The Professor Ch. 01

Cum On

I’ve seen it before, at least every couple of semesters, and I sensed it the first day of class. I don’t think she would admit it to herself just yet, but deep inside, it was on her mind too. This was one MILF I was going to fuck before the semester was out. Hard.

I started thinking back to how it all began; how my world has changed and how I ended up here as a law professor.

After my stint in the Navy and a few tours with my SEAL Team, I finished my law degree and found myself working in a law firm that a good friend of mine owned. I never felt great about the type of lawsuits that we pursued, usually getting some dumb ass a few million dollars for doing some stupid shit he should have known better than to do in the first place. But, the companies paid up, usually out of court, and I made more money than what should be legal in the few years that I was there. It wasn’t terribly satisfying, but it was helping me get back into civilian life, and I had met a few good people along the way.

One of the enjoyable parts of the job was a gorgeous little intern named Candi that was always fighting off attention from the horny men (and some women) in the office that were continually trying to get in her skirt. Like I say, she was gorgeous, with black hair and eyes, long slender legs, hips just right, and a rack that every woman wished she had – all given to her by her lovely mother if I guessed right about the family picture she kept on her desk.

Candi was attending a prestigious law school, and working as an intern to help her learn the trade. She did good work, and we were always polite and all business when we spoke – I didn’t need the hassles of flirting with this little intern that was eight years my junior, so I just didn’t.

I always felt I was no slouch myself, at 6’1, and 210 lbs, with almost no body fat. I still maintained an aggressive workout schedule to keep fit – something ingrained in me since boot camp, and I even went back to teach hand-to-hand combat to some of the new recruits on occasion. I felt they could never get too much training, and with my real life experience in Granada, South Africa, and Kuwait, I’d been in enough situations to give them a pretty damn good idea of what it’s like to fight for your life, and to take someone else’s in doing so. I didn’t enjoy killing the bad guys, but I felt good about saving myself and my brothers, and I would kill them all if it came down to it. Normal people can’t Travesti relate to the things I had seen, and I hadn’t found a woman yet that could deal with my mood swings and attitude as I dealt with the past, so I had found it easier to live on my own with my Golden Retriever rescue dog. Who rescued who is arguable.

Well, one night after work I had finished a late dinner with a friend and decided to go back to the office to work on another frivolous lawsuit that would take some creativity to win, and as I pulled my Humvee into the dark parking lot, I caught a glimpse of three guys getting into a van, and I thought I saw a pair of ladies high heels getting pulled into the side door of the van as the door was closing. WTF?! My instincts kicked in and I hauled ass over to the van. I thought I had them pinned in, but they ran over a curb and through some landscaping, jumping out onto the road where they took out a mini van and another parked car before speeding away. As I weaved my way through the carnage, I noticed somebody on their cell phone, so I figured they had help on the way. The woman in the back of the van was on her own, so that is where I needed to go.

The van was no match for my Hummer, and it was easy to catch up to them. I could have run them off the road any time I chose, but I didn’t want to risk injuring the woman inside. The guys – well let’s just say their well-being wasn’t my first concern. Fortunately, it only took them about 5 minutes to make a wrong turn and get themselves pinned into a back ally in a bad neighborhood, and they had nowhere to go. Two of the guys got out of the van; one about about my height, but thinner, had a baseball bat on the driver side of the van, and the other about two inches taller than me, and well built had a hunting knife on the passenger side.

“You poor bastards” I thought – you are going to get hurt. I decided Mr. Baseball would be first, so as I approached and he swung, I stepped in, blocked his arm, and applying a figure 4 armlock, took him backwards to the ground while taking his bat away, and then I knocked him out cold with one strike of the handle to his temple. As I turned and looked at Mr. Buckknife, he was approaching fast, so I swept his feet out from under him with mine, rolled over to my left and kicked him in the back of the head with my size 12 shoe. I rolled back to the right, standing up in a defensive stance, and to my surprise he was back on his feet Antalya Travesti too, waving his knife slowly back and forth. I could easily tell by his stance, the look in his eyes, and the way he took my size 12 that this was obviously not his first fight, and he looked like he had some training; this would be fun.

