The Object of My Obsession


‘I’m off to bed now.’ She said into the phone, lowering the tone of her voice to a sexy whisper. Whether intentional or not I don’t know. I just closed my eyes and thought of her sliding naked between the sheets, wondering if her husband would be giving her one tonight.

‘Goodnight.’ I said.

‘Goodnight Joe.’ She whispered. ‘See you in the morning.’

Her tone of voice had such promise in it, well I could dream couldn’t I? But would this dream come true?

I had known Melissa for about 5 years now. She worked with my wife and I would see her every now and again, all too seldom for my liking. She just had a way about her with her that you couldn’t help but like. She had the most beautiful friendly smile and big welcoming blue eyes.

When my wife left that office they kept in touch and indeed became closer friends and she visited our house quite a lot. Melissa and I had always got on well and I seemed to make her laugh. I loved it when she visited and I would have to try and hide my joy when the familiar sound of her clapped out Ford pulled into our driveway.

Melissa and I were getting friendlier on her every visit. She was not married long but I knew she did not marry for love. At 35, her husband was 9 years older. He had his own house and plenty of money. My wife had confided in me that she hoped she would eventually love him. She also told her that in bed he just satisfied himself in less than 2 minutes and fell asleep. I began to fantasise about her more and more. I knew it was just pure lust. As nice and friendly as she was it was just the animal in me that wanted to just fuck her. Her body was well toned and she kept herself fit. Her breasts were not huge by any means but I am a “Bottom feeder” anyway so it was her arse that drove me crazy. I can only call it perfect. It was beautiful and rounded and it was becoming the object of my obsession. I was even closing my eyes when having sex with my wife imagining it was Melissa. I was seriously becoming afraid of screaming her name out one night in bed.

On one of her visits she was in the kitchen talking to us and telling us how she had just bought the stuff to decorate her spare bedroom. As it turned out her husband did not even possess a drill let alone know how to use it and had only ever painted once in his life and certainly had no idea how to hang wallpaper. I knew what was coming next and my wife volunteered me to help her out. I rolled my eyes to heaven in mock disgust but to have shown genuine disappointment would have called for an Oscar® winning performance. So that was it. She had seen the TV makeover show and I’d agreed to help her fix up her bedroom. It needed a bit of work; wallpapering, painting and a few other little jobs needed to be done like shelves and a curtain pole. I told her as soon as I cleared a couple of days off work I would ring her and let her know when I’d call over.

2 days later I arrived at her door at 9am.

‘Good morning.’ She said cheerily. ‘You’re early.’

‘If I’m too early I could come back later.’ I replied jokingly.

‘No no!’ Was the expected reply. ‘There’s plenty of work to keep us going.

Come in.’

She headed for the kitchen so I followed her in and used the few seconds that I had before she turned around to check out what she had on. She looked gorgeous even this early in the morning. She had that fresh just stepped out of the shower look about her. She smelled beautiful. Whatever it was she used in the shower I would buy her a 2-litre container of it. Her long blonde hair was tied back. Her plain white top clung to her like it was sprayed on. It stopped 2 inches above the top of her shorts just teasing me with a bit of her midriff. I knew I would have to concentrate to keep my eyes off her breasts when she turned around. Her gorgeous round arse was packed into a cut down pair of Levi’s, which had been cut very short to show off a lot of her pale-skinned athletic legs. It was unusual for her not to wear trainers, instead she opted for a pair of flip-flops, which did more for her feet and legs, making them sexier and not looking like she was going to run a 10k. Also it made a lot of blood surge into my cock. It was like she knew I had a foot fetish. Her toenails were painted red and to me that was red rag to a bull. Only I wanted to impale her on a different type of horn.

‘Tea?’ She asked tecavüz hikayeleri glancing over her shoulder.

‘Yes please.’ I replied hoping that she didn’t catch me checking her out. Though she was no fool and probably knew me well enough to know I fancied her like mad and I would be mentally undressing her. She placed a mug of tea in front of me, sat down and chatted away about what she wanted done. I tried to concentrate on what she was saying but it wasn’t easy. Every time she’d look down to her interior designs book I’d check out her breasts. Her clingy top enabled me to make out the design of her lacy bra. It almost hid her nipples but I could still make them out. I imagined her naked, bouncing up and down on top of my cock.

‘Right, let’s get to work.’ She said bringing me back to earth. I welcomed her intervention; work would take my mind off sex and allow some blood back to my brain. She had actually done a good job of painting herself the previous day so we got stuck into the wallpapering. The time flew in and we worked well together. The room was starting to look well and she was impressed.

She had long since been flirty with little touches her and there. Today was no different but of course so much more. Two people working in a confined space could lead to two things. You’re either going to be at each other’s throat or you get closer physically. Happily for me it was the latter. When I would step off the ladder, her hand went out as if to catch me. I milked it and put my arm on her shoulder and deliberately brushed against her. She played along and I began to think we were both in the same position. Reaching a point where we wanted each other but wrestling with our conscience.

