The Scarlet Dove – Issue 07


Issue Seven — Compromised Heroine

Chapter One

“A hero is defined as; a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. In America we have a long standing tradition of making ‘heroes’ out of villains. From the prohibition infamy of John Dillinger, or Bonnie and Clyde, to today when television shows like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad rule in ratings, we seem fascinated less with nobility or traditional heroism, instead opting to idolize men and women who are willing to take what they want by any means necessary.”

~An excerpt from the article Compromised Heroes, by Starling Chase.

“Tweet tweet, little birdy,” Tom Danvers said, waving her feathery mask back and forth. “I hear you’ve been asking around about someone, or something, called Dominion?”

“What are you doing here?” Starling demanded, planting her fists against her curvaceous hips. She felt a little silly attempting to employ her superheroine demeanor while clad in only a white T-shirt, and pink and yellow polka dot panties.

Tom Danvers was sitting at her two-seat kitchen table, holding her cum stained mask and glaring at her over his bushy brown mustache. He was wearing his usual black fatigues, with a utility belt and combat boots. He had on a black tank top that displayed his well-built upper body.

Much to her dismay, the sight of his masculine build sent a little tremor of attraction rolling through her chest. Was it the remnants of Hypnox’s spell, or more likely the supernatural sway the supposedly half-incubus Danvers held over females..?

He brought her mask to his nose, inhaling deeply before laying it on the table. “Smells like you’ve had an interesting night?”

Starling stammered, not about to tell this man the truth of her defeat. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business!”

“Ah, of course,” he replied. “And the other night when I found you in Hypnox’s lair, I suppose that isn’t any of my business either?”

“It most certainly is not!” Starling spat. “Now tell me what you are doing here!”

Despite her bluster, the young red head was fighting down nerves. After a hot shower, she felt refreshed and invigorated, but she was not fully recovered from her long night in Warden City, and she was certainly in no shape for a tussle with the half-incubus.

“You don’t know the danger you’re in,” Danvers said. “HE doesn’t take kindly to having the spotlight shone on him.”

“First of all, maybe that’s exactly what I want! Shine the light and watch him scurry like the cockroach he is!” Starling shot back. “And B, it hardly seems to matter, the ones who recognize his name don’t seem to know anything anyway.”

“I assure you, he is no mere cockroach,” Danvers said. “And he won’t be scurrying, he’ll come for you!”

“Good! Then I can take him down!”

The man was rubbing his forehead. “You will be no match for Dominion, little dove.”

“Why not?” she asked, taking a few steps towards him. “Who, or what, is Dominion?”

Tom Danvers only shook his head.

“Tell me,” she pressed. “He’s obviously a big time player, I mean, and he’s your boss…who is he? What’s his role in Warden City?”

“That’s information you’re just not ready for,” Danvers replied.

“That’s not for you to decide!” Starling shot back, taking another step forward. “Tell me, or I’ll make you tell me!”

Suddenly, his eyes rolled shut and Tom tilted his head back awkwardly. When he opened them and regarded her once more, there was gleam in his dark gaze. He lifted a hand towards her, not reaching exactly, more like he was warming his hand by a fire.

“You are absolutely buzzing with sexual energy,” he sounded almost wistful. “What have you been doing tonight?”

Her emerald eyes narrowed. “I told you that’s none of your business!”

“Buzzing?” Gosh, I feel exhausted, she thought to herself. Can he really sense that kind of thing though?

“I could smell it on your mask but,” Tom stood and started to come towards her slowly. “You are absolutely radiating submissive sensuality.”

The young woman took a few steps back. The way he was looking at her, she began to sense something in him too: hunger!

“Listen Danvers, if you aren’t here to give me information,” she said sternly. “Then it’s time for you to leave!”

“Yes, you can talk and act as tough as you want,” he hummed. “But I know what’s in your heart…what you really desire.”

“I desire for you to leave!” she spat. “If you won’t, then I’ll make you!”

“Mmm, yes,” Danvers replied, licking his lips. “Come and make me, heroine!”

Starling’s emerald eyes narrowed, and she lunged forward throwing a high kick, which only glanced off his upraised forearm. She’d forgotten how quick he was. The young woman pressed her attack, throwing a flurry of punches which Danvers easily side stepped. As momentum carried her past, he gave her a quick little swat on her polka dotted ass!

