The Nomad


He pulls up to the house and parks, checking the address for the third time. He checks himself in the rearview mirror again before taking a deep breath and stepping into the street. The evening has turned cold after a mild day. The wind had died down but there is the smell of snow in the air now. His cock grows hard even as he is ascending the steps of the front porch. As he goes to knock he sees the note on the door commanding him to just, “Cum on in.”

He hesitates and looks back to his car parked there on the street before taking a deep breath and pushing the front door open. The lights inside are off but there are candles burning throwing just enough light to show her silhouetted against a doorway to another room off of what must be the living room. “Hello, lover,” she whispers and then walks towards him. He backs into the door to push it closed behind him as she closes in on him. She brings her right hand up to his face as she kisses him, but he doesn’t return it. She presses her body against his, pushing her ample chest into him, daring him to bury his head into it.

Instead he continues to shy away and she presses harder into him. Her frustration grows. “What are you afraid of, honey? You didn’t come all the way down to just stand there did you?” She tries to kiss him with more passion. Still her efforts are fruitless, but she can feel his stiff member. Her hand reaches down to feel that bulge in his jeans. “Baby, I know you want it. I want you and I know that you want me,” she pleads. She undoes the button on his waistband and begins to slide herself down his body as she slides down the zipper, but he pulls her back erect. “Why?” He doesn’t answer.

“I need you!” Her voice has become a bit frantic and one hand is now under her Travesti robe caressing her own tits and then sliding lower to press into her wet slit. “I want you to fuck me!” she wails. “C’mon! Fuck me!”

Suddenly she is being wheeled and slammed against the wall of the entryway. Her robe is open and one of his hands is squeezing her right breast. She gasps as the other hand takes the hand she was rubbing herself with and pushes both their fingers together into her gaping pussy. “Is this what you want, you little cunt?” he growls into her ear. Her response is only a whimper.

His left hand moves to clutch her ass and bring her leg up onto his hip as his other hand continues to force her to frig herself. She’s clutching his neck and moaning. “Yess…. yesss…”

The next moan is caught in her throat as he grasps her arm and practically throws her from the entrance way to the side of the couch. She tries to look back to see what his intentions are, but before she can make out what they are, his hand is on the back of her head, bending her over the armrest of the couch and shoving her face into the cushions of the sofa. Her arms splayed out in front of her, she tries to push herself up, but he keeps weight on her back as his other hand finally unleashes his engorged cock. She’s struggling to turn her head to breathe. He doesn’t notice as his legs push hers apart. She tries to let go a scream as his thick, hard shaft thrusts into her hungry pussy. He notices her head struggling to turn to find some fresh air and he grips her auburn curls and pulls to force her head back.

“FUCK ME!” she screams when she is finally able to fill her lungs. He obliges by pistoning his cock in and out of her with fury. His one hand grips her hip Konya Travesti and then slides in front and under her to spread her pussy lips so that his balls slap up against her clit. They are two animals with their grunts and gasps, his low and throaty and hers high-pitched and staccato.

He begins to buck wildly and with a final grunt unleashes a torrent of hot cum inside of her. She gasps as she feels his cock explode. Before either can get their breath, he withdraws and then throws her onto her back onto the couch. He nearly leaps over the side to end up with his face between her legs, his hands spreading apart her thighs and his tongue delving in to her just-fucked cunt to lap out the seed he just planted.

She is writhing beneath him. His tongue pushes deeper into her, and she begins to play with her nipples. “Oh, God, Jim! Eat my pussy!” She squeezes her tits and pushes her hips up to increase the tension between her clit and his mouth. “Suck my clit!” she commands. Again he obliges and takes that button between his lips while he pushes two fingers into her sodden hole.

Finally, it is too much for her and as her dam bursts she clutches his head in her thighs and lets loose a scream that echoes throughout the empty house. She bucks against his face with each aftershock her orgasm sends through her. His chin is drenched with her juices, and he slides up her body to kiss her now, letting her taste her own flavor and smell her own aroma.

“Oh, Anne.” His voice is gentle now. “Anne, I needed that so badly. Needed you so badly.”

“You should have come by sooner.”

“I tried to resist. I have people who count on me. Obligations.”

“You have an obligation to yourself. Be happy, Jim.”

“This is the İzmir Travesti happiest I’ve felt in a long time.” He kisses her and runs a hand down her side. Within minutes their kisses go from gentle to firm, and his cock springs back to life.

She moans as his lips close around her firm nipple and his tongue begins to circle it. She reaches down to bring his cock back to life and finds it already hard so guides it back in to her pussy. She gasps as he pushes back in.

This time their love-making is focused and deliberate. He pushes as deep into her as possible before slowly withdrawing almost completely. She takes him in completely like taking in the breadth of a starry night and then clings to him when it feels he is on the verge of leaving her. They continue for what seems like hours, this slow, purposeful fucking.

Feeling like he wants to be even deeper he drops one foot to the floor and pushes her thighs back so her knees are almost to her tits and his cock is filling her more deeply. She can’t take the slow pace much longer and begins trying to increase the pace at which she is rocking back down into him. Her moans become cries of yearning. “Yes, Jim. Oh, fuck me. Fuck me hard, please!”

With only a bit more urging his weight is fully upon her, her legs up on his shoulders, his shaft plunging straight down to hammer at her hole. “Mmm, Anne, my little whore. . . my little. . . fucking . . .whore. You fuck so. . . fucking. . . good!”

When they come there is an eruption of writhing and screaming and shuddering and finally they lie together spent.

“I forgot where I was.” He shakes his head. “I mean, that’s not what I meant to say. What I mean is I forgot everything else. I forgot home and work and the stress and the boredom.”

“Shh. It’s ok. You should. Don’t worry about those things when you are here. I will be your oasis from them.”

“Thank you, Anne.”

She kisses his forehead and tries to believe that the next twenty minutes can last twenty years.

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