The sight of her gorgeous arse when she’d bend over had long since aroused me and also when she bent over, the top of her jeans would pout to reveal the lace of a g-string. When I needed to get by her, I held her waist. Her top was short so I felt flesh, warm naked flesh. My prick was by now rampant. I had hoped that fate would be good to me that day, and it was. It literally threw us together.

The next thing to happen couldn’t have been planned to work so well, it just happened. As she tried to step through the minefield of utensils on the floor, she tripped over a roll of wallpaper and fell towards me. I instinctively caught her. As I remember it now, the world seemed to stop spinning at that moment. Her hands gripped my shoulders and my hands caught her waist. We stood transfixed looking at each other not sure who should make the next move. Then someone kick started the world again. She swallowed hard and licked her top lip. If I didn’t do it now, I would never do it. I leaned down and placed my lips on hers. Her mouth opened to welcome my tongue. That was it, green light. There could be no turning back now. I once again held her waist, but this time it wasn’t to get by her, this time I didn’t take my hands away.

As our tongues wrestled, I ran my hands up and down her back. She pulled her mouth from mine and sighed deeply throwing her head back inviting me to kiss her neck. I placed soft tender kisses on her neck trying not to get too carried away by sucking too hard and leaving marks. I pulled her harder into me. She moaned deeply as my aching hardness pressed into her mound. I couldn’t bear this any longer, I craved her nakedness and for her insides to relieve me of my throbbing erection. I took her top and pulled it up, she raised her arms allowing me to remove it. As I undid her bra, she opened my jeans. Then she stripped the rest of the way. She threw her bra on the floor, kicked off her shoes, opened her shorts and in one movement slid her shorts and knickers off together. This may have been quick but it was sheer heaven. She was everything I dreamed she’d be. As I stripped I feasted my eyes on her perfect body, each inch of flawless skin. I lowered my boxers and she checked out my equipment and smiled.

“I always wondered what size it would be.” She said.

“And?” I inquired.

“I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed anyway.” She replied.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “You wont.”

She took my hand and led me like a schoolboy into the main bedroom. The bed, with its brass bed-ends was huge and inviting. She stood and gestured for me to get on the bed. I lay down. She got on the bed and threw a sex hikayeleri leg over me. She leaned down and kissed me again. Then she firstly raised herself up and then pressed her cunt down on my prick. I closed my eyes and sighed loudly as she teased me by massaging my cock with her warm wet cunt. She too closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of my hard warmth pressed against her love-nest. Then she dispensed with the tease and got down to business. She raised her pelvis, took my prick between thumb and forefinger and nestled it between her cunt-lips. Then she lowered herself slowly onto it. I felt I would pass out as her warm insides ensnared my throbbing erection.

“Ahh!” She cried out as she came to rest on top of me with my hardness buried deep inside her. She held it there for a few seconds and caressed it tighter with her cunt muscles. Then she took off, slowly at first. Raising herself up till only the tip of my prick was inside her, then down again. She built up speed, and as she got faster and harder, my orgasm welled within


“Oh, oh!” She groaned on each thrust driving her pelvis into me. I grasped her breasts but she pulled my hands away and massaged them herself, as if putting on a show for me. Up and down she went on my prick while at the same time pushing her tits up and squeezing her nipples. She moaned louder and louder as she let herself go.

“I’m coming!” I groaned.

“Good!” She sighed. “Shoot it all into me.”

I obliged and ejaculated a flood of hot spunk into her. She kept riding me till she drained me of every drop of seed. It spilled back out of her and trickled down my balls onto the bed.

“I think I’ve got some washing to do.” She said.

“Don’t do it yet.” I replied, “I’m not finished.”

“Good.” She said.

Somewhere in the heat of passion, I had wondered if she would regret our afternoon of lust. But as she lay down beside me with a huge grin on her face, I didn’t think she was regretting it yet.

“Fancy a shower?” She asked.

“Only if you do my back.” I replied.

“Deal.” She said.

She led the way to the bathroom, stopping off at the hot press to get some towels. She reached in to turn on the water and as she bent down to pick up a bar of soap from the shower-tray, my prick hardened quickly once again at the sight of her beautiful arse. She got in and I got in behind her. We let the water flow over us and then I took the shower-gel and squeezed some onto her. I massaged her back and she spread-eagled herself up against the shower wall with her legs apart. I soaped her arse, and as I rubbed her cunt vigorously she moaned deeply.

“Mmmmmm, that’s gorgeous.” She said. “Are you hard again?”

I didn’t answer, I just prodded her arse with my prick.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said. “Where do you want to stick it this time?”

“Up your bum.” I replied.

She bent over and rested her hands on her knees and dropped her head letting the water flow over her golden hair. I squeezed some shower-gel onto my finger, pulled the cheeks of her arse apart and probed for her hole.

“Oh!” She said, her body twitching. “I’ve never taken it in the bum before.”

