The Noisy Neighbours


Wendy lay in bed, trying to catch a few last minutes of sleep, before the sun came up and cast it’s light on her private domain.

She was snuggled tight against the late winter cold, having left the marital bed earlier, when her husbands snoring got too much. She now lay safe in her small spare room in a typical suburban house in southern England.

She was in her safe place. Her kids old room, now redecorated and cosy, a place she could go to escape the crumbling remains of her marriage.

As she dozed, noises started coming through the dividing wall of her semi detached home. It started as a light thumping noise, barely noticeable through her sleep silenced ears, but as she gradually woke the noise became clearer. A slow, regular, soft thumping noise.

Her ears now strained to listen to the sounds, trying to make out what it was.

Amongst the muffled sounds she could hear a mans voice and maybe another, a female voice, but indistinct and quiet.

As her mind cleared, it became obvious that her new neighbours were having sex, in the privacy of their bedroom, but just a few feet behind her head.

She listened intently, her ears picking up every extraneous sound.

Bird song, road noise in the distance, the heating pump whirring, Graham’s snoring in the next room. All these noises came into her head, but she could now only focus on the sounds of a young couple in the throes of sexual intercourse.

Wendy listened intently.

The woman was getting passionate now, her voice getting louder, quivering as she urged him on, the rhythmic thumping of the bed against the wall getting faster as he furiously pounded her. Wendy closed her eyes and imagined the scene.

It was a long time since she had experienced what the young woman next door was now enjoying. Maybe ten years had passed since she had spread naked on the bed, opening her legs and pulling her man into her, writhing with pleasure as her once virile husband rode her to orgasm, planting his seed into her, impregnating her.

Children came and went and now they were a middle aged couple, with Graham snoring on and Wendy listening intently to another young woman experiencing the passion that she had once briefly enjoyed.

Wendy sat up and put her ear to the wall.

The woman was whimpering now, her voice getting louder as the man grunted frantically.

Wendy jolted back in surprise as the woman suddenly screamed, loudly and repeatedly, gasping out every scream in time with the thumping on the wall, before letting out one last prolonged scream which slowly faded into gasping and finally, silence.

Wendy sat upright on her bed, shocked at the intensity of what she had heard, wondering what kind of sex could make somebody that excited. She tried to remember an occasion when she had screamed in ecstasy. It was certainly never in marriage, when sex was fitted in between child rearing duties and restrained by the fear of waking, or being overheard by their offspring. Only once could she remember having wild, frantic sex and that was a lifetime ago, a one night stand with a boy at a party, who she hadn’t seen since. Graham didn’t want to go that night, so she went with her two friends, who also ended up in bed with older boys.

She fell pregnant, not daring to know if it was the result of that one night stand, or from her regular boyfriend. Only once they had got married and borne the child did she know for sure.

Sadly, Wendy decided, a lifetime of suppressed feelings lay behind her and that wild party was the last time that she had really felt free and uninhibited. After that night, her life had taken a turn toward adulthood and parenthood. She was only eighteen when their first son was born, and she was too young to become a parent. Graham had fallen into the role easily, being five years older, but Wendy always had a slight feeling of resentment at how her life turned out. Now, at forty one, she was not ready to settle into middle age.

Getting up and padding to the bathroom, Wendy set her shoulder against the sticking door before sitting on the loo to pee, the sounds of sex still reverberating through her head. Looking down, she noticed that her knickers had a large wet patch. Imagining somebody having sex had turned her on and she was very wet.

Flushing the loo and looking at herself in the mirror she saw her neck and face flushed red and her nipples poking through her nightdress. She cursed at the obvious signs of her arousal, which she had always had no control over. Flustered, she wandered back to her bed and lay there, listening.

Wendy could hear muffled laughter through the wall and what sounded like a buzzing noise, so she sat up and listened closely.

The girl was grunting now and the buzzing had stopped. There was no sound from her partner, but Wendy heard the noise of the plumbing as next door’s loo was flushed.

Now the man’s voice again, sounding surprised, but laughing. The bed creaked and the buzzing could be heard briefly Sarıyer escort before it stopped again, then silence.

