The Referral Program Ch. 02

Non Nude

Dear Readers: thank you for all of your kind words and feedback for the first part of this adventure. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the results. As an editorial note, I’ve decided to drop the “Chapters” and just break this whole deal down into “Part 2” and so on. I’ll use ***** between scenes or ideas. And yes, dear sweet goodness, I’m sorry it took me something like five months to get this to you. Life’s been crazy.


“Stunned” might be a great word to describe how I was feeling. I mean, let’s review what had just happened: I talked to a girl I’d known for years about a plan to eat out a huge number of women on campus, for pay. She didn’t run away. She agreed to it. She not only agreed but got me started right away. I had just buried my face between Alyssa’s incredibly toned gymnast’s legs and brought her to an explosive, very loud, very profane orgasm in my dorm room. In the process, I’d gotten the rundown on how to bring a woman to her greatest pleasure. I’d discovered that Alyssa was sexually energetic, open, demanding, driven, and experienced in ways I had never dreamed. The redhead had rocked my world, and I hadn’t even been the one to come. She’d agreed to refer me to her future sorority sisters, as well as to the members of the North State University gymnastics squad.

I was going to get her off at least twice a day for two weeks, then twice a week after that for free. She’d get paid for every referral she made, as well as a flat percentage of every customer as her reward for giving me the idea for this whole thing. I was going to be going down on a LOT of chicks. I’d be among the most popular guys on campus, even if none of the guys understood why. There’d always be enough money for restaurants, and I’d still be a “virgin” for my future wife because there was to be zero intercourse. I’d even agreed to lock up my dick while I was “on duty” just to avoid any danger of that rule being broken.

Regardless of my feelings, our conversation was continuing.

“Earth to Lou…” Alyssa was pointing out to me that I’d done my math wrong, for one thing. “Out of, say, $20, if you give away $10 to the referrer and gave me $1, you’re really giving me 10% of your share, not 10% of the whole sale. That’s cool. I’m fine with it, but you should know you’re really keeping 45% of the gross.”

“Thanks.” I was just trying to think straight at all instead of getting lost in the recent memory of how she looked with the tight NSU t-shirt off and the “NSU Athletic Dept.” shorts pushed down off of her sweet, firm ass.

We struggled for a while about the price list. This was college. My future clients were going to be students. At the same time, I was running a business. I was going to classes. I was paying huge referral fees. I had to get a decent hourly rate when it was all said and done. Professional service providers lived and died by their hourly rates. The more we talked, the harder it got to decide. There were so many “features” that could be packaged together or “sold” individually. The only things we knew for sure were that any business I got for myself meant I got to keep the referral fee, and that a referrer could choose to waive her fee for the first session with a new client, creating a “50% discount” for a first-timer. The idea was that someone might try for the lower price and become a customer that might never have gone for it otherwise– a long-term smart choice for the referrer. Finally, we agreed to put the price list on hold. For the first two weeks, Alyssa was my only client anyway and she was getting the services for free in return for her availability and feedback. We’d revisit the list after we both had a better idea of how it should go.

We’d been talking for hours, and I’d gotten some sweet tea out of the mini fridge in my room. If you’re not from the South, you may not understand sweet tea. It’s not just iced tea with sugar added. It’s pure heaven in a glass. Sweet tea has enough sugar to make you diabetic and it wakes up your whole outlook on life.

I heard a neighbor moving in a few rooms down from me. Someone’s dad was getting bent out of shape about the way the closets were already beaten up and he’d be damned if he got billed for it at the end of the semester. Alyssa and I listened in because Jeff, the RA working check-in that afternoon, was busy giving out “mmhmm” and “yes, sir” and “I understand, sir” and “don’t worry, sir” like they just might go out of style. Poor guy. I suppose the room and board were worth it to him, though, because he agreed with the dad until he ran out of steam, wrote him a sheet to take with him that clearly outlined the existing damage, and sent him on his way.


Once the hall got quiet again, Alyssa looked at me and grinned.

“What?” I asked. For the life of me, I didn’t think I’d spilled any tea on myself or anything.

“Lay down on the bed, cunt sucker. I’m going to give you your next lesson.”

