The Meeting Goes Dark


The last thing Carrie needed today was to suffer through some stupid district meeting for her company. She was stressed out over being dumped by her boyfriend, overdue projects, and to top it off – a bad hair day. But this was for executives and their secretaries, so she was stuck.

Fuming over wasting the whole day, Carrie flopped into the corner chair in the back row of the company’s fifth floor conference room. The seats were filling up fast, and she saw very few people she knew, so she resigned herself to hours of surfing the web on her cellphone. The lights were dimmed for the slideshow; no natural light came in as there were no windows since the room was used only for presentations. Besides the empty seat next to her, she only saw a few more around the room. When the dozens of people standing around had to play musical chairs it was going to be standing room only.

Sighing as yet another suit squeezed past her knees, her spirits lifted as a soft voice whispered “Hi sexy.”

Carrie’s head snapped up from her phone to see Sam’s smiling face. She knew before she looked that it was him, Sam almost always greeted her that way.

“Hey Sam! You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to see you. I was thinking I would be stuck here without a friendly face to talk to, killing time online until my phone died.”

“Well it’s nice to see you too Carrie, and thanks for saving me a seat. I was worried I would have to stand up the whole time. Jenkins called me up like ten minutes ago. He said Sally couldn’t make it, and since I’m the ‘secretary to the secretary’, here I am.”

“I have to admit,” Carrie said quietly as she leaned towards Sam, “I’m glad it was you. Your ass is a lot cuter than Sally’s.”

Even in the low light she could see Sam blushing. He always pretended to be so innocent, but that was one thing about him that she had always liked. Lusted. Whatever.

“Since she is like 90 I think that’s a compliment, so thanks. I guess.”

Carrie giggled softly and put her hand on his thigh. “Silly, you know what I mean. Anyhow, I hope you will be a nice distraction from this buzzword festival that’s about to start.”

“And the same to you, if you don’t mind me using you for a while. I guess I can put up with seven hours of charts and slideshows if I can talk to the pretty lady next to me.”

Carrie smacked his arm and sat up straight. “That’s the best line you can come up with Casanova?”

“Well excuse me,” he replied raising his hands in mock helplessness, “My divorce has only been final for a month or so now and I forgot how to properly hit on all you hot babes. Or whatever the single guys say now-days.”

“Whatever, perv. You have been hitting on me since we first met.”

“No, I was just… Well OK, maybe I was a bit flirty, but I’m not the only one Carrie. You can’t play little Miss Innocent here.”

“True, but flirting is about all we can do, we both know that. Company policy says so. My boyfriend left me last month so at least now we don’t have to be as reserved or hide as much as we used to before, when we were single.”

“Less reserved you say?” Sam leaned over to whisper in her ear, “So then you won’t hate me for asking if you’ve ever had sex in public? Or if you will put your hand down your skirt and rub one out right there in your seat during someone’s speech?”

Carrie’s eyes bugged out as Sam slowly pulled away from her, a sly grin on his face. She felt her cheeks grow warm as she shook her head at him.

“No I haven’t. But it’s not for lack of trying, I just couldn’t convince any of my boyfriends to do it. They all chickened out. And the other thing. Oh hell no, it’s tempting, but way too much of a risk.”

Sam got a thoughtful look on his face and was about to reply when she leaned over to his ear.

“I do want to get fucked in public though. And I want to be exposed. I want strangers to see me get fucked. There, now you know my biggest fantasy.”

She sat back, feeling her face getting even more red. Her cheeks and ears felt like they were on fire. She couldn’t even look at Sam right now. ‘Holy crap,’ Carrie thought, ‘why the hell did I just say that? What was I thinking? Was that really out loud?!?’

Sam was just as shocked to hear her say this, but he decided to respond another way. Pulling out his phone, he typed up a quick text.

‘That is hot as hell Carrie. Sounds fun! Let me know how it goes for you. By the way, my arm says thanks for the boob-brush. Also the tiny peek down your shirt was a nice tease.’

He sent it and looked away, pretending to watch the speaker droning on about sales figures. From the corner of his eye he saw Carrie’s phone light up as she got his message. He waited for another smack on his arm but it never showed up. He smiled when his phone buzzed in return, and reading her reply caused Sam to smile even bigger.

‘Dirty boy! I didn’t say you could peek. You will know when I want you to. In the meantime, cross your arms for a minute.’

