Callum’s Harem


All characters and sexual contact is 18 years and older.

Monday 7.49 am.

Julie stood at the kitchen bench gazing out the bi-fold windows, she stood watching the morning sun stream through the tall trees on the street outside the house, she poured her fresh cup of coffee gazing out at the fine summers day, she stood contemplating about her final day off work, that tomorrow she would be getting dressed into her short pencil skirt and satin blouse, having to get dressed up and do her hair, do her make up, slide on her high heels and have to face her students as a history lecturer at the local university.

But today she would make the most of her last day off, she took a sip watching Mr Kleman next door watering his roses, she waved as he looked up and waved, the family was back from two week long camping trip, a trip that would leave a lasting memory in her mind.

She decided she would leave the piles of washing that needed to be done for another day, she wasn’t going to be unpacking on her last day off, the unpacking could wait.

She could hear the footsteps of her husband in the en-suite bathroom upstairs walking around getting ready for work, the master bedroom was just above the kitchen, she was looking forward to the day just for her, although her sister was coming around for lunch today.

She adjusted her red satin gown as she stood on one leg, her other leg bent resting her toes on the top of her other foot. Julie had a sudden temptation to flash Bill who was just across the lawn, as she was naked under the red satin fabric.

“Morning mum?” a voice said coming out from the hallway, she turned to see her 21 year old son walk out into the kitchen wearing his singlet and shorts, she loved the tattoo’s over his arms and chest.

“Good morning darling, how are you this morning?”

“Oh I’m good, a bit tired but fine.” he replied stepping next to his mother kissing her cheek.

“Fresh coffee.” she asked grinning at him.

“Yes please.” he replied picking out a cup from the cupboard and set it on the bench, he picked up the steaming hot coffee pot, the aroma arousing his senses. “Fuck I need a coffee this morning.” he added.

“So a good night last night?” she asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

Callum looked over at his mother and smiled. “Oh fuck yes mum, I got in about 2 am this morning.”

“Yes I heard you, so there is no random slut upstairs in your bed that is going to appear later wearing your shirt.” Julie asked.

“No mum, come on it was once ok I didn’t know she was your new fucking assistant did I.”

“No, I guess not but it was funny.” she sniggered.

“Oh fuck.” he said stretching his arms out looking at his mum with a lustful look on his face. “Its a good day for a study day.” he said glancing his eyes quickly over her bust, she allowed a bit of cleavage to show for her son, he loved seeing her curvy breasts in her tight gown, her well tanned cleavage against the red fabric, she smiled reaching up pushing her long blonde hair behind her ear, he felt his cock getting hard as another male voice broke their moment.

“Good morning all.” the voice said as Kevin appeared adjusting his tie rushing to the bench.

“Good morning baby.” Julie said getting back to her senses, looking at her chest adjusting her gown covering her cleavage, she stepped over to her husband wrapping her arms around his neck kissing his lips.

“Good morning sexy.” he said giving her a quick kiss back. “You seen ma keys beautiful.” he asked.

“No baby.” she said as he stepped away grinning at Callum.

“AMBER TWO MINUTES.” he yelled as he turned to face the hallway.


“She does like a new boy!” Julie said to her husband as he had a sip of his wifes coffee.

“Wow, has Amber got a new boyfriend?” Callum asked.

“Callum be nice, she does likes to look nice.” Julie replied.

“He’s not a fucking boyfriend.” Amber snapped as she entered the kitchen, her hands adjusting her long blonde ponytail, her breasts pressed against the tight white blouse as her raised arms pulled the fabric tight against her C cup chest, her blue and green striped tie following the curve of her bust.

“Isn’t he darling?” Julie asked.

“No, well I’m not fucking him, if thats what your asking?”

“Never said you were.” Callum retorted.

“Ok you two enough of that.” Julie said sipping her coffee, Callum lifted his cup to his mouth.

“Besides I’m a fucking virgin anyway.” she replied.

Callum snorted as he took a sip looking at his sister.

“Yeh, 18 and a virgin.” he said sarcastically.

“Piss off jerk.” she snapped picking up her bag, adjusting the knee length blue and green pleated skirt.

“Shit! We’re running late, I’ve got a meeting with potential investors in an hour. Lets go Amber.” he said finding his keys in his jacket pocket as he slid it over his shoulders.

“Good luck baby.” Julie said kissing his cheek as he scooped up his briefcase off the sofa.