Blinking at her, I nodded and moved to lay down. “So how are you going to…”

I Travesti never finished the question. Alyssa had stripped, done a neat front roll up the bed, up my body, and ended with her slit pressed against my face. She had essentially no fat to speak of, but her pubic bone was sitting on my upper lip and kind of blocking my nose from its very important job.

“Sometimes a girl doesn’t need any warm-up, Lou. Considering that we’ve spent the last few hours talking about you going down on girls as many ways as possible and as often as possible, I’m excited enough. Besides, last time was a-fucking-mazing, and I’m getting all tingly just thinking about having it again. Get your face in there and get to work.”

I sort of turned my head a little sideways between her legs, inasfar as I could do that with her small body pressed against me and her strong thighs surrounding my head. One knee next to each ear was limiting my success. “Um, ” I asked, somewhat muffled, “what about breathing? You’re kind of on all the things I use to breathe.”

“Figure it out, Lou. Breathe where you can. I’d tell you something like ‘nobody’s ever died from this,’ but I’m pretty sure it’s not true. Look, I’ll get off if you pass out, I promise. Otherwise, figure it out. No more talking. You’re in this for the long haul, buddy, and I’m just helping you out, remember?”

“What a good samaritan,” I thought to myself. “You sure picked a hell of a partner for this business. Oh well. You *are* still on a bed with a sleek, strong, beautiful girl, about to bring her to great sexual heights. For the second time in one day. Because you offered. Life is good. Figure it out, huh? I guess I will.”

Turning my face back in, I stretched out my tongue. It took a little shifting around to get properly situated, but once more I soon found myself getting to work. Alyssa didn’t weigh much, but most of what there was to her was settled on my face. She was rocking her hips slightly, rubbing herself against my face and nose. The image of her defined abs tensing and releasing right in front of my eyes was suddenly one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. Her frame rose above me, and her neat, small breasts begged for attention.

All of which made for great distractions. There were still some things I needed to focus on. Like breathing. I finally figured out that I could open my mouth wide while Alyssa leaned forward and get some breath in that way. Also, my jaw hurt. Even if this girl on my face was a small, tight gymnast, she still wasn’t weightless. It is a hell of a lot more work to eat pussy when there’s a weight on your jaw. And she was mashing my lips into my teeth to the point that I wondered if they’d be turned to pulp.

“Fuck it,” I decided. The fastest way out from under Alyssa, short of tossing her bodily aside, was to get her off as fast as humanly possible. We’d skipped the foreplay, so all I had to do was lick, suck, and flick my way to the end. I crammed my face into her sweet lips, and started licking with a broad tongue. I was going to make the best of it, have as much fun as possible, and remember that she tasted incredible. Alyssa really did taste incredible. Like a honeysuckle or something. She was sweet and smooth and mildly acidic, just like the tea in my fridge but way harder to get my hands on.

Alyssa was starting to moan and pant, feeling the extra work of keeping herself upright and rocking on my face while I toyed her button. The tension in her body could work for me, I realized, because orgasm includes tightening muscles. Anything that helped get her tight on the way would hurry the end. I reached both hands up from behind her and started brushing over her nipples. They were small stones, hard enough to cut glass, and incredibly sensitive. A sudden intake of air told me I was being smart about this. As an added bonus, raising my arms had rotated my shoulders and lifted her backside a little, making it easier to breathe. The things we take for granted. I started running gently spread fingers back and forth over each nipple like those rumble strips on the highway. Little sets of electric shocks went flowing through her body, and I certainly felt the results down below as she tightened and shuddered on my face.

I had no idea how long we’d been going. It felt like forever, and my face hurt. Alyssa was getting louder. “Fuck yes, Lou! Eat that shit. Suck me, you little motherfucker. Oh, my fucking god. Ohhhhh my fucking god. Yes! Fuck!” Her narrow hips were grinding on my face. My nose, in particular, was starting to hurt in a brand new way. I was already pretty sure my lip was toast from the teeth underneath, but now I wondered if my nose was going to be broken. Great. The only way out was through. I sucked Alyssa’s bead into my mouth and put vacuum pressure on it to the best of my abilities. Her moving made it harder, but I managed to begin lashing that thing with my tongue like I wanted to know it’s every secret.