Sam did as he was asked, not sure what erotik hikaye she had in mind. His pulse spiked when Carrie leaned towards him again, her shoulder sliding behind his. Something else got his blood supply pumping faster as a firm object pressed against the hand tucked under his arm. When Carrie stopped moving, Sam’s hand was being pressed hard against his side and the back of his arm felt her breast against it.

‘Oh damn,’ Sam thought, ‘she shoved her boob against me. I did not grab her, she is the one doing it. But do I dare move? Will she get mad?’

Barely loud enough to be heard, Carrie’s lips brushing his ear, she whispered “Well aren’t you going to get a better feel? I can’t stay like this all day.”

Sam’s heart pounded in his chest as he freed his fingers and wrapped them across the fabric pressing into him. The firmness from before was just her bra, he could now feel the softness of his friend’s breast. The curvature he traced made him breathe fast in excitement. Even tracing along the underwire was erotic.

“Your hand is the only one besides my own to grab me there in over a month Sam. My wuss of an ex stopped fucking me because he thought making out made me want kinky crazy dirty sex. I can’t hold this pose for much longer without looking suspicious. Keep touching me while you say something back to me.”

His head in a fog, Sam turned towards her, making sure to not move any other part of his body. Carrie moved her head back to give him room, but not quite enough, his lips brushed her cheek as they adjusted.

“Holy shit Carrie, you’re driving me crazy. I might cum in my pants if you keep this up. Ummm what else do I say? Oh I know. This is the first breast I’ve touched in months. My ex didn’t want kids, so she made me get snipped, and still left me for a younger studlier model, and she wouldn’t let me touch her. So thank you for this. Is getting felt up in public a fantasy of yours too?”

Carrie enjoyed his caress for another few seconds before his hot breath in her ear started to turn her on. She knew she had to stop this. She pulled away a tiny bit and he took the hint. Sadly Sam withdrew his hand and they both sat up straight, each breathing harder than usual.

“The next time,” Sam whispered to her, “less interference is a must.”

Carrie smiled back “Yes sounds good. And yes, that is a fantasy, and I want to do it again.”

Not trusting the volume of his voice, Sam took out his phone again. Carrie was amused to see him re-writing a message several times like a nervous teenager. After two minutes of this, her phone finally buzzed in her hand. Her cheeks flushed as she read his text.

‘Next time is 2 minutes. Your bare skin in my hand. I want to see and feel nipple. It’s your fantasy. I dare you.’

Her hands shaking, Carrie typed her reply and felt her crotch warming up fast as she considered but rejected his dare.

”I wish! But not here. It would make me cum instantly.’

Sam’s eyes bugged out when he read that, but he had to diffuse this. Quickly.

“Damn it Carrie, we can’t, I was kidding,” he whispered, “We would get fired on the spot if you flashed like that.”

“I know, but the idea is so hot.”

“In that case, show me both right now. No one is looking.”

Carrie snapped her head to the side to stare at him. She opened her mouth to reply, but just then the lights went out and and the whole room was instantly pitch black. It took about three seconds for the crowd of people to break out of their shock and start talking amongst themselves. The dull roar was getting louder when finally the emergency lights flicker on, and half of the crowd started to cheer and clap their hands. It soon turned into a boo as the lights flickered again and turned off.

“Sam, give me your hand,” Carrie called to him. She grasped his shoulder with one hand, the other reaching lower. She smiled widely as she reached out, her aim accurate even in the inky black room. Sam’s cock had softened some, but in her grasp it jumped back to life.

“Ummm, that’s not my hand,” Sam started, but corrected himself, not knowing who was listening, “wow that sounded bad, that’s my shoulder you’re squeezing.”

Carrie laughed quietly as she stroked his cock through his pants. She was expecting him to take a free pass at groping her as well, so she didn’t jump when a hand tentatively poked into her breast. His hand quickly turned to the side as he stroked and squeezed, going back an forth between both breasts. A gasp escaped her when his finger slid between the buttons of her shirt. One fingertip lightly touched the top of her breast before sliding into the cup and found her nipple.

“Did not expect all this, big boy,” she cooed, “this feels really nice.”

“Holy hell Carrie, you have no idea!”

A dim light came from the far side of the room once people remembered they could use their cellphones as lights. A couple of lighters showed up too, and a voice called out “Thanks for the light, smokers!”, causing a laugh to spread across adult sikiş hikaye the room.