“Hey!” she snapped indignantly, whirling to face him.

“I Bağdat Caddesi Travesti hope that’s not the best you got,” he said, grinning.

“Not by a long shot!” she snarled, lunging forward.

This time she came at him throwing four wild punches. Of course, he easily slipped the attack, but it was merely a feint and as he stepped out of the way Starling spun backwards. She landed with a graceful back kick, driving her heel into the side of his face. Tom swore sharply, stumbling to the side clutching at his cheek.

Starling followed up, pressing her advantage and punching him in the ribs. He was solid as granite, and her fist stung a bit after the blow, but he grunted and dropped his hands. The woman riffled a hard right hook across his jaw staggering the man!

Then she cartwheeled backwards, creating some space between them. Her boobs jiggled about so wildly she had to grab and hold them, remembering she was not exactly dressed for battle. Still she dropped into her heroine pose, fists on hips, long legs in a wide, confident stance.

“Time to leave!” she snapped.

Danvers straightened, wiping a trickle of blood from his lip. His dark eyes glinting, mustache lifting in a smirk. “Not bad…more please!”

He lunged forward, throwing a one-two combination which Starling was easily able to avoid. She retaliated quickly, whipping a kick at his midsection. Not quick enough, he captured her long leg under one arm, while his free hand shot up, closing around her throat.

Starling’s eyes widened in alarm, realizing she was caught! Danvers grinned, turning her and pressing her back against the wall.

Damn, he’s so fast, and strong too! She thought in frustration. Even with my reflexes I can barely keep up…

His hand slid up her thigh, grabbing her pert round booty. His fingers seemed to tingle on her peach like cheek, sending a warm charge up her spine.

“Hands off!” Starling gasped, shoving him back.

She threw a punch straight at his face, but he ducked it. Slipping behind her, his muscular arms wrapped around her torso, trapping her arms to her sides. Then he grabbed her breasts with both hands! Even through her cotton shirt, Starling could feel the tingle of his touch. As he began to squeeze and massage her plump orbs, she could not hold back a soft moan.

“You forget, little birdy, I can read your feminine energies like an open book,” Danvers said, pulling her against his brawny chest. “Human men know so little of a woman’s needs…your body and mind have been toyed with and used, leaving you primed and ready!”

“R-ready for what?” Starling gasped, straining against his powerful arms. His fondling fingers sent a thrilling tremor through her chest, causing her petite rosy nipples to stand up against the cotton of her shirt.

“To be truly taken,” he breathed into her ear sending goosebumps rippling down her left side. “You feel spent, exhausted, yet I can sense your gorgeous body flowing with unsated lust!”

Starling drew in a shuddery breath, trying to focus enough strength to break his grip. However, something in his words rang true. Being the type of woman who did not like to admit her own lustful desire, Starling had some pent-up energies just below the surface, even (or especially) after a night of nonconsensual sexual activity.

“No, you…you’re wrong,” the red head moaned. “Now, let go!”

“Not a chance!”

His hands shot upwards, grabbing the neckline of her shirt and ripping it open! Starling gasped as her breasts burst through the rent cotton. She knew she should take the opening to twist free of his grip, but before she could his hands closed around her naked globes. The skin on skin contact sent a shiver of arousal racing through her, accompanied by a swell of erotic energy in her chest. Her already erect nipples tingled, and grew so taught they began to ache.

What is he doing to me? She wondered, resisting the urge melt against his body. He hasn’t begun to drain me yet…I have to get away from him before he does!

Tom began kneading her perky melons, wringing another fluttery moan from her ruby lips. Starling felt her neck and chest flush hotly, turning bright red and sending a cascade of scintillating tingles down her abdomen to pool between her legs.

“In the name of Venus, your breasts are amazing!” he sighed. “Never in all my years have I encountered such a perfect balance of size and density.”


Danvers chuckled. “I suppose that’s not the most intimate turn of phrase.”

“Not exactly,” she grunted, twisting futilely against his grip.

Starling was already beginning to lose herself in his fondling hands. They were firm, yet gentle, deftly rolling her tender nipples between his fingers while massaging her supple mammaries. Her heart pounded as the flush of her chest rose into her angelic cheeks, as he easily coaxed her into a state of arousal.

I can’t let this go on, she realized half-heartedly. I know he’s using his powers on me…but I’m Bostancı travesti starting to want him so badly!

