The New Workout Program Ch. 03


Candidates gasping even, with each new heightened state of arousal until I realized that he wasn’t going to cave. I slide his hands up towards my tits as he watched, peering up from between my thighs. He got the message and brought his hands up from my hips to my nipples and started pinching them.

“Ohhhhhh yeah!” I moaned. “That feels so good! Oh Shit, fuck! You’re gonna make me cum, Baby!”

Feeling my immanent climax now finally within reach, I gave into his expert ministrations and came. It had been too long since I had had such a fine orgasm with an expert tongue and I basked in the release and relief. In my younger days, it was never easy for me to cum with a partner. But now, as I discover this new phase – Pre-menopausal but hormones still raging – I am finally able to cum more easily. For a while there, I was timing myself to see how fast I could cum. It turns out that if I’m horny enough, I can cum in seconds with my mighty vibe and a nice dildo! But since I’m so out of practice with a talented tongue, it takes me longer.

Perhaps Stephen sensed that I had more to give, because he continued to tease my clit, until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled his head up.

“Stop, pleeease! I want you to fuck me NOW!” I told him in my sexy-slash-whiny voice.

But he had other ideas. He figured that one oral orgasm was worth another, and straddled my chest, wrapping my tits around his cock. This time he let me lick the tip of his cock, now moist with precum. He’s uncut so I used my hand to slide the skin down to reveal his hole and cock head. He growled some more and was very vocal about how much he liked it. He seemed to like the image of me as his new slut.

“I want you to be slut for me,” he told me in his cute accent.

“Slutty, you mean,” I corrected him. “I’m a good slut.”

“Yes,” he said. “You like me? I’m good, no?”

I licked him and sucked on his head but couldn’t get down his shaft very far. Patting the bed beside me, I suggested that he lay down. He did and I gave him a nice, long blow job, making sure to cup his shaved balls and take one into my mouth, gently. He was very vocal again, very appreciative and complimentary.

“You are so beautiful baby! You know how to suck a cock don’t you, my slut! MMMMMM! That’s very good. Ummmmm.”

“Ummmm, yes,” I gurgled, his cock still sliding between my lips.

He took over control by putting his hands on my head and face-fucking me from underneath. He bucked like a bronc! I took my time allowing him to enjoy it without worrying about cumming too quickly.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” He asked.

“I wanted to jump on your cock as soon as I came and I still need you to fuck me!” I shared.

He rolled me over onto my back, climbed on top and spread my legs wide, then he lay down on top of me and lined up his cock with my slit while kissing me and asking for my tongue. I gave it to him to suck while he slowly slid his cock into my very wet cunt. He fucked me rapid fire for a few minutes and then slow, then fast again, talking all the way through.

“Does it feel good like that?” he asked. “You like that don’t you? Tell me. Say it. How does it feel?”

I told him how good his hard cock felt in my wetness and asked him if he could feel how tight I was squeezing him. But just then he said,

“Tell Daddy how much you like it.”

That just didn’t work for me. All I could do was laugh.

“You want Daddy to fuck you good, yes?” he said.

I ignored the comment. It seemed the best route. Just ignore him and perhaps he’ll get the picture. I’m NOT his little girl. His Slut, sure! But not his little girl.

He wanted to do it all. Next, he rolled me over onto my side, ass in the Esenyurt Escort air, and sat on his knees behind me. He fucked me rapid fire again for a while and I enjoyed that much more then when he was on top of me. But once he started fingering my asshole, I wasn;t too sure.

“MMMMM, your cunt is so nice and wet and look, so is your ass.” He told me.

I let him play there for a little while. It felt okay for him to have his finger in there while he slid his hard dick in and out of my hungry cunt.

“How would you like a cock in each of your holes at one time baby? You’d like that, right? Tell Daddy how you like it?

Again with the “Daddy” shit! I asked him to stop fingering me. Told him that I had had a bad experience the last time somebody got too familiar with my asshole. Fortunately he complied without hesitation. He’s very respectful that way. He wanted to cum in my mouth, and so without wiping my juices off his cock, he rolled over and offered it up for me to suck. I did as requested.

“Where would you like me to cum? He asked me.

“Come inside me. It’s fine.” I answered. “I want to feel you shoot that big load.”

