The Office Ch. 02


Mr Daniels could not believe what had just happened as he sat there watching Miss Price lying, legs parted, glistening pussy on show on his desk. She had a glow about her which one only gets after orgasm and the more he looked at her the harder his cock became. He moved over to his desk and slipped two fingers inside Miss Price, enjoying the sensation of his cum and the tightness of her pussy on his fingers. He pushed them in slowly, making her moan with each thrust before taking his finger to her lips and watched her slowly lick each one as though it was a lolly pop. She circled her tongue over his fingers before taking them in her mouth and sucking hard. He could take no more so pushed her back onto the desk and knelt astride her, his large black cock mere centimetres from her mouth. Miss Price responded by gently licking the end of his cock, slowly then more firmly before running her tongue over the ridge driving him wild.

Miss Price could feel her pussy throbbing with desire as she watched the pure ecstasy on his face. He started to thrust his throbbing, hard cock in her mouth, fucking it with all his might. Miss Price took its length deep in her throat, sucking and licking as though her life depended on it. Mr Daniels was close to cumming again so he slowed down and started to caress Miss Price’s breasts. They were so soft and creamy coloured, a stark contrast to his rich chocolaty tones. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed it between her breasts, Miss Price put her hands up and pushed her breasts together, making it tighter on his throbbing cock. With each thrust the tip met her mouth and her tongue made firm swirls on the end. Mr Daniels could hold back no more and came hard and fast all over her creamy white breasts and luscious pink lips. Miss Price flicked her tongue out of the corner of her mouth and seductively licked his cum off her lips. Mr Daniels could not believe how horny this chick was!

Miss Price had never felt so desirable or horny before in all her life, her pussy was soaking wet with her juices and the remainder of his cum from earlier on. She wanted to feel his large cock inside of her again and to cum all over it. She got off the desk and knelt before Mr Daniels, taking his flaccid cock in her mouth, sucking slowly as if to breathe life into it. She took his balls in her right hand, squeezing each one softly, then harder, watching the expression on his face. Mr Daniels moaned as her touch got firmer and firmer and Miss Price could see his cock starting to harden again. She took both balls in her mouth and sucked and sucked as hard as she could. Mr Daniels loved it the rougher she was and his cock started to get harder and harder as she sucked and nibbled his balls. He grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to his body, his hips grinding against her face and she sucked and licked his balls.

Miss Avcılar Escort Price moved over to the photocopier that was in Mr Daniels’ office. She placed both hands on the top of it and lifted her left leg up exposing her oh so wet pussy. Mr Daniels came up behind her and slid his now rock hard cock deep into her pussy making her groan with pleasure. Her pussy was so hot and wet, Mr Daniels thought he had died and gone to heaven. He started to fuck her softly, then harder with each thrust, making Miss Price moan louder and louder. He grabbed her hair with his left hand and pulled her head back as he fucked her harder and harder making her scream. With his right hand, he slid one finger in her ass as he fucked that pussy. Miss Price could feel every inch of his large cock and loved the way his head rubbed the inside of her pussy. She could feel herself cumming and screamed out his name as she came hard and fast all over his cock. He could feel her muscles contract around his cock making it throb even more. He was so hard it was unbelievable! He was fucking Miss Price as hard and as fast as he could, her juices dripping off his balls onto his inner thighs, he was so close to cumming now and there was no way he could hold back. He screamed as he came deep in her pussy, every last bit of cum spurting from his body. He shivered and felt close to collapse as he had never cum so hard in his whole life.

They lay in each other’s arms on the sofa, her skin creamy white against his rich chocolate tones. Her head lay on his chest, her fingers tracing circles on the skin of his belly. Mr Daniels moaned softy at her touch, still recovering from the best night shift of his life and smiled to himself. Miss Price was the naughtiest secretary he had ever known in his whole life! He lifted her chin up towards his face, gently cupping her chin and brought her lips to his, kissing her softly at first, then with more urgency as he felt his cock stirring into life again. A shudder went through Miss Price’s body and she pushed herself closer to him, skirt still round her waist and shirt open. He watched with fascination as her pink nipples grew erect at his touch.

He moved his hand to her nipple and started to caress it, teasing it with his thumb and forefinger as he watched her expression. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed there was someone in the main office watching them from the door of his office. Mr Daniels carried on teasing Miss Price’s nipple, whilst watching the newcomer’s reaction.

Cally Jones was the office cleaner and had worked at the company for nearly ten years. It wasn’t the greatest job in the world but paid the bills and was easy enough. She had seen many things over the years on the night shift and nothing fazed her, she was a woman of the world after all! She watched Mr Daniels with an amused Beylikdüzü Escort smile on her face, she could see that it was turning him on that she was watching, especially as Miss Price had not noticed her presence. The sight of his large black cock emerging from his trousers made her pussy throb. Cally could not remember the last time she had had a good fucking as her old man was more interested in watching TV these days.