The silence was broken as Wendy clearly heard the woman say something which didn’t make sense. Cowgirl, what did that mean, she thought?

Wendy’s mind tried to imagine what was happening, but her experiences had not stretched much beyond what she considered to be normal sex, Graham on top’ grunting away until he came, then rolling off. She had become used to finishing herself off discretely, without moving too much or making any noise, such was her shame at having to do such a thing. Consequently, she guessed that they were having sex while the woman was dressed as a cowgirl, which didn’t make much sense.

She grabbed her phone and googled the word.

Images of women dressed as cowboys appeared, with nothing to give her a clue what it meant. Scrolling down, she saw another dictionary description – “a very exciting position where a woman takes control and dominates her partner.” Then another – “a girl who likes to ride that dick all night long and moans with excitement.”

Wendy was gobsmacked and started to search further, adding the word sex. She ignored the warning “some results may be explicit” and scrolled down. Now all the results were about the position that her neighbour was about to adopt. Clicking on images, she blushed as graphic photos of naked couples appeared, all with the woman on top, apparently having a great time.

A long soft female moan drifted through the wall, followed by a male groan of delight.

Wendy imagined herself sitting on top of Graham, but she couldn’t imagine why it would make her moan with delight. From the noises next door, it was clearly making both partners very excited, as the woman was shouting and screaming again.

Once more there was the loud sound of what Wendy had interpreted as her neighbour experiencing an earth shattering orgasm, only this time, the thumping continued as she went quiet, before starting again.

Wendy sat and listened to this over and over, counting the orgasms in her head.

When the fifth orgasm started, Wendy found herself looking at the images on her phone whilst listening to her neighbour and masturbating, trying to come in sympathy with the neighbour, her mind a whirl of sexual thoughts as her fingers sought out long untouched areas of her body.

The girl came once more, but Wendy was just getting started. Her thighs were soaked and her fingers sloshed noisily inside her before she too came, hearing a loud shout and tiny scream, before realising it was herself this time.

She heard Graham getting out of bed, so covered herself, frantically deleting her search history and hiding the phone beneath the covers, pretended to be asleep.

“You alright love?” Said Graham, sleepily poking his head round the door. “I thought I heard you shouting.”

Wendy faked sleepiness and replied, “bad dream.”

Graham grunted and wandered off to the bathroom, oblivious to his wife’s rediscovery of her sexual desires.

The weekend was over and Graham was back at work, with Wendy sat in front of her laptop searching job vacancies. Although they were comfortable financially, she had decided some months before that it was time to get back to work to save her sanity. With their youngest son having now left home she felt she had no purpose in life, so badly needed to get back into a routine.

By mid afternoon, she felt thoroughly depressed. Her job skills were clearly out of date, having spent the years from school to motherhood working in a typing pool. She had good typing speed and shorthand skills, qualifications that were no longer required. She needed to update her skills, or take an unskilled job.

Closing her laptop, Wendy sighed and wandered out to her back garden to get some air and relax a little.

Her new neighbour was hanging out washing. Tiny briefs and thongs were neatly pegged to the line. Sexy, red and lacy, they made Wendy’s more practical under garments look like a great aunts bloomers.

The two women greeted each other and started chatting. Although they had introduced themselves on their moving day, now was a chance to get to know each other better, and her neighbour, Cheryl, invited Wendy in for a coffee.

The kitchen was in a mess, with boxes in one corner and kitchen appliances scattered over worktops, waiting to be tidied away. Apologising for the mess, Cheryl cleared a space at the table and searched for coffee.

“Sorry Wendy, it looks like we’re out of coffee, do you fancy tea, or…..I have a bottle of wine?”

Wine was decided upon and soon the two were giggling and chatting like old friends.

Cheryl was an attractive woman, in her early twenties Wendy thought, around the same age as her eldest son. That thought made her feel old, so she pushed it to the back of her mind and took a healthy swig of wine.

Two hours later, the two were slightly sloshed and Escort Silivri discussing subjects that Wendy had only ever discussed with her sister, the conversation eventually coming round to sex. Wendy admitted that she and Graham didn’t have sex any longer, which Cheryl had difficulty understanding and thought quite sad. Wendy considered sharing her experience of listening through the wall, but thought better of it, not knowing how Cheryl would take it, although she freely discussed her sex life, in vivid detail.