He got behind me again and fucked me hard. I had my face buried in my feather pillow, my ass in the air as he wrapped a hand in my hair and gave me a good pounding, then slid in and out slowly, pausing at the opening of my hot slot, before jamming it all the way inside. He was close.

“Can you feel me all the way inside you?” He asked me, breathlessly.

“Yes,” I answered, “I feel all of your sweet cock, baby!”

I reached underneath with my fingers and played with his sack. He continued fucking me like that for another 15 min or so, until he said he was ready to cum.

“Give it to me, baby!” I said, encouraging him. “Fill me up with your cum!”

He started grunting and then growling and continued to growl, low and deep for like five minutes. He must have cum for another 3 to 4 more minutes. Amazing, really. And even after he came like that, he only stopped for a minute or so, before starting to slide in and out again. When I finally started to pull away, he was holding me saying,

“Oooooh! It’s so sensitive! Ohhhh, slowly!”

We lay down facing each other, and I asked him if he always came that hard.

“Well, I guess so,” he said. “I haven’t cum in over a week.”

That led to a discussion on cut- vs. un-cut dick and my postulating that uncut dicks are way more sensitive. He didn’t agree nor disagree. He told me that his girlfriend is a flight attendant and is away a lot. Thus he doesn’t get to cum that often. Well that’s good for me. We talked for a while and finally got on the topic of working out. He went for a shower and I followed right behind him and after dressing we convened in the living room where he offered to take my Body Mass Index and measure my fat! Oh boy!

He had brought his instrument and calculator with him and got his paperwork out as he explained the process and what it all meant. He was all business and it was really good too. Having my BMI gives me a starting place. He also took my blood pressure and pulse and talked to me about my general health and diet. He’s very professional and I appreciate that. Then, he surprised me again, by offering to go to gym with me.

I put my gym shoes on and we walked over to the nearby exercise room. It had stopped raining and was nice and warm outside, but still humid. In the gym, he was quick to lead. We started with some cardio; I took a recumbent bike and he hopped on the one next to me. After a 10-minute warm-up we moved onto the weight machines. Each time he set up the machine, counted the reps, kidded me about not doing it right for the first İstanbul Escort few reps and started the count all over! He was fun, smart and tough. Perfect! He led me through a hard, but not too tough, workout followed by some excellent stretching. He stretched me until I cried out and even though I breathed through it, it hurt. He liked that! That’s what he does for a living, makes people hurt and they pay him for that! I think I may have met my match! He said that he’d see me regularly but only if I’m not seeing anyone else. Interesting, since he has a girlfriend.

Candidate – Jeff

I met Jeff today. He was one that I saved for last because he only sent a face shot and didn’t write much. I knew I was taking a chance, but after emailing a bit and talking with him, I decided it was worth it to meet mainly because he’s a professional LMT and I need a new one.

About Jeff: He’s tall and in pretty good shape, with a little belly, a blond buzz cut and a little facial hair. Otherwise, he’s pretty hairless. I like running my hands over his velvety smooth fur on his head! He wears glasses and he’s very funny, even a little silly with mostly self-deprecating humor. Best of all, he’s very sweet and fucks like a bunny, humping faster then anyone I know!

As we talked about ourselves, I wondered again if we’d make it to the gym, but as I was more into trading with him for massage, I didn’t really care all that much. Besides, I had had a good workout yesterday with Stephen. We talked and joked and I found myself being very honest with him about what I wanted and how I got to the point of placing the ad.

“I figured that I needed to have a major incentive to keep to a routine and lose the weight.” I explained. “And since I’m already used to trading sex for massage with my boyfriend, why not do it with a trainer! The only problem with trading neck rubs for blow jobs with my boyfriend is that the rubs are way too short!”

This got a laugh.

“Yeah, men are all the same – short attention span!” he said.

It was clear that we were feeling more comfortable with each other and I asked him how he wanted to proceed.

“I’m pretty laid back,” he told me. “Whatever you want is cool with me.”

Then he stood up from where he was sitting on the adjacent couch and came and sat by me. He leaned over and kissed me softly and then hugged me. I liked his strong hug. Our connection felt good. We began touching, tentatively exploring. We talked a little about the connection we felt and decided that I wanted to fuck him. I reached down and felt his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, but he shut his eyes and moaned in pleasure as my hand caressed his crotch. When we started to peel clothes off, I suggested we head for the bed. Once there, we quickly got naked and lay down next to each other and got into the serious touching. He was clearly very sensitive and sensual, which always works for me! He played a little with my tits, enjoying them immensely.