“Stop it,” Sam hissed to his co-worker, “it’s too light now. We can’t get caught.”

The hand stopped tweaking her nipple and quickly pulled away from her blouse. A moment later Sam tugged on Carrie’s hand to free it from his cock. She resisted him at first but saw his logic and sadly let go of him.

With the tension now broken, people across the room began to stand up and mill around, restless and complaining, disembodied cellphone screens waving eerily across the room. The main doors in the back of the room opened up to let in a tiny bit of light, but not enough to really see. Carrie pulled on Sam’s arm and dragged him out of the way to the side of the room. In the dim light Carrie can barely see the supply closet door was ajar.

A loud voice from the back doors called out, making them both flinch. “Listen up everyone. I have an announcement. The lights should be back on in about 30 minutes, the power company is enroute to fix a downed wire caused by a car crash.”

The crowd groaned, drowning out whatever else the speaker said, but Carrie caught the gist of it. He was telling everyone to stay in place to prevent panic, or that they could head to the parking lot in an orderly fashion.

‘Just like a fire drill,’ she thought, ‘that means everyone will leave. Perfect!’

Several people bustled by them in the dark, the last one knocking her backwards into Sam’s chest. He grabbed her shoulder to stay together.

“Funny running into you here stranger.”

“Very funny,” Sam laughed, “how about we get out of the way?”

“Sounds good. Here, take my hand.”

Carrie turned quickly to wrap his arm around her waist, grinding as her ass pushed up against his crotch. She pulls Sam’s arm tight, surprising them both as his hand happens to land firmly on her breast.

Sam freezes, surprising each of them as his cock jumped to attention just as fast as her nipples did. They both feel each other respond, but Carrie is the first to comment as she reaches back to hold the cock that was stabbing her back.

“I sure am glad the darkness is hiding this pose. Do we have to leave?”

Breathing heavily, Sam lets go of her breast and pulls away quickly. “I sorry Carrie, I want to keep doing this so bad but I can’t. Not here. It’s too risky.”

“Please” she begs, “I felt you want it too, and I you need to finish what you started.”

Sam stepped away, gone from her sight before he was done turning around. Carrie backed up to the wall, the memory of his touch still warm on her blouse and skirt. She exhaled loudly, willing her heart to slow down, but she couldn’t ignore the dampness between her legs.

Disappointed at Sam’s change of heart, she walked slowly towards the dim light of the open door fifty yards away but is stopped by a firm grasp on her shoulders.

“Please stop,” he whispers, “I was wrong to leave. I’m just being a worry wart. Do you still want me like I need you?”

Carrie smiled widely but she doesn’t answer right away. Grabbing his hands she lowers them to her breasts as she backs up into his embrace. Just like before, his hardness presses into her ass for a moment before she reaches back to fill her hand with his cock.

“Does this answer you?” she whispers back, “But we need to hurry before the lights come back.”

“The closet is back this way,” he breathed into her ear, “walk with me.”

He unbuttons her blouse with one hand as they walk, the other reaching out into the inky darkness for guidance. She let go of his cock long enough to unhook her bra, thanking fate it was the front-latching one today. Carrie’s excitement surged as her greatly repressed urge of exhibitionism was let free just now, knowing she was flashing her bare breasts to a room full of people. She ignored the fact that many of them had left and no one could see, but it was still enough to turn her on to think of a hundred men seeing her bare breasts fondled.

She reached back and unzipped his pants, pulling his manhood out, using both hands to fondle the rock hard cock she had secretly desired the whole year since she had met Sam. Her breasts pushed out into his hungry hands, and he massaged her exposed skin and tweaked her nipples while managing to walk slowly through the dark.

She held back her moan of pleasure, and the bite she had on her lip was threatening to bleed soon if he didn’t stop his teasing. Thankfully his hands dropped, but they slid down her torso. One hand pulled up the front of her demure skirt making it very immodest as it came up to her waist. He trapped the material against her with his arm and pushed aside the crotch of her panties as he reached for her wet pussy.