“Thanks escort bayan sexy, I’ll see you all later.” he replied as he rushed out the door, his daughter behind him.

Callum stood finishing his coffee, watching his father get into his car, watching his obnoxious sister getting into the passenger side, A quick passing hello to Bill next door as Kevin got into the car.

“So study day today?” Julie asked cleaning up the dirty plates off the bench.

“Yes, but I’d rather be spending the day at home fucking you mum.” he replied smiling at her as he stepped behind her while he watched his father reverse out of the driveway, he grazed his hand across her arse, she moaned as he stepped over to the fridge opening it.

“Umm I’d like that baby, well only this morning ok, Amanda’s calling around for lunch.

“Oh mum really!” he protested turning looking at her, his hand on the open pantry door.

“Yes look baby, I haven’t seen her for a while, we both have the day off, so we thought we would do lunch here, and maybe a bit of sun bathing, you could join us.”

“Oh I was looking forward to it being just me and you today, we can go fuck upstairs, then we could go to our spot in town and……… “

“…….. darling as appealing as that sounds, it will be nice seeing your Aunty Amanda.”

“Yeh I guess mum, but not being able to fuck for the last two weeks because of us being away camping.” he said returning to the pantry pulling out a loaf of bread.

“So you didn’t enjoy it?” Julie asked smiling at him.

“Oh yeh, I did mum. But I just missed you.” he replied moving to the bench looking at his mother who was now loading the dishwasher, Callum’s eyes drawn to her cleavage as she bent towards him, Julie deliberately re-adjusting her gown for Callum.

“But I was there.”

“Yeh, but with you fucking prancing around in those fucking skimpy bikinis and making me horny, and not being able to fuck you.” he replied placing two peices of toast in the toaster.

“Oh, so it makes you horny seeing me in bikinis.””

“Fuck yes mum, that black one you have, oh fuck, your cleavage is fucking amazing.” he replied smiling at her as she stood. Callum seeing her cleavage, so close he could reach out and fondle her.

She smiled at him, they knew they couldn’t get close and intimate in the kitchen, because their neighbours could see that side of the house. Julie looked out seeing Bill pruning his beloved roses, unaware of the mother and son inside discussing their sex life with each other.”

“Well thank you baby, your father likes that one as well.” she replied picking up her coffee leaning on the bench her back to the window.

“Yeh, as well as half the fucking campsite mum.” he replied.

“Are you jealous? Julie asked discretely lifting a hand to her bust slightly pulling her gown open a bit.

“Fuck no, your my mother.”

Julie giggled. “Mother and lover baby, come on, you do know that your mother is bit of a flirt.”

“Oh I do, fuck mum if dad knew, fuck I want you so bad.” he said stepping beside her.

“You know we need to wait for a while after your father leaves before you can fuck me.”

“I know mum.” he said with a heavy sigh.

“But it’s worth it though baby.” she said as he picked up his cup sipping his coffee as she turned to face the sink again and started to clean up.

“Fuck yes.” he said rubbing her bottom lifting her gown, knowing she was naked underneath, his cock hard and erect. “You know we haven’t fucked in Amber’s bed for a while.” he added.

“Oh no we haven’t darling have we?” she replied grinning at him turning her head to her horny son standing next to her, so why don’t I go and get your sisters school uniform on and you can come up in five minutes and pretend that I’m your sister.”

“Oh yes please.” he replied sliding his hand between her arse cheeks feeling her wet vagina entrance.

She looked at her handsome son standing next to her, her son she had being fucking for the last year, She loved his well toned young body, she actually had a thing for younger men. Although she had just turned 49, her 50th birthday only a year away, her husband was three years older than her. Julie was starting to feel sexually attracted to younger men, she found herself looking at younger strangers, feeling aroused and horny.

“You know I saw the Andersons at the mall yesterday.” Julie said looking out the window feeling her sons fingers massage her pussy.

“Oh yes?” Callum asked looking at her, looking into his mothers deep green eyes, eyes he loved staring into as he pounded her pussy, as he made love to her.

“Yes well…. I think……. Charlie has a thing for me.” she said stepping away and getting a plate from the pantry.

“Charlie, really?”

“Yes, he couldn’t stop perving at me while I was chatting to his mother.” Julie replied.

“So what were you wearing then?” Callum asked stepping over to the fridge opening the door getting out butter and jam.

“Um well, I was wearing that red dress that you brought me.” tuzla genç escort she said setting the plate on the bench as his toast popped up.