“I was really hoping I’d get to see these tits in the flesh,” he confided. “I thought, well if she decides she hates me, maybe I’ll just ask to see ’em before she tosses me out!”

I laughed at that and told him to enjoy them.

“I am the luckiest bastard on the planet,” he commented. “I must have won the lotto!”

As I lay down on the bed, he positioned himself kneeling beside me, cock in my face so that I could pleasure him. He was still soft, so I did my best to make him erect and I enjoyed playing with his plentiful sac. He got hard in a few minutes and gave me big points for my efforts.

Here was another guy who had actually read my entire ad and knew how much I enjoyed oral. He was good enough to pleasure me before Beylikdüzü Escort we fucked. He slid into position between my thighs and a reached down to part my thick bush. (I try to make sure that the guys I meet like a thick bush like mine. I know that it’s a deal-breaker if they prefer hairless “girls”. That will never be me.).

He’s not as talented as, say Michael or even Charles, but he licked me for a few minutes and then came up and turned around so that in 69 position, we could pleasure each other simultaneously. That didn’t last very long before I turned him over and took over pleasuring him. He almost came twice, maybe three times he said. Then I took him all the way. He warned me and then gave in to my demanding mouth. And, with a finger well planted in his ass, (which he really loved!), he came and came and – came.

He was even more talkative after his orgasm. He had told me that he tended to blabber on and that I should just ignore him. We talked about bodywork, about ourselves and all the while he ran his hands all over me, enjoying my soft skin. Then he started fingering my clit and kept on for like 20 minutes, making me a writhing basket case, which got him excited all over again. So with a little help from his hand, he was hard again.

“Ready for round two, eh?” I asked.

I was so worked up that all I wanted was his hard cock inside me and he was quick to comply. He kneeled between my legs and spread them wide and entered me. He fucked me fast, leaning back on his legs, stopping just a few times so as not to cum too fast, before reaching his second orgasm. This time, he withdrew and spurted his creamy load on my belly. I watched as he was in the throws of orgasm, how he grabbed at his breast and closed his eyes. I loved the ecstasy he displayed, like he was in heaven. After his orgasm subsided, I mentioned that he needn’t withdraw next time.

“Since we hadn’t discussed that, I thought it best to pull out,” he told me.

“Yes, very respectful thing to do!” I replied.

Then in keeping with his respectfulness, he offered to get me a washcloth, which he did and wiped his cum off my belly. Very sweet. We got up and started to dress. Since he had said that he was free for the afternoon, I thought about asking him to work on me, but he seemed to want to leave, so I let him go.

“Could you possibly work on me tomorrow?” I asked him before he left.

“How about if I call you in the morning and set something up, dependent of course on my paying clients!” he joked.

I like Jeff. I like his sense of humor and his honesty and I will hopefully also like his massage technique! He said he can do deep work, just doesn’t do much of it at the DC office where he works. I think he’d be great at sensual massage, which he says he’s never really done. I think we should do an exchange like that. He’s got the right touch for it. I’m looking forward to getting a rub! Woohoo!

“T” came by after Jeff left, even though I lied and told him that we didn’t fuck. But since he didn’t cum in me, I thought it best to just tell him that we didn’t fool around at all. He was on a phone call on his cell when he walked into the bedroom to find me waiting, lying naked on the bed, so I entertained myself (and him) with my vibe and got my dildo out. I really wanted to cum. Once he was off his call, he climbed on the bed and took over control of the dildo and played with my tits. I had been diddled for so long that it seemed to take an extra long for me to cum, but with the dildo and the vibe in my control and “T’s” lips and fingers playing with my nipples, I did finally cum. Then I sucked his huge hardon. He probably could have cum like that but he wanted to fuck me and he did, long and slow. Then I make him cum the way he likes, jerking him while he fucked me.

The New Workout Plan is to see Stephen two to three times a week, Jim at least once a week or every two weeks, whichever he can do and that handle what I need. I’ll fit in Michael and “T” as I can just for fun!

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