With no arms out to guide them or feel for an obstruction, Carrie didn’t see the old man in a short-sleeve maintenance shirt until he was a foot away. His eyes bugged out in shock to see her almost naked, and he couldn’t stop from walking into her. They all froze at the contact, erotik hikaye and the second hand touching her pussy while his bare arm rested on her naked breast made her break her silence. A quiet moan escaped her lips before she could regain control. For some odd reason, she stared at his shirt, the name tag stating he was ‘Jerry’. That image was burned into her mind. She knew him! Every time she saw him from now on, she would remember this moment.

Nearly fully exposed and trapped between two men was almost enough to make her cum. Her waist bucked towards Jerry and Carrie felt her pussy get even wetter as she focused on the two men touching her. She squeezed the cock between her hands tightly as she tried to back away from Jerry. It took him a moment to regain his senses, and she saw his gaze linger on her breasts as they drifted apart. A fleeting sense of fear crossed her mind as she realized he could tell on her, but she thought he wouldn’t have thought to look at the guy exposing her.

Finally reaching the wall, he again put his hand up to guide them to the door. A few feet later he saw it and guided her into it, closing it silently behind them. Carrie tried turning towards him, but he stopped her by pulling her back, his hands continuing to maul her bare breasts as he covered her mouth with his. Their tongues fought deeply for a moment until she could gather her self control and ease her head back away from him.

“I like your tongue in my mouth, but I need your cock in there right now. Let go of me if you want that to happen.”

He let go instantly, and in the pitch black of the room he had no idea where she was other than her hand that was still squeezing his cock. Before he could wonder where she was, a tight circle enveloped his cockhead. Carrie teased with her tongue for a moment, the sank his cock as deep into her mouth as she could. She heard his gasp over her labored breathing and wet slurping noises as she pumped her head back and forth across his rigid tool.

Finally he lowered his hands once he got over the shock of her attack on his cock. Expecting to feel only hair as his hands reached down for her head, he was pleasantly surprised to feel the back of her shirt with one hand. He much preferred the girl be bent over than kneeling when he got a blowjob. He reached back until he found her skirt covering the back of her ass. It took some maneuvering with as distracted as he was, but he was finally able to pull it up to expose her panty-covered ass. A few more pushes down and her ass was bare. He had to feel all of it before continuing, even if he couldn’t see it.

He could feel Carrie’s heat before his fingers reached her soaking wet pussy. After a hurried tweak of her clit that made her jump, he knew she was more than ready for him. It was a tight fit, but both his middle and ring fingers slid deep into her center. He paused at the deepest point and wiggled his fingertips a little to make her squirm, then slowly stroked in and out, with a quick shove at the end of his thrust.

She loved the feeling of his fullness in her mouth and the sounds she could make him mutter. Carrie had dreamt many times about getting Sam’s cock in her mouth, she decided she had to make the best of it in the short time they had. She prided herself on her oral skills, and usually preferred it to actual sex. Grabbing his balls to keep him still, she pulled off of his cock and rubbed it between her lips. His fingers were nice, but she needed to help a little. She reached between her legs and toyed with her clit, feeling his fingers on hers as they both finger-fucked her.

“Harder Sam,” she whispered, “I’m getting close. Make me cum!”

He tried working his thumb into her pussy, nestled in the valley between his middle and ring fingers, but that was too much for her. She pulled away from his fingers and blocked it with hers, plus a mumbled ‘no” stopped him.

Once she sucked his cock into her throat, he smiled with another idea. He slid his thumb across her lips getting it wetter, then massaged across her sphincter. Her hips twitched in response, and her soft squeak told him she liked it.

He was confused for a moment when her mouth relaxed on his cock, but he quickly figured it out. Her one hand was slamming into his as she assaulted her clit, her other arm reached around his waist to hold herself up. She closed her lips around his cock to muffle her moaning, merely holding on to him instead of sucking, and as he heard her voice change he knew she was on the brink. With one last dip of his thumb between her moist lips, he pressed harder on her backdoor and eased the first full joint up her ass.

She yelled into his cock as she lurched forward in surprise, then froze in place as her body erupted in orgasmic bliss. Contractions quickly piling on top of one another, her legs barely held her up while his hands on either end of her kept her in place.

Gently he removed his thumb as he neared the end of her ride, causing another wave of tremors. She sank to the floor, pulling his fingers from her spasming pussy, coming to rest on her knees, her mouth never once leaving his cock. Slowly she resumed sucking his cock, and a few seconds later tasted his tangy pre-cum mixing with her saliva.

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