“Truly though, as near to perfection as I can imagine,” Danvers went on, stroking her nipples. “As firm and perky as your mother’s and probably twice as big!”

Yes, mom was always a bit resentful of my… Starling’s entire being seemed to freeze as her muddled mind registered what he’d said.

She suddenly wrenched free of his grasp, whirling to face him. “WHAT did you say!?”

Tom let his hands drop as if realizing his mistake a moment too late. Still glaring at him, Starling gathered the edges of her shirt and pulled them across her chest, holding them in place to cover her breasts.

“Why would you say that!?” she demanded. “How could you know…?”

“How else,” he interjected, running a hand through his salt and pepper hair. “Why do you think I came here tonight?”

“Tell me,” Starling said, taking a few steps backwards.

“I tried to resist, I did,” he said, the ravenous gleam returning to his eyes. “But after seeing you that night in Hypnox’s hideout, I knew, I had to have you…the same way I had your mother!”

He lunged for her suddenly, but this time her enhanced reflexes were just quick enough! She ducked under his arms, leaping at his back and kicking out both legs simultaneously! She nailed Danvers with both feet, sending him crashing into her entertainment center. She kipped up to her feet, even as he was extricating himself from the wreckage of her TV and its particle board stand.

“You’re a liar!” Starling snarled, assumed a fighting crouch. “It can’t be true!”

“Oh but it is…” he began.

She silenced him with three lightning fast punches, even as he was attempting to stand. His head snapped about in three different directions, and although the punches landed perfectly her girlish strength was not quite enough to take down Tom Danvers. He felt them though, swearing sharply. She followed up with a side-kick to the stomach, doubling him over, and then an up-kick to the face that set him staggering back against the wall.

Starling stalked forward, leery of her dangerous opponent. As expected he lunged forward, throwing both arms out wildly. The young woman turned his attacks aside, surprised at the lack of strength behind them. She was even more surprised when, instead of pressing his attack, Tom reached inside the torn edges of her shirt grabbing her perky white melons!

Starling let out an indignant shriek which became a breathy moan, as his touch triggered her arousal. This time a rush of warmth, immediately followed by a pulling sensation that made her feel weak…he was draining her! Instinctively she shoved his hands away, covering her chest and backing away.

“I don’t want to fight you,” he said, stretching out his hand again, reading her aura. “Like your mother, you crave subjugation, I can sense it in you! Let me give it to you!”

“No!” she squealed. “No, you’re wrong!”

Tom surged forward, and Starling forced her focus to meet him head on! She landed a kick in the center of his chest, stopping his momentum. Then she threw herself into a leaping cartwheel up over his head, landing behind him. She dropped straight down, and before he could get turned around all the way, she swept his legs out from under him. Danvers hit the floor with a groan. Starling threw herself into a back hand spring, creating some distance. She straightened, glaring down at him, and cupping her hands over her naked boobs.

Tom propped himself up on his elbows, and looked at her with mild admiration. “Nice moves, little birdy, I’ll give you that.”

“Still think I’m not ready for Dominion?” she spat, throwing one slender leg high into the air, ready to finish this fight.

“You’re hotter than your mom, and tough as your dad,” Danvers replied, rolling to his knees. “But you ain’t close to being in Dominion’s league!”

Starling really only heard the first half of his statement. His words caused her to hesitate mid-kick, and with his enhanced speed that was all the opening he needed. Tom lunged with a vicious uppercut, driving his fist right into the young girl’s pussy!

The strawberry haired beauty screamed in pain, as a wave of agony rolled up from between her shapely thighs. Grabbing her crotch, she stumbled backward, her knees bowing together and trembling in pain.

“How could you?” Starling gasped, as Tom got to his feet.

“I underestimated you, Starling,” he said coming towards her. “There’s more of your father in you than I expected. It won’t happen again.”

Starling tried to straighten, but the pain spread intensely across her hips and down her legs, robbing her of any stability to defend herself. She threw one meager punch, which was effortlessly batted aside. Then his big fist slammed into her delicate jaw, snapping her head violently to the side. Starling’s emerald eyes rolled back, as her head lolled on her swanlike neck. Darkness enveloped the young woman as the floor rushed Kartal travesti up at her, and she fell unconscious at the feet of Tom Danvers.