I slowly slid my finger in and out till it was pretty well ready. She looked like she was in pain and I wondered if she was like that with my finger then what would she be like when I stuck my cock in her. I pulled my finger out, took my cock and probed at her bum. I could feel it with the tip of my prick. I pushed till my knob burrowed into her tight arsehole.

“Ohhhh!” She moaned.

“You okay?” I asked while at the same time pushing into her back passage.

“Yes!” She grunted. I didn’t ask her if she wanted me to stop because I just didn’t want to. I was living out my fantasy and I just couldn’t stop this now. I also knew she wanted it. Gradually her tight passage succumbed to the intruder and my prick slid up her arse. I held

her hips and pulled her to me till my pubic hair was touching her bum-cheeks.

“Ohhhh!” I groaned loudly as this new sensation gripped me. I’d dreamed about this arse for so long and now here I was stuck up it. I slid my prick back out to it’s tip then shoved it up her again. I took off literally riding the arse off of her.

“Ohhhh!” She screamed.

The water was just trickling down onto us as my pelvis banged her arse. The sex hikaye pale skin on her bum-cheeks was now a dark shade of red. I fucked her so hard she had to push hard against the shower wall as if to stop her head from smacking against it. I closed my eyes tight as I felt orgasm grip me.

“Yes, yes!” I cried as my throbbing prick pumped a flood of hot cum up her arse. It trickled back down my prick and balls. I kept pumping till I was emptied of my load. She got up slowly from her crouched position as if in pain and turned to me.

“Oh god!” She sighed. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk.”

We both fought for breath and she laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked.

“This.” She replied. “I wondered if we would shag, but I didn’t expect this. Having a shower will never be the same again.”

She took the shower-gel, squeezed some on her hand and grabbed my prick.

“That’s a dangerous weapon you have there.” She said.

She rubbed my sleeping prick vigorously washing it well. I did likewise and reached round and washed her bum. The water flowed over us, rinsing the soap from us. She turned off the water and we got out, dried ourselves off and proceeded to the bedroom. We both collapsed down on the bed and panted. We turned to each other and just kissed. Warm deep kisses. Then we just lay there for a while.

“You want a drink honey?” I asked.

“I’d love one.” She replied.

I put a towel around me and proceeded to the kitchen and got 2 glasses of mineral water from the 2-litre in the fridge. It was 3pm and I just thought what if her husband came in now. Fuck it; if he killed me I would die happy. Besides he was a drippy little guy and I don’t think he’d do anything. Though maybe the little bastard had a shotgun. Anyway at that moment in time my prick was aching in satisfaction and I was confident he wouldn’t be in till long after 8pm as he lived for his job.

When I got back to the bedroom she was stretched out arms above her head and legs wide apart. She sat up, took the glass and swallowed half of it down, closing her eyes as the icy water cooled her down. Like me she was left-handed and took the glass in her left hand. I momentarily looked at her wedding ring and knew I should have felt guilty. I was fucking some guy’s wife. I sort of justified it in my mind by telling myself that she was deeply unhappy and I was satisfying her needs. As we both put our glasses on the bedside locker, she smiled at me. She slid over on the bed and resumed her position on her back. I lay down on the bed beside her, leaned over, placed my hand on her cheek and kissed her. I tenderly kissed her cheek, her ear and her neck. I re-positioned myself on the bed allowing me to kiss down her body. I kissed her stomach. Then I kissed the inside of her thighs, along her legs and down to her feet. I kissed a foot and ran my tongue along its length. I took a toe in my mouth and sucked. She liked that and squirmed with pleasure.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned. “That’s nice.”

I kissed my way back up her legs. Her wet pussy beckoned, its pink lips puffed up and glistening with excitement. I launched my mouth into her cunt. I sucked her fuck-hole then ran my tongue along her wet flaps. She moaned deeply, arching her back and gripping the sheets. Her moaning only served to spur me on. My prick throbbed; I needed to fuck her again. I lay on top of her. She put her arms around my neck as I guided my prick between her cunt-lips and once again slid my hardness up her hole. She arched her back as she took in every inch. Then, she let out all her frustration in one big sigh.

“Ohhhh!” She cried sounding like it came from deep inside her. I slid in and out of her warm wet cunt, driven on by the sounds of her moans and whimpering in my ear. I felt the burning in my stomach as my climax welled within me. I pumped her hole harder.

“Yes, yes!” She groaned on each thrust. Then I felt my body weaken as I reached orgasm and emptied my hot semen into her. I collapsed onto the bed beside her. As I crashed back to reality, I wondered if I would get the mandatory guilt trip, or was it first-degree adultery with no remorse. I needed to know.

“Is this where you say; You’d better go. Or do you feel okay about this?”

“I’m a big girl now.” She replied. “I don’t feel guilty about this and I don’t want you to go. Anyway, I knew this would happen someday, but I wasn’t going to stop it. Besides you’ve a lot more work to do here.”

“And this?” I asked.

“We’ll know when it’s time to stop.” She replied. “So till then, let’s enjoy it.”

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