A few drinks later and Cheryl was showing off her lingerie collection, initially by pulling up her dress to show her latest lacy knickers and bra. Wendy blushed as she stared at Cheryl’s perfectly trimmed pubic hair, her puffy labia barely hidden by the skimpiest of lace briefs. This was quickly followed by a display of her tiny boobs, nipples clearly visible and poking through the lace.

Wendy’s nipples normally only stood erect when she was cold or when very aroused, a rare occurrence these days, and she looked enviously at her neighbours firm young body, wondering how her own heavy breasts and large backside might look in such underwear.

Cheryl then took her to the bedroom, where she went through her collection of lingerie, some of which Wendy stared at open mouthed, they were so skimpy and outrageous.

Wendy stared at the bed, its ornate wooden headboard placed against the wall which separated them from Wendy’s spare room. This was the bed where Wendy imagined outrageous sex being performed the previous night, and also the source of the buzzing noise she had heard. An enormous dildo sat upright on the bedside table, ten inches of knobbly plastic, which Wendy could not imagine using. She blushed bright red as she remembered her orgasm whilst listening to her neighbours efforts and briefly wondered where she could buy such a device.

Cheryl chattered on about her various clothes, whilst Wendy’s mind wandered, her face and neck reddening, until she heard her ask a question.

“What do you think of these Wendy? Rob bought them for me, but they’re way too big, my boobs are too small and the panties too big. I think Rob must have been dreaming of somebody your size when he bought them. He mentioned what great boobs you have when we first moved in, so you’ll have to watch him, the randy sod! You should try them on, maybe they’ll get Graham going!”

Wendy looked enviously at the red silk bra, edged with black lace.

“I think I’m a little old for that Cheryl.”

“Rubbish, you’ve got a great figure, you’ll fill that bra better than I could ever hope to. Put them on.”

Fortified with several glasses of wine, Wendy gave in and took off her sweat top and skirt. She surprised herself as she shamelessly dropped her knickers, slipped off her sport bra and stood in front of Cheryl stark naked.

“Nice tits Wendy, but the bush could do with a trim!”

They both laughed and Wendy admitted that she had let herself go a bit.

“Graham would have a fit if he could see me now, I don’t think he’s seen me naked for years.”

She slipped the bra on, fumbling with the clip, her large white breasts struggling to escape the confines of the tiny cups.

“It’s too small I think”, she said, before finally managing to fasten the clip, pushing her breasts from side to side, making them bulge out like a mediaeval serving wench.

“Wow, you look fantastic Wendy! I wish I had tits like yours.”

Wendy looked in the mirror and saw her breasts in a way that she had never seen them before. They looked….sexy. Then Wendy thought, “No, I look sexy!”

Slipping on the briefs, she decided that the first thing she would do when she got indoors was to trim her pubic hair, which burst out from the tiny briefs, ruining the effect. Wendy quickly struggled out of the underwear, quickly putting her own, more practical clothing back on.

“Take them home with you Wendy, they look great on you.” Cheryl said, folding the items back into the packaging and giving them to Wendy.

Back home, Wendy found Graham back from work, searching the fridge for food.

“Hello love, where have you been?” He changed the subject, without waiting for an answer, “What’s for dinner?”

After her day with Cheryl, Wendy was feeling aroused, but quickly realised that Graham hadn’t even looked at her, more concerned with his stomach than his wife. That simple action seemed to characterise their relationship and at that point, with Wendy feeling good about herself for the first time in years, her relationship with Graham changed forever.

The next morning, with Graham’s car pulling out of the drive, Wendy rushed to the bathroom, showered and sat on the bathroom chair, razor and scissors in hand.

Minutes later she was admiring a neatly trimmed bush, staring in wonder at her neat labia staring back at her. She could not remember seeing her opening so clearly since she was a teenager and she toyed with it, wondering Topkapı escort bayan why she had kept it hidden for so long. As her fingers explored her opening she felt that excitement starting. The excitement that she felt when listening to the orgasmic screams through the wall, her mind wandering again as she imagined Cheryl sitting astride Rob’s engorged penis, her lips glistening with their juices as she rode him to orgasm after orgasm.