Mr Daniels whispered something into Miss Price’s ear and she turned round and saw Cally watching them. She stood up slowly and removed her skirt and shirt, leaving her standing there in only her stockings and high heels. She beckoned Cally over to join them. Cally walked slowly over to Miss Price and stood just in front of her whilst Mr Daniels was still seated on the sofa. Miss Price took Cally by the hand and pulled her closer to her nearly naked body before kissing her gently on the lips. Miss Price’s lips were so soft and juicy and tasted of pussy and cock mixed together. It was a heady experience and Cally could feel her body responding to her touch. Miss Price ran her hands up Cally’s back and removed her jumper in one swift move revealing large creamy breasts in a lacy blue bra. Miss Price removed her bra with a flick of her wrist and Cally’s breasts were revealed in all their glory. Miss Price moved her mouth downwards from her neck, slowly towards her breasts, licking and nibbling making Cally moan softly. She circled her nipple with her tongue, softly then firmer before taking it in her mouth and sucking hard as her hand caressed her other breast.

Mr Daniels was taking in the sight in front of him, his cock getting harder and harder as Miss Price licked and sucked Cally’s nipples. He sat there stroking his cock slowly as he watched Miss Price undo Cally’s trousers and pull down her panties to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy. He was mesmerised as Miss Price ran her tongue down Cally’s belly towards her pussy, her hands caressing her thighs before gently parting her legs to give her tongue room to lick at her clit. Cally threw her head back and moaned loudly as Miss Price’s tongue flicked round her clit before she buried her face in Cally’s pussy.

Miss Price could feel herself getting wet and her pussy started to throb. It was so horny to lick pussy and Cally’s tasted so good, her juices mixing with saliva and dripping from her lips. She slowly parted Cally’s lips with her right hand so she could get deeper inside her with her tongue, nibbling gently on her clit making Cally’s body shiver with pleasure. She slid two fingers inside Cally and continued to lick, suck and nibble on her clit, feeling Cally’s body tense as she made her cum right there and then on her face and hands.

Miss Price took Cally by the hand and led her over to Mr Daniels who by now had the biggest erection Bahçeşehir Escort he had ever had in his life. She sat Cally down on the sofa and pushed her back so that her legs were parted and her pussy was on show for both of them to see. She bent over on all fours in front of Cally and begged Mr Daniels to fuck her hard from behind. Mr Daniels obliged and pushed his cock deep into her wet, warm pussy and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto his throbbing cock. Miss Price ran her hands up Cally’s thighs again and parted her legs some more before burying her face in her pussy again. It tasted so sweet she could not get enough of it. Mr Daniels was thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her soaking pussy and each thrust pushed her tongue deeper and deeper into Cally’s hole making her body quiver again.

Cally was so wet it was unbelievable and her pussy was literally throbbing with desire, she wanted to cum again all over Miss Price’s face. She started to rub her breasts and play with her nipples as Mr Daniels’ cock pushed Miss Price’s face into her. She could feel herself cumming and screamed out her name as she gushed onto Miss Price’s face.

Cally was desperate by now to make both Miss Price and Mr Daniels cum so she got up off the sofa and lay directly underneath Miss Price, who was still on all fours with Mr Daniels’ cock deep inside her. Her face was directly beneath Miss Price’s pussy and Mr Daniels’ cock and she flicked her tongue up catching his shaft with it as his cock went in and out of Miss Price’s pussy. Cally carried on licking his cock, tasting Miss Price’s juices on it as he continued to fuck Miss Price hard and deep. Cally moved her mouth slightly and took his left, then his right ball in her mouth making him groan loudly with pleasure.

Mr Daniels could feel himself cumming again as Cally licked and sucked on his balls, softly at first then harder and harder. He was just about to explode when he pulled his cock out of Miss Price’s pussy and came all over her clit and Cally’s tongue. God, what an erotic experience he thought to himself!

Cally had made Mr Daniels cum and was now intent on giving Miss Price the best orgasm of her life. She motioned for Miss Price to sit back on the sofa and parted her legs, just like Miss Price had done to her earlier. Cally could see the glistening cum on Miss Price’s pussy and proceeded to lick and suck it until there was none to be seen. She pushed three fingers, then four into Miss Price making her gasp with delight, her pussy so warm, wet and juicy round Cally’s hand. She finger fucked her hard and fast as she ran her tongue over her clit. Cally could feel Miss Price was close to cumming as her pussy muscles started to clench against her hand and her body started to tense. Miss Price screamed as ripples of pleasure and heat ran through her body, her pussy gripping tightly on Cally’s hand as she came and came all over her. Juices mixed with cum and saliva dripping down Cally’s hand.

Cally casually picked her clothes up and got dressed and left the office closing the door behind her, she knew this was one experience she would never forget.

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