Not knowing what was going on inside the van, I needed to end this quickly and take care of the third guy, and I also wasn’t quite sure they didn’t have more friends inside the van, although I figured they would have already come out to help their buddies unless they were total pussies. I moved in unison to Mr. Buckknife as we circled, and as he heard a scream he made a distracted glance towards the van. At that instant I struck his forward right hand that was holding the knife with my baseball bat, most likely breaking a few bones, and watched the knife slide across the ally to his left. Reversing the bat in an upward right-handed swing, I heard his ribs crack with the blow – sounded like a home run! One more reversal of the bat across the right side of his face, twisting my body at the hips for full effect, and I could hear the jaw and skull crack as half a dozen teeth departed towards the knife which was laying in the bushes on the side of the ally. Somehow this guy was still conscious, but no longer a threat as he lay on the ground in his own blood and urine trying to figure out where he was and how he got there.

I crept up the side of the van, opened the door, and saw the scared girl, with a black hand covering her mouth, her eyes wide as saucers filled with tears and fear. Her blouse was torn, and her black lacy bra struggled to confine a most beautiful set of young, full breasts. Behind her was a dark skinned man with a similar look of fear in his eye, but he had a pistol pointed at my nose just inches from my face; a big mistake.

I instantly recognized the gun as a Glock 9mm, just like one of mine that was, unfortunately, in my nightstand at home. Instinctively my left hand came up to push the pistol in the air, pressing a button as I squeezed, releasing the magazine to drop out to the floor of the van, while my right hand simultaneously came around hard and fast behind his wrist, dislodging the gun from his hand and splattering his blood inside the van and on the girl’s shirt as I punched forward with the gun now in my left hand, breaking his nose with the butt of the gun before he ever Bursa Travesti saw me move. As he tumbled over unconscious I could see that nobody else was in the van. I ejected the remaining bullet from the Glock’s chamber and tucked it safely in my waistband.

As I straightened her shirt and pulled the girl into my arms, the intern hugged me tightly and sobbed uncontrollably. I carried her towards the Humvee as three police cars came racing into the ally, officers jumping out with guns drawn and ordering me to the ground.

The fight was over. I let go of Candi, told her she was safe now, and laid down on the ground, arms out wide, palms up, making sure to show that I was no threat to the officers. I had been shot years ago, and didn’t particularly like it. It didn’t take too long for the officers to be convinced I was the good guy, but they kept me in cuffs for awhile just to be sure. They treated me professionally, but didn’t want to take any risk considering the mess I had made of the three assholes in the van.

Supervisors, detectives, CSI, an ambulance, and a coroner were called in to clean up the mess. Two of the guys went to the hospital, one took a ride with the coroner. The intern was mostly unharmed physically, but a real mess emotionally, so her father was called to come and pick her up at the police station after she talked to multiple people repeating her story to each one.

I didn’t get much sleep on the thin mattress of the cell that night, but late the next morning I was released without charges, and it turned out the three guys had been responsible for multiple rapes, robberies, and other really bad stuff. They had hurt a lot of people, and the cops had always been two steps behind them. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch them in action, and fortunately, they were brought to justice, along with a few more of their “colleagues”.

Over the next few weeks it just wasn’t the same at work. I had taken a few days off, but the intern never did come back. She had worked late trying to impress her boss, and after being attacked on her way to the car that night, she just couldn’t bring herself to return to that place anymore. I decided there had to be a better way for me to make an honest living, and since I had a lot of money in savings from the cases I had won, I quit my buddies law firm and decided to make peace with myself and the world and find a better place in life. Just me and the dog.

A month or so passed by, and I received a call from a man that said he was Candi’s dad. He invited me to their home for dinner so they could say thank you for saving his only daughter. I hadn’t seen Candi since that night, so I accepted.

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