Alyssa was writhing. Her juices were running Konya Travesti down my face and getting my sheets messy. She was sliding freely over my features as I pinched and squeezed her nips with everything I thought I had a chance at. “Fucking FUCK! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhh fuck!” Alyssa snapped her head back, then down at me. She grabbed my hair, and started riding my face like the mechanical bull at our Grad Night party at high school. “Don’t you fucking stop, Lou. Not like last time, you hear me? You fucking finish yeaaaaahhhhh you fucking finish me off until ohmyfuckinggod I get to fucking come. I will tell you when to stop and not one goddamn second before that, do you understand meeeeeeeeeee?!?!!!!” I was staring at her wide-eyed while not daring to slow down at all. That was the most coherent thing she’d said while I ate her out, and it was punctuated by her pleasure bursting through. I nodded quickly, working it into the tugging on her clit and tits that was quickly making her louder still.

Without further warning, Alyssa went from “OhmygodI’mgonnacome ohmygodohmygod….” into wordless screams that I KNEW could be heard all the way down the hall. And I had at least one neighbor. Her smooth back arched powerfully backwards and I was practically pulled up off of the bed as her hold on my hair kept my lips and tongue firmly in place. Bucking wildly, Alyssa rode for more than 8 seconds (it was probably more like 25) before releasing her iron grip on my head and falling backwards onto the bed.


I fell back myself, sore in ways I hadn’t imagined. My tongue hurt, my lips hurt, my nose felt broken, my hair was half pulled out, and my jaw was killing me. The results though, I couldn’t question. Alyssa had come so hard she appeared to have passed out. Certainly, she didn’t move for a couple of minutes, and I’d checked to make sure she was breathing. Looking at the clock, I realized that we had been at it for the better part of half an hour, and I was proud. And sore. Good God was I sore.

Alyssa began to stir, then lifted her head to look at me. Gentle red curls swung as she said “Not bad, huh?” And you know what? It was actually pretty great.

I said “that was great, but it sure hurt.” I explained to Alyssa that my face felt something like it had been through a meat grinder and was tender, damaged, and possibly going to need time to repair before another session.

“Lou. Such is the price of your fame, Lou. You want to eat pussy all the time? You’d better get used to having the girl on top. Lots of women prefer it. They’re not all as little as me. I’m just practice. I’ll give you a day or so before we do that again, sure, but you’re going to have to build up your toughness. You’ll adapt, like callouses on your hands from lifting. Your lip and nose won’t get so sore once you get used to it.”

“Hey, uh, something else. You’re kind of loud. Not that I’m complaining, but even from the sixth floor of a dorm, someone else is going to complain eventually. I’m going to get in trouble, or get someone else in trouble, or whatever. Or I’m going to get busted, and the whole thing will come crashing down.”

“Fine. I won’t shout down the rafters. Repress my style, why don’t you?” Alyssa looked a little hurt.

“I love your style. Considering that I’ve imagined getting with you for years, this is all a dream come true for me. I’m just saying we may need to find alternate places if people are going to be noisy. That’s all.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “Once rush is done, I’m sure the sorority house will be able to handle the sounds of screaming girls without arousing any suspicions. I just have to convince my new president. She may need to get a free sample from time to time. Like rent, only, um, not cash.”


After the second session of the day, I was too sore to try for any more practice. Alyssa took pity on me, and didn’t force the matter. She dressed, and we talked some more. I asked about how rush worked.

“I get to skip rush itself, which is nice. That’s when all the girls that want to join a sorority go through a few days of hell at the beginning of the semester, then get invitations to pledge from interested sororities. I’m what they call a ‘legacy’ because Mom is already a sister, so they have to take me, but they don’t have to be nice about it. Epsilon Lambda Tau is an elite group. They’ll be spending my money, and probably using my body, and keeping me out until all hours. Mostly, the chapter will probably use me about as hard as I’m using you right now, except in more areas. It’ll be pretty awful. It only lasts for a couple of weeks, though, and then I’ll be in. It’ll definitely cramp my free time. Gymnastics doesn’t start for a month or so, so at least they’re not going to be at the same time.”

“I see.” I didn’t see. It sounded awful. I kept thinking about it. Alyssa was trading a few weeks of terrible treatment for a place in an organization that could open doors for her for the rest of her life. I was İzmir Travesti trading a few weeks of vigorous carpet munching (well, she was smooth, but you know), which is what I wanted anyway, for a business made out of doing the exact same things, as preparation to give my future wife one hell of a good time once we got married. I realized we were mostly doing the same thing, except in very different areas of our lives.