“Well that dress that I brought for you certainly does accentuate your figure mother.” he said returning to the bench pulling out the toast setting them on his plate.

Julie placed a slice of toast in the toaster. “Yes, I know, and I was wearing the lingerie that you brought me as well darling, you know the pale pink g-string with the white lace band, and the matching pale pink balconette bra that your father likes so much.”

“Well can you imagine what he would say if he knew that I brought it for you.” Callum sniggered as he started to put butter on his toast then the jam.

Julie laughed as she passed him returning to the sink picking up her coffee, sliding her hand to the front of her sons groin feeling his hard erection. “I see your ready for me.”

“I’m always ready for you mum.” Callum said smiling. “So would you fuck him?” Callum asked.

“Fuck who?” Julie asked.

“You know, Charlie Anderson?”


“Yeh? He’s my age and you like younger men, and he’s a friend of mine….. fuck mum think about it, maybe a threesome, sure your’d love two nice young cocks in your pussy.”

“Callum! Are you serious?” she said turning to him resting her hip on the bench next to the sink.

“Well, it’s a thought mum, you have said you would consider a……… “

“……… a threesome?” she said. “Well I guess its always been a thought that has gone through my head.”

“I’m sure that Charlie would love to fuck you mum, he’s always said your hot and sexy, and a real MILF.”


“Yes mum. It stands for Mother I’d Like To Fuck.”

“I know what a fucking MILF is Callum, but I don’t know about fucking my sons best friend?”

“Well could you imagine it, fuck mum, fucking my mother with my best friend.” Callum said smiling as he turned to face his mother leaning on the bench, she stepped back resting her arse on the island bench in the middle of the kitchen.

“Look if anyone found out, well its more that I’m fucking you…… my son.” she said crossing her arms under her breasts, lifting her cup to her mouth sipping her coffee looking past Callum watching Bill across the lawn and their driveway as he kept pruning his roses.

Callum looked at her smiling, “I guess, but what a fantasy though.”

“Well if you and Charlie want to have a threesome, there is always your Aunty Amanda.”

“Your sister, really?”

“Yeh why not?” Julie replied.

“Fuck….. do you think she would?” Callum asked.

“Well she is single and just enjoys casual sex, after her husband left for a younger woman…… so she could need some no strings sex.”

Callum put his cup down, as he slowly unzipped his shorts pulling his cock out, Julie’s heart skipped a beat seeing her sons cock, she had missed it, missed sucking it, playing with it, fucking it. “You think she would like this?” he asked stroking it looking at his mother. Julie looked across at Bill, totally unaware of the incestuous event unfolding next door. In fact it made Julie slightly horny.

She stepped forward reaching out, her eyes on Bill, then looked back to her son. “I think she would.” she said as she grabbed his cock feeling his hard erection as she walked to the sink and rinsed her cup out, she bent over opening the dishwasher placing her cup on the bottom rack, Callum almost cum seeing his mothers gown ride up exposing her arse.

“Well Aunty Amanda.” Callum said smiling.

“Put your cock away, before Bill sees.” Julie said.

Callum stuffed his cock back in his shorts and turned to see Bill look up, Callum waved and sipped his coffee, Bill waved back.

“Oh Callum I’d love a place in the country to walk around naked.” Julie said standing up.

“Oh yes, that would be awesome mum, it is a shame we aren’t nudists isn’t it.” he said sitting down at the island bench eating his toast.

“Oh fuck yes, just imagine it, us walking around naked all the time.” she said as her toast popped up, she stepped over pulling it out of the toaster and buttered it, she put it on her plate and sat next to Callum, making sure that her gown rode up for him to see her groin.

“Oh mum yes, seeing you naked every day, and fuck seeing Amber naked every day.”


“Yeh gosh seeing those naked tits and her naked arse every morning, fuck me.”

“You have a little crush on your younger sister don’t you darling?” Julie said smirking.

“Yeh well, she is hot mum, besides there is nothing wrong with a brother having a slight crush on his sister is there?”

“I suppose you entertain yourself in her room as well as mine darling?” Julie asked.

“In more ways than one mum, she has nice knickers.” he said.

“So if you had the chance would you have sex with her?” Julie asked.

“Oh yes, wouldn’t have to ask me twice mum, if we were a nudist family even better.”

She sighed. “Oh yes, sometimes I wish I was born and raised tuzla kendi evi olan escort a nudist, I mean fuck, growing up Amanda and I spent lots of time down by the stream at the back of the farm naked.”