Chapter Two

“The man named Tom Danvers was said to ‘love Warden City like a lady.’ Perhaps that’s perfectly apt considering the dual nature of his legacy, both heroic and criminal, admired and yet despised. It sounds like a romantic relationship! Certainly it is not out of the ordinary for a man to treat a woman well, but with more selfish outcomes in mind.”

~An excerpt from the article Compromised Heroes, by Starling Chase.

Starling came to slowly, swimming up out of the blackness of unconsciousness, like being on the bottom of a pool. She sucked in a shuddery breath, and blinked her green eyes open. At first all she could see was a bright, blurry miasma of color. Soon she was able to make out bleary shapes, and begin to get some sense of bearing.

She remembered losing the fight with Danvers, and knew she had to get out of there quickly.

She was laying on the couch in her living room, arms stretched out over her head. Her body wasn’t quite responding yet, and she squirmed awkwardly, unable to sit up. Looking down at herself, Starling realized she was naked, except for her pink and yellow polka dot panties. He had removed her torn shirt, leaving her perky D-cups with their small rosy nipples on full display. Pulling her arms down to cover them, Starling realized her wrists had been tied together!

“Shit!” she gasped softly.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

Starling jumped, thoroughly startled to realize Tom had been sitting right beside her this whole time.

“You bastard, untie me,” she demanded, still a bit groggy.

“Sara Kane,” he began, ignoring her demand. “Was the most beautiful woman in Warden City,” he went on, growing slightly reminiscent. “She was a little vain, to be sure, but she had every right to be!” He smiled wanly. “And she was sweet as a sugar plum at heart. I don’t know what she’s like now but back then she was innocent and naïve, a little gullible even…just like you!”

“Release me, and I’ll show you how innocent and naïve I am!”

“You accused me once of killing your father, why do you think that?” Tom asked, leaning back in the chair.

Ignoring his question, Starling sat up tugging and pulling on her bindings. He had tied them well, looped and doubled over, and then again, and knotted on the wrong side for her to be able to get at with her teeth. She tried to bite the nylon rope itself, but it was clearly too strong. Finally, she gave up and turned to glare at her captor.

“I was able to locate one of my father’s old assistants,” she explained. “On the night he was killed, he told this assistant that he was going to meet a man named Tom Danvers.”

Tom chuckled a bit, twirling his mustache. “That’s not exactly true, but I don’t doubt he said that.” The man turned to her. “I suspected he had learned the truth, and Jack Kane was not one to shy away from conflict…even when he should, also like you! You see, I was actually meeting your mother that night.”

Starling scrunched up her face, refusing to accept, or believe that.

“Why?” she spat. “Why were you meeting my mother?”

“But already I told you, of course,” he said, a grin spreading across his face. “Your mother and I were lovers.”

“That’s impossible!” she gasped. “You’re a liar!”

Energized by her growing anger at his lies, Starling swung her legs off the couch and tried to stand. Quickly Tom grabbed her narrow shoulders, holding her down in her seat.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” he laughed.

“Let go!” she growled. “I won’t sit here and listen to your luh…oh….y-your lies…”

She began to trail off as his touch sent a wave of arousal rolling through her. His big hands slid down her arms, sending a surge of energy through her limbs that made her finger tips tingle. His hands slipped around, gently stroking the sides of her hourglass curves, making her heart flutter between her naked breasts.

“Stahp it, ohhhh!” she moaned.

“If you stop resisting me,” he said, licking his lips. “This will be much easier!”

“Why…” she gasped, trying to maintain composure. “…Why did you come here?”

“Again, I’ve already told you,” Danvers replied, withdrawing his hands and allowing her to stand. “I came because I had to have you!”

Suddenly the young woman was thrown down on the couch, as he pounced on top of her! Danvers grabbed her lily-white breasts, and as he squeezed the perky D-cups her head exploded with arousal, causing her neck and chest to flush hotly.

“Get your hands off…” she gasped, trying to push him away.

“Sara never could say no to me,” he said, staring down at her hungrily. “Even after she fell head over heels for your father, she could never resist.” As he continued to knead her firm breasts, the young red head felt as if her insides were turning to molten lust. “After your father was killed, I thought I’d lost her forever… Sara’s orgasms were some of the sweetest, most powerful, I’d ever tasted!” Starling squirmed, her mind railing against this information, her body surrendering to his insidious powers. “Then you showed up, younger, somehow even more beautiful, and with a life-force unimaginably more delicious!”

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