgasmic responses from them both. I pulled away with some time to shower before my donation time. Pam asked me to stay and I really wanted to, but I couldn’t.

I got to the spa with time to spare. I instantly recognized the lady I would be massaging first. She was in the group with Ms. tuzla escort Davies. She reminded me that her name was Michelle and that she would like her massage in the steam room. I managed to grab the oil and a few towels before following her. She turned up the dial, opened the door and went inside. I followed her inside wearing my clothes. She dropped her robe, crawled onto the table and laid face down with a slight spread to her legs. I set the towels to the side and inverted the oil bottle, splashing a trail down the curve of her spine. The blades of her shoulders where this angel’s wings would hang were tense and tight. My fingers freed the tissue from the knots of tension. Light moans told me she enjoyed what she felt. Then an all but familiar word was spoken.


My hands spread the oil down the bumps of her vertebrae. Until the swell of her hips, and before they could be drawn back, I heard it again.


My hands didn’t stop until the trail of oil led between her legs. The steam having an effect, my clothing pasted on me, drenched in sweat. Then if her timing couldn’t be any better she flipped herself onto her back, leaving her legs spread slightly. I grabbed the oil and began pouring at the valley of her cleavage and did not stop until it splashed between her legs. I hopped up on the table, tore off my top and splashed some oil between my tits and used my body to rub hers. I rubbed each of her tits between my tits, tiny shocks every time our nipples collided. Our pores opening up, sweat and oil making our bodies shine. I positioned myself so my legs were between hers and began rubbing my wet pussy with her wet pussy. She enjoyed the hour, her large tip told me so.

My second message found me outside the steam room.

“I will be right with you, just need to shower real quick.” I said, wrapping a towel around myself.

“I could use one too. My name is Natalie.”

I turned and looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said, “I’m Katrina.”

Inside the small locker room there were a few private shower heads along the wall. I grabbed some body wash, while she disrobed. She must have been a model or a pageant winner. Her body was flawless. I entered a stall, turned on the water and got under its spray. I filled my hands with soap and started to wash the sex off. Another pair of hands joined mine, I just let mine hang at my sides. Her tan hands filled with my white, soapy tits, the contrast was hot. I watched her play with my body. I was still hot from the last romp. This lady wanted to leave me wanting more. Expertly getting me to the edge, to the point I would do anything. I was losing my mind in the climb and fall of my orgasm. This girl could teach me a trick or two. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Her hour was almost over.

“I feel terrible, you paid for a massage you didn’t get. Let me make it up to you somehow.”

“I’m not complaining! pendik escort Why don’t we have dinner together?”

“Yes I’d like that. I’m done in an hour.” I blushed. Then she kissed me, not a peck, a KISS! Her mouth tasted so sweet. It became more intense as the seconds passed, I almost sucked her face in. I told her I would meet her in the dining area in an hour and a half, when we finished kissing. I went back to the massage table to find Pam sitting on it.

“Rumor has it that you have the best hands on the islands.”

“Don’t tell me you booked a massage with me.”

“Yes I did.” She dropped the robe concealing her nudity. “I have been dying to try something, jump on the table, lay face up.”

The words, so simple to understand yet I struggled to comply. I had an idea of what she wanted. I played the shy straight girl for five more seconds before doing what she asked.

I watched her swing her leg over my head. This put her in an unusual position, facing away from my body. She acted quickly, aligning herself, holding the top of my head as she stood up on her knees then lowered her hips.

This did two things, the first thing she was turning me on. The second thing was that after a few minutes of pleasure her hips started moving. My tongue would lick her ass every time she bucked forward. On one forward thrust her hips stopped, leaving my probing tongue at the entrance of her ass. Her hips came down a little, telling me what she truly wanted. So I gave it to her. It was very tight but I managed to get the tip of my tongue inside. It didn’t take long for Pam to get off with her furiously rubbing her clit and my help. Her hips raised up slightly and she came. Squirting directly into my mouth, splashing on my tongue and face. I could hear Pam giggling in between her gasping breathing. I laid there shocked until she carefully got off the table and dressed. I got up and cleaned the table off.

Pam said something about drinks and the beach. I was still taken back a bit but managed to tell her I had a dinner date.

“That’s ok, Becky wants to go to dinner with me.”

“Becky? That must have been the girl from this morning. Why don’t you two join us?” Our conversation continued until we were back in the room. I had time to get cleaned up and dressed, Pam did too.

I found Natalie waiting at a table having a drink. Pam and her date joined us and after introductions were made, we ordered. I started the conversation by telling them about a dream I had the night before where I was a lap dancer.

I saw a couple grins while I described it in detail.

We all talked our way through the meal, only stopping when we were interrupted.

Word was spreading about my hands. I had the opportunity to meet some of my upcoming clients. There was definitely something about these islands, something magical. Everyone was beautiful, impossible I know! Yet true.

Reflecting on aydınlı escort that, I came to believe that if the woman had a beautiful spirit inside, then she was a beautiful person outside. My fondness for the female body was at an all time high.

There was an announcement for dancing on the beach. We all agreed to go see what it was all about. They had a make-shift dance floor set up with soft lighting and good music. There was already a crowd forming, the dance floor was large enough to accommodate them all. Natalie took the lead on the first slow song however it did not last long. Natalie was tapped on the shoulder by Ms. Jenkins who asked to cut in. Natalie was nice enough to go sit down.

“Is everything alright Ms. Samson?”

“Call me Linda. I was hoping to meet with you. Could you possibly stop by my office tomorrow? There’s something I would like to discuss with you.”

“Of course, although I’m not sure when I will be working. I will stop by as soon as I can.”

“Wonderful! You are doing another afternoon. How about we have lunch at twelve sharp.”

“Sounds great, thanks!”

“See you then.” She walked off when the song ended to talk to another group of ladies.

Ms. Davies popped up out of nowhere, to fill in for the next song.

“Can I have this dance?” She said smiling.

“Of course Ms. Davies, how are you?”

We started swaying together when she spoke again.

“Call me Tiffany, please. Word sure is getting around about your wonderful hands. I have another appointment with you soon and I’m looking forward to it.” She said while she winked at me.

“Thank you Tiffany. I’m enjoying my working vacation.” I said as I blushed.

“Word is they are going to offer you a permanent position here on the islands. I certainly hope you consider it, you would be a great fit.” She groped my ass so everyone could see.

“Not sure if that’s true. If it is, I will give it some thought.” I looked over at Natalie and gave her an ‘I don’t know’ look.

“You should! I will see you the day after tomorrow, ok?” She fluttered off after she said that. I made my way back to Natalie. She asked what that was all about. I told her what I knew. She seemed a bit disappointed but I may have read it wrong. We started dancing again, enjoying each other’s company. I wanted to sit after two songs played.

We joined Pam and Becky and headed to the bar. We were all getting lit on the strong drinks, Natalie’s hot kisses were making me wet. Pam must have noticed and suggested that we take our party somewhere more private. No surprise everyone agreed. We ended up going to Natalie’s hut because she had one of the larger huts. The four of us pushed the two king sized beds together. Becky did a strip tease followed by Pam then Natalie. When it was my turn I was feeling no pain. I was a bit raunchy giving each of them a lap dance after shedding my clothes. It was arms, hands and legs after that as we attempted to devour one another to satisfy our lust. When three women are all over you it’s hard to determine who was who.

Part three is coming. A job offer? Natalie’s feelings come out and of course hot action.

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