These thoughts, coupled with the movement of her fingers soon brought her own orgasm shuddering through her body.

The weekend was upon them and Wendy found herself applying make up for the first time in years as she prepared for their neighbours house warming party. Graham didn’t want to go and was moaning that he would rather use the time to work on his classic car.

“I’d planned to polish the cam covers on the Jag today. Why did you have to say yes to a stupid party on a Saturday afternoon?”

“Because we have to be sociable and, who knows, we might actually have some fun for a change. Shut up and get those drinks out of the fridge.”

Wendy had put on the sexy red silk lingerie that Cheryl had given her and was now admiring herself in the mirror. She had always thought of herself as ugly, using her shapely body to attract men in her youth. She had strong features, a large nose and mouth, prominent teeth and large hazel eyes. Wearing glasses at school made her feel even uglier, so as soon as she could, she adopted contact lenses and had her teeth fixed. She would highlight her eyes with dark mascara, to take the boys eyes away from the rest of her features, but in reality her bodily features were her main attraction.

She toyed with applying the mascara of her youth, but decided that should stay in the past.

Her dress was something more daring though. With the underwear to match she dug out a low cut, figure hugging black dress, purchased and worn once for an anniversary party. It fitted tightly and showed off her figure, with plenty of cleavage showing, accentuated by the tiny silk bra. The hem was fairly long, but she could hitch it up to show some leg and knew that when she did, and then sat down, she had to be careful not to show her knickers.

Graham looked at her, saying “what are you all dolled up for? We’re only going to a house warming party.” Despite his comments, she felt good as they left the house and walked the short distance to their neighbours door, wondering who amongst their friends she might want to flash her knickers at.

The weather was unusually warm and Rob had decided to risk a barbecue, so all the men were standing, beer in hand, admiring the display of slowly charring meat, whilst the women stood in groups talking and laughing.

Wendy introduced Cheryl to people from the neighbourhood, slowly sipping sweet white wine.

She noticed a young man standing alone, adrift between the group of men and the women, quietly people watching as he sipped a soft drink.

Wendy, always a soft touch for outcasts, walked over and said hello. His name was Greg and he was a cousin of Cheryl. He knew nobody but Cheryl and Greg and admitted to feeling a bit awkward. Wendy took him over to the mens group, introducing him to Graham and some of the other men that she knew, before rejoining the girls.

The men chatted with him briefly, but when they realised that he didn’t like football, golf or cars, he eventually fell out of their conversation and Wendy watched as he slowly drifted away again.

As the afternoon grew cold, people wandered indoors, leaving a small group of hardy men standing by the fading coals of the barbecue, nursing their beer and laughing at dirty jokes.

Wendy had taken pity on Greg and they sat in a corner talking. Once his shyness was overcome, Wendy took a liking to this young man and they talked and laughed together for an hour or more. She noticed him slipping glances at her cleavage occasionally and once caught a glimpse of him in a mirror, staring at her while she was sitting, talking to Cheryl. She felt flattered that such a nice young man would find her attractive, but thought nothing more about it.

As the night wore on she noticed that Graham had gone missing. Asking around, she discovered that he had taken a group of men back to their house to show off his classic Jaguar.

Wendy was weary of partying and felt like leaving, but didn’t fancy sharing her lounge with a group of drunk men. She decided to stay for one more drink, to allow them time to drift home. She desperately wanted to pee, so put her glass down and made her way upstairs to find the bathroom.

The house had a similar layout to her own, so she knew her way there, automatically putting her shoulder against the door and stepping inside.

“FUCK, NO. Shut the door, shut the door!”

Greg was sat on the loo with his trousers down and his cock in his hand, clearly masturbating.

Panicking, Wendy quickly shut the door without thinking, finding herself on the wrong side, her back pressed to the door, before realising that she was now shut in the small room, staring at a young mans erect and very angry looking cock.

Greg was shaking with fear, and apologising profusely.

“Shit, I’m sorry! The door was locked, how did you…..?”

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