With promises to connect by text about the best place to carry on my training the next day, Alyssa and I wrapped up in my room. As I walked her down the hall towards the stairs, I kept my eyes open for my new neighbor. There. 619. Across the hall and two doors down from me, the door was open, and there was a moderately slender girl sitting on the bed, reading, and facing the door. As we passed, I noticed her straight brown hair, round glasses, capris, and bare feet. She looked up sharply at us as we passed, and I think I saw her blushing. Damn.

“Hiya, Jeff. Alyssa ended up staying for quite a while this afternoon, huh? She’s the only person I know here so far, so she’ll probably be over a lot.” We were getting her signed back out at the RA desk. Jeff’s clipboard was filled with names, because move-in is always a busy time at the front desk. Jeff nodded politely, and Alyssa was out the door with two sets of eyes watching her perfectly round backside go bouncing away.

Jeff turned to me and said “You have GOT to keep it down, man. However the hell you’re doing it, and congratulations for getting a piece of that ass, you have got to keep it down. She is loud. I could hear her when I was checking people in– from two floors away. That is hard to explain to parents. I had to make some excuses, but people know what they’re hearing. I’m not losing residents because your girlfriend is a screamer.”

I was stunned. Again. Then I smiled. “Jeff, brother, Alyssa’s not even my girlfriend. She’s just helping me test something out. I already talked to her about the noise, and it’ll get better, I promise.” Jeff’s face was the very essence of a blank stare. He was completely uncomprehending. “Look. Alyssa’s a great girl, and maybe some day we’ll date. For now, I’m keeping my options open. What I can tell you, though, is that my room might be, uh, noisier than most, a lot of the time. You’re the RA for my hall, right?” Jeff nodded. “I may need your help to stay out of trouble. In exchange, I may be able to help you have a very *satisfying* semester. Does that sound like something we might be able to work out?”

Jeff looked at me, wheels spinning upstairs. I could almost smell the smoke as he chose his words carefully. “Lou, I can’t knowingly allow the rules of Northern State to be violated. I certainly can’t become party to any kind of questionable activity myself. If you just happen to be really good at finding people that might be interested in dating me, I would be grateful for anyone you sent my way. Are we clear?” Jeff stared me in the eye, and I could tell that we were ineed clear. If I sent him enough ass, he’d let me get away with murder, but it couldn’t be official.

“Sure, Jeff. You’ve got it. I’ll keep my eye out for anyone I think might hit it off well with you.” I smiled, extended my hand, and we shared a firm clasp.

“Damn, that girl is fine.” He was shaking his head and looking out the door that Alyssa had gone through so recently.

“Yes, she is, Jeff. Yes she is.”


I walked back up the stairs towards my room. Yes, it’s on the sixth floor. Yes, we have an elevator. But the elevator was in constant demand from frustrated families trying to fit all of their kids’ stuff on in one trip, and I had a lot to think about. My lips were still sore, even if my nose felt better. It was early evening on my first day at college, and it had been crazy. I’d just gone down on Alyssa, twice, gotten my business out of the “concept” phase and into more of a “market study” kind of situation, had to bribe an RA with some hypothetical future tail, discussed renting space from a sorority that I paid for in oral, and alarmed the neighbors. And all I’d had to eat since Dad pulled away was that bottle of sweet tea and Alyssa’s sweet nectar.

Reaching my floor, I added “tired legs” to my list of ailments. Right away, I decided I needed to fix my attitude about some things. I wasn’t going to get anywhere in life if I complained about every detail. I decided at that moment that I’d be taking the stairs every day. “The exercise is good for me. It will give me strong legs, and help strengthen my core. I’ll be more attractive. It’ll help me with getting customers and help me satisfy them once we get down to the deed. Sure, my face is sore, but when I go to the gym after a break, I’m sore, too. This is just the sign that I’m growing.”

I walked past 619 and glanced into the still open door. Brown-hair was still reading on the bed. I decided to introduce myself. Knocking on the door frame, I leaned against the bricking and waited for her to look up. Nothing happened. I knocked again, a little more loudly, and said “hi.” That did it. Her eyes popped up from her book, startled. She’d been totally engrossed. “Hi,” I said again. As recognition set in, I saw the blush start back up.

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