“Oh yes, it was so secluded, so we skinny dipped all the time, and we always sunbathed naked, it was so bloody nice.”

“Oh nice, mum you are making me so horny.” Callum replied.

“Yes darling come on, all this is making me so fucking horny as well, I think its about time we went upstairs and fucked each others brains out.”

“Fuck yes.” he said reaching over putting his hand on her bare thigh sliding it inside grazing her wet pussy.

She stood up blowing him a kiss. “I’ll be in your sisters room, I will see you in five minutes.” she replied.

Julie walked up onto the top landing and dropped her gown onto the floor, she stepped naked through her daughters bedroom door into her room, she shook her head seeing her daughters unmade bed, all her clothing strewn on the chair in the corner, Julie picked up a pair of her daughters worn underwear stepping into them, a red pair of lace boyshorts, she picked up her red bra sliding it up her arms, she loved she was about the same size as her daughter, although Julie did notice her breasts were a bit tighter in her daughters bras.

She opened her wardrobe pulling out a school blouse sliding her arms into the sleeves and pulling it onto her body, she did up the buttons, again it was a bit tight but she just managed to get them done up, she put on the school tie and picked up a skirt off the floor, she slid it up her legs and up over her hips, just managing to do up the clip and zip, she looked at her daughters full length mirror looking at herself, she picked up two hair ties and she tied her hair into two pigtails, she knew her son liked that.

She heard him walking up the stairs, she got excited about the morning, her husband would be dropping Amber off at school about now, her final year at school.

“Well well well.” Callum said as he entered his sisters room, admiring his mother, impressed that she had squeezed into his sisters uniform.

“Ready sir.” Julie said standing with her hands on her hips grinning at her son.

“Well you have being a very naughty girl miss.” Callum said smiling at his mother.

“I’m so sorry sir.” Julie replied in a quiet schoolgirl voice.

“Well today you little slut….. saying sorry….. just isn’t going to be good enough.” Callum snapped walking around her, trailing his finger around her arse.

“Ok sir.” she said as he stood in front of her softly kissing her lips.

“Sit down you fucking little bitch.” he snapped.

Julie sat on Ambers bed as Callum slowly undid his shorts, he slid his belt out of the loops, taking it off, dropping it to his sisters bed, he slowly undid the zip and button, dropping his trousers and underwear onto the floor, his cock springing out, he smiled at his mother as he reached down and held his hard cock up in his hand, he knew she was gagging for it, he stepped towards her putting his hand onto the back of her head gripping her hair tight, pulling her into him.

“Lesson one you fucking whore. Sucking your teachers cock. Now open your fucking mouth bitch.”

“Yes sir.” she said quietly and softly as if she was in trouble opening her mouth, Callum pushed his hard cock into his mothers waiting mouth, she closed her lips around it and sucked as he thrusted her mouth.

“Good girl, suck my fucking dick bitch.”

Julie slurped and sucked, tasting his pre-cum as it oozed from his knob, he moved his hands to her pigtails wrapping them in his fingers, using them to control her head pulling them tight watching his mothers lips over his cock.

Callum looked around his sisters room, her boy-band posters on the walls, her desk set with her school work, a pinboard with photos of her and her friends pinned to it, photos of her out on the town dressed up in skimpy dresses in bars, her girlfriends with their tits hanging out, well almost anyway, he knew a few of her friends were regular sluts who didn’t enjoy the night if they didn’t go home with some random guys cum in their knickers.

He looked at a photo of her, in a bar, a red V neck dress, her ample c cup breasts pushed together by a push up bra, her short dress up around her arse as she sat legs crossed, he was sure when she opened them the look would be amazing, he often wondered about his sisters pussy, what it looked like, tasted like, even what it smelt like, well he had some idea from her underwear.

“Thats a good little girl.” he said looking down at his mother sucking on his hard 6 inch fat circumcised cock, loving her saliva moisten and lubricate it, knowing her pussy would be soaking wet by now, in fact it would have being wet when she woke up this morning, knowing her son would be home today expecting her to open her legs for him, as she lay next to her husband.

He reached down to his sisters washing pile picking up a pair of knickers, he sniffed them as his mum sucked his cock, he admired the stains from her pussy on them, he knew she wasn’t a virgin like she claimed, the little slut was as horny and dirty as he was, although he doubted that she snooped in his room sniffing his underwear and going through his